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    Mr. Chief Justice and Principal Judge; Where is the Justice for Desire Mirembe? – Frank Gashumba: OPINION…



    Mathew Kirabo (L) and Desire Mirembe

    This is the Uganda we live in now! This situation is sad, a huge disgrace to our judicial system, and even bigger shame to our leaders!

    You have failed Desire’s parents, the children of this nation, and generations to come!

    This is now our reality! And to think that my children have to live through a system this broken, unfair and corrupt shakes me to the core!

    Having killed 19-year-old Desire Mirembe nearly six years ago, Matthew Kirabo, whom court granted bail to complete his undergraduate course at Makerere University, is now requesting court to give him his passport, so he can travel abroad to do his Masters.

    According to his LinkedIn account, Kirabo identifies himself as a doctor. So while he ended this young girl’s life, he on the other hand, has gone on with his life and is living like nothing ever happened!

    At 10:30am on Tuesday 11th May 2021, Mukono High court is scheduled to hear an application where Kirabo seeks to waive the detention of his passport as part of the bail conditions.

    I know that there are many suspects who are languishing in prisons across the country on petty cases, and yet a first-degree murder suspect was granted bail to finish his studies. The same murderer wants his passport back while a young girl’s body languishes in the grave.

    I wish these judges knew the pain her parents, relatives, friends, O.Gs and O.Bs are going through.

    Why has the murder trial of Kirabo failed to kick off? Is Kirabo above the law? Is he related to top guns in the judiciary? Why is the judiciary hearing applications for passports when questions of murder are yet to be answered? Who is protecting Kirabo from the long arm of the law?

    It is simply unacceptable that the same courts that have tried high-profile murders like those of Matthew Kanyamunyu, Brian Bagyenda, the son of the ISO boss and Muhammad Ssebuwufu, the proprietor of Pine car depot, can fail to hear the cries of a father whose daughter was killed by having her throat slit.

    How Kirabo killed Desire

    Desire went missing from her residence at Makerere University on July 6, 2015.

    When Desire went missing, her boyfriend Kirabo was the first suspect. When police eventually arrested him, Kirabo confessed that he killed Desire because he ‘loved her so much and could not afford losing her to another person’.

    He then led a team of detectives to a sugarcane plantation in Lugazi where he had dumped her body, after he had drugged her drink and slit her throat.

    Desire’s father, Emmanuel Musoke, a long-time friend of mine and former chairperson of Kalungu district, told me that the Mukono Resident Judge Margaret Mutonyi explained that court did not have money to hear cases during the Coronavirus pandemic.

    For a judiciary that has tried cases of murder that came long after Desire was murdered, the claim by Judge Mutonyi is very suspicious and distressing for those who seek justice for Mirembe.

    In 2015, months after Desire was killed, Betty Donah Katusabe was murdered at Pine Car Depot. Her killers who included the proprietor of the depot, Muhammad Ssebuwufu have since been tried and convicted.

    In the same year that Desire was murdered, John Ahimbisibwe bled to death, having suffered a cut in the neck during a confrontation with Ivan Kamyuka at Club Guvnor.  Kamyuka has since been found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to five years in jail.

    On New Year’s Eve in 2015, Gatare, a student of mechanical engineering at Columbia College in Canada, who was in the country for the holiday was killed in cold blood. Two men Ronald Mutebi, 34 and Geoffrey Lubwama alias Jeff have since been jailed for 30 years.

    Court has heard and will soon conclude the murder trial of three people including Brian Bagyenda, a son to Internal Security Organisation boss  Col Frank Kaka Bagyenda, who are accused of murdering 23-year old Enid Twijukye and later dumping her body at Namanve Forest Reserve in Wakiso district.  This murder happened in 2017, two years after Kirabo killed Desire.

    Perhaps one of the most high-profile cases that the judiciary has handled in recent year is the one of the murder of social worker Kenneth Akena by Matthew Kanyamunyu.  The murder happened on November 12, 2016 and has since been concluded. Kanyamunyu was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to five years in jail.

    Call to action

    It’s been six agonizing years for Desire’s father, who raised her as a single parent, and has had to endure the pain of knowing the man who murdered his daughter in cold-blood is roaming the streets of Kampala a free man.

    We request the Chief Justice and Principal Judge to pick interest in this case, HCCS (sic) NO. 0434/2015 UGANDA VS KIRABO MATHEW.

    If not for anything, so it because you are also parents, and have pity on this poor father who only wants justice for his baby girl!

    The Uganda Law Council, Women’s Rights organizations, friends, Obs and OGs of Desire, where are you all in this?

    This is the moment that this deceased young woman needs you the most.

    When such a case takes long without being heard, chances are high that principal witnesses become more difficult to trace and key exhibits may be mishandled, and eventually the prosecution ends up losing such a case.

    The author is the Founder and Chief Strategist at National Action For Awakening Uganda (Sisimuka Uganda)



    TARGETED! Two Traffic Cops Killed In One Day, Directorate Vows To Bring Killers To Book



    Two traffic police officers have been killed in a manner that looks targeted.

    Yesterday at Adwila on the Lira-Soroti Road, the Directorate registered a fatal accident involving a motor vehicle Registration number UG 0337G, a Ford Ranger belonging to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and a motorcycle Bajaj Boxer Reg. No. UEU 841C. The incident claimed the life of a traffic officer identified as PC Michah Muhindo.

    It is alleged that the driver, No 64670 PC John Oginere a police officer attached to the Ministry of Internal Affairs while driving from Soroti to Lira and upon reaching Adwila, knocked the rider, Bob Odongo, who lost control, and knocked PC Muhindo to death. The rider, too, died on the way to lira regional referral hospital.

    Traffic and Road Safety Directorate Spokesperson, ASP Faridah Nampiima says that the driver has been arrested and is in “our custody to help in investigations.”

    The second incident happened at 9:40pm last evening at Kakiri where a traffic officer identified as PC Sulah Kadede lost is life.

    The incident happened at Busaku village, Namayumba Town Council along the Kampala-Hoima road in Wakiso district while the deceased and another were responding to the scene of a minor accident.

    Earlier, there was an accident involving three motor vehicles registration numbers UAQ 541P T/Spacio, UAV 727G T/Mark 11 Grande and UAR 331R (Mitsubishi Canter).

    According to sources, PC Kadede together with PC Dramviku had responded to a single minor accident involving the Toyota Grande and guard rails at Busaku village.

    As the above motor vehicle was being loaded on the breakdown, a motor vehicle Reg. No. UAQ 541P T/SPACIO from Kampala side rammed into them, killing PC Kadede on spot and seriously injuring PC Dramviku and the driver of the breakdown.

    The injured victims were rushed taken to Mulago national referral hospital for treatment, while the body of PC Kadede was conveyed to the city mortuary for postmortem examination.

    According to Nampiima, the driver is on the run and “is being hunted.”

    “The festive season is here. Avoid over speeding, drink-driving and all other road indiscipline that can lead to loss of lives or damage to property.”

    Data shows that at least five people on average were killed by accidents involving boda bodas in Uganda last year. This is according to the police annual crime report, 2021.

    According to the report, there were 17443 road accidents reported in 2021, an increase of 42% from the 12249 reported the previous year.

    The report indicated that 3757 of the accidents were fatal, 9070 serious and 4616 were minor.

    According to the report, the accidents in 2021 led to 18035 victims, a big number of whom were killed.

    “There was a 14% increase in the number of people killed in 2021 to 4159 from 3663 in 2020. The number of motorists killed in the accidents increased by 21% from 1146 in 2020 to 1390 in 2021,” the report indicates.

    The report also indicates that 1384 pedestrians constituting 34% were some of the most killed category of people on the road in 2021.

    In total, the Greater Kampla Metropolitan Police region of Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono took the lion’s share in the number of accidents, with 836 incidents.


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    Justice Minister Mao To Meet Security Council Over Drone Abductions And Kidnaps…



    Minister Norbert Mao

    Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Nobert Mao revealed that he was appointed as Chairperson of cabinet committee on human rights.

    Mao made these remarks today while appearing at the 27th joint Government of Uganda-Development Access to Justice Annual review at Speke Resort Munyonyo.

    Speaking at the event, Mao revealed that he has been tasked with his committee to look into the recent rise in cases of alleged kidnaps and abductions of people, mostly those leaning on the political opposition.

    He said, “Myself and the Attorney General have been asked to meet the security council over the increased reports of abductions and kidnaps.”

    Mao vowed to reach out on all people with missing relatives or friends to give them more information about the disappearance of their people.

    “Once we have got the details, we shall be presenting them before the Security Council.”

    He added that the committee will institute a human rights desk where all complainants of missing persons will be reported for response.

    Mao adduced that once it comes to their attention, they have the capacity to trace that person using their cameras.

    “The issue shouldn’t be politicized because it is sensitive and touches people’s lives. If it’s true they are abductions, these may be conducted by disgruntled people within government with the view of tainting its good image.”

    Mao contended that they will ensure that they do better so that when they come back for the 28th time they give themselves marks.

    According to Attorney General, Kiryowa Kiwanuka, this year’s review is being held against the background of a challenging year. The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, which had probably challenging phenomenon, socially, economically and politically.

    He said, “Most specifically, the pandemic created unprecedented challenges and demands on access to justice community, but also tested the resilience and resolve of our coordination and collaboration model.

    “Our theme of the day is aligned with the national vision 2040 that seeks to consolidate the principles of governance, including constitutional democracy, protection of human rights, the rule of law, govt effectiveness and citizens participation in development processes.

    “President Eisenhower once said, peace and justice are two sides of the same coin. Let’s remember the need for both peace and justice, not just one of them.”

    Kiryowa further emphasized that all people with missing persons should report to them for a proper follow-up because they can’t act on allegations without facts and that he can’t follow up a case basing on rumours posted on social media.

    By Kalamira Hope


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    THE ACCIDENT IS FISHY: Lord Mayor Lukwago Orders Serious Investigations Into Why Subaru Driver Rammed Into His House…



    Kampala Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago has ordered for serious investigations into an accident that occurred at his home in Wakaligga, Lubaga division.

    Lukwago has called on the police to investigate the motive behind the driver who rammed into his house, which caused alot of anxiety among members of his family in the night hours of 4th, December, 2022.

    His stand follows an accident by the driver of a Subaru which crushed into the gate and hit one of the pillars of the house.

    “A short while ago, an overhasty and reckless driver of Subaru car registration number UAJ 704K rammed through the main entrance to my house, the gate forcefully flung open and badly damaged it, and the over speeding car then rammed into the pillar at the entrance to the sitting room,” Lukwago said.

    He added that following the accident, everybody was left into disarray since they didn’t know what was happening.

    He adduced, “The driver was either high on something which had intoxicated him or he was on a different mission, that is the reason we want this matter to be investigated.”

    The Subaru driver however defended himself noting that the car lost control and could not brake.

    “I tried to park against the wall but it kept going. I didn’t intend to cause any harm,” he apologized.

    Lukwago was however not convinced with the explanation insisting that if the car was moving by gravitational force, the distance from the gate to the pillar where the car landed is very small.

    “That impact you see on the pole, suggests something ‘fishy’ could have been intended and so that is where we have a problem and that is why we want the matter to be investigated.”

    The regional traffic Officer of Kampala Metropolitan Police North, Bruce Onibye, said that investigations are ongoing but the vehicle seems to have been in poor mechanical condition.


    By Kalamira Hope


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