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Leave Us Alone, If You Provoke Me I Will Fight Back: Bujjingo Takes Jessica Kayanja To Bible Class, Warns Her To Stop Meddling In His Family Matters



House of Prayers Ministries International senior pastor Aloysious Bujjingo has warned pastor Robert Kayanja’s Wife, Jessica Kayanja to stop meddling in his family affairs because he never meddled into theirs when they had problems.

Through the popular ‘Emisingi’ programme, which airs every day from Monday to Friday, at 8:00pm, on Salt TV, the no nonsense man of God blasted Jessica that she is trying to attack his ministry by inciting women against him while pretending to be in solidarity with Teddy.

Yesterday, through one of her Facebook pages, Jessica Kayanja, the wife to Pastor Robert Kayanja of Miracle Center cathedral rallied women to stand behind Teddy.

Jessica posted, “My dear friends, I hereby launch the Hadassah Must Stay prayer chain for Mrs Teddy Bujingo and her children . Hadassah is the Hebrew name for Esther who prevailed and stayed in the palace of the King despite her many foes. Her weapon was her Jewish heritage and the Faith she had in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Her inheritance was that no weapon forged against Her would prosper and every tongue that dared to rise against Her in judgement would be condemned!”

“I’m not a person who fears anyone. She has declared war on me and I’m going to fight back and take the war to her backyard. I have been provoked yet I have never meddled in their marriage with Kayanja even when there are things I know that haven’t been going well between them. She crossed the red line and we are going to fight back,” pastor Bujjingo said.

Bujjingo however warned that his war will be with Jessica as a person and not Ps Kayanja or Miracle center because she is the one who launched the attack on him.

“You cannot love Teddy now because you have been very far from us for so many years. Kayanja, you know nothing about these issues. Leave us alone. I have been with Teddy for all these years and Jessica has never been her friend. Even when they made celebrations to mark 25 years in marriage we were never invited as the Bujjingos and we never took offence because they aren’t supposed to . I’m wondering why she is now maliciously attacking me,” Bujjingo said.

“Kayanja (Jessica) you know nothing about these issues. Leave us alone,” he added. He disclosed that Jessica has joined a group of pastors who are using the saga to destroy his (Bujjingo) church and ministry because they are not happy with what is happening at the church and the Pentagon project but warned that they won’t succeed.

“The motive is not to help Teddy but to simply escalate things and undermine the ministry work I’m involved in,” he said.

Bujjingo took time to take Jessica back to bible school when she told her that even the way she interpreted the Hadassah story is wrong adding that what she said emphasized her ignorance.

Bujjingo compared Jessica to a ripe mango which was perhaps rotten inside adding that looks don’t mean brains.

Pastor Bujjingo told Denis Mukulu his right-hand boy to read verses from a chapter of the book of Esther which were misinterpreted by Jessica. His interpretation of what Denis read really exposed Jessica’s ignorance. Bujjingo advised Jessica to read the bible and understand it.

“I have felt obliged to school her on bible scripture because her hashtag clearly indicates that she doesn’t actually understand the bible. The story of Hadassah or Esther doesn’t support Teddy. It’s actually against her because of her disobedience and approach which is similar to that of Queen Vashti who had to be de-crowned to pave way for Esther. So, I want to caution all women who Jessica has been mobilising using that hashtag that as you make comments, be aware that you are actually promoting a situation of a new Esther-like queen coming into your marriage to take your crown,” Ps Bujjingo added.

Bujjingo disclosed that many pastors are suffering silently at the hands of their spouses who keep threatening to expose them in newspapers but he is different. He added that he will stand firm and carry on with the ministry work because that is what God called him to do.

He further said that he is actually motivated by the fact that the ongoing storm has only made House of Prayer worshippers more resolved to meet, pray and fellowship despite efforts by some pastors to put his ministry down.

“People (fellow pastors) are moving to different media houses asking them to jump on the story. They are even distributing recording of Teddy’s interview in the hope that there will be chaos and that the Canaan Pentagon project stalls. But we are more resolved and we are going to realize our dream even much faster that they think and then the glory of the Almighty God that we serve will be manifested like never before,” Ps Bujjingo said.

By Doreen Menezer



Stop Debating MP’s OTT, Concentrate On Where The Money To Finance Next Year’s Budget Is Going To Come From – MP Nambooze



Mukono Municipality legislator Betty Nambooze Bakireke has cautioned Ugandans to stop concentrating on small diversionary matters like MP’s OTT and instead focus on where the money to finance next year’s financial budget is going to come from.

Below is Nambooze’s Facebook post:

When MPs were given iPads, I felt that it wasn’t necessary and hence I don’t use one. The ongoing OTT hullabaloo has nothing to do with Nambooze. I have my own gadgets and I service them…I can’t use Parliamentary iPads that are on one central server and I believe in teaching myself to live- off free things.

But still I am surprised at the way Ugandans behave….as a Country we pick on small matters sentionalise them, become cynical and get diverted from the most important things! And we opposition Politicians are not innocent at all we are guilty of ridding on excitement created by the media and doing so little in guiding public debate.

Now,apart from diverting society what is in 36000/- to a member of Parliament AND what is in 110 million to Uganda? What if every MP pays his/her OTT or what if Parliament picks the bill.I mean what is big about this matter whichever way it goes? Suppose Parliament drops this expenditure as they are likely to do,will that turn the next budget into a prudent and fair economic plan?

The important matter remains leveling a tax on social media use;it’s unfair and a primitive tax. At the moment government would be telling us how much they collected from OTT in it’s first year and how the funds from this new tax we’re utilised.

Two, the 2019/2020 bugdet is being projected at 34,trillions.Ugandans would be interesting themselves in knowing where this money is to come from.

The Health budget is reducing from Shs2.3 trillion to Shs2.2 trillion.

Education is equally in facing a cut from Shs2.7 trillion from shs2.6 trillion.

Ministry of Works has increased its claim from Shs4.7 trillion to Shs5.3 trillion, maintaining their lead in allocations.

Treasury operations, which deals with domestic debt refinancing, still takes a total of Shs9.5 trillion, which must worry everybody.

There is need to drastically restructure government agencies to curb sagging expenditure and relocate funds to sectors that benefit our people. In 2017, government announced merger of its agencies to improve efficiency and end duplication of roles; why isn’t this being inplemented?

On Security, which is classified expenditure, the budget is giving them Shs1.9 trillion while Agriculture is getting only Shs919.8 billion. Uganda is not at war,why put more money in security than Agriculture?

Shouldn’t the debate be about these important matters instead of the diversionary MP’s OTT?


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Govt Spent Over 100 Million To Bring Suzan Magara Killer Home, Pato’s Lawyers Cry Foul – Security Has Denied Us Access To See Our Client



Lawyers representing incarcerated Patrick Kasaija commonly known as Pato, the key suspect in the murder of Suzan Magara have pleaded with security agencies to allow them to access their client.  In an exclusive interview with the Grapevine, counsel Evans Ochenge revealed that they have been denied access to their client.

“We have tried to talk to them through writing and engaged them at the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) headquarters but we were denied access to see him. They are violating the human rights of Pato by denying his right to access his lawyers and doctors,” Ochange revealed.  He further told this website that as lawyers, they are going to continue asking the security organs to grant them access to their clients.

Some of the suspects who have already been convicted to the High Court

Ochange also added that even the family members have not been allowed to see him. Sources from the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) have told this website that all the investigations against Pato concerning the murder of Magara are done and very soon he will be paraded at Buganda road court. 

A senior prosecutor explained that Pato will soon be arained in Buganda road court where he will receive his committal papers legally on top of the 8 other suspects who have been already committed to high court.   Pato was extradited from South Africa after he lost the legal battle where he was protesting his extradition back to Uganda to face kidnap and murder related charges. Another Source from the office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) has told this website that the government of Uganda has spent over shs100m on the process of extraditing Pato. He told us that the DPP’s office last spent such huge amounts of money during the Jamil Mukulu extradition from Tazania.

President Museveni himself revealed that he had to talk to his counterpart Cyril Ramaphosa, the president of South Africa about Pato’s criminality. Currently, Pato is detained at SIU security center Kireka and next week, he is expected to appear before Buganda Road Magistrate. Pato is accused with 8 others of Kidnaping and killing Suzan Magara who was the administrator of the family businesses as well as a cashier for Bwendo Dairy Farm in Hoima. The suspects after being paid ransom of shs700m from the family of the diseased, even after the president had at first refused them to pay the ransom went ahead and killed Magara. Magara was murdered and her body was dumped on Entebbe express high way.

By Jamil Lutakome


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PICTURES: Stop Blaming Everybody On The Death Of Our Twins – Minister Kibuule’s Nalongo Pleads With Husband



Kibuule's wife Fortunate addressing mourners as husband looks on

Nnaalongo Fortunate Alindinda Kibuule, the wife to the State Minister for Water Resource, Hon. Ronald Kibuule and mother to his twins, that died in the swimming pool on Monday has pleaded with her husband to stop accusing and blaming everybody over the death of their sons.

“We are passing through a trying moment but I ask my beloved ssalongo to stop blaming and accusing everybody on the death of our twins. Ssalongo, even if it was not the swimming pool, our children might have died from other causes,” Fortunate told mourners during the burial yesterday. The grieved mother was speaking before thousands of mourns at Kapeke, Nama Village Mbalala, Mukono district, who escorted the bodies of Rayden Kato and Raymond Wasswa, who died in the swimming pool on Monday evening, to their final resting place. 

Yesterday, this website reported that Fortunate survived being arrested and detained as a suspect in the death of the twins.  A source revealed that on Monday evening Kibuule, during a secret family meeting ordered. CID Director Grace Akullo to arrest Nalongo and interrogate her because over the death of his children.

Akullo, NRM Chief Whip Ruth Nakabirwa, Pastors Henry Nyanzi and Samuel Lwandasa had to calm the minister down and save Nalongo from being arrested. It should be noted that peace Nakunda a housemaid, Lawrence Kabaya a shamba boy, Scovia Nabubwema also a housemaid and Agripa Kumanya, were later arrested to help in investigating how the twins died in the swimming pool.


During the burial, the speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga revealed that her and Kibuule have come a long way that is why she failed to preside over the parliamentary sitting when his good friend is grieved. Kadaga said that she first got in touch with Kibuule before his appointment as the state minister for youth. She said that before the appointment, Kibuule frequented her office begging her to recommend him to become a minister. Kadaga also told mourners that Kibuule can’t take a day without talking to her on phone, and she always picks gifts from him whenever she’s driving past Mbalala to her home district of Kamuli.


President Yoweri Museveni also joined other Ugandans to mourn the death of Kibuule’s kids.  In the statement read by Edward Kiwanuka Sekandi, Museveni said that the death of Kibuule’s twins was unfortunate. He prayed to God to comfort the parents. The burial was attended by several government dignitaries, foreign and local investors and area locals.

By Joseph Luboyera and Jamil Lutakome


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