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    Minister Nakiwala Was “Smuggled” Into FUFA Leadership By Magogo – Delegate Reveals…



    Hon. Nakiwala Kiyingi addressing journalists

    A delegate from the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) has revealed, and explained how Minister Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi was unlawfully re-elected into leadership.

    Hon. Nakiwala is a prominent politician and businesswoman, who was once Express FC chairperson between June 2016 to Feb 2018.

    Apparently, Nakiwala was on Saturday morning (May 15th, 2021) re-elected unopposed to retain her position as the FUFA  third Vice President for a period 2021-2025.

    In her position, Nakiwala, who is also currently the Minister of State for Youth and Children Affairs in the Cabinet of Uganda will continue to represent Uganda Premier League (UPL) and FUFA Big League (FBL) clubs at the FUFA Executive Committee.

    One of the members of the electoral college- a UPL club representative who directly took part in the election cited foul play in the build up towards the polls.

    “First of all the road map for 2021 FUFA Elections does not include elections of FUFA Big League Delegates and Professional League Vice President,” the delegate who preferred anonymity explained.

    He added that regardless, the letter adjusting dates for nominations of FUFA Big League Delegates and VP was slated for 7th May, but an email and letter was shared with the electors on Monday 10th, a day to the deadline of nominations on Tuesday.

    “Then, the notice for calling of Elective Congregation was shared Friday, 14th May at 1:00 pm, not even 24 hours before the Saturday morning election date,” the club official further narrated to a local sports website, Football 256.

    In the Saturday election, 14 of the 16 FBL clubs were present except only two (Maroons and Tooro), as the UPL had only three UPL clubs represented (Express, URA, and Villa) to vote Nakiwala back as the representative of the 32 teams of Professional league which includes the UPL and FBL.

    However, referring to the FUFA Statutes Article 8: Elections of the 3rd FUFA Vice President, Section 3; “Only 1st Division clubs may nominate a candidate for the position of 3rd Vice President representing Professional Clubs to the FUFA Executive Committee”

    And although the Electoral College for electing the FUFA VP for Professional Leagues is made up of the 14 FBL Clubs and 16 UPL Clubs, the FBL Clubs do not have the privilege to nominate one.

    Nakiwala’s re-election is a matched smart move aimed at improving ‘some specific people’s status in FUFA leadership, according to Ismael Dhakaba Kigongo, the Head of Sports at Nation Media Group – Uganda, who is also an auspicious politician.

    Metaphorically explaining, Kigongo said that it is nothing so logical but pure politics!

    “She (Nakiwala) has to get her back scratched in return for having scratched theirs too,” Kigongo said.

    To be more specific, he further noted that in the past, FUFA president, Moses Magogo practically required Minister Nakiwala’s presence at the Mengo based institution, and now the latter definitely needs the former.

    Now keen football followers are not only concerned, but totally confused over the same.

    They have understably failed to understand high rate of a new ‘unopposed trend’ currently at FUFA, doubting whether or not actual elections are even conducted.

    For the record, electoral candidates have gone unopposed in the same FUFA institution for over 30 positions.

    By Grapevine Reporter



    NUP Lead Lawyer Wameli Laid To Rest



    Members of the leading opposition party National Unity Platform (NUP) gathered at Namisidwa district March 5th to send off their fallen lead lawyer Anthony Wameli.

    Wameli, former NUP head of legal, succumbed to colon cancer and his body was returned last week from the United States where he died to be accorded a descent burial.

    Wameli’s body was returned nearly a month after his death amidst rumours that NUP had failed to aid his family return his body. Speaking to mourners on Friday March 3rd at NUP secretariate at Makerere Kavule, party president Robert Kyagulanyi cautioned members to desist from commenting before knowing the facts on ground.

    Wameli was a bold legal scholar who took up risky cases such as one of former head of the ADF terror group Jamil Mukulu. He was last year  recognized as the best human rights lawyer in Uganda by the Uganda Law Society.

    Mathias Mpuuga, the leader of Opposition (LOP) eulogised Wameli as one who withstood abuse in court to ensure justice does prevail.

    “We send-off a fine lawyer who calmly withstood the abuse in the general court martial to save innocent Ugandans whose rights were being violated,”Mpuuga said.

    NUP Lead Lawyer Counsel Anthony Wameli was announced dead on February 8th, 2023.


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    DPP Pushes For Amendment Of 48 Hour Rule, Capital Offenders To Spend More Time In Jail Before Prosecution



    The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) is pushing for constitutional amendment of the 48 hour rule in order to buy more time for investigation of capital offences like terrorism.

    DPP Jane Frances Abodo, while speaking at the 10th annual conference of the East Africa Association of Prosecutors (EAAP), said that 48 hours are not enough to investigate offences like terrrorism and that the time should be enlarged  or else they will have no one arraigned before the courts of law.

    “You cannot say that within 48 hours, you can be able to actually do a meaningful investigation of a terrorism case and have someone in court…. otherwise we shall not have anyone in court. The 48 hour rule should be there but we are asking….can the time be enlarged in some cases, that we go to court and ask for enlargement of time…that we have ABCD to handle…we are not saying all offences but it will be a case by case basis and not generally,” Abodo said.

    DPP Abodo added that the 48 hours are impractible in some cases and can only be applicable when there are enough prosecutors to quickly investigate the cases.

    “The 48 hours is constitutional but it is impractible for us who are on ground. It is really impractible to do that in some cases…these are cases we are saying that we should be able to go to court and make an application for more hours to cover some ground investigations. We can keep the person beyond the 48 hours,” Abodo added.

    The minister of justice and constitutional affairs Nobert Mao said DPP is challenged with low pay of prosecutors and that arrangements to ament the 48 hour rule were ongoing.

    “The prosecutors are not well paid here in Uganda. We have tried to enhance the pay…Justice Abado has been pushing us concerning the 48 hour law because in Uganda we are not suppossed to keep you in custody for more than 48 hours. The minister of justice in me wants to amend the law but the human activist in me doesn’t want to amend the law,”Mao said.

    Article 23(4) (b) of the Constitution provides that “a person arrested or detained upon reasonable suspicion of his or her having committed or being about to commit a criminal offense, shall, if not earlier released, be brought to court as soon as possible but in any case not later than 48 hours from the time of hie or her arrest”.


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    M7 Vows To Deal With Leaders Mismanaging PDM Funds



    President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has vowed to deal with leaders that are mismanaging funds meant for the Parish Development Model (PDM).

    Museveni told a gathering at Kaunda grounds in Gulu city that he will be in direct contact with them incase their leaders are compromised.

    “In case the elected local leaders are compromised, I can meet with you directly like today. Therefore, the truth will come out, that’s why I came,” Museveni said.

    Museveni also noted that most of the farmers in the district had not yet benefitted from the Parish Development Model and that he had got reliable information which he will use to clean up the mess in PDM.

    “I’m very happy today. I have got some information which I wanted and I’m going to follow up and sweep the whole garbage. You have helped me to do my work. Thank you for being members of National Resistance Movement,” he said.

    Museveni also vowed to deal with pastoralists grazing livestock without  authorization.

    “Those Balalo are in disciplined. I’m going to write an executive order to deal with them. What they are doing is illegal and I will handle them decisively,” Museveni said.

    On his comment about the Apaa land disputes between Amuru and Adjumani Districts, Museveni said a judicial commission of inquiry will come and make recommendations.

    “The judicial commission will come and get facts, make a recommendations which will guide us. That is the latest position of the government,” he said.

    Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja had recently told all Apaa land residents to vacate and prised that government would compensate them.



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