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    Mirundi On Kayihura’s Arrest: Museveni Is Handling A Failed Coup, He Will Arrest Every Participant And Humiliate Them In Public



    He was the first person to come out publicly with a warning that very soon the commander in chief and also the president of Uganda Yoweri Museveni was going to arrest and prosecute former Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura after firing him, as we reported on this website.

    Joseph Tamale Mirundi, the presidential Adviser on media has again made an intellectual analysis of why Museveni ordered the arrest of Kayihura.

    While appearing on Pearl FM, Mirundi said that by arresting Kayihura, president Museveni is trying to handle a failed coup which was organized by his security and political comrades recently.

    The former press secretary to the president said that towards the general elections of 2016, there was a group of security chiefs who were organizing a coup against Museveni internally. Mirundi revealed that this coup was even supported by some of Museveni’s relatives especially some of his in-laws.

    However, the president was briefed about the plot by his young security boys and he immediately responded to it politically with senior tactics.

    Mirundi said that the architects of this move had planned that if Museveni decided to go to the NRM party conference, they were going to mobilize NRM members to humiliate him at Namboole by singing songs praising former NRM secretary General Amama Mbabazi who was determined to stand against his boss as the party presidential elections flag bearer.

    According to Mirundi, the master planners of this coup wanted to force Museveni to step down in favor of Mbabazi.

    Mirundi said that Mbabazi and his planners wanted to use the NRM party structures because they feared starting a new party.
    Mirundi added that the coup planners were also planning to use the media to show the NRM party supporters and Ugandans that Museveni is a scandalous leader who doesn’t deserve power any more.

    Mirundi said that during that period, a number of corruption scandals come out in the media including the state owned media houses depicting Museveni as a very old man without new ideas. “They even humiliated everybody who they thought supported him. Those boys thought that I’m stupid, after humiliating me, they called me to work with them. I refused to support their political ambitions. I’m a wise man because if I followed their trap, I would now be like Kayihura, Museveni would have arrested me, I’m telling you,” Mirundi said.

    Kayihura was also briefed about the coup but he was very loyal to Museveni and he decided to use police to frustrate the move. Mirundi said that one time Kayihura called him to his office and revealed to him the plot by insiders to overthrow Museveni.

    Kayihura asked Mirundi not to leave Museveni and join another camp because the other camp is deadlier.

    However, Mirundi said that in the middle of the process of the coup, Kayihura got another thought that the coup might be successful and he planned an alternative for himself to survive in case the unimaginable happens.

    Mirundi said that Kayihura then briefed his boys in the police whom he was using to frustrate the coup to be ready if power runs into the hands of the other group.

    They recruited crime preventers all over the country and boda boda cyclists who they gave motorcycles and financial support.

    Mirundi said that Kayihura was going to use the crime preventers as a tool to negotiate his new position in the new government.

    Mirundi said that Kayihura was aware that he comes from Kisoro and the likely people to take over power were from Rukungiri.

    Mirundi added that Kayihura knew that his life won’t be easy with the Rukungiri boys who he had previously humiliated. He humiliated Gen Jim Muhwezi when he arrested him and put him on the pickup vehicle and commanded the search of his house by even throwing away the knickers of Muhwezi’s wife before the cameras for the public to see.

    Mirundi said that Kayihura also humiliated Gen Henry Tumukunde when he commanded his arrest, Kayihura also frustrated opposition strongman Kizza Besigye who is also from Rukungiri.

    Mirundi said that Kayihura has lost the battle to the famous Rukungiri boys who have ambitions to replace Museveni.

    He warned those who hate Kayihura not to celebrate because the former IGP is a fighter and has many people who support him.

    Mirundi said that Kayihura’s haters especially those from Rukungiri briefed Museveni that Kayihura’s boys are the ones behind the rampant killings and kidnaps because he is steering his political ambition.

    Mirundi said that while Museveni was still verifying the information, the hitmen murdered his own boy Yusuf Ibrahim Abiriga, the Arua municipality MP.
    Mirundi said that Museveni took Abiriga’s murder as an attack on his NRM party so he was supposed to respond quickly.

    Mirundi said that Museveni is aware of the infighting in his government and security Agencies and he is still investigating information given to him against Kayihura because he is aware of how he helped him survive a coup.
    Mirundi said that one of the reasons why Museveni created Bamugemereire’s commission was to get an alternative way of prosecuting all those he thinks were behind the failed coup.

    Mirundi warned that whoever was involved in the failed coup should not laugh at Kayihura because their days to face the law are coming.
    By Jamil Lutakome



    I Want My Child; Mother Cries Out To Majambere To Release His Son Who He Abducted, NRM Diehard Denies Allegation, Vows To Drag NUP To Court…



    Nambazira Sauda (R), the mother to Godfrey Kirumira and Majambere

    A mother has cried out to National Resistance Movement (NRM) supporter Kamuntu Majembere to fight with fellow old men and bring back her child.

    Nambazira Sauda, the mother to Godfrey Kirumira, 17, wept while asking Sam Majembere alias Empologoma ya NRM to bring back her child who he kidnapped.

    Appearing at National Unity Platform (NUP) headquarters in Kamwokya Kampala, Sauda, with tears rolling down her eyes disclosed that on 5th, November, 2022, her child was kidnapped in a drone and taken away by Majambere.

    “The kids he was playing with that day came running to me and saying ‘mummy mummy’ Majambere came with other men and slapped Godfrey. He fell to the ground and they carried him away to a waiting drone and took him,” Sauda narrated as she cried.

    She added, “Majembere, you killed my child, you killed my 17-year-old child, you should have fought with your agemates and left my child.

    “I don’t even know how exactly he killed my son. Majambere give me my son at least I bury him myself. But why don’t you fight those who fought you not my little boy. Please give me my child, I’m in a lot of pain.”

    Embattled Sauda adduced that Majembere picked her son at 8:30 pm in a lot of pain.

    “At least you would have just slapped him and told him to sit down and asked him whatever you wanted, he would have obeyed but you shouldn’t have taken my son in that kind of bitterness.”

    She cursed, “May God do the worst to you Majembere that you will also die badly just like you killed my son but please give him to me so I can bury him. I no longer eat or even drink because of my child.

    “But you are a big man, how do you not know the people to fight with. What exactly did you want with my son. I will never forgive you.”


    When theGrapevine spoke to Majambere concerning the allegations, he denied them insisting that at the time they claim that Godfrey was abducted, he was in hospital receiving treatment after succumbing to injuries from angry mob at the burial of late Jakana Nadduli.

    “I am even at my home right now but I want you to know that I’m not a police officer neither am I an army officer. We have already seen the intentions of NUP. Recently they got accident victims and took them to Kenya and claimed they were tortured by government,” he told theGrapevine.

    Majambere however vowed to drag the deceased’s mother and the whole NUP leadership to court for accusing him of what he has no clue about adding that his lawyers are already working on it.

    He added that NUP just wants to kill him that is why they are now falsely accusing him.

    Majambere also denied allegations that he had a gun at the burial of late Jakana Nadduli noting that there is no way he would have had a gun and not shot at those who beat him up that day.

    “They have managed to fail me here in Uganda and so am going to go (to another country) and leave them that’s if they don’t kill me before I leave. Uganda has become a bush let me first run away and find protection.”

    Asked if he has managed to talk to his boss, President Museveni concerning the threats on his life before he runs out of the country, Majambere contended that President Museveni has never been his boss because he (Majambere) doesn’t work in security.

    “I just support NRM and I will never betray it even when NUP comes and attacks me and kills me, let them do so but as for me, I can never denounce NRM. And I’m not ready to do what they (NUP)  want me to do for them.”

    Majambere revealed to theGrapevine that there is something Bobi Wine asked him to do and he refused.

    He however refused to elaborate more on their chemistry and what separated them.

    This comes at a time when a number of opposition members have been abducted and taken by unknown men in drones, the recent being Sheikh Yahaya Mwanje and former presidential candidate, Joseph Kabuleta.


    By Kalamira Hope and Sengooba Alirabaki


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    NRM HOUSE ON FIRE! Speaker Among Directs Minister Otafiire To Beef Up MP Begumisa Security Over Minister Kawooya Death Threats…



    L-R: Minister Hanifa Kawooya, Begumisa and Speaker Among

    Annet Anita Among, the Speaker of Parliament has directed Internal Affairs Minister Maj. Gen. Kahinda Otafiire to beef up the security of Mary Begumisa, the Ssembabule district woman Member of Parliament (MP) and her family over several death threats from health junior minister Anifa Kawooya Bangirana.

    Among told parliament that on several occasions, Begumisa has been in her office kneeling and pleading with her to give her an opportunity to raise her matter on the floor of parliament against Minister Kawooya until Thursday morning when she blamed her for being compromised to deny her the opportunity to raise her matter.

    “She cried and also said that I was also compromised not to allow her to speak, I said no this house is yours, you come and speak whatever you want to speak.

    Last week I thought that this issue will be resolved when I told the government chief whip and the Leader of the Opposition to resolve the issue of Hon. Namugga because it is the same issue but nothing has been resolved,” Among said.

    Among was responding to Begumisa’s submission during which she accused minister Kawooya of harassing her, her family members and her supporters because they are against her move to subdivide Ssembabule district to create another district.

    Begumisa told parliament that Kawooya told her supporters that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni directed cabinet to divide Ssembabule into two districts in the interest of implementing the ongoing Parish Development model as a tool to fight poverty in the region.

    She explained that those who protested her move are being imprisoned while others are on the run including Begumisa’s husband who is always hiding in her car.

    However, Among told parliament that minister Kawooya doesn’t have powers to create new districts because even the local government minister does not have such powers.

    She added that it was resolved to halt the creation of new administrative units like the one Minister Kawooya is fighting for.

    She directed with immediate effect the minister of lands to go to Ssembabule district to stop the demarcation of the boundaries which is allegedly going on because it is illegal.

    Justine Kasule Lumumba, the Minister for General Duties in the Prime Minister’s office, on behalf of the government promised that Begumisa’s security will be beefed it up. She advised women leaders to stop fighting in public because it is shameful.

    She promised to talk to Minister Kawooya.

    Lumumba asked the speaker to also give Kawooya the opportunity to defend herself concerning the allegations brought against her.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    Has Bobi Wine Finally Made Up His Mind To Replace Mpuuga With Zaake? Battle For LOP Position Rages On, NUP Speaks out…



    L-R: Mityana municipality MP Zaake, LOP Mpuuga and NUP boss Bobi Wine

    David Lewis Rubongoya, the National Unity Platform (NUP) Secretary General has rubbished allegations that his party president Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has written to Annet Anita Among, the Speaker of Parliament, appointing Mityana Municipality Member of Parliament (MP) Francis Zaake as the Leader of Opposition in Parliament replacing Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba.

    Rubongoya said that the aim of people who are circulating allegations that Bobi Wine has fired Mpuuga is to disorganise opposition legislators and NUP members at large which they cannot accept as NUP leadership.

    The allegation come at a time when Bobi Wine has just blasted some of his party MPs and opposition at large for not supporting Zaake when he was protesting on the floor of parliament over the kidnapping of opposition supporters especially in Buganda.

    Thomas Tayebwa, the deputy speaker of parliament early this week sent Zaake to the parliament’s disciplinary committee for violating his orders when he insisted on commenting on the ongoing kidnaps in the country even after advising him on the right procedure to follow.

    However, Bobi Wine claims that it was wrong for Tayebwa to frustrate Zaake and praised Makindye West legislator Derrick Nyeko, Kasanda South’s Frank Kabuye, Nakaseke Central’s Allan Mayanja and Kilak South’s Gilbert Olanyah who stood with Zaake when he was protesting.

    Sources inside NUP revealed that Bobi Wine is very determined to drop all the opposition leadership in parliament because they are not respecting his orders and are in bed with the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party which he says is betrayal.

    Sources added that apart from Zaake, other people who are being vetted to replace Mpuuga include Busiro East’s Medard Lubega Ssegona and Kasanda North’s Patrick Oshabe Nsamba.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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