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M7’s Scientific 2021 Election Is A Plot To Rig Elections – Bobi Wine, Besigye Join Forces ….



The forces of change under the leadership of people’s government president Kizza  Besigye and People Power strongman who also doubles as Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine have jointly formed a political mobilization alliance to overthrow National Resistance Movement (NRM) government led by President Yoweri Museveni.

In a joint press conference held in Wakiso today, Wasswa Birigwa, the National chairperson of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) revealed President Museveni is a coward who has been surviving on opposition divisions and using this advantage to win elections.

Birigwa said that as someone who has spent a lot of time in opposition, the time is ripe for opposition to sit on a round table and join efforts to effect change of government in Uganda.

“I even told those Generals with authority during the burial of my brother Kasirye Ggwanga that they are the ones with power, Museveni is nothing,” Birigwa said.

He added the formation of the ‘forces of change’ coalition is as a result of the frequent talks which have been going on between all actors in opposition which include People Power, people’s government, Conservative Party, JEEMA, Uganda People’s Congress and others.

FDC president Patrick Amuriat Oboi disclosed that Museveni planned with the Electoral Commission chairperson justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama to organize a scientific election in 2021 general elections. He said that as forces of change, they are not going to accept this since it’s only going to help Museveni steal elections.

He explained that Museveni and Byabakama agreed that campaigns are going to be done on radios, social media and television which is unacceptable because most radio and TV stations are going to deny opposition the opportunity to use their airwaves fearing that they may face the wrath from government agencies.

Amuriat said that this means the opposition will be left with Social media which has very few elite voters since most voters who are in remote areas and in the informal sector are not on social media.

People’s government boss Besigye encouraged Ugandans to make sure that they use their voice to protest against the way government has handled the COVID19 pandemic.

He said in this new strategy, the oppressed Ugandans should use things like saucepans, cups and all objects which can produce sound to protest.

“Time has come, let’s all Lock Hands, assert our will and say we matter in this country. Let’s speak up, raise our voices and be heard. Starting tomorrow 16th June 2020, use whatever you have to make noise about your situation. If you are hungry, hit your saucepan. If you have a whistle, blow it and be heard. If you drive, hoot and be heard,” Besigye said.

The four time presidential candidate said that this time he is very determined and ready to face off with state organs especially police and other security agencies. People power strongman Kyagulanyi encouraged all opposition members to stop attacking each other because they are not enemies.

“We are not each other’s enemies. The more we fight against each other, the more we delay the change that Ugandans are yearning for,” Kyagulanyi said.

The pressure group ‘forces of change’ also recommended that Ugandans saving with National Social Security Fund (NSSF) should be given 30% of their savings to help them sail through the COVID19 crisis.

They also advised that each vulnerable family should be given one hundred thousand (100,000/=) per week to recover from COVID19 crisis.

However, as the meeting progressed, police stormed the hotel where the presser was and stopped it dispersing everyone in attendance.

The launch of the pressure group comes at a time when ANT’s General Mugisha Muntu has already declared that they will front a presidential candidate in the 2021 general elections; Democratic Party’s Norbert Mao also declared that he is going to stand.


By Sengooba Alirabaki



How Does It Benefit Anyone To See Dead Bodies At A Polling Station Arising Out Of An Election? EC Boss Byabakama Warns On Violence And How New Digital System Is Going To Improve Voting…



EC boss Simon Byabakama

The Independent Uganda Electoral Commission (EC) is in the process of acquiring a system that will be used on polling day which will efficiently identify a voter, rule out multiple voting and also have some level of connectivity, according to the commission.

The system will also enable the EC to ensure that any voter who is not clearly identified on the national voter’s register does not vote.

“We are plugging the possible loopholes that would have given rise to credible grounds to challenge an outcome of any election. We want to carry that forward to the 2021 general elections,” the EC chairman, Justice Simon Byabakama, said, giving assurance that his commission is doing excellent work.

Byabakama cited the dire need for massive voter education nationwide. “Before a person becomes a meaningful credible voter, he/she must understand his/her rights, under the law and in the constitution,” he said.

“We need to redesign our curriculum and instill more of ‘Ugandaness’. Many Ugandans do not have a sense of ownership of their country. So the first task we have is to promote and inculcate ‘Ugandaness’ within our minds,” he added.

He however also noted that voter education that comes in the season of an election may not be so effective because the ground is already contaminated with so many actors, and everybody is pulling the voters in different directions.

“Just like in our case as the electoral commission who are supposed to carry out voter education, the question of resources is very critical. In a given financial year, the budget allocation for voter education is UGX 300million,” Byabakama added.

Byabakama decried the evident acts of violence in conducting the electoral process, saying it undermines a country’s democracy. He advocated for unity, as the only means to jointly have a violent free and credible election.

“All of us should say NO to violence and we should encourage our people to do to the same. The perpetrators of the violence that was in the NRM primaries were the people, the same people who are going to participate in the 2021 elections,” Byabakama stated, noting that the issue of whether or not the 2021 elections will be characterised by violence is entirely in the hands of Ugandan.

“How does it benefit anyone to see dead bodies at a polling station arising out of an election?” Byabakama asked, maintaining that nobody is supposed to threaten anyone not to vote for a particular individual because this is a right enshrined in our constitution. Anyone who intimidates or threatens a voter commits a criminal offence punishable by the law.

On whether or not there’s a likelihood that a local firm could print the ballot papers, Byabakama admitted that he doesn’t want to commit himself on that but what they (EC) will look at is the capacity of the firm and whether they are able to handle the volume of work.


By Baron Kironde


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NUP WOES: How Bobi Wine’s Son Kampala Survived Kamwokya Rioters, His Brother Nyanzi Vows To Expose NUP Dirty Linen In Public If They Don’t Stop Threatening Him…



Chairman Nyanzi (L) Bobi Wine (R) and his son Kampala (C)

Some family members of National Unity Platform (NUP) Party supreme leader Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine in danger over the way party flag bearers were selected.

It all started on Monday when a group of angry NUP supporters stormed the party headquarters in Kamwokya-Kampala accusing some members of Bobi Wine’s family of influencing the selection of the party flag bearers.

Among the people implicated was Fred Nyanzi Ssentamu, Bobi Wine’s elder brother who is accused of influencing the vetting committee chaired by Mercy Walukamba to choose his friends, relatives of his wife and those who gave him money.

The situation at Kamwokya got out of hand and top leaders led by Louis Rubongoya, the party Secretary General, Joel Ssenyonyi the Spokesperson, Sulaiman Kidandala, the head of mobilization, Mercy Walukamba, Aisha Kabanda, deputy Secretary General went into hiding.

In the heat of the chaos, the Principal’s son Solomon Kampala Ssentamu survived being thumped by some NUP supporters.

Kampala, who is always at the NUP headquarters was trying to intervene and stop some angry supporters from asking for Nyanzi’s head.

The bitter supporters told him, “Kampala don’t tell us anything, we only listen to Kibanda (Bobi Wine), he is the only person we respect, not people like you even if you are his son or wife or brother. We will die with anyone who tries to stand in the way of our struggle.”

Immediately a group of rioters surrounded Kampala but Mutwe’s ‘Kanyamas’ quickly surrounded him and escorted him out of the NUP headquarters.


That evening, Kyagulanyi held a crisis meeting at his home in Magere where top leaders were summoned.

Credible sources who attended the meeting told this website that the Principle was very angry and blasted Walukamba for letting him down.

Bobi Wine wondered why Walukamba and her team followed Nyanzi’s orders and influence when selecting the party’s flag bearers.

“Principle was angry, he castigated Walukamba and her team for failing to handle a simple assignment of flag bearers because of greed from some people. He told them that he has a lot of things to do including the increasing court cases he is battling with,” the source revealed.

The angry pop star turned politician asked for the list of those who were announced winners and promised to sit with other party leaders to scrutinize it again.


On Wednesday morning, Nyanzi told journalists at his offices in Kamwokya that his life is in danger after receiving a lot of death threats from NUP members.

“Since I joined the struggle, I have gathered a lot of information and recorded some of the threats which I will give to my people if I’m killed,” Nyanzi said.

He revealed that once he unleashes some of the secrets he has, it will be the death of NUP. He warned party members to handle him care.

Nyanzi said that he has sacrificed a lot including his life and property to support Bobi Wine so he cannot allow a section of supporters to attack him.

On the issue of receiving bribes and influencing the vetting committee, Nyanzi refuted the allegations and tasked his accusers to table evidence of him receiving bribes.

“That’s what I told Honorable Kyagulanyi, let those accusing me of soliciting bribes bring evidence. I know there are people out there who are using my name to get money from NUP members, please help me and arrest those people and bring them to me,” Nyanzi said.

He boasted that he is a rich man who cannot solicit for money from poor NUP supporters because if he wants money, he knows where to get it from.

He warned party supporters especially those on social media who are being diverted by their enemies to stop spreading harmful political propaganda because it will weaken or kill the party.


Senior presidential adviser on media, Joseph Tamale Mirundi this week revealed that there is a secret move being planned by some disgruntled NUP members to rally all dissatisfied members and form another political party.

“Some MPs who defected are not happy with what is going on in NUP and I’m predicting from here that immediately after winning their political seats, they are going to form another political party,” Mirundi said.

He explained that senior politicians are not happy with the way Bobi Wine’s family is running affairs at the Kamwokya based party blaming them of being money minded and not having the struggle at heart.

He also accused Nyanzi who he branded the richest man in NUP of soliciting for bribes from the party aspirants.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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M7 Will Not Be President Forever, Stop Paying Attention On Him, Focus On Life After Him – Bidandi Sali Advises Opposition…



Veteran politician who served as a local government minister in Museveni’s government, Jaberi Bidandi Ssali has urged opposition parties to prepare for life after President Museveni, instead of prioritising targeting to oust him.

Bidandi, who is also the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) founder said that his observation is opposition political parties can not have a clear view in front because they are simply paying so much attention to incumbent President Museveni.

Narrating how the struggle to liberation cannot count, Bidandi expressively painted a picture of a movement holding onto power being battled by organisations fighting for leadership positions.

While appearing on NBS Television, Bidandi said political parties are mushrooming driven more by adventurousness and curious individuals with no proper establishment of structural organisation, but complex intentions.

“A political party back in the day was a political party. An administrative position in the party wouldn’t be held without training,” Bidandi said.

“Sadly, the country no longer has a group that bears genuine values of a political party. The National Resistence Movement is a mere ‘movement’ while the opposition parties as organisations fighting for leadership positions.

Bidandi recounted that back in the day money was not a focal factor in politics because it’s very dangerous as it corrupts.

“I don’t want to condemn any political party. There are always values acquired in leadership. As long as you don’t appreciate those values, then you are off-target,” he said.

“People behave like they will be in the positions they hold for life, which is not possible” Bidandi added, emphasising that the opposition ought to not only fight to oust President Yoweri Museveni but as well start thinking beyond removing him from the country’s top office.


By Baron Kironde


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