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    Love War: Capital FM’s Gaetano Wrecks Co-Worker Lucky Mbabazi & USPA President Kanyomozi’s Marriage As He Enjoys More Time With Her Than Husband…



    Patrick Kanyomozi (above) inset is Gaetano Kagwa and Lucky Mbabazi

    There is a bitter love war raging on between Capital FM presenter Lucky Mbabazi and her husband Patrick Kanyomozi, the President Uganda Sports Press Association, over former Big Brother Africa star Gaetano Kagwa.

    Word from our Moles indicates that Mbabazi and Kanyomozi are no longer at ease, ever since she reportedly  started spending more time with Gaetano than him.

    Apparently, Mbabazi at times returns home late at night after long rehearsals with Gaetano and on a daily she has to wake up very early and rush out of home such that she can be in time for the Capital FM morning show.

    This means that in most cases she has to leave Kanyomozi coiling in bed alone, braving the coldness as she goes about her work and in most cases he ends up being the one to look after the babies.

    If Mbabazi’s tight schedule was all about work,  that wouldn’t have been a problem, but what is worrying Kanyonomozi most is learning from pals that whereas she claims to always be busy with work, word is going around that she apparently gives him less time compared to the passionate rendezvous she is enjoying with Gaetano these days.

    Matters have since worsened after popular blogger Isma Olaxess fueled the rumours by alleging that Gaetano has been allegedly drilling Mbabazi’s Pothole for a long time behind her husband’s back.

    This he said alluding to Gaetano’s history at the Big Brother house where he drilled former housemate Abby live on Camera, which made him famous in Uganda and the world over.

    “There is nothing Gaetano is known for apart from his long Mutombo, he showcased at the Big Brother house, do you think Lucky would not love to taste it too?” he asked on social media, although people close to Lucky Mbabazi and Kanyomozi contend that rumours of them banging are just Wolokoso ‘celebrity gossip’ .

    But Isma went ahead to warn Kanyomozi, cautioning him to take his children for DNA tests because it is possible that he could be grooming children that may not be his own.

    “Kanyomozi take your kids for DNA because you might be grooming Gaetano’s kids unknowingly,” OLaxess said on social media.

    He mentioned the statement basing on the fact that Gaetano does not have a known child and therefore, it is likely that someone else might be grooming his kids unknowingly.

    However, it should be noted that we couldn’t easily  the allegations, because our efforts to secure a comment from Mbabazi, Gaetano and Kanyomozi were futile since they refused to answer our calls.

    It should be noted that Gaetano is married to Enid Keishamanza Rukikaire although the couple live apart, whereby Enid is based in Nairobi Kenya, while Gaetano spends most of his time in Kampala.

    But besides Enid and Mbabazi, Gaetano has over the years been linked to a number of babes, among them NTV star Flavia Tumusiime who is wife of journalist Andrew Kabura, also an employee of the same TV station.


    By Grapevine Reporter


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    Angella Katatumba Gets Emotional As She Reminisces About Death Of Her Dad Tycoon Boney Katatumba…



    Boney Katatumba (RIP) with daughter Angella Katatumba

    Four years after tycoon Boney Katatumba’s demise, his daughter singer Angella Katatumba is still struck by the sad reality of the death of her love, hero and best friend.

    According to the singer’s own description, her late father, Prof. Boney Mwebesa Katatumba, was her everything.

    Katatumba died on February 22, 2017  at the age of 70, after suffering health complications related to cancer of the colon.

    Five days after admission at International Hospital Kampala (IHK), Katatumba underwent an operation to rectify a blockage in his colon but by then it had worsened following an infection from pneumonia.

    Twelve hours later, the man who became renowned as a self-made entrepreneur was pronounced dead.

    Today, four years after Katatumba lost her father, she revealed that she has since been completely shattered and remained broken hearted.

    “My sweet Papa. I will never have the words to describe the pain and void you left in my heart. What gives me hope is, we will meet again in Jesus’ name,” a teary Katatumba  wrote on social media.

    Katatumba senior was one of the earliest flamboyant Ugandan businessmen, who, during the 1980s, bought a small fleet of aeroplanes for his tour and travel company.

    His business empire boasted of hotels, a school and several commercial and residential properties around Kampala and its suburbs. He was also the honorary consul of Pakistan to Uganda.

    Although he had two wives and several sons, it is Angella whom he bequeathed the role to manage his business empire.

    She now coordinates some of his businesses and also temporarily inherited her father’s role as the honorary consul of Pakistan in Uganda.

    Sadly however, Angella to date has not child of her own and many of her family members wonder to whom she will bequeath her father’s vast business empire in the event that she passes  on.


    By Baron Kironde


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    Spoilt Rich Kid: Tycoon Mutaasa Kafeero’s Daughter Mastulah Tattoos Her Pum-Pum…



    Mastulah Mutaasa with her tattooed nether region (L) right she poses with her father Mutaasa Kafeero

    City businessman Hajji Mutaasa Kafeero’s daughter Mastulah Nassali Mutaasa aka Marceybarbie, should have been a Hajjat  but the life she is living is completely the opposite of Islamic teachings.

    Mastulah, who is based in America, has since turned herself into the idolised famous Barbie Dole of sorts, complete with  her figure 8 curves  and  she looks very delicious.

    But, as if that is not enough, her pals reveal that she recently paid a renowned tattooist in America to tattoo her nether region, right from the thighs to deep down into her River Between.

    According to some of the snaps that she has since shared on social media, Mastulah, daughter of the much respected Mutasa  Kafeero, is seen exposing her voluptuous Thighland and glaring tattoo that snakes  in between her booty.

    However, our sources close to Mastulah reveal that when her father is around, she hides the Pum-Pum tattoo, whereby she dresses on a Hijab, like a well-respected lady from a Muslim background, only to become wild and kinky when he goes away.

    We have since established that tycoon Mutaasa visited her recently in America and she shared pictures of them together on Instagram, but thanks to God the old man  is not privy to things like social media, otherwise if, and we repeat if, by any chance he landed on his daughter’s photos on social media,  especially the ones that exhibit her tattooed Pum-Pum, he would surely suffer an impromptu heart attack!

    It should be noted that before Mastulah relocated to America, where she underwent plastic surgery that saw her attain that voluptuous booty, she was married to city businessman Hajji Fahad Lugobe.

    However, their marriage failed to work out and they later separated after Hajji Lugobe found it very difficult to cope up with Mastulah’s party animal instincts and drunken style life.

    At the time of their separation, Hajji Lugobe complained that he was tired of opening the gate and doors of their marital home to Mastulah whenever she returned home late at night, drunk from her partying sprees.

    He reached the extent of refusing to open the gate for her one night when she returned home late in the night and she decided to drive through the wall fence by knocking the gate down.


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    They Want To Kill Me: Bobi Wine Acquires Brand New Armoured Vehicle, Narrates How He Survived Being Shot Dead In Masaka…



    National Unity Platform (NUP) principal, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine, has paraded his brand new bullet proof Toyota Land Cruiser, which was bought for him by his supporters.

    Bobi Wine, in a statement he posted  on Facebook and his other social media platforms, said  the vehicle was donated to him as a gift by friends who care about his safety because they believe there are people who want him dead.

    Bobi Wine’s statement reads in part thus; “Let me take this opportunity to appreciate all friends in Uganda and abroad who have continued to support us in this struggle for freedom and democracy

    From the time we were attacked with live bullets on the campaign trail and particularly when a projectile hit Dan Magic smashing his face, many Ugandans out of concern sent me bullet proof vests and ballistic helmets, which I put on throughout the campaign period, and gave others to comrades. Indeed, if I did not have one on in Masaka, the story would be different,” the presidential candidate narrated.”

    The NUP principal also revealed that there is another group of his comrades who kick-started a fundraising campaign for a bullet proof vehicle.

    “These comrades informed me of their plan, but I thought it was an uphill task, given how expensive it is. A few weeks ago, these comrades surprised me when they informed me that they had succeeded in raising enough money for the vehicle, and here it is. I can’t thank you enough,” Bobi Wine revealed as he posed besides his new machine.

    However, despite Bobi Wine’s continued claims about people who want to assassinate him, the police have never issued any official statement about the same.

    It is also not recorded anywhere in police files that Bobi Wine has ever filed a case of anyone threatening  him with violence, let alone death.


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