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MOWZEY RADIO TRIAL: I Saw Radio Pour Booze On The Bar Owner, He Ordered His Bouncer To Throw Him Out – Four Witnesses Testify As Fallen Musician’s Trial Begins…



Mr. David Ebanget (37), a Music Producer and resident of Kulambiro has told the High Court that sat in Entebbe today that while at De Bar hangout, Godfrey Wamala alias Troy, the man accused of killing musician Mozey Radio,  grabbed the deceased from a one Pamela Musimire, threw him down and took off.

Mr. Ebangat who says he had known Mozey Radio for 10 years told presiding Judge Jane Francis Abodo that on the fateful date, “Radio poured booze on some people before a one Ms. Pamela Musimire and another person only identified as Mr Ategeka intervened and took him out of the bar.”

Troy in court today

He added that when Radio was taken out of the bar, Wamala grabbed him, pushed him down and took off into hiding in Kyengera- Wakiso District, until 4th/February/ 2018 when he handed himself into police hands upon hearing that Radio was dead.

The second witness was Musimire Pamela (37), a resident of Abaita Ababiri told High court that on 22/January/2019, the deceased (Mowzey Radio) called her and directed her to find him  at Debar. On reaching there, she found Troy, the bar owner, a one Hassan  Muwonge and other people she could not identify.

“Mowzey asked the bar owner to buy for him booze, but the bar owner told him that he had no money. He however ordered the waitress to bring a bottle of whisky, on bringing it, Mowzey didn’t drink it but instead poured it in glasses of other people, and poured the remaining booze on the owner of bar which angered him,” Pamela testified in court.

Pamela told Justice Abodo that the owner of the bar then asked her to take Mowzey out which she did, and it’s at that moment that Troy followed them and pulled Mowzey from Pamela and pushed him down and he took off.

The third witness was Mowzey’s mother Ms. Jane Kasubo who implored court to exercise justice in this case. The fourth witness was a friend to the late Musician, Mr. Hassan Muwonge 28, a resident of Entebbe Church road.

Washington testifying before court today

Mr. Muwonge told court that on that fateful day, Mowzey came with Producer Washington to De bar, Muwonge said that he saw Mowzey pouring booze on the bar owner which angered him. The bar owner told Pamela to take Mowzey out, while Hassan took the bar owner to the washrooms.

However, Hassan said that he didn’t see who beat up his friend.

However, when Troy’s Lawyer Mr. Leonard Kasibante cross-examined the witnesses, he tasked them to explain to court how they got to know Troy;  Washington told court that he knew Troy through Pamela, while Pamela testified that she had seen Troy at Debar although she didn’t know him until she was called to record a  statement at police.

The fourth witness Hassan Muwonge said he is the one who introduced Troy to Pamela while at Debar, a hangout in Entebbe.

Today, State Attorney Ms. Joan Keko and Mr. Joseph Kyomuhendo finished leading the four witness. Further Hearing of this case was adjourned to tomorrow 6th/September/2019

Mozey Radio met his death on 1st/February/2018 following a brawl at Debar, a popular hangout in Entebbe on 22 January.

By Jesicca Namaganda



This Is A Hoax!!!! Treat It With Contempt – Juliana Bitter At Allegations That First Son Muhoozi Is The Father Of Baby Taj…



Juliana Kanyomozi (courtesy photo)

Songbird Juliana Kanyomozi has refutted social media allegations that First Son Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba is the father of her son Taj.

According to a social media post on ‘Top Secrets Revealed’, they allege that Juliana had a bitter excahnge with Gen. Muhoozi after refusing to test for the DNA of the baby.

“My dear, Gen. Muhoozi, I have sacrificed everything for you including the most dear thing to me my music career which you forced me to abandon because of your insecurity on me being noticed by other men on stage, and now you have abandoned me in the hospital,Man up please and take responsibility, I’m not stupid, I will never give you the DNA test on your new born baby, either you take him as your baby or not,” the post alleges.

However, Juliana, who seemed bitter with the post says that allegation is a hoax (in capital letters).

“THIS IS A HOAX!!!! Treat it with the contempt it deserves!!!! Thank you,” Juliana posted on twitter.


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MONEY TALKS: NRM MP Ssekitoleko Buys Shs230m Ride During COVID19 Lockdown…



Not everyone has been affected by the Covid19 lockdown.

As ordinary Ugandans fight to survive, Nakifuma County legislator Eng. Robert Kafeero  Ssekitoleko has purchased with cash a new land cruiser worth shs230m in the COVID19 lockdown.

Last week, Ssekitoleko paid Shs230m including government taxes to star Auto bond opposite game along Jinja road Kampala.

According to the person who cut the deal, the legislator purchased a Toyota land cruiser model 2012 registration number UBG 980X. Sources at Nakawa based URA head office intimated to the Grapevine that the honorable member paid Shs42m in taxes.

Ssekitoleko’s car details

Staff at URA and at star Auto bond revealed that Kafeero, being a member of the National Resistance Movement, Ssekitoleko used part of the alleged Shs40m given to them by the president to top up with his savings to purchase the said monster ride.

Efforts to speak to Ssekitoleko were futile since he was not picking our phone calls.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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Balaam Kicked Kusasira And Bebe Cool Out Of State House – King Michael Exposes Balaam, Warns Ashburg Kato…



Musician king Michael (L) and events promoter Balaam Barugahara (R)

Musician king Michael has warned events promoter Balaam Barugahara to stop fighting musicians who want to meet the president.

Michael, who was warning former People Power Facebooker Ashburg Kato called Balaam an evil man who has fueled fights and divisions within artistes who support President Museveni and the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM).

“I am warning Ashburg that in NRM Where he has come there are a lot of betrayals. He must know that some of us who have spent a lot of time in this party would have welcomed him joyfully but we cannot because of the person he is dealing with. We are not happy with his coming,” Michael said.

He added, “I was fought by the person who is now pretending to recruit people when I got an appointment to meet the president. What Balaam did was he first created divisions among us. Bebe Cool is now Kusasira’s enemy, Kusasira does not work with Michael, Michael is also an enemy to Full Figure, Big Eye locked himself in his house and he is dying of hunger. Balaam is creating divisions among the artists that originally supported the president. He is recruiting his own team to render us useless.”

He said, “Kusasira and Bebe Cool no longer talk to the president. We don’t know what Balaam did or said to spoil our names before the president but I want to warn him that we also know his dirty dealings. We no longer see the president as artistes. Kusasira was supposed to take me to the president but she was bashed.”

Michael said that they were a team of 31 artistes who used to meet the president but Balaam made sure he divides them, “now we are enemies of each other, because of Balaam.”

He said, “Balaam told the President not to give me money, that I was going to use it in gambling. He claimed the president gave me cows but he took 50% of what I was given.  Everything the president gave me; Balaam took half as a broker. ”

“That is why when we had a trek with the president, Balaam supplied everything, we were drinking his water, eating his food, the chairs were his, even the brooms, people asked why he was controlling everything. We are not happy with that man,” he said.

We called Balaam to clarify on Michael’s allegations but he did not pick our calls.


By Sandra Mukisa


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