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Mabirizi Seeks Referendum To Abolish Kabaka Over Torture Allegations Of Locals On His Land By His Agents BLB, Kasibante Brands Him Mentally Ill



City controversial lawyer Male Mabirizi has petitioned the Electoral Commission boss Justice Simon Byabakama to organize a free and fair referendum to abolish Buganda kingship for torturing people who reside on Buganda land.

In a letter dated 25th of November 2019, basing on article 5(4) of the constitution and section 11 of the Referendum and other provisions Act,2005, Mabirizi writes that the Kabaka of Buganda is a traditional and cultural leader.

He further notes that the people of Buganda entrusted their cultural and traditional properties (including land) to him (Kabaka) but he has betrayed their trust and become the owner of the said properties. Mabirizi insists that the Kabaka through his agents in Buganda Land Board (BLB) forcefully collects exorbitant  sums of rent, registration fees from his subjects who are tenants on the official mailo which is a breach of their contract. He adds that the Kabaka has also failed to account for the huge amount of money collected from his subjects and the money he receives from the central government on behalf of Baganda which he is personally enjoying with his close family members, his cabinet ministers and other Buganda kingdom officials.

He cited a scenario when High Court judge Patricia Basaza Wasswa ordered the Kabaka to produce his books of

accounts and all the official Buganda land titles he has on behalf of the Baganda. Mabirizi says that the Kabaka refused to comply and decided to appeal against the ruling because he doesn’t want his subjects to know how he spends their money he collects from the properties he keeps on their behalf. Mabirizi told this website that he has evidence that the people of Buganda are tired of the way Kabaka Mutebi and some of his subjects are running their kingdom.

He says they only think about money rather than taking good care of his subjects like his father the late sir Edward Mutesa did. The flamboyant lawyer wants the people of Buganda to vote on whether the Kabaka should be abolish and his powers trimmed further so that he becomes a ssabattaka, a title he held in 1993 before his coronation.

Mabirizi’s letter to EC

Mabirizi wants justice Byabakama to reveal to him the number and identities of voters in Buganda so that he can start collecting signatures from the Baganda who want the king to be abolished. He noted that the reason why he wants the Electoral Commission to avail to him the identification of Buganda locals is to compare it with the signatures he is going to receive from the field. According to the law, for the Electoral Commission to organize a referendum, Mabirizi has to collect signatures of 1/3 of the total number of the voters in Buganda. Mabirizi is also still waiting for the hearing date of his application he filed in the Supreme Court where he is challenging the new door to door collection of rent from tenants on Buganda’s official mailo by Kabaka’s agents BLB. Efforts to speak to Buganda kingdom were futile since ‘Owekitiibwa’ Noah Kiyimba, the spokesperson of the kingdom was not picking his known phones.

Mabirizi should be taken for mental checkup – MP Kasibante

Lubaga North legislator Moses Kasibante has said that city lawyer Male Mabirizi is mentally ill and needs to check in at the emergency section of Butabika for medication.

In a post on his Facebook page, Kasibante said that Mabirizi’s attack on the Kabaka clearly shows his mental state. The former CBS presenter blamed Mabirizi’s mental illness on Makerere University school of law. Kasibante says that MUK school of law only based on pre entry examination while admitting Mabirizi instead of checking his mental illness before allowing him to study law.

Kasibante wrote, “I think on top of the pre entry exams for admission to the law course at Makerere University, applicants should also be subjected to a thorough mental health examination!.”

Mabirizi who is now days very active on social media jumped out the ‘kamooli’ and rubbished Kasibante’s abbuses. Mabirizi told Kasibante that legal issues are only argued before a judicial official not in the bar. The youthful lawyer assured Kasibante and Buganda diehards that the referendum must take place and the Baganda peasant’s voice must be hard loudly against what he called Kabaka Ronald Mutebi’s harassments.

A number of people reacted on Kasibante’s post with some supporting him while others were supporting Mabirizi and asking for accountability and transparency at the Mengo establishment.

James Kabengwa says: At the back of mind of Mabirizi is to call for a more transparency and accountability. However his approach is wrong especially when he calls for the abolition of an institution aged 900 years. That’s where he has only lost it. On calls to mental tests, I think Kasibante Moses you are wrong. Mabirizi is one of the lawyers who follow the law to the dot.

Diana Babirye Semwogerere says: He is delusional in his capacity as a lawyer, quiet honestly I think the law has run him mad. He needs mental evaluation.

Turyasingura Julius writes: But the issue is, he is he following the constitution of republic of Uganda ?

Exp Kakande writes: Mabiriizi is free to express his opinion. If Buganda officials have decided to eat with them then we shall also stand with Male Mabiriizi.

Jaabir Bwambale says: Mabirizi Male what did kabaka really did to you???? I believe you might be having some misunderstandings with him!!!

Henry Brian Namuyimba Ssembatya says: Mabiriizi is a dimwit. He is dreaming . Buganda is a rocky Kingdom. Whoever surfaces to trot it down will instead crumble. I curse Mabiriizi and his back stage friends into this .

By Jamil Lutakome



I’m Your Boss Now, Your Powers Have Been Trimmed, You Are A Ceremonial Mayor – Minister Kamya Tells Lukwago…



Controversial Kampala minister Betty Kamya has told the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago that his powers have been trimmed in the new law that president Museveni ascended to on 28th/November/2019.

While speaking to journalists today at the Media Centre in Kampala, the former Uganda Federal Alliance boss emphasized that Lukwago will be ceremonial and will report directly to her (Kamya) and Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) speaker who will be elected among KCCA councilors.

“The Lord Mayor will be responsible for activities such as receiving visitors and other dignitaries among others,” Kamya said.

According to this new Kampala Amendment Act 2019, the Lord Mayor will no longer chair council meeting as it has been in the past, it will be done by the Speaker or his/her deputy.  There will also be the City Executive Committee in which the Lord Mayor will preside over the day to day business in Kampala.

Kamya also laughed at those who are taunting her that her powers have been reduced with the appointment of bummy musician Catherine Kusasira, Kamya said that her powers have actually been increased and her office streamlined within KCCA.

Kamya rallied Ugandans most especially the informal sector to take part in the ongoing verification of the national voters’ register.

“During the last elections (2016), 800,000 voters in Kampala didn’t turn up for voting since many of them were busy at work while others had registered in distant areas. This time I call upon every Uganda to check if they are fully registered to vote,” Kamya said.

Kamya advised those who can’t easily access their voting places to use this chance to change to nearby locations since the voting exercise always comes once in 5 years.

By Josephine Kauma and Ronald Kisekka.


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I Have Never Stolen Anything From Anyone That Is Why I Will Be The First To Stone A Corrupt Person – Physically Fit M7 Warns The Corrupt…



President Museveni has warned Ugandans who accept bribes that he will be the first one to stone anyone implicated in corruption tendencies.

The president made these remarks at a function organized by Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema’s State House Anti-corruption unit after the anti-corruption walk that took place today morning.

The walk was organized to highlight the negativity of corruption and also to show the need to end the vice in Uganda. Museveni said he is ready to deal with Ugandans who practice corruption and pretend to be holy.

“Many people are corrupt but pretend to be holy. When you ask anyone who has never stolen, pick a stone and throw at the corrupt, I will be the first to pick it because I have never stolen anything from any one and I am not corrupt,” president said.

The President further revealed that even though he has never chewed a bribe, he is still not poor. “I am not corrupt and I am not poor,” Museveni said.

He further noted that corruption is both spiritual and moral and that it is a practice that makes someone a parasite. “A corrupt person is like a parasite that feeds on people’s blood, you earn what you have not worked for,” he said.

He warned those who got wealth through corruption to be kin because wealth from corruption does not last long. “It seems wealth from corruption does not stay longer, I have never seen corrupt people sustaining their wealth,” he added .

He further revealed that he knows some of the corrupt people but it’s not yet time for him to disclose them to the public.

“I know some of the corrupt people, I will not mention their names but I will expose them when time comes,” he promised.

He urged the public and the anti-corruption agents to corporate and fight against corruption in Uganda. “Corruption can be ended through unity of the public and the anti-corruption agents, we need to work together to end corruption in Uganda,” he said.

The President also took time to answer social media critics who question how he acquired his herd of cattle at his farm in Kisozi.

Museveni said, “I got them cows from my grand and God has kept them. UNLA soldiers wanted to steal the cattle but failed. They even blew up the house of my mother using an RPG but they didn’t steal them because they were hidden in the savanna.”

Museveni asked three government bodies including the Inspectorate of Government (IGG), State House anti-corruption unit and Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) to ensure that they don’t recruit employees only on the basis of qualifications but they should also consider their integrity.

By Josephine Kauma


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‘KASUKAALI’ AGAINST FIRE: No One, I Repeat, No One Can Silence Me, On Matters I Know Well, Facts, And What I Stand For! – Govt. Spokesperson Warns Bobi Wine Supporters…



The deputy government Spokesperson Rtd. Col. Shaban Bantariza has warned Ugandans who are threatening him over his ‘Kasukaali’ (sugar) comments.

Recently, Bantariza was quoted in the media allegedly telling NRM leaders in Kampala at a meeting at Nakivubo Blue Primary School playground that if Bobi Wine thinks that he has ‘Kasukaali’, the NRM has fire and they will respond to him with the same fire if he continues with his activities which Bantariza said are aimed at distorting peace in the country.

Today, Bantariza, who claimed that his message was somehow distorted took to twitter and warned those who are hurling threats and insults at him.

“Masses”, you said? (laughs) For me, if you didn’t know, no one, I repeat, no one can silence me, on matters I know well, facts, and what I stand for! Social media “masses” are a small minority, but since politics is like money, every cent counts! Let me burn down dt can of worms!” Bantariza responded to a one Ugandan Panther who has earlier threatened him that, “Shameless arrogant out of touch @Bantariza opened a can of worms and is facing the wrath of the mases… too blind to notice and apologize boosting with 3guns against 44m Ugandans. The worst is yet to come after the ignorance you displayed.”

Here are some of the exchanges between Bantariza and Ugandans who were angered by his comment:


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