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    M7, Ruto Under Pressure To End Economic Fight As Ugandan Lawyer Joins Kenya In Multibillion Oil Deal Legal Battle In Regional Court…



    President Museveni with his Kenyan counterpart William Ruto, on the left is Dr. Peter Mathuki

    President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda and his counterpart Kenyan counterpart Dr. William Ruto of Kenya have been placed under pressure to end their fight over the multibillion oil deal.

    Dr. Peter Mathuki, the Secretary General of the East African Community encouraged partner states to focus on peaceful resolution of any disputes while strictly adhering to the spirit of the treaty, particularly on peaceful co-existence and good neighbourliness.

    Mathuki explained that member states should focus on harmonious cooperation in their endeavours to ensure that the people of East Africa remain at the center of the integration.

    He added that the Community’s operational principles provide that the integration is people-centred and that all undertakings should strictly observe the said spirit.

    He disclosed that in the event of any dispute arising between two or more partner states, it is expected that they use the existing East African Community Dispute Resolution Mechanism that fully respect the integrity and sovereignty of each partner state.

    He confirmed that the East African Secretariat is working closely with South Sudan’s President Silva Kiir and the Office of the Chairperson of the Summit of East African Community Heads of State to provide the necessary facilitation for the peaceful resolution of any disputes that may arise between partner states.

    Even though Dr. Mathuki avoided citing any ongoing legal battle, observers insist that the statement was in respect to the matter of Uganda and Kenya and that of Burundi and Rwanda.

    Last week President Evariste Ndayishimiye of Burundi closed its country’s board with Rwanda claiming that president Paul Kagame is supporting a rebel movement which is using Democratic Republic of Congo forests to attack the people of Burundi aiming to overthrow the sitting government.

    Another conflict involves Uganda and Kenya, in 2023, Uganda had applied to use Kenya’s pipeline to transport its fuel from the port of Mombasa directly to Kampala but Kenya rejected the request, arguing that such a move would affect its local oil marketing companies.

    In December 2023, President Museveni’s government through the Attorney General Kiryowa Kiwanuka dragged Kenyan’s Attorney General Justin Bedan Njoka Muturi to the Regional Court over the oil multibillion deal.

    Kiwanuka confirmed to theGrapevine that Kenya’s Attorney General was served with the petition and he was given 45 days to file a defense against the allegations placed on his government.

    In his petition, Kiwanuka insisted that the Kenyan government violated the East African Treaty when they intentionally denied Uganda access to use their Oil Pipeline.

    Uganda also blamed the Kenyan Court for directing the country’s Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) not to grant an import, export and wholesale of petroleum products license to Uganda’s Uganda National Oil Corporation (UNOC) which was issued in November 2023.

    The Order was issued after Royani Energy Limited and concerned Kenyan citizens Charles Kombo and John Kinuthia petitioned the Kenyan High Court protesting the move to allow UNOC to obtain Oil importation Certificate to import petroleum products through Kenya.

    Lawyers in Attorney General’s chambers claim that Uganda was not given the opportunity to defend themselves in the said application as an affected party even through their lawyers led by Kenya’s Poul Nyamodi of V.A Nyamodi and Company Advocates and Uganda’s Ruth Sebatindira of Ligomarc Advocates were ready to defend their client.

    Lawyers in the Attorney General’s chambers claim that Uganda has the right under the East African Community Treaty and the United Nations Convention especially the laws of sea as a land locked country to use the Kenyan Oil Pipeline and sea waters which Kenya is trying to violate even though it is a signatory to both treaties.

    The Kenyan government gave conditions to Uganda which include incorporation as a subsidiary or registration of UNOC as a company or a branch in Kenya if they are to apply for an import and export or wholesale of petroleum products license that will allow Uganda to use their oil pipeline which Uganda’s Attorney General insisted is unnecessary and hinders the implementation of its petroleum policy.

    Highly placed sources in the Attorney General’s chambers told theGrapevine that Uganda took a decision to file a suit against Kenya out of frustration explaining that the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development in Uganda led by Dr. Ruth Nakabirwa Ssentamu have been seeking intervention of the Kenyan government to restrain its citizens and organs from infringing the principles of the East African Community Treaty but they kept a deaf ear.

    In his petition, Kiwanuka told Court that since October 2023, Kenya’s cabinet secretary for the energy ministry has been intimated to her counterpart in Uganda that the issue of Uganda using the Kenya’s oil pipeline was discussed in their cabinet and EPRA was directed to review and align the petroleum import logistics arrangement in favour of Uganda, but since then, nothing has been done.

    Sources further revealed that President Museveni has been closely following the issue.

    “ The Attorney General himself made a telephone call to the East African Court Clerk who was already in Christmas holidays pleading with him to come back to Kampala and register their petition against Kenya. Because the president was on phone and wanted to know Kenya’s stand,” a source said.

    Sources added that Museveni made several attempts to convince Ruto not to frustrate his plans of transporting oil from Kenya to Uganda noting that oil dealers are currently using the situation to import fuel into the country and hike pump prices which is highly affecting the people of Uganda.

    However, Ruto keep on promising that the matter is going to be sorted out.

    Kiryowa Kiwanuka and Energy minister Dr. Nakabirwa with the help of Thomas Tayebwa the Deputy Speaker of Uganda used the recently concluded Conference of Speakers and Presiding Officers of the Commonwealth Parliaments (CSCP2024) to engage the Kenyan National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetang’ula pleading with him to help the talk to the concerned parties to solve the ongoing economic misunderstanding between the two countries.

    However the East African Community and Regional Development Cabinet Secretary of Kenya Peninah Malonza confirmed that the two leaders had scheduled a meeting to diplomatically mend fences over Kenya’s decision to block Uganda’s use of its pipeline to transport fuel.

    “There is no cause for alarm because such trade disagreements are normal. Each country is established under different laws and principles and therefore we relate on the basis of the binding treaties and other diplomatic protocols,”  Malonza said.

    She further informed concerned Kenyan journalists on Friday last week that there is a scheduled meeting between President Ruto and Museveni to discuss the impasse and Kenya will also seek to explain its position during the next East Africa Community Heads of States Summit.

    She admitted that on several occasions, President Museveni has been actively engaging the Kenyan authorities on trade matters as the two countries look forward to resolving their recent dispute noting that Uganda is not only Kenya’s biggest trading partner, but it is also the biggest market for Kenyan oil that is why Nairobi and Kampala have to co-existed like they have been since independence.

    Even though both leaders are planning to settle their economic misunderstanding amicably, controversial city lawyer Kassim Male Mabirizi has joined the Kenyan Attorney General asking the Regional Court to dismiss with cost a petition filed by Ugandan Attorney General against Kenya.

    Mabirizi filed the application before the Regional Court to be allowed to join the case as an interested party explaining that as a civic active Ugandan, he is against the Ugandan government policy of closing out of all other fuel importing companies.

    Mabirizi insists that the Ugandan government actions to create a fuel importation monopoly through hand-picking Vitol Company and enacting the Petroleum Supply (Amendment) 2023 are unlawful and violate the fundamental and operational principles of the community guaranteed under Article 6(d) and 7(2).

    He claims that Vitol Company did not go through the normal bidding process under the laws of Uganda hence corruption and creating a monopoly in importation of fuel derogates economic rights of other Ugandans who may have the capacity to import fuel into the country.

    Mabirizi confirmed to theGrapevine that he has served his application to both the Attorney General of Kenya and Uganda.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki



    DID BOBI WINE SURVIVE COUP! The Untold Story Of How Kyagulanyi Outsmarted Mpuuga’s Attempted Takeover: NUP Boss Blasts Baganda Leaders For Being Greedy And Selfish…



    ENEMIES! NUP boss Bobi Wine (R) and MP Mathias Mpuuga (L)

    Maverick National Unity Platform (NUP) boss Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine) has exposed Buganda Kingdom Officials who are using Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi as a license to seal dirty deals that are costing Baganda.

    Without mincing his words and in the presence of Buganda Kingdom Officials who included; Buganda Kingdom’s first deputy premier professor Al-Hajji Twaha Kawaase Kigongo; Buganda Kingdom Security, tourism and culture minister Owekitiibwa Dr Anthony Wamala; Dr. Augustine Ssalongo Kizito Mutumba the Speaker of Buganda Kingdom clan heads council and others, Bobi Wine prophecied that if nothing is done, Baganda is in the future are going to be the only people in Uganda without a place they can call home and this will happen because of the greed for money being shown by some Baganda leaders in positions of power.

    A furious Bobi Wine made the shocking revelation during the burial of his assassinated uncle Eng. Danial Bbosa Lwomwa who was the clan head of Endiga (Sheep) clan at Mbale village in Mpigi district.

    “I’ve listened carefully to all speeches made and no one came out to tell the public that my uncle Bbosa was assassinated by people with the names of the Endiga clan who should be his grandchildren. We should stop being shy when speaking the truth to ourselves,” Bobi Wine said.

    Bobi Wine at the burial of Ndiga Clan head Eng. Lwomwa

    He loudly told Baganda that wherever he goes, the other people in Uganda view Baganda as hypocrites who are not reliable and only think about themselves, their families and are determined to sell fellow Baganda for money.

    He gave the example that when colonialists came to Uganda, they used people like Sir Apollo Kaggwa who was the prime minister to King Mwanga to command the fight against his King and force him into exile abroad where he died.

    The colonialists used Kaggwa and Semei Kakungulu a Muganda to spread colonialism in Uganda because they were promised goods like land and because of their betrayal, other regions took their actions as betrayal of the entire Uganda.

    Bobi Wine added that when the time cames for Uganda to be given independence, Dr. Milton Obote used Baganda to fight Bendicto Kiwanuka a Muganda from the Democratic Party and he was defeated because former Buganda King Sir Edward Mutesa through his Kabaka Yekka political party (KY) formed an alliance with Obote’s Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) and Baganda missed the opportunity of producing the first executive Prime Minister of independent Uganda.

    Bobi Wine without fearing the presence of Owekitiibwa Juliet Nabbosa Ssebugwawo a former minister in Kabaka Mutebi’s government revealed that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni used her to seal the deal which has finally divided the opposition’s Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) where she was the national vice president in charge of Buganda.

    A bitter Bobi Wine from Embogo (Buffalo) Clan further revealed that the same Museveni is also using Owekitiibwa Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba who was also a minister in Kabaka Mutebi’s government to divide and weaken NUP where he is a national deputy president in charge of Buganda.

    “Next day I will tell you why we did not take power in 2021 even though you people in Buganda voted for us overwhelmingly,” Bobi Wine promised.

    He pleaded with Eria Lwasi Buzaabo the new Endiga clan head not to avoid him and chase him because of his status as an opposition leader. He asked him to be like the late Bbosa who was very accommodative to him.

    Highly placed sources at Makerere Kavule where the NUP headquarters are have revealed that Bobi Wine is very bitter with Mengo establishment after establishing that they were behind Mpuuga’s plans to overthrow him from his party’s top leadership position.

    NUP insiders narrated to theGrapevine that Bobi Wine was told that since 2023, meetings have been held in different places to plan on how to overthrow him on grounds that he is not fit to represent Buganda in the succession battle especially at this time when Museveni is nearing retirement.

    “At first they were planning to form another political party but one of the lawyers in NUP told them that according to the new amended party constitution, Bobi Wine can be easily overthrown through a party national delegates’ conference and what they have to do is to capture and control the party structures,” a source said.

    The spource added that this is the reason why Kira Municipality Lagislator Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda accepted to join NUP even though his god father Dr. Kizza Besigye was insisting on forming a political pressure group which they can used to force Patrick Amuriat Oboi and Nathan Nandala Mafabi out of Najjanankumbi FDC headquarters.

    Sources claim that Ssemujju was very sure that Mpuuga was going to take over NUP leadership come 2025 and the strategy was to use money which they have accumulated in the years they have spent in politics.

    “When former Prime Minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi and Professor Gilbert Bukenya were fighting to succeed Museveni, they both accumulated a lot of money knowing that money will be the deciding factor on who will take power. Many Ugandan politicians up to now still hold this belief and it is the reason why the SUUBI group in NUP are undermining Bobi Wine,” Joseph Tamale Mirundi, a celebrated veteran political journalist said.

    NUP insiders told theGrapevine that for a longtime, Bobi Wine has been looking for the opportunity to exposes Mpuuga and his group until at last when the opportunity came during the ongoing social media parliament exhibition.

    “He has used it as a weapon to expose and soil Mpuuga and his cahoots to the extent that even if they left NUP, they will not be respected by the public as it has been,” the NUP insider supposed.

    Last week at Makerere Kavule, Joel Ssenyonyi the Leader of Opposition in Parliament and David Lewis Rubongoya pleaded with Bobi Wine inside the tent they were seated during the meeting with party local councilors from Wakiso district to leave Mpuuga’s issues out in his speech but he was fueled by his elder brother Fred Nyanzi Ssentamu who showed him Mpuuga’s statement on his phone where he was responding to his early party statement asking him to resign from the position of the parliamentary commissioner and apologise to the country over the Shs500m alleged gift from parliament.

    “The man lost his temper and asked Ssenyonyi why Mpuuga was dragging his family in these issues,” a NUP source ionside the tent quoted Bobi Wine.

    “Mpuuga’s scandal has exposed his hypocrisy and his former DP members who have been making deals secretly with president Museveni’s government and hoodwinking the people of Buganda that they are in parliament fighting for Buganda Federal status and ebyaffe (Buganda demands from central government),” another NUP source told theGrapevine.

    During Gen’ Kale Kayihura’s tenure as Inspector General of Police, many of Mpuuga’s political friends like Kawempe North legislator Muhammad Ssegirinya, Butambala county legislator Muhammad Muwanga Kivumbi were cited in the police fuel scandal.

    They were secretly receiving free fuel from the police force yet they were telling the public during day time that they are fighting Kayihura and his boss Museveni.

    A source withing the opposition told theGrapevine how in 2016, one of the legislators who is a friend to Mpuuga lost a parliamentary election and decided to petition challenging the victory of the NRM candidate, but he lost the petition both at the High Court and at the Court of Appeal and was slapped with court costs.

    When the NRM legislator secured warrant of arrest against him over his money in costs, he rushed to one of the top UPDF generals from Buganda to help his talk to the NRM legislator not to imprison him, the General told him that he has no power to stop the legislator from imprisoning him even though they are born from the same district.

    He gave him only one option, to take him to president Museveni because he is the only person in Uganda with a lot of money.

    The desperate legislator asked him to give him time to first consult some of his colleagues.

    Among the people he consulted was one of the leaders in DP Block who openly told him that he is the one under threat not other members of their political group so he should think about himself first.

    He advised him to take the deal but make sure that it doesn’t leak in public.

    The youthful legislator finally met Museveni, and in the next of 2021, he stood on FDC ticket and won the election.

    Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro, NUP’s deputy spokesperson confirmed that if Mpuuga declines to honour the conditions the party gave to him over the Shs500m scandal, the party leadership is likely to take other disciplinary action against him.

    Sources claim that Bobi Wine is set to summon the top party leadership to discuss Mpuuga’s defiance and it is highly likely that a resolution will be passed directing Bobi Wine to fire Mpuuga from the office of the party president in charge of Buganda.

    Mercy Walukamba the chairperson of the party disciplinary committee is likely to take action against Mpuuga which includes expelling him from their party because they allege that corruption, to them is a taboo.

    Other sources said that NUP led by Bobi Wine are set to petition Beti Namisango Kamya the Inspector General of Government (IGG) to pick interest in the corruption and abuse of office allegation against Mpuuga and other parliament bosses including the speaker of parliament Annet Anita Among and her Deputy Thomas Tayebwa.

    However, when contacted, Marvin Saasi one of the legal officers at NUP said that he is not aware of the new conditions the party was likely to slap on Mpuuga over the Shs500m scandal.

    However, Mpuuga is still defiant that the said scandal is planned to assassinate his personality and boasts that he will die fighting to save his personality, that of Kabaka Mutebi and Buganda premier Charles Peter Mayiga who are also frequently attacked by NUP supporters on social media.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    How Tabula Who Is Being Accused Of Masterminding Assassination Of Ndiga Clan Head Survived Being Arrested By Brig. Gen. Ddamulira’s Commandos As He Attempted To Seek Help From Buganda Spirits…



    The late Eng. Daniel Lwomwa (R) and his nemesis Tabula Luggya Bbosa (L) who is currently on the run

    Police spokesperson Senior Commissioner of Police Fred Enanga has narrated how Tabula Luggya Bbosa survived being arrested by Brig. Gen. Christopher Sserunjogi Ddamulira’s commandos of the Police’s Crime Intelligence (CI).

    CP Enanga revealed that commandos stormed Kabango village, Kakoola Sub County in Mpigi district to arrest Tabula who is alleged to have masterminded the plan to assassinate Eng. Daniel Bbosa Lwomwa the fallen head of Endiga (Sheep) clan last week.

    Enanga said that Tabula narrowly survived arrest and detectives only found a motorcycle at the place where he was expected to be.

    He revealed that security anticipated that Tabula was hiding in one of the islands in Mpigi district and pleaded with citizens to help police to arrest him.

    Police put an award of Shs10m which will be given to any person who will give information that will help lead to the arrest of Tabula.

    Enanga further said that intelligence has received information that Tabula is moving from one shrine to another seeking for the intervention of his grandparents’ spirit to frustrate the investigations.

    He warned witch doctors that anyone who will be found hiding Tabula will also be arrested and added to the file of those who participated in the murder of Bbosa.

    Enanga further disclosed that seven suspects have been arrested including Noah Derrick Luggya who allegedly pulled the triger and was intercepted by the angry mob who badly beat him up while trying to lynch him and he narrowly survived and is receiving medication at Mulago hospital.

    Emmanual Sserunkuma, his co-accused who was driving him on the motorcycle was killed by the mob on the spot.

    Milly Naluwenda a clerk to Buganda Kingdom cultural Court (Kkooti yakisekwa) was also arrested and highly placed sources in security confirmed that she communicated with Luggya a few hours before the offence was committed.

    Sources added that Luggya’s phone helped detectives to trace the suspects and Enanga assured the people of Buganda, members of the Endiga clan and Bbosa’s family that the suspects arrested are the right ones and very soon they are going to be arraigned in Court.

    In 2022, Kkooti ya kisekwa declared that Bbosa was illegally occupying the office of Endiga clan head and a section of the clan members installed Tabula the petitioner against Bbosa as the rightful clan head.

    However, David Kiwalabye Male the then culture and security minister in Buganda Kingdom rubbished the installation of Tabula insisting that Bbosa is still the rightful Endiga clan head.

    Kiwalabye made the statements a few hours after Bbosa appealed to Ronald Muwenda Mutebi the Kabaka of Buganda who is the Supreme Court on cultural matters in Buganda.

    By the time of Bbosa’s death, Kabaka had not yet delivered his judgment on the matter and there has been a sharp divisionism between Tabula’s supporters and those of Bbosa. When Bbosa was assassinated, Tabula ran into hiding and switched off all his known phone numbers.

    At the burial of Bbosa Mbale village in Mawokota county, Mpigi district, Kabaka Mutebi directed security in the message read by Professor Twaha Kawaase Kigongo to arrest all those who participated in his official’s murder.


    By Hadijjah Namagembe


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    How KCCA Deputy ED Luyimbazi Survived A Punch From City Cleaner After His Boss Kisaka Ran Into Hiding…



    KCCA cleaners protesting for their pay. Inset is D/ED Emg. Luyimbazi (L) and his boss Dorothy Kisaka (R)

    Hakim Kizza the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Councilor has narrated how city cleaners on Monday caught the City Hall city leadership off guard during their deadly demonstration.

    The cleaners are demanding KCCA to pay them their salaries for five months.

    Kizza says that security first stopped them from entering City Hall where they wanted to meet Lord Mayor Ssalongo Erias Lukwago, Executive Director Dr. Dorothy Kisaka and other leaders over their salaries.

    Lukwago found them demonstrating with placards outside City Hall gate and when security cleared the way for him to enter, he refused insisting that the cleaners should also be allowed to enter so that their matter is settled from inside with the leaders.

    Lukwago was finally allowed to enter with the cleaners who were singing his name ‘Omuloodi abeewo’.

    When he entered, they moved directly to the City Hall Council hall.

    Lukwago immediately summoned Eng. David Luyimbazi, the Deputy Executive Director to talk to the cleaners because he was told that the Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka was not in her office.

    Other sources claim that when Kisaka got information that the livid cleaners had raided City Hall to demand for their pay, she ran into hiding.

    Sources allege that since President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni renewed Kisaka’s contract, she spends very little time in office.

    She is always in Busoga attending Kyabazinga’s functions.

    Others allege that she is looking for a constituency in her home area in Busoga.

    When Luyimbazi was given the opportunity to talk to the angry cleaners, he told them to register with 7 hills, a limited company which was given the tender to clean all the five Divisions making up Kampala city.

    Luyimbazi told them that they will only be paid after accepting to join 7 hills.

    The angry cleaners started shouting on top of their voices with some women crying accusing Luyimbazi and Kisaka of plotting to eat their money.

    They started throwing empty water bottles at Luyimbazi and his bodyguard immediately forced him to move out of the room through the back door as some peeved cleaners tried to jump to beat him up.

    In one of the ugly incidents, the police bodyguard intercepted a body built cleaner who threw a punch at Luyimbazi when he pushed the KCCA D/ED down to dodge the blow.

    When theGrapevine contacted Eng. Luyimbazi, he confirmed whatever happened but advised the cleaners to take his advice if they still need to work with KCCA.

    He confirmed that by next week, they will be have paid all those demanding from KCCA.


    By Hadijjah Namagembe


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