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    LETTER: Mr. President, If Minister Rukutana Was Arrested And Imprisoned, Who Is Sipapa? Why Is He Still Roaming On The Streets? – Hajji Ashraf Ssimwogerere Writes To M7….



    Dear Mr President,
    Age is a companion of wisdom. Never be unhappy for growing old. But be happy to gain wisdom. I’m happy that you gained more wisdom days ago. That is why I proudly shout that; ‘HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY’ my president.
    Its 1982, you were busy as rebel operating in the villages of Namulonge, Busukuma, Buso, Kasozi, and Lugo. There was this guy by the names of Mupere the son of Mr Wangadya (rip).

    I can’t explain whether Mupere was an army officer or a security operative. But he disappeared from the village for 2 months only to appear with guns that he was a commando. Which I doubted. Mupere carried a pistol and a big gun (we called it Lukebe). He used to announce his arrival by shooting several rounds in the air. The village could go into panic that; “Banange Mupere aze”. Parents told their girls to stay indoors otherwise Mupere was like at liberty to rape any at will and on gun point. Mupere was a master of ‘Fujjo’. The police at Busukuma just looked on helplessly as Mupere executed terror against the ‘wanainch’. The people of Namulonge and Busukuma of the time still remember the atrocities Mupere committed with impunity. Later Mupere was neutralized.

    In his book “Daala ku Daala” Charles James Senkubuge writes about a one Julius an OB at Makerere Rd hostel, who had “Fujjo”. As a roommate of Charles, I witnessed Julius’ fujjo. He used to come with a gun (AK47), placed it in his open locker for everybody to see. Nobody dared get near the lockers once Julius’ gun was there. You could be taken a suspect who want to steal the gun. We lived in fear. Julius was at liberty to slap, kick, or box anybody at will. When the warden reported him to Old Kla police. He (warden) ended up confused. The police came and exchanged with Julius in Luo before going with him casually laughing. In an hour Julius was back to the hostel with his business as usual. The warden disappeared for 2 days.

    During the time we had so many young men who paused like Mupere and Julius. They moved with guns, to threaten people.
    In Sipapa today another Mupere and Julius have emerged. Mr President people have different opinion about this guy. He seems to be untouchable. Yesterday I found a group of people discussing about this young man’s behaviour. One of them insinuated that;

    I also wonder how big this Sipapa is. A full minister Rukutama was arrested for grabbing his body guard’s gun and shoot at people. This minister was even transferred to Kitarya maximum prison. With the minister your government demonstrated that nobody is above the law. With Sipapa it is completely the opposite. Is it because he is terrorising offices of an opposition party. Where is free and fairness.

    Mr President, I know you want peace especially with the youths. You started very well working, with Buchaman, Bebecool, and others who approached the Gheto men and women with peace and money. Today Sipapa is approaching them with fire arms. He has provoked these youths with fire. I pray the gheto youths continue to play restraint. Otherwise the baganda say; “BWONYIGIRIZA ENYINDO OLWA EDA NOJIREETA OMUSAAYI”.
    Meanwhile Mr President I’m standing as Mayor Lubaga division. Hope never to be threatened by the Sipapas.
    God bless you my President.
    Hajj Ashraf Simwogerere.
    Abe Lubaga nsaba Kalulu.



    NUP’s Bobi Wine And PFT’s Besigye To Observe Elections In Kenya…



    L-R: NUP SG Rubongoya, Bobi Wine and Besigye in Kenya

    National Unity Platform (NUP) president Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine and People’s Front for Transition (PFT) boss Dr. Kizza Besigye have been chosen among the 36 election observers ahead of Kenya’s elections.

    Former Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn Boshe is leading the Brenthurst Foundation’s upcoming election observer mission for the Kenyan national elections which are due to take place on 9th, August.

    Among the delegates selected from Uganda is Dr.Kizza Besigye, Robert Kyagulanyi, NUP General Secretary, Lewis Rubongoya and Ms. Elone Natumanya.

    Hailemariam noted that, “The 36 persons delegation, accredited by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) which includes political leaders and policy makers from around Africa, will be in Kenya from 5th-11th August and will be stationed in groups in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and Uasin Gishu.”

    He added, “Democratic processes, participatory governance, peace and security on the African continent have come a long way in recent years but have also suffered a number of setbacks.”

    “Our hope is that in Kenya, we see the best democratic processes in action which are consistent with the objectives of Agenda 2036, the Africa we want, which speaks to “an Africa of good governance, democracy, respect for human rights, justice and the rule of law,” he maintained.

    The Brenthrust Foundation’s director, Dr.Greg Mills also contended that the Brenthrust foundation is committed to strengthening economic growth in Africa, in part through identifying and sharing best practice, given the continental correlation between democratic conditions and long-term development performance.

    “We look forward to playing our part in ensuring that kenya’s election election proceeds smoothly, fairly and free from upset.”


    By Kalamira Hope


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    Government To Rehabilitate And Revamp Railway Networks To Curb High Prices Of Fuel…



    Government is set to revamp the railway networks across the country to help curb transportation challenges arising from increasing fuel prices.

    The state minister for works and transport, Fred Byamukama confirmed the report following the president’s speech on Friday regarding high fuel prices.

    During the president’s address, he noted Uganda’s real problem currently is fuel and the answer to it is electrical vehicles and the railway.

    Confirming the report, Byamukama said that the government is revamping different railways across the country with a purpose of reducing heavy traffic jam and transport fares.

    “From Kampala to Malaba which is 243km is the only line we have functioning at the moment,” he said.

    Byamukama re-echoed that Museveni reminded the country and gave a directive that he had earlier through the ministry of works and transport embarked on revamping the railway transport in Uganda.

    Byamukama analysed that the one from Malaba to Mukono then to Kampala and the one from Tororo to Gulu is 375 km.

    “Then we have Gulu to Pakwach which is 129km, Kampala to Kasese is 350km and also we have the one from Mukono to Kampala then Kyengera to Portbell which is about 55km.”

    Byamukama also revealed that the ministry is planning to introduce a modern standard gauge railway system in addition to the 1266km metre gauge railway volume with an agenda of improving relationship among the East African member countries.

    “The East African community members agreed, we have seen Kenya and Tanzania doing it and other countries. For us, we are delayed by that connection that Kenya must connect from Naivasha up to Malaba.”


    By Kalamira Hope


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    FDC Boss Narrates How Former Kampala Legislator Nabilah Played 3 Top Politicians In 24 Hours…



    Former Kampala woman MP Nabilah (L) and Kira Municipality MP Semujju Nganda (R)

    Maverick Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) spokesperson and also Kira Municipality Member of Parliament (MP) Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda has revealed how former Kampala Woman MP Nabilah Naggayi Ssempala played 3 top politicians within a period of 24 hours.

    Ssemujju narrated that Nabilah used her beauty very well to capture the three men’s attention to fulfill her goal of winning the 2016 parliamentary seat.

    “I’m telling you Nabilah is a superwoman, she met president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni early in the morning at State House Entebbe, later in the evening she was with John Patrick Amama Mbabazi, who by then was a political enemy to President Museveni, the next morning she was with Dr. Kizza Besigye who was a political enemy to Museveni and Mbabazi by then,” he said.

    He divulged that when Dr. Besigye appointed him to his select team that had to accompany him to Namboole stadium for his nomination as presidential candidate, Nabilah was not in his plans because he was briefed with evidence that she was with Museveni and Mbabazi.

    He was also told that Nabilah was an operative sent by Museveni’s camp.

    Ssemujju revealed that he was very surprised to meet Nabilah seated close to Dr. Besigye the next day.

    He said that he tried to forcefully evict her from sitting near Besigye but he was advised that he was brewing trouble for himself.

    He insisted that most of the politicians in Uganda are like prostitutes without principles to stand on.

    He added that it is the reason why in 2021, Nabilah was with NUP’s Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu and she was fronted to contest against Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

    He narrated that right now, he knows that there are a number of politicians who are fighting tooth and nail to make sure that there is no cooperation between Dr. Besigye and Bobi Wine because they think that that if these two opposition heavyweights cooperate, some MPs will lose their political seats.

    Nabilah was not reached for a comment because she did not pick our phone calls.

    Nabilah recently suprised court when he testified against her husband Isaac Ssempala Ssebagala before the High Court Commercial division over a debt she ate from Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba who wants to take their family house for failing to pay back his money.

    It is alleged Nabilah got the money without the consent of her husband but now wants her husband to pay or surrender the house to Baryamureeba.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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