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LETTER: Mr. President, If Minister Rukutana Was Arrested And Imprisoned, Who Is Sipapa? Why Is He Still Roaming On The Streets? – Hajji Ashraf Ssimwogerere Writes To M7….



Dear Mr President,
Age is a companion of wisdom. Never be unhappy for growing old. But be happy to gain wisdom. I’m happy that you gained more wisdom days ago. That is why I proudly shout that; ‘HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY’ my president.
Its 1982, you were busy as rebel operating in the villages of Namulonge, Busukuma, Buso, Kasozi, and Lugo. There was this guy by the names of Mupere the son of Mr Wangadya (rip).

I can’t explain whether Mupere was an army officer or a security operative. But he disappeared from the village for 2 months only to appear with guns that he was a commando. Which I doubted. Mupere carried a pistol and a big gun (we called it Lukebe). He used to announce his arrival by shooting several rounds in the air. The village could go into panic that; “Banange Mupere aze”. Parents told their girls to stay indoors otherwise Mupere was like at liberty to rape any at will and on gun point. Mupere was a master of ‘Fujjo’. The police at Busukuma just looked on helplessly as Mupere executed terror against the ‘wanainch’. The people of Namulonge and Busukuma of the time still remember the atrocities Mupere committed with impunity. Later Mupere was neutralized.

In his book “Daala ku Daala” Charles James Senkubuge writes about a one Julius an OB at Makerere Rd hostel, who had “Fujjo”. As a roommate of Charles, I witnessed Julius’ fujjo. He used to come with a gun (AK47), placed it in his open locker for everybody to see. Nobody dared get near the lockers once Julius’ gun was there. You could be taken a suspect who want to steal the gun. We lived in fear. Julius was at liberty to slap, kick, or box anybody at will. When the warden reported him to Old Kla police. He (warden) ended up confused. The police came and exchanged with Julius in Luo before going with him casually laughing. In an hour Julius was back to the hostel with his business as usual. The warden disappeared for 2 days.

During the time we had so many young men who paused like Mupere and Julius. They moved with guns, to threaten people.
In Sipapa today another Mupere and Julius have emerged. Mr President people have different opinion about this guy. He seems to be untouchable. Yesterday I found a group of people discussing about this young man’s behaviour. One of them insinuated that;

I also wonder how big this Sipapa is. A full minister Rukutama was arrested for grabbing his body guard’s gun and shoot at people. This minister was even transferred to Kitarya maximum prison. With the minister your government demonstrated that nobody is above the law. With Sipapa it is completely the opposite. Is it because he is terrorising offices of an opposition party. Where is free and fairness.

Mr President, I know you want peace especially with the youths. You started very well working, with Buchaman, Bebecool, and others who approached the Gheto men and women with peace and money. Today Sipapa is approaching them with fire arms. He has provoked these youths with fire. I pray the gheto youths continue to play restraint. Otherwise the baganda say; “BWONYIGIRIZA ENYINDO OLWA EDA NOJIREETA OMUSAAYI”.
Meanwhile Mr President I’m standing as Mayor Lubaga division. Hope never to be threatened by the Sipapas.
God bless you my President.
Hajj Ashraf Simwogerere.
Abe Lubaga nsaba Kalulu.



Obote Son Beats Up MP Akena Before Their Old Mum Miria Obote At Their Kololo Home…



Jimmy Akena (L) and Miria Obote (R)

The children of Milton Obote are unhappy with Jimmy Akena for dominating everything in the family including the billions they get annually as benefits because their late father was both Prime minister and President of Uganda.

The other two Obote’s sons Eddie Engena Maitum and Tony Akaki are unhappy that Akena and his wife Betty Among are monopolizing all the money without giving them anything. Akena is also politically enjoying all the benefits got from the Obote name in Lango without allowing his brothers to benefit also by shining politically.

When Apac municipality was created, Engena, who is also a pastor in Kenya came home and demanded to stand there on the UPC ticket but Akena blocked him and gave the UPC flag to someone else. Engena went ahead and stood as an independent against Akena’s candidate but lost.

He has been grassing since that time and one afternoon recently, he stormed his mother’s house in Kololo where he demanded to know why he should live in poverty when his father was a very rich man and former President of Uganda. Akena was there, he confronted him and the two exchanged blows until Miria their mother separated them.

Engena accused Miria of favoring Akena even when he mistreats them by denying them benefits of being Obote’s sons. A tearful Engena cursed Akena and assured Miria he will never come back again. Bishop Engena became so much annoyed that even when his Kenyan wife died recently, he grieved alone without involving Akena and other family members.

The miserable Bishop buried his wife in Luwero where he bought land and says he isn’t interested in the Oyima clan things anymore because Akena has monopolized everything back home in Akokoro.        


By Sandra Mukisa


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VIDEO: I Regret Hitting Police Officer With Hammer Twice – Police Arrests Man Who Hit Their Own During Bobi Wine Riots, To Charge Him With Attempted Murder…



Police has arrested a one Ssebwa Emmanuel Ssebuliba who was captured in a video hitting a police officer with a hammer during the free Bobi Wine riots in Kampala last week.

According to Kampala Metropolitam Police (KMP) PRO SP Patrick Onyango, police used CCTV cameras around the area to nab Ssebuliba.

“Police in Kampala have arrested the suspected criminal who was captured on camera assaulting a police officer on duty during riot on Wednesday (18/11/2020). Police first picked his associate from his hideout with the help of CCTV cameras,” Onyango said.

He added, “The suspect is called Ssebwa Emmanuel Ssebuliba. His associate is identified as Kasozi Benson. They are both detained at CPS Kampala on attempted murder charges. Ssebuliba confesses to the crime. We condemn the act of attacking our security personnel who are carrying out their lawful duties.”

In his confession, Ssebuliba said, “I picked the hammer by the roadside, and hit the police officer two times but I regret what I did.”


By Grapevine Reporters


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Bobi Wine’s Bail, NUP Lawyers, Politician Disagree On How NUP Leader Will Conduct Campaigns Following Court’s Conditions…



Bobi Wine campaigning in Kyenjojo today

Lawyers of the National Unity Platform (NUP) party presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine and other politicians have disagreed on how to proceed with campaigns following the tough conditions given to their client by Iganga Magistrate Courts, when releasing him on the charges of violating COVID-19 guidelines.

Iganga Chief Magistrates Court Catherine Agwero directed the musician turned politician to follow the guidelines issued by the independent Electoral Commission to all presidential candidates, to be followed when campaigning to prevent the spread of COVID19.

The said conditions included: putting in place a handwashing point at all his campaign venues, avoiding processions and rallies, campaigning in gazetted places supervised by security and having not more than 200 people at a rally, the accused didn’t object to any of these conditions.

However, when contacted on the way NUP is prepared to follow the magistrate’s conditions, Anthony Wameli, one of Bobi Wine’s lawyers revealed that their client is not ready to follow the conditions the magistrate gave him.

“Bobi Wine is a politician, there is no way he can follow those conditions, by the way, he is not the one who calls those people to join him and form processions, they just come to see him and listen to him,” Wameli said.

When asked whether they are not afraid that their client will be arrested again and charged for violating his bail conditions, Wameli said that being arrested and detained is part of a politician’s daily life and Bobi Wine is ready to face the judicial officers again any time and they are also ready to represent him.

However, Bobi Wine’s vice president in charge of youth, Francis Butebi Zaake, the Mityana municipality legislator noted that NUP campaign managers are now ready to follow all the conditions given to them.

“We are tired of always fighting with security, this time we are going to follow their conditions and we shall campaign in gazetted places as instructed,” Zaake said.

Bobi Wine has been accused by the Electoral Commission of violating the COVID-19 guidelines during his presidential campaigns.

Controversial City lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi predicted that if Bobi Wine violates the conditions given to him by the magistrate during his release, he will be denied bail the next time he appears before court.

He further revealed that before Bobi Wine’s arrest, his charges were already planned, that is why the trial magistrate convicted him before the hearing.

“All the conditions which the magistrate put in his bail were the same conditions the Electoral Commission gave presidential candidates in this scientific campaign,” Mabirizi said.

He wondered how the magistrate knew that Bobi Wine was violating the said conditions before witnesses testified against him.

“That means the magistrate knew the evidence against the suspect and convicted him,” Mabirizi said.
Mabirizi explained that the COVID-19 guidelines were not legal since they were issued without following the proper procedure that is why he tried to challenge them in court.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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