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    Minister Nakiwala Was “Smuggled” Into FUFA Leadership By Magogo – Delegate Reveals…



    Hon. Nakiwala Kiyingi addressing journalists

    A delegate from the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) has revealed, and explained how Minister Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi was unlawfully re-elected into leadership.

    Hon. Nakiwala is a prominent politician and businesswoman, who was once Express FC chairperson between June 2016 to Feb 2018.

    Apparently, Nakiwala was on Saturday morning (May 15th, 2021) re-elected unopposed to retain her position as the FUFA  third Vice President for a period 2021-2025.

    In her position, Nakiwala, who is also currently the Minister of State for Youth and Children Affairs in the Cabinet of Uganda will continue to represent Uganda Premier League (UPL) and FUFA Big League (FBL) clubs at the FUFA Executive Committee.

    One of the members of the electoral college- a UPL club representative who directly took part in the election cited foul play in the build up towards the polls.

    “First of all the road map for 2021 FUFA Elections does not include elections of FUFA Big League Delegates and Professional League Vice President,” the delegate who preferred anonymity explained.

    He added that regardless, the letter adjusting dates for nominations of FUFA Big League Delegates and VP was slated for 7th May, but an email and letter was shared with the electors on Monday 10th, a day to the deadline of nominations on Tuesday.

    “Then, the notice for calling of Elective Congregation was shared Friday, 14th May at 1:00 pm, not even 24 hours before the Saturday morning election date,” the club official further narrated to a local sports website, Football 256.

    In the Saturday election, 14 of the 16 FBL clubs were present except only two (Maroons and Tooro), as the UPL had only three UPL clubs represented (Express, URA, and Villa) to vote Nakiwala back as the representative of the 32 teams of Professional league which includes the UPL and FBL.

    However, referring to the FUFA Statutes Article 8: Elections of the 3rd FUFA Vice President, Section 3; “Only 1st Division clubs may nominate a candidate for the position of 3rd Vice President representing Professional Clubs to the FUFA Executive Committee”

    And although the Electoral College for electing the FUFA VP for Professional Leagues is made up of the 14 FBL Clubs and 16 UPL Clubs, the FBL Clubs do not have the privilege to nominate one.

    Nakiwala’s re-election is a matched smart move aimed at improving ‘some specific people’s status in FUFA leadership, according to Ismael Dhakaba Kigongo, the Head of Sports at Nation Media Group – Uganda, who is also an auspicious politician.

    Metaphorically explaining, Kigongo said that it is nothing so logical but pure politics!

    “She (Nakiwala) has to get her back scratched in return for having scratched theirs too,” Kigongo said.

    To be more specific, he further noted that in the past, FUFA president, Moses Magogo practically required Minister Nakiwala’s presence at the Mengo based institution, and now the latter definitely needs the former.

    Now keen football followers are not only concerned, but totally confused over the same.

    They have understably failed to understand high rate of a new ‘unopposed trend’ currently at FUFA, doubting whether or not actual elections are even conducted.

    For the record, electoral candidates have gone unopposed in the same FUFA institution for over 30 positions.

    By Grapevine Reporter



    Ministry Of Education Releases Phased School Opening Program….



    The Ministry of Education has released a phased school opening program following the President’s directive.

    President Museveni opened schools in the country after being on lockdown for over two years due to the Covid pandemic.

    He said that schools will resume on January,10 2022 but in a phased manner.

    “We have engaged different stakeholders including KCCA, Wakiso, Mukono and Mpigi district local governments, security and the Ministry of Works and Transport before coming up with a phased reopening program,” the ministry statement read in part.

    “All learners in day schools shall report on Monday, January, 10, 2022 for class. All learners in boarding schools in Wakiso, Mpigi, Mukono and Kampala shall follow a staggered reporting plan with effect from Monday,January, 10,2022 and no boarding student in the concerned districts shall report for school earlier than January,10,2022,” the Ministry of Education further noted in a statement.

    “For those in Mpigi and Wakiso districts, the reporting dates for boarding students in A’level and those in lower primary (boarding) will be January,10 whereas those in O’level, P.5, P.6 and P.7 (in boarding) will be Wednesday January,12,2022.”

    The Ministry of Education also added that students in international schools should also comply with the program and should not open earlier than the set January,10 date as indicated by the president.

    According to the statement, Kampala and Mukono students specifically boarding students in A’level and lower primary are expected to report on Thursday, January,13.

    “It is the responsibility of learners’ respective parents or guardians to ensure that the learner is provided with a mask to wear when travelling to school while using public means,” the statement reads.


    By Hope Kalamira


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    Go Slow On Mafias, They Will Destroy You – Former Vice President Gilbert Bukenya Warns Nabbanja …



    Former VP Gilbert Bukenya (L) and PM Robinah Nabbanja

    Former Vice President Gilbert Bukenya has emphasized that the mafias in government are many ruthless and one could annoy them even by doing the right thing.

    Appearing on  NBS’ Morning Breeze, Bukenya advised Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja to go slow while carrying out her duties or else she is annoying the mafias in government.

    Bukenya said that when he was still in government, he tried to raise the issue of mafias but he was ignored.

    “I pray for Prime Minister Hon. Robinah Nabbanja. I advise her to go slow because these people (mafias) are not ready to be disturbed,” Bukenya said.

    He added that the mafia group is big and it participates in corruption and they are ready to remove any tree however deep its roots are.

    “The mafia group wants to take over the country therefore it will try to destabilise anybody who is sincere to this country,” he stated.

    “I was ignored, but aren’t you hearing people talking about them now?” he asked.

    To prove that she is already being threatened, Nabbanja in July told journalists that she has started receiving death threats from unidentified people who were asking her to back off their deals.

    Bukenya warned Nabbanja to be careful while handling government business because the mafias are real and will not be stopped by anyone or  anything if they are pushing their deals through.


    By Hope Kalamira


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    M7’s Mailo Land Amendments Make Former Minister Nantaba Speak In Tongues As She Declares War On MP Tebandeke…



    President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s alleged mailo land amendments have taught former junior lands minister and Kayunga district woman legislator how to speak in tongues.

    Last month, Prime Minister and leader of government business Robinah Nabbanja confirmed that her government is set to start with the mailo land amendment in the eleventh parliament due to frequent land wrangles and evictions in the country.

    A number of leaders have taken sides with Buganda Kingdom protesting the move since they are the majority land owners in central Uganda.

    The Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi even directed Buganda caucus legislators to fight tooth and nail to make sure that the amendment is not passed.

    However, junior lands minister Dr. Sam Mayanja is very sure that the amendment is going to be passed because the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party has the majority in the parliament.

    However, while appearing on radio Simba’s olutindo talk show, Nantaba, who has been at the frontline of the biggest land battles in Buganda especially in Kayunga failed to tell the country whose side she will take when the amendments are brought to the floor of parliament.

    “I’m still studying the situation because I’ve not yet read through the alleged amendment so I cannot answer that question on land amendment. I know everyone wants my answer on this issue,” Nantaba said.

    Talk show moderator Prossy Kyesswa pressed Nantaba to the wall to tell her voters whether she will support president Museveni or Kabaka Mutebi on the alleged bill but she discreetly kept on giving land history in the country which showed that she is between a rock and a hard place.

    Nantaba has been known for being an advocate for ‘bibanja’ owners and has fought many wars with land grabbers in Kayunga including loaded government officials.

    But now she has to decide on whether to support her Kabaka or her boss president Museveni.

    Nantaba has also declared war on her fellow member of parliament Charles Tebandeke.

    Nantaba accuses Tebandeke, the Bbale county legislator of working for her tormentors in Kayunga to dislodge her from parliament.

    “I know he wants me out of Kayunga politics, he has been going around telling people that I have not been helping them during trying times and spoiling my name,” the soft spoken Nantaba said.

    She warned Tebandeke that she has been winning all Kayunga battles so he should be ready for defeat.

    Next week, Nantaba will start defending her win in Mukono High Court where her win is being challenged by Harriet Nakwedde, Birungi Kobusingye Jackline Saako ne Nabadda Ritah.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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