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    Kiwatule Police Boss In Trouble After Residents Accuse Him Of Shielding Criminals Who Are Raping Women…



    The woman who was thumped by goons along Northern by-pass

    Kiwatule locals in Nakawa Division, a Kampala suburb led by George Balintuma the local area chairperson have accused Festo Makana the area police commander of being responsible for the high crime rate in their locality including shielding criminals who are raping women.

    Speaking to theGrapevine, Balintuma claims that his residents have reported several complaints to Makana concerning the deadly criminal gangs which are terrorising them along Northern bypass yet he does nothing.

    He cited one Julius Bahati who was attacked by goons early this year and was badly beaten and all his belongings were taken. He was found in the morning in the trenches where he was picked from by police and taken to Mulago hospital. A few hours later, doctors pronounced him dead.

    He also gave another incident of a resident who was early this month attacked on Northern bypass and badly beaten. She was also gang raped. In the morning, she was picked and taken to  Annex Medical Centre in Kiwatule for treatment.

    Other residents told theGrapevine that the problem with Makana is he does not pick calls when locals call him for help and does not carry out routine patrols to scare away these gangs or even carry out operations to arrest them.

    “During weekends, he closes the police post and allows his men to go home leaving us at the mercy of the goons. The problem is he has overstayed in the area without being transferred, so he has gotten familiar with it and does what he wants,” a resident said.

    They also accused him of always threatening them whenever they tell him that they are going to report him to his superiors.

    He even once bragged that no one can touch him because he is very connected to the ‘Aboves’ in police.

    However, Richard Magezi, also a leader in Kiwatule refuted his colleagues’ allegations against Makana.

    Magezi explained that the man is always on ground but his biggest challenge is the increased number of criminal gangs in the area.

    He pleaded with fellow residents to stop pointing fingers but work together to fight criminality in their area.

    However, when contacted, Makana rubbished all the allegations insisting that he has enemies in security circles who are fighting him.

    He added that he is always on ground with his men even during weekends.

    He also explained that this is his third year in the area not the fifth and added that he is not the one responsible for his own transfer.


    By Grapevine Reporter



    Northern Uganda Sitting On Time Bomb; M7 Advisor Warns On Looming Bloodshed Over Land Conflict, IGP Byakagaba Asked To Deploy Neutral Force…



    Tamale Mirundi (inset L), Nancy Oryema and Gen. Otema (Inset R)

    Senior presidential advisor in charge of media and also the spokesperson of the Patriotic League of Uganda (PLU) in Buganda Joseph Tamale Mirundi has warned of bloodshed in Northern Uganda resulting from impunity on land management.

    He explained that there are powerful government officials and mafias who want to control huge chunks of land in the country.

    He disclosed that these officials started with Buganda, but now they have turned their guns on Northern Uganda.

    Mirundi claims that the said land grabbers are conniving with officials from the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development to secure land titles on already titled land.

    He submitted that Joseph Kony’s Lord Resistance Army (LRA) war fueled land grabbing in the area when poor people were taken to camps to protect them from being killed by rebels.

    The mafias used that opportunity to survey the land in their absence.

    He pleaded with his boss President Museveni to intervene and save the situation noting that land grabbers are now using the judiciary to legalize their fraudulent secured land titles.

    “Land is a very important factor in development, so, in President Museveni’s government, there are individuals who think that they should be the ones to control all the land countrywide. They have planted their people in the Ministry of Lands to mastermind the formation of fraudulent land titles and they are fighting to make sure that they undermine the junior Minister of Lands Dr. Sam Mayanja who tried to fight them,” Mirundi said.

    He however warned that mafias should know that there is a difference between Baganda who just look on as their land is being grabbed and kotow to intimidation but he is not sure whether the people of Northern Uganda will do the same.

    Recently, the Chief Justice Owiny Dollo warned that the people of Northern Uganda will not accept and look on as their land is being grabbed by top government officials.

    Dollo was badly attacked by government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo who said that it was wrong for the CJ to make such a statement against the Balalo who were accused of grabbing land in Northern Uganda.

    Both Mirundi and Dollo warned of a bloodshed at a time when the family of the late first black Inspector General of Police (IGP) Lt. Col. Wilson Erinayo Oryem is battling with land grabbers who want to steal their grandfather’s Estate in Nwoya district.

    The land in question is on LRV 778, Folio 23 land at Purongo, Kilak County.

    The family led by Nancy Oryema the grand daughter to IGP Oryema accused Lt. Gen. Charles Otema Owany, his brother Alex Owany and Thomas Lapyem of violating the court process and abusing of the laws of the land to speed up the grabbing of their grand father’s estate.

    The mighty Grapevine has seen a letter dated 5th June, 2024, written by the family of the late IGP Oryema, addressed to newly appointed IGP Abas Byakagaba pleading with him to intervene and stop the imminent bloodshed.

    The family wants Byakagaba to deploy a neutral police force from other parts of the country to protect them and ensure that the status quo is maintained as they pursue the court process of appeal.

    The family accused the Nwoya district security committee of having conflict of interest in the matter and showing biasness against them.

    They cited that the several times the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Christopher Omara has intervened, he has instead sided with their tormentors.

    Others accused in the letter are; Aswa Region police commander and Nwoya district Commander Richard Amanya.

    The IGP was told that on Wednesday 06th June 2024, a meeting was held on the contested land and all the members of the security committee attended in person, together with members from Lt. Gen. Otema’s family.

    Nancy Oryema claims that the meeting was used to intimidate them and assert that Otema’s family are the rightful owners of the land since they won the case before Justice Phillip Odoki of the High Court Gulu.

    She informed the IGP that they have informed members of the security committee that they have already filed in court a notice of appeal against Justice Odoki’s judgment and they are only waiting for the certified copies of the judgment to file their full appeal.

    She added that as a party in the matter, they haven’t received any exact court order signed by a judicial officer Okaying their eviction.

    Nancy disclosed that whatever the district security committee is doing is against the law and on top of that they are abusing the presidential directive on land.

    “They are concealing the truth and misrepresenting the facts to the public. The Ukrainian individual along with armed private guards invaded the land on May 06th 2024, in clear violation of the law. They have done so much damage but the DPC and the Regional police have refused to follow up in fact the other parties are openly claiming that police are aware of what they are doing,” the letter reads in parts.

    She further wants the president’s office to intervene claiming that the district security committee has violated the presidential directive by allowing a private armed company in the name of PSG to terrorize her family members.

    President Museveni directed that there should be no execution of a court order issued to evict people from land without the consent of the district security committee and approval from the Minister of Lands.

    When contacted for a comment, RDC Omara denied all the allegations placed on his district security committee insisting that he never intervened into the said land fight because he knows very well the process to follow when handling land issues based on the presidential directive on land.

    He added that he decided to hold a meeting on the contested land so as to help the people using it understand what the court has directed and all parties were invited.

    Unfortunately, Oryema’s family came late and the person they sent only showed them the notice of appeal.

    He insisted that there was no eviction that affected the family of the former IGP and advised the family to utilize the government offices to solve their internal family misunderstandings.


    By Grapevine Reporter


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    Shs4bn Local Gov’t Scandal Deepens As Justice Abodo Targets Top Officials’ Properties To Recover Taxpayers Money…



    The DPP Justice Frances Jane Abodo (L), Kashaka and Bamutura

    Justice Frances Jane Abodo the Director for Public Prosecution (DPP) has directed Annete Namatovu Ddungu, the State Attorney in the Department of Asset Recovery in the DPP’s Office to file an application at the Anti-Corruption Division of the High Court to recover billions of shillings from former Ministry for Local Government officials who are accused of stealing taxpayers money.

    The Registrar of the Anti-Corruption Court has assigned the said file to Justice Jane Okuo Kajuga, a former prosecutor in the office of the DPP to preside over the matter.

    In her application, Namatovu wants Court to allow the DPP to recover billions of shillings through auctioning properties owned by convicted former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Local Government John Kashaka and former Principal accountant in the same ministry Henry Bamutura who appealed at the Supreme Court but their conviction was stayed as announced by the High Court Judge.

    They were both convicted on charges of causing financial loss of Shs4bn to government; money which was allocated to buy 70,000 bicycles for LC 1 chairpersons countrywide.

    Kashaka and Bamutura have already received court summons to show cause why their targeted properties shouldn’t be attached and auctioned by the government.

    Among the listed properties of Kashaka that Justice Abodo wants to attach include: Land situated at Kyadondo Block 273, plot 4149 at Kisozi Drive in Makindye Division Kampala city, land at Block 269, plot 2379 Liberty Housing Estate all registered in Kashaka’s names.

    She also wants to attach the Shs8m which was deposited in Court as security when Kashaka was released on Court bail.

    The properties that are owned by Bamutura which DPP wants to auction are: Land at Block 307, plot 94 West Buganda at Bweya, land at Block 3789, Folio 11 plot 1 at Makajja Place Close Naguru under East African Community Flats, land at plot 27 Namiiro Swamp in Entebbe Municipality Wakiso district all registered in the names of Bamutura and Proscovia Nyakasiki.

    Other properties include; Land at plot 3 and 4 on Kisalu road in Katabi Division A Entebbe Municipality, Land at Busiro Plot 94, land at Block 1, Ndaiga in Ndaiga Sub-County Kibale district measuring 100 acres.

    The DPP also wants to auction Bamutura’s properties in Kibaale and Kagadi districts including Shs8m which he deposited in Court as security when he was released on court bail.

    In total, DPP wants to recover a total of Shs6.5bn from both Kashaka and Bamutura.


    By Hadijjah Namagembe


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    Ukrainian Investor Cited In Grabbing Former IGP’s Land As Family Reports Gen. Otema, Relatives To New Police Boss…



    Nancy Oryema (L) and Lt. Gen. Charles Otema (R)

    Ukrainian investor Maxim Shevchuk has been cited in the grabbing of part of the big Estate of the family of the first former black Inspector General of Police (IGP) Lt. Col. Wilson Erinayo Oryema.

    Highly placed sources in the family of the late Oryema revealed that Maxim, with the help of armed men, and without the permission of the family has started trespassing on their land claiming that he is going to establish a factory on it.

    Family members claim that Maxim and his agents told them that he bought the land comprising LRV 778, Folio 23 land at Purongo, Kilak County, Acholi currently Nwoya district from Lt. Gen. Charles Otema Awany.

    They added that Maxim trespassed on their land following Justice Phillip Odoki’s controversial judgment in which he dismissed their case against Lt. Gen Otema and others on technicality.

    In her petition to the newly appointed IGP Abass Byakagaba, Nancy Oryema, the granddaughter to late Oryema claims that Gen. Otema’s agents together with Maxim are abusing the court process.

    She revealed that after losing a court case against Gen. Otema and others at Gulu High Court, they instructed their lawyers to appeal against it in the Court of Appeal claiming that Justice Odoki had erred in law and facts while making his final judgment.

    She insisted that as a family, they need urgent intervention in the unlawful activities defying court proceedings on their ancestral land.

    “I am compelled to bring to your attention a grave situation that demands immediate action from the Uganda Police Force, an institution that has consistently upheld the rule of law and maintained order in our nation under your esteemed leadership and as I write, I have been informed that my female farm manager has been hit by one of the armed private guards from PSG private security in Gulu,” she said.

    Nancy made the petition after her farm manager Prossy Ajok reported a complaint of aggravated robbery against Alex Awany a relative to Lt. Gen. Otema on Police Reference Number SD Ref: 36/22/05/2024 at Nwoya police station.

    In her petition, Nancy explained that despite an ongoing appeal process challenging Justice Odoki’s judgment on Oryema’s estate, Gen. Otema and others have chosen to disregard the lawful procedures and are forcefully taking possession of land without a valid court decree or order.

    She claimed that their opponents and their agents have been circulating an unclear printed judgment along with a letter from their lawyer, claiming that court has awarded the land to Otema Awany and Beatrice’s Achola.

    However, they have no official communication, decree, court order, or clearance from the police headquarters authorizing the eviction.

    She further claimed that the accused persons led by Awany and Thomas Lapyem have resorted to hooliganism, primarily during nighttime hours, commanding armed private guards from PSG Gulu and UPDF soldiers from Lt. Gen Otema’s residence.

    She added that they have been conducting unauthorized surveying and planting mark stones on the land under the cover of darkness and they even attempted to break the gate and remove Nancy’s signposts.

    “Our gatekeepers were threatened with imprisonment for seven years if they remained at their posts. These actions have instilled fear among our investors and the local community engaged in farming under Gen Saleh’s Operation Wealth Creation projects,” she noted.

    She further narrates that Nwoya District Police Commander (DPC) Richard Amanya, is aware of the situation and confirmed that he has been informed by the Director Legal that no activities should take place on the land without clearance from the headquarters.

    Despite sending a team to the site, the DPC has failed to take any meaningful action, citing threats of legal action against him in his personal capacity if involved in stopping them from the alleged land grabbing.

    She added that the Regional Police Command (RPC) is also equally silent as Lapyem and Awany, accompanied by two soldiers from Lt. Gen. Otema’s residence, demanded access to the home of the late Oryema but the gates were locked.

    “The unlawful activities have created an atmosphere of brewing anger within the local community. I take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the exemplary leadership of the Uganda Police Force under your guidance. Your commitment to upholding justice and maintaining law and order has been a beacon of hope for the citizens of our nation,” she said.


    By Grapevine Reporter


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