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LDU Back In Action! To Strictly Operate In The Dark…



After completing a two -week refresher course at the Kakiri military barracks, the Local Defence Unit (LDU) personnel will officially resume their operations soon, according to an official statement from the UPDF.

However, the letter says that they shall only participate in enforcement of COVID 19 directives outlined by the Ministry of health and the head of state at night.

Brig.Flavia Byekwaso, the army spokesperson said criminality has risen especially at night, following the withdrawal of the LDU personnel a few weeks back.

The newly appointed army spokesperson revealed that it is the recent increase of criminality in various parts of Kampala that prompted several leaders to petition the army to return the LDU personnel into operations.

Byekwaso revealed that on many occasions, local leaders and the general public have petitioned security leaders to re-engage them in order to contain the situation. She further stresses that the decision was only reached upon after critical consultations with security stake holders.

Before their ultimate withdrawal, the LDU personnel had been involved in several ugly incidents of shooting, robbery, torture and unlawful arrest of members of the public prompting complaints.

LDU officers during training

The prevalence of the Coronavirus pandemic saw the LDU personnel brutalise several members of the public while enforcing the presidential guidelines on stopping the spread of the virus with the latest most notable incident being the brutalization of Mityana district LC 5 chairperson, Joseph Luzige as he tried to intervene in a case where a lady had been assaulted by the same LDU personnel in Mityana town.

The LDU personnel have however reportedly among other sessions been retrained in political education, civil policing, human rights, law and the role of media in military operations, conducted and overseen by professional UPDF and Uganda Police Force instructors.

LDU officers in action during the beginning of the lockdown

A total of 10 Local Defence Unit battalions were two weeks ago recalled from the field for a refresher course training at Kakiri military barracks after several incidents of human right abuses by the personnel

As a joint effort to help fight criminality, the army spokesperson also appealed for cooperation between members of the public and the LDU personnel.


By Baron Kironde



Kayunga Vet Officer Wants Untouchable NRM Boss Karangwa Jailed For Spreading Cow Disease…



Moses Karangwa

Kayunga District Veterinary Officer (DVO) Dr. Ronald Kanakulya has accused area NRM chairman Moses Karangwa of being more dangerous than the Coronavirus itself because of intentionally moving cattle from one place to another and in the process potentially facilitating the spread of the foot & mouth disease.

In a three page dossier dated September 8th 2020 to the police bosses, Dr. Kanakulya asked the Kayunga DPC to ensure that enough policemen are deployed to stop Karangwa from violating the cattle movement quarantine restrictions that were put in place by the Minister of Agriculture demanding that no cattle should move from one place to another within Kayunga district.

Karangwa is one of the powerful NRM officials in Kayunga and is known to own a lot of cattle and land. The DVO says that under the protection of security guards from Star React Security Company, Karangwa’s cows have freely been moving from Kinnamawanga village in Kasokwe parish to other villages and in the process increasing the risk of the spread of F&M disease.

The DVO says that the LC bosses who are supposed to enforce the quarantine rules fear stopping Karangwa’s herdsmen because they think his armed security guards will beat them up or even shoot them dead.

The DVO says the cows belong to Karangwa because they each have the label INL which the area LC leaders say is a serial number used to identify Karangwa’s cattle in Kayunga.

The quarantine has been in force since 28th September 2019.

Dr. Kanakulya travelled to Bbale to investigate this risk after three orphans Mustapha Kiggwe, Yusuf Kiwala and Jennifer Nsubuga who have been fighting Karangwa in court over 540 acres of land in Misanga village filed a case at Kayunga police accusing the NRM tycoon of illegal cattle movement.

The case was filed as SD11/06/09/20. When summoned at police, Karangwa denied responsibility of any wrongdoing and said he had sold the cows to Richard Mushabe, a man considered too broke to buy anything from such a tycoon.

The DVO requests the RDC Kayunga to beef up the DPC to ensure Karangwa’s illegal cattle movement is blocked and stopped because there is high risk of increasing the spread of F&M disease in the area.

He adds that the same cattle movement is also illegal as it’s against the recent court ruling by Justice Margaret Mutonyi from the Mukono High Court where she stated that the land (block 38 plot 2) belongs to the three orphans meaning Karangwa has no right to take his cows there.

The three orphans have decided to report Karangwa back to court and they want him jailed for contempt of court. The land originally belonged to their father Yonadabu Bidandi Nsubuga who died in 1995 leaving two square miles of land and thousands of cattle.

Bidandi left his property in the hands of heir and oldest son Christopher Kikku Nsubuga who the three orphans say they lost trust in after he started working with Karangwa to sell off part of their father’s land to the Madhvani group for sugarcane growing.

The Madhvani group has since become the owner of 900 acres of land from this family after they bought it from Karangwa who at first rented the same from Kikku.

That matter is already in court of appeal where the three orphans want Karangwa’s Madhvani Group to be forced out because the land is theirs and not for Kikku who they say cannot be trusted anymore because he is compromised by Karangwa to betray them through using fake letters of administration and fake land titles.

The three orphans recently wrote to the Principal Judge and complained against Mukono Registrar Ssali Nalukwago who was eventually transferred to Supreme Court. They accused her of being biased in favor of Karangwa, Kikku and other tormentors who are eyeing their father’s land.


By Grapevine Reporter


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Museveni Instructs IGP Ochola On Use Of Guns By Police Officers, LDUs And Private Security Organisations….



President Yoweri Museveni has instructed the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Martin Okoth Ochola to issue a guide to all police officers and Local Defence Unit (LDU) personnel on how to use guns.

In a directive to Ochola written on 8th September, 2020, Museveni directed him to print the guide by not later than October,15, 2020 so that it guides security personnel on the proper use of firearms and how to disperse gatherings in accordance with the Public Order Management Act (POMA).

“I am writing to direct you to stop the random shootings by the LDUs and Police, all under the command of the Police. There was shooting dead of one person in Katakwi, one person in Bugiri, two people in Isingiro etc. Analysis of these shootings show that many, if not all, of the shootings were unnecessary,” Museveni said.

He added, “In Katakwi, civilians were fighting among themselves during the elections. Why shoot them? Why not scare them by shooting in the air or simply arresting them? It is said that in Bugiri, some members of the Public, stoned the armed personnel. That was bad. However, shooting to kill, should not have been the first option. They should have identified the stone thrower and arrested him for prosecution.”

Museveni guided that in all these incidents, the shooting should have been to disperse, by shooting in the air.

Museveni asked Ochola to follow the structure and sequence of the Public Order Management Act on riots which states:

(1) Shooting must only be on command and not by individual security personnel letting off guns.

(2) Secondly, the Standing Orders of riot control, should always be followed to the letter.

(3) These include the following steps:

(a) Diplomacy – telling them to disperse;

(b)Proclamation by using hand-held micro-phones to warn them to disperse;

(c) Inform them of your intention to use forceful means;

(d) Use non-lethal means like tear-gas;

(e) Using shields, fire live bullets in the air; and

(f) Only firing to disable if the rioters are charging forward unstoppably and endangering the lives of the security personnel, i.e. in self-defence.

“Nobody should be allowed to carry a gun anywhere in Uganda on behalf of the State and engage in dealing with the Public, that is not aware of these procedures. Each Police Post, must have a copy of these procedures and all the Police personnel and LDUs, attached to policing areas, individually, must be conversant, to the last letter, of those procedures,” he said.

He added, “UPDF Units, in case they need to support the Police, must first be educated about these procedures. Nobody should ever be deployed to deal with the Public if he/she is not first sensitized about these procedures. When UPDF is dealing with the terrorists, it, of course, follows the rules of engagement of war that are totally different.”

Museveni also directed on the use of guns in the hands of Private Security Organisations, “This now leaves the Private Security Organizations that are also armed. The Private Security Organizations are not mandated to deal with the Public. They are, mainly, hired to guard homes and properties against thieves and robbers.”

“The rules of engagement of these are clear: Do not allow break-ins into the properties you are hired to protect. Should Private Security Organizations be allowed to provide body-guards to people outside homes? I do not think, it is a good idea,” he said.

He added, “The Police leadership should discuss this and make recommendations. The IGP should issue operational procedures, in a booklet form, to Private Security Organizations for guarding homes and properties. The properties are different: homes, business premises, banks, farms etc. How do the Private Security Organizations guard each of those firmly but without the irrational use of fire-arms?”

The President directed Ochola to have the booklet with the instructions, procedures for using guns for Police, LDUs operating under the command of the Police in relation to dealing with the Public and the Private Security Organizations while guarding the different homes and properties by October, 15th, 2020.


By Grapevine Reporter


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CID Speaks Out On Summoning Kadaga For Questioning Over Gift Of Human Head…



The Uganda Police’s Directorate of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has cleared the air on allegations that they have summoned the Speaker of parliament Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga to answer charges connected to the human head that was allegedly supposed to be given to her as a gift.

On Monday afternoon, police officers who guard at parliament arrested Joseph Nuwashaba (19) with a head of a young girl who was later identified as Faith Kyamagero (3) at parliament.

Nuwagaba later told officers that someone had told him to deliver the head to the speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga as a gift.

Today morning, there were rumours on social media that the speaker of parliament was going to be summoned at CID for questioning.

However, in an exclusive interview with theGrapevine, Charles Twine, the spokesperson of the CID, refuted the allegation noting that so far, the preliminary investigation done have put the speaker out of the picture.

“How can we summon the speaker, really. For the record we don’t summon the Speaker of parliament, she is not subjected to questioning and please don’t involve her in this,” Twine said.

He added that the investigations of crimes in Uganda is a monopoly of the Uganda police and all the findings shall be given to the Minister of Internal Affairs who will inform the public through the floor of the parliament.

He insisted that they are investigating a murder case because there is no doubt that a one Faith Kyamagero was murdered.

He noted that there are characters of people who are trying to frustrate their investigations by bring those issues of summoning the speaker, “let me tell you this, investigations are going to be scientifically and I want people to give us a benefit of doubt that we shall produce the best effective results that they have never seen before.”

He boasted that CID has changed and now has vibrant detectives who will help to deliver justice to Ugandans. There were also rumours especially from the Non-Government Organisations placing Kadaga at the scene of crime asking the CID to question her.

Recently during plenary, the Speaker asked the police to speed up their investigations and find the culprits who put her in bad light.

On Thursday, Nuwashaba recorded an extrajudicial statement before Buganda road magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu and credible sources told this website that he admitted to committing the murder after defiling the 3-year-old Kamagero.

Detectives from CID together with other security agencies went back to the scene of crime in Kijabwemi in Masaka, to reconstruct the murder scene. Police also interrogated the deceased’s parents Pastor Charles Ssenyonga and Gloria Katunguka.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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