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Mbidde, Mpuuga Masaka War: Councillor Who Supports Mbidde Kidnapped, Robbed And Dumped In Forest Unconscious



Security operatives in Masaka have kicked off a hunt for uknown people who kidnapped and robbed councilor David Mutebi a resident of Kiyimbwe village in Masaka municipality and later dumped him in Gayaza forest.

Rehemah Nakabugo a wife to councilor Mutebi has told the Grapevine today that she got a phone call from unknown people informing her that her husband had been kidnapped and later dumped in the forest. She rushed to the scene only to find her husband vomiting blood.

Nakabugo, who is currently taking care of her husband at Masaka Regional Referral Hospital says her husband was taking money (1.3 million) to his father identified as Taata Godfrey.

She narrates that her husband set off from home at around 10:00am. He was driving but he decided to leave his car at Kyakumpi washing bay, as he was standing at the entrance of the washing bay, some unknown men grabbed him dragged him into their vehicle and drove off to Mbarara road.

Denis Lukanga Majwala the area LC III boss Katwe Butego has told this website that the attack on Mutebi is politically motivated.

LC III boss Katwe Butego [L] Denis Lukanga visits councilor Mutebi who is in Coma

Lukanga has attacked a section of youth supporting MP Mpuuga who have been warning them that they will deal with them because they support EALA MP Fred Denis Mukasa Mbidde who is going to contest as the area Member of Parliament Masaka municipality in 2021.

EALA MP Mbidde recently vowed to deal with anyone who is trying to threaten his supporters. He warned that he has already instructed a team of senior lawyers to take the people tormenting his supporters to court.

The deputy Regional Police Commander (RPC) greater Masaka who doubles the police spokesperson SP Lameck Kigozi has confirmed this incident and said that they have already deployed some senior detectives to investigate this matter. He however appealed to locals to give police proper information in connection to this incident.


By Aslam Kabugu, Masaka



I’m Ready To Return The Billions I’ve Collected From Settlers On Buganda Land – Kabaka Tells Court As His Battle With Mabirizi Enters Tricky Round…



The Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II through his Attorney General Christopher Bwanika has assured the supreme court that he is willing to return all the money he has been collected from the settlers on the official kingdom mailo.

Submitting before Justice Esther Kisakye of the supreme court, Bwanika asked court not to allow lawyer Male Mabirizi’s controversial application to issue an  interim order stopping the Kabaka of Buganda and his agents of Buganda Land Board (BLB) from collecting ground rent and registering the settlers on the official mailo until court makes a ruling on his appeal where he is challenging the Kabaka’s status of calling himself the owner of the official mailo.

Bwanika told court that there is no pertinent threat that needs an interim order from court stopping them from collecting ground rent because there are millions of people who benefiting from the scheme.

“The institution has been collecting the said ground rent for years, my lordship the money collected is receipted so if court determines in the main suit that it has been illegally collecting this money, the respondent (Kabaka) is willing to return the money,” Bwanika submitted.

He further said that Mabirizi’s application is of Res-judicata (the matter was adjudicated by a competent court and therefore may not be pursued further by the same parties).

Bwanika argued that this suit was dismissed by High Court Judge Peter Adonyo and he (Mabirizi) didn’t appeal against the judgement. He said that Mabirizi is abusing the court systems because instead of appealing to the court of Appeal, after High Court dismissed his case, he decided to run to supreme court. Bwanika wondered where Mabirizi getting is claim to sue the Kabaka because there is no one on the official mailo who instructed him to sue the king over violating their right in collecting the ground rent.

However, the nonsense lawyer Mabirizi rubbished Bwanika’s submission claiming that he is using legal tricks to misled the court that his case was dismissed by the High Court.

The maverick lawyer told court that after High Court Judge Basaza Wasswa allowed his application for discovery, the Mengo establishment, through the then kingdom Attorney General David Mpanga Kisitu appealed to the Court of Appeal.

“My lordship, when I suffered injustice at the Court of Appeal, I ran back to High Court to stop the proceedings of the Court until this court determines my Appeal, the learned judge Adonyo based on the decision of the court of Appeal and dismissed my case before him saying that it was dismissed by the court of Appeal so I am here seeking justice after suffering injustice in the court of Appeal, and I pray that this court be steady and not be misled by the respondent,”  Mabirizi said.

Mabirizi told court that BLB, the respondent’s agent has already threatened settlers on the official mailo with eviction if they don’t pay ground Rent.

He insisted that he has a locus before the court because he is a beneficiary of the official mailo since he is a Muganda and Kabaka. He added that the Kabaka is just a trustee who only keeps land for the Baganda.

Mabirizi questioned where the Kabaka, who is like an administrator of the family land not the owner gets the powers to collect ground rent.

He pleaded to court to give an interim order stopping the kingdom from collecting the ground rent until his main suit is determined. The presiding justice is to give her ruling on notice.

By Alirabaki Ssengooba


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Panic In MP Kato Lubwama’s SOLIDA Camp, Bobi Wine’s People Power Finally Get Candidate To Oust Him



L-R: Kato Lubwama, Bobi Wine and Mukasa

There is panic in the camp of incumbent Lubaga South Member of Parliament (MP) Paul Kato Lubwama after a number of SOLIDA members and area councilors fronted People Power diehard to oust him.

On Sunday evening, the Grapevine scribe landed on a group of Lubaga south councilors in a private political meeting at Javine hotel near Pope Paul hotel in Ndeeba, a suburb in Lubaga division, brainstorming on how to put him down.

The councilors in a meeting on Sunday

The Grapevine scribe established that the meeting was political after hearing voices of the members swearing that they are tired of Lubwama’s laziness in the August house. “We have to start looking for a formidable MP now otherwise we shall remain the same if we wait for Byamukama’s electoral Commission program,” one of the SOLIDA members was heard telling other friends in the meeting. One councilor we established as Hajjati Fuge, representing Busega parish in KCCA told friends that their constituency has lost out on many government programs due to lack of a vibrant MP.

She explained to her colleagues that they were expecting the construction and completion of the Nalukoloongo channel this political term of 2016-2021 but this has failed because of the area MP has failed to voice out their problems on the floor of parliament.

Mukasa with Mukono Legislator Betty Nambooze

Isaac, another councilor told colleagues that they are likely to lose their seats because voters are not happy, the voters blame the councilors for misleading them by recommending Lubwama. In the same meeting, one of the members whom we establish as Julius Katongole, a people power coordinate in Lubaga South revealed to his friends that as people power crusade, they are fronting a one Aloysious Mukasa to oust Lubwama from Lubaga South and they have already started drafting strategies to see that Lubaga South gets someone who will competently represent their interests.

Katongole told the over 30 councilors that what he wants from them is to join hands and liberate Lubaga South by supporting Bobi Wine’s diehard Mukasa.

“In the last general election, like other city constituencies, we voted leaders under the bandwagon effect without verifying them, someone of them told us to send them to parliament so that they can also eat. What do you really expect from such a leader?” Katongole said.  Katongole added that Mukasa, who they want to replace Lubwama, is a well-known businessman in the area who is not looking for a job like other leaders who won in the previous elections.

Mukasa chatting with some of the locals in Ndeeba

He added that as People Power Movement in Lubaga South, they are going to start moving from parish to parish endorsing candidates to stand on people power ticket, he warned councilors not to condemn him if the crusade drops them for not fulfilling the pledges they made in the previous term.

Katongole said that in July this year, the Lubaga South People Power wing is going to have a private political meeting with their national president Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine, the Kyadondo East MP to discuss how they can politically take over Lubaga South from local level to parliamentary level.

Lubaga South is made of parishes of Najjanakumbi 1, Najjanakumbi 2, Nateete, Ndeeba, Busega, Kabowa, Mutundwe and Lubaga. Efforts to speak to MP Kato Lubwama were futile since he has been not picking our calls since Tuesday.

By Jamil Lutakome


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SHOCKING: Lightening Kills 5, 20 Hospitalised



Five people have been struck dead by lightning and more than 20 have been hospitalised at KIU and Komboni hospitals.

The 25 people were struck while harvesting tea in Nyanga, Bitooma sub county in Bushenyi district.

Greater Bushenyi police spokesperson Marshal Tumusiime confirmed the incident saying that it happened today at noon during the heavy downpour in the area.

Tumusiime identified the deceased as Elisam Tayebwa 65, Innocent Atwemerire 18, shallot Tuhwerirwe 14, Nickson Atunkunda 13 and Kansiime 15 years.

He said that the bodies of the deceased are still laying at KIU mortuary while the injured are still getting treatment at Komboni and KIU hospitals.

According to Jafari Basajjabalaba, the chairman LC V Bushenyi district, the 25 people were plucking tea leaves, when the rain started, they rushed to forest where the lightning struck them from.

“It’s not the first time that such an incident is happening in Bushenyi. We have tried our best to put preventive measures like lightning arresters because this is becoming too much,” Basajjabalaba said.

By Grapevine reporter


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