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    LETTER: Mr. President, If Minister Rukutana Was Arrested And Imprisoned, Who Is Sipapa? Why Is He Still Roaming On The Streets? – Hajji Ashraf Ssimwogerere Writes To M7….



    Dear Mr President,
    Age is a companion of wisdom. Never be unhappy for growing old. But be happy to gain wisdom. I’m happy that you gained more wisdom days ago. That is why I proudly shout that; ‘HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY’ my president.
    Its 1982, you were busy as rebel operating in the villages of Namulonge, Busukuma, Buso, Kasozi, and Lugo. There was this guy by the names of Mupere the son of Mr Wangadya (rip).

    I can’t explain whether Mupere was an army officer or a security operative. But he disappeared from the village for 2 months only to appear with guns that he was a commando. Which I doubted. Mupere carried a pistol and a big gun (we called it Lukebe). He used to announce his arrival by shooting several rounds in the air. The village could go into panic that; “Banange Mupere aze”. Parents told their girls to stay indoors otherwise Mupere was like at liberty to rape any at will and on gun point. Mupere was a master of ‘Fujjo’. The police at Busukuma just looked on helplessly as Mupere executed terror against the ‘wanainch’. The people of Namulonge and Busukuma of the time still remember the atrocities Mupere committed with impunity. Later Mupere was neutralized.

    In his book “Daala ku Daala” Charles James Senkubuge writes about a one Julius an OB at Makerere Rd hostel, who had “Fujjo”. As a roommate of Charles, I witnessed Julius’ fujjo. He used to come with a gun (AK47), placed it in his open locker for everybody to see. Nobody dared get near the lockers once Julius’ gun was there. You could be taken a suspect who want to steal the gun. We lived in fear. Julius was at liberty to slap, kick, or box anybody at will. When the warden reported him to Old Kla police. He (warden) ended up confused. The police came and exchanged with Julius in Luo before going with him casually laughing. In an hour Julius was back to the hostel with his business as usual. The warden disappeared for 2 days.

    During the time we had so many young men who paused like Mupere and Julius. They moved with guns, to threaten people.
    In Sipapa today another Mupere and Julius have emerged. Mr President people have different opinion about this guy. He seems to be untouchable. Yesterday I found a group of people discussing about this young man’s behaviour. One of them insinuated that;

    I also wonder how big this Sipapa is. A full minister Rukutama was arrested for grabbing his body guard’s gun and shoot at people. This minister was even transferred to Kitarya maximum prison. With the minister your government demonstrated that nobody is above the law. With Sipapa it is completely the opposite. Is it because he is terrorising offices of an opposition party. Where is free and fairness.

    Mr President, I know you want peace especially with the youths. You started very well working, with Buchaman, Bebecool, and others who approached the Gheto men and women with peace and money. Today Sipapa is approaching them with fire arms. He has provoked these youths with fire. I pray the gheto youths continue to play restraint. Otherwise the baganda say; “BWONYIGIRIZA ENYINDO OLWA EDA NOJIREETA OMUSAAYI”.
    Meanwhile Mr President I’m standing as Mayor Lubaga division. Hope never to be threatened by the Sipapas.
    God bless you my President.
    Hajj Ashraf Simwogerere.
    Abe Lubaga nsaba Kalulu.



    Former Minister Mbayo Survives Arrest, Sneaks Into CID, Grilled Over Nepotism And Corruption…



    Minister Esther Mbayo

    Former Minister for Presidency Esther Mbayo has survived arrest after secretly presenting herself to Kibuli based police’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to answer charges related to corruption and nepotism.

    Last month, police threatened to arrest the Luuka district woman Member of Parliament for refusing to respect the criminal summons issued against her through the office of the Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah.

    Mbayo pleaded with the speaker for assistance claiming that the police detectives are being used by her political opponents to humiliate her and brand her a criminal.

    However, the speaker advised her to go to CID and record a statement since police have followed the necessary requirements to summon her as an MP.

    On Monday last week, Mbayo sneaked into CID together with her lawyers and she was grilled by detectives led by Julius Twinomujuni.

    Sources at the CID disclosed that Mbayo was grilled on allegations of influencing the Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation(UPPC) board to approve her sister Christine Mayengo as the Finance and Accounting manager yet she lacked the required qualifications.

    It is alleged that Mbayo used her influence as the former minister to put pressure on the chairperson Finance, Investment and marketing committee Dr. Patrick Ibembe and Managing Director Tom Wasswa to omit the capable  candidates for the job as advertised in mainstream media in favor of her sister.

    It is further alleged that Dr. Ibembe disclosed that they did not have to engage any external consultant for the said recruitment.

    Sources revealed that Mbayo was told that her sister emerged second in the interview but she was declared the best candidate.

    Sources state that as a token of appreciation to these officials, Mbayo increased their retainer fees from Shs2,500,000 to Shs3,500,000 and Shs2,000,000 to Shs3000,000 to Board chairperson and other members respectively.

    Mbayo was also grilled on allegations that she benefited from the Shs9bn cash which was paid to UPPC by the Electoral Commission to gazette the elected political leaders and polling stations in the recently concluded 2021 general elections.

    Investigators allege that Mbayo directed UPPC management to share the Shs9bn and she was given her share which was used in her 2021 political campaigns in Luuka district.

    Sources revealed that the former minister denied all the allegations and she was released on a police bond.

    The current minister for presidency Milly Babalanda suspended the UPPC board and the management on allegations of corruption, abuse of office and embezzlement.

    Police discover Shs600m in the course of investigation and it alleges that this was part of the Shs9bn paid by the Electoral Commission.

    The police are still investigating the matter.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    M7 Summons KCCA Ministers, ED Kisaka Over Invisible Hands Fueling City Market Wrangles…



    Minister Hajjat Minsa Kabanda (L) and Suzan Kushaba (R)

    President Yoweri Museveni has summoned Kampala Metropolitan Minister Hajjat Minsa Kabanda and Dr. Dorothy Kisaka, the Executive Director Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) over allegations that invisible hands are fueling city market wrangles.

    In a chat with the Grapevine, Kabanda confirmed the meeting adding that it is going to take place next week at State House Entebbe to resolve the ongoing leadership fights in Kampala markets especially St. Balikuddembe commonly known as Owino market, Nakasero market, Wandegeya market and Bugolobi market.

    “It’s true the president summoned us to guide on his directive given on the leadership of the city market and I am going with members on the technical wing. He wants to know why his directives are not being implemented and also guide us on how to implement them,” Kabanda said.

    Museveni’s decision to summon KCCA bosses comes after getting information that there are ongoing fights between KCCA and the interim market leadership who refused to vacate offices to allow the election of new leadership to run the market.

    Sources revealed that during the Monday cabinet meeting, minister Kabanda reported Suzan Kushaba, the interim Owino market boss to the President for refusing to leave office and insulting her and Kampala City Resident Commissioner (RCC) Hawa Namugenyi Ndege.

    Sources revealed that Kabanda decided to run to Museveni after meeting security bosses in Kampala City who warned her to go slow on Kushaba because she is working for some big government official.

    “Security cannot remove Kushaba from the office, the lady is protected by SFC and police fear her,” a source at the KCCA revealed.

    He further revealed that when RCC Ndege evicted Kushaba from office last week, she contacted her bosses who allegedly intensified her security and directed her to go back to her office.

    A new energized and fully armed Kushaba went back to office with swag and insisted that she will not leave office on orders of the Minister.

    She further claimed that she had information that the minister wants to sell the market and also return the bad leaders who were fired by the president for mistreating market vendors.

    Yesterday, Minister Kabanda held a meeting with security heads in Kampala to see how to handle Kushaba but it didn’t resolve anything.

    Another source disclosed that the minister is bitter with Kushaba for branding her a fraudster who is behind the selling of public land and city markets like park yard which she sold to controversial city tycoon Hamis Kiggundu.

    However, the minister insisted that her directive on city markets still stands and Kushaba should leave office for new leadership.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    CRIME IS A CRIME: Stealing From An Employer, Whether Government Or Private, Will Send You To Jail – M7 Directs Arrest Of Top Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Security Chiefs, RDCs Over Corruption….



    President Yoweri Museveni

    President Tibuhaburwa Museveni has directed the arrest of top ministers, permanent secretaries, security chiefs and Resident District Commissioners (RDC) over corruption and neglect of duty.

    In a letter dated 22nd August 2021 to the Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries Frank Tumwebaze, copied to the Vice President, Prime Minister, Attorney General and other top ministers, the president gave three courses of action against the suspected corrupt government officials.

    The president was responding to Minister Tumwebaze’s letter dated 11th August 2021 where he accused top government officials of frustrating government service delivery in local government through corruption and lack of patriotism.

    Tumwebaze reported that these actions are putting NRM in bad light. However, in his response, the president insisted that the problem starts from the top, in the ministries and they should be cleaned.

    “The problem is not just in the districts. It starts with ministries in Kampala, the ministers, the permanent secretaries, who do not supervise and monitor programs of the government being implemented by the districts” the president stated.

    He told Tumwebaze that he has information on government officials who are selling vaccines and government properties but he is still collecting evidence against them so that they are arrested and prosecuted.

    In his letter, Museveni gave three courses of actions against the suspects and these include; arresting and prosecuting the suspected officials, sacking and arresting Chief Administrative Officers (CAO), dismissing or prosecuting RDCs, DISOs DPCs, GISOs under whose jurisdiction these crimes are being committed.

    Museveni further directed that even political leaders can be arrested and prosecuted if they collude or aid these crimes.

    “It is, therefore, not a structural problem but neglect of duty by the ministers and the permanent secretaries. Decentralization did not decentralize crime and impunity. Crime is a crime. Stealing from an employer, whether Government or private, will send you to jail for ten years,” Museveni stated.

    Museveni’s letter comes on the heels of a warning from Milly Babalanda, the Minister for Presidency who cautioned RDCs and security bosses in Busoga region to stop involving themselves in illegalities because the president has already directed for the prosecution of all public officials implicated in corruption and evicting tenants from their land.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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