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    Minister Anite Gives One Million Shillings To Man Who Gave Her Shs1000 Birthday Gift



    State Minister of finance for investment and privatisation Evelyn Anite has impressed netizens with her generosity by giving her employee one million shillings.

    Anite rewarded one of the employees at her hotel who had offered her Shs1000 on her birthday at with one million.

    The employee only identified as Ben workers as a builder at Anite’s Hotel. Anite said she was overjoyed by his generous heart.

    “… He gave me 1000 as my birthday gift. I was overjoyed with his generous heart in that I gave him 1000000 in return,”Anite said in a tweet.

    Netizens praised Ben for his courage that enabled him offer Shs1000 to Anite and also thanked the latter for being generous.


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    I Am Tired Of Waiting, I Will Stand For Presidency In 2026 – First Son Muhoozi



    Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, son to president Museveni, says he is tired of waiting forever and will oust his father in 2026.

    Muhoozi swore in a tweet on Wednesday night that he will take a stand and contest for presidency in 2026.

    “You have wanted me to say it forever! Okay, in the name of Jesus Christ my God, in the name of all the young people of Uganda and in the world and in the name of our great revolution, I will stand for presidency in 2026,”he said.

    Muhoozi said he is tired of waiting and that is it time for the young generation to take up leadership positions.

    “The prime minister of UK is 42 years old, the prime minister of Finland is 37 years. Some of us are hitting 50 years old. We are tired of waiting forever, we will take a stand,” he added.

    Muhoozi further claimed that there is no opposition in Uganda, but there is only truth and lies and that the time for Ugandans to choose between them (truth and lies) is fast approaching.


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    ANOTHER SHOCKING SEX PARTY VIDEO: Girls Arrested In Kireka Sex Party Reveal Shocking Details …



    Some of the girls in the Kireka Video

    More details have emerged concerning the girls who were arrested yesterday in Kireka sex party.

    According to a source at Kira Municipality GISO’s office, the girls testified that they were brought by a pimp called Kays (who is currently on the run) to a private house Next to Tower Guest house in Kireka.

    The source further told this website that Kays is in the business of holding these private sex parties in good houses that he rents.

    “Men pay an entrance fee of USHS. 50,000 (VIP) and USHs. 30.000 (ordinary). Once inside, the girls are paraded and the man chooses the girl of his choice. Once the man chooses a girl, he is asked whether he wants to go to the VIP room or ordinary room,” the source said.

    He added that the VIP room cost USHS. 20,000 and it has a 6×6 bed while the ordinary room goes for USHS. 10,000 and it has a 4×6 bed. You are given only 30 minutes to enjoy yourself and if you want more time, you pay extra.

    The girls also confessed that the money they make from sleeping with the men is what their boss Kays pays them as their cut, the money paid as entrance fee goes to their boss Kays.

    The girls further disclosed that the more men you sleep with a night, the more money you make.

    theGrapevine also established that some of the girls arrested include: Prossy Nabukenya (20) from Kyebando, Namatovu Remmy (23) from Kanyanya, Susan Akwi (23) from Kyebando, Sabula Aceng (23) from Kyebando, Namuleme Remmy (18) from Kyebando, Mariam Nakalembe (20) from Kyebando, Nanfuza Shamira (28) from Namasuba, Christine Nansereko (21) from Kirinnya -Bweyogerere, Nalubega Phiona (27) from Luzira, Nambugwe Edith (22) from Jinja, Apoo Esther (26) from Kyebando and Rachael Agatha (21) from Kireka.

    Of these, Christine Nansereko ne Remmy Namuleme are students.

    Shockingly, after bursting a sex party den in Kireka a Kampala Suburb yesterday, another video has surfaced on social media of girls having a ‘Kimansulo’ party in Fort Portal.

    According to the captions in the video, the party took place at Mountains of the Moon hotel in Fort Portal.

    Below is the video:


    By Timothy Nyanzi


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    NWAGI IN PART 2: Stubborn Musician Releases More Revealing Tattooed Bum Videos…



    Swangz Avenue songstress Winnie Nakanwagi alias Winnie Nwagi has once again shared more swanky videos taken while on holiday in the exquisite and beautiful sceneries of Fort portal town.

    Over the weekend, semi-nude photos showing Nwagi’s back side, her thighs and tattoos have been a topic of discussion across social media.

    “I pity men, when Nwagi packages her things every man yearns for her, but it’s not sexy when necked. You have to know that your behind is different from that of Martha Kay. Now men are going to start telling us thick gals to first remove our clothes to see whether we are not like Nwagi,” Celebrity critic Tina Fierce warned Nwagi to keep her bottoms dressed.

    However, Nwagi was not bothered at all by the negative comments that were said about her body, she took to her Snapchat and Instagram accounts and shared more revealing photos and videos of the kind, she told her critics to; “Deal with your insecurities.”


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