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MTN WOES: Furious M7 Orders CMI, ESO To Kick Off Investigations Into The Relationship Between MTN GM Katamba And Jailed Police Boss Nixon Agasirwe



Former MTN General Manager Anthony Katamba

President Museveni has ordered the Chieftaincy for Military Intelligence (CMI) and the External Security Organisation (ESO) to investigate the relationship between Former MTN General Manager
Anthony Katamba and jailed police boss Nixon Agasirwe.

Katamba fled the country to seek asylum in Scandinavian countries after receiving several security tip offs from some of his colleagues in security that he was going to be arrested for giving wrong information to security.

Multiple sources in CMI and Special Forces Command (SFC) have told the Grapevine that the president has relied on those reports to exonerate the deported MTN Chief Executive officer Wim Vanhelleputte.

“The president was very furious because he established from different security reports that he was fooled on the MTN matter. The president was very furious and instructed CMI commander Col. Abel Kanduho to immediately start investigating Katamba,” our source revealed.

The highly respected security operative told this website that Katamba, the former General Manager for Corporate Services at MTN was the one misinforming security agencies by giving them wrong information concerning some of his colleagues for his personal gain.

Our sources disclosed that when Katamba developed misunderstandings with top MTN management over some internal issues, he decided to malice and marline them before government and security officials that they were carrying out activities that were going to jeopardize national security. Katamba told these officials that MTN was being used to spy for one of the hostile neighbouring country. 

“That man Katamba thought that he is the big man in MTN because of his closeness to the MTN board chairman Charles Mbiire. He learnt of his dismissal from MTN and he vowed to fight and make sure all expatriates at the facility are deported. He boasted before his friends at Kampala club that he is the only top local employee in MTN,” another source added.

Security operatives told the Grapevine that Katamba even fed security with wrong information that led to the storming of MTN’s center in Mutundwe, a Kampala suburb.

Vanhelleputte was deported with three other senior managers who included; Chief Marketing Officer, Olivier Prentout, the Mobile Money General Manager Elsa Mussolini and General Manager for sales and distribution Annie Tabura. Vanhelleputta challenged his illegal deportation at the High Court civil Division.


Our sources further revealed that after reading various security reports on the MTN saga, the president established that there was a good relationship between General Kale Kayihura’s blue eyed boy SSP Nixon Agasirwe and Katamba. One of the well elaborated report to the president indicated that there were a lot of suspicious dealings which were going on between Katamba and Agasirwe. The investigators also based reports on the judgment of High Court anti-corruption Division judge Lawrence Gidudu, in the 2015 case of Richard Mwami and others, concerning the embezzlement of over 6 billion shillings. 

Sentongo (who was Mwami’s witness) testified that after arresting him, he was taken to a room at the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) in Kireka. Minutes later Agasirwe entered the room in company of Katamba. Sentongo testified that Agasirwe and Katamba told him to pin Mwami that he stole the Shs6bn, when he refused, he was brutally tortured.

Both Katamba and Agasirwe were later accused of torturing Sentongo.  Currently, Agasirwe is detained with other top police officers at Makindye barracks after being charged by the Court martial on espionage and kidnap charges. The president has tasked CMI to dig deeper into the dealings between Katamba and Agasirwe.


Sources further told this website that one and half month’s back, Katamba reported to police that some people wanted him dead.

Katamba alleged that unknown gunmen attacked him at his Kiwatule home at around 3:00am. He stated that he escaped through the gate at the back of his house and narrowly survived being killed. Museveni also ordered the investigators to find out whether Katamba was attacked, who the attackers were plus their motive.

A source revealed that the president was briefed in the MTN security report that Katamba staged the alleged assassination to avoid being charged with espionage. He also wanted to use the alleged attack to seek asylum because he got information from his security friends that he was under investigation.


Credible sources further told this website that two weeks ago, Katamba fled to Scandinavian countries. We were informed that Katamba is currently seeking asylum from one of the Scandinavian countries. We talked to Katamba’s friends who he usually spends time with at Kampala Club and Golf Course, they revealed that they have spent two weeks without seeing him.

“I have spent a week without seeing my friend Katamba, I don’t know whether he left the country,” one of Katamba’s friends, who we found at the Golf Course playground told us.

We tried to talk Katamba’s girlfriend but he refused to tell us the whereabouts of her hubby. We also tried to call Katamba’s known phone number but it was not going through.

By Jamil Lutakome



With M7 Still In Power, Nobody Will Ever Win Against Dott And Here Is Why This Is The Case…



Dott Services continues to benefit from political friendship with NRM to the extent of getting many road sector deals without competing fairly with other bidders.

They got the Namanve deal to do all the roads in the industrial park using orders from above and the deal is worth over USD400M. UNRA bosses like Kagina and other guys have tried to oppose the favors M7 gives this company in vain.

UNRA bosses are now more frustrated after M7 ordered that Dott Services bosses get all the tourism roads worthy millions of dollars of America and this is annoying many other firms in the same business. One thing is known about Dott Services and that is its strong connections to Col John Mugyenyi and Bukedea MP Anita Among who helps them access the President each time they want to.

In the letter we have seen M7 has favored Dott Services Ltd by writing a letter telling Minister Matia Kasaija and Works Minister Monicah Azuba to give all the tourism roads to Dott Services because they are going to get the money for the work and recover from gov’t later. Yet there are many other contractors who can do the same but they never get chance to do this because they have no strong connections and godfathers in politics which angers UNRA bosses very much.

Tourism these days is very important to M7 because last year alone more than 2m tourists came and gave Uganda many dollars. Uganda last year made billions of dollars from tourism. Museveni has given it attention to make Uganda more attractive hence favoring Dott Services to do all the tourism roads which by the way are very many.

Dott Services big bosses have been benching until they met M7 to back their proposal to be given these roads and in the same meeting, the Dott bosses asked to be given everything on condition they help government get the lenders.
Museveni liked the proposal and directed Kasaija and Works Minister Monicah Azuba to give his favored Indian men the tourism roads. The same letter went to PSST Keith Muhakanizi and Allen Kagina who doesn’t like Dott Services at all. Dott Services is backed by John Mugenyi and yet his wife Hope is relative of Kagina but they don’t like each other.

By Grapevine Reporter


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Total Finally Speaks Out On The Decision To Invest In Uganda’s Oil Project



Total’s Chief Finance Officer, Jean-Pierre Sbraire (inset)

Total’s Chief Finance Officer, Jean-Pierre Sbraire has told analysts during a conference call after the French oil major’s third-quarter that as management, they have not yet decided to invest their money in Uganda’s oil project.

He revealed that the company was supposed to decide on the issue of Uganda’s oil last year but there were some issues holding back the decision even though they are still committed to the project and the project is technically mature.

“We are ready to launch but we recently faced some difficulties with the authorities,” he said.  He said that Total had planned to buy some of Britain’s Tullow Oil’s stake in the 230,000 barrel-per-day project but that deal was called off due to a tax dispute with the Ugandan authorities.

Total’s CEO Patrick Pouyanne

“We remain fully committed to the development but we’ll see, at present time, it is a bit too early to assess when the Final Investment Decision (FID) could be taken for the project,” Sbraire explained.  It should be remembered that Total’s CEO Patrick Pouyanne said earlier this year that investing in Uganda’s oil will be a personal priority this year after setbacks led to a delay on the FID in 2018.

By Jamil Lutakome


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Kajjansi Progressive SS Director in Shs1.7bn Scum: Lawyer Accuses Her Of Facilitating Forgery Of US Dollar Currency As She Comes To Court Dressed Like An Al-shabaab Terrorist…



Nsangi comes to court dressed like an Al-shabaab

City lawyer Derrick Bazekuketta has asked Buganda Road court to issue an arrest warrant against Rebecca Nsangi, the director of Kajjansi progressive secondary school for facilitating the forgery of US dollars.

Bazekuketta told Buganda Road Court magistrate Marion Magenyi that he has enough evidence pining Nsangi in a scum which involved manufacturing of US Dollars amounting to Shs1.7bn.

“Her worship, I have read and internalized the statement made by the complainant Miss Nsangi against the accused and discovered that she must be added to the suspects. She admitted in this statement that she was the one who facilitated the duplication of an international currency which is a very serious crime here and internationally,”  Bazekuketa submitted.

Nsangi in court

He told court that when Nsangi realized that she was facilitating a crime and that she had already lost a lot of money, she decided to turn against her fellow culprits and reported them to the authorities claiming that she was the victim in the scum. He further revealed that there is enough evidence that Nsangi has been pressurizing the state to hurriedly prosecute Rayne Mukasa, Muhammad Ali, Patrick Lwasa and Steven Bukenya on charges of obtaining money by false pretense after the whole deal went bad. 

State lawyer Mike Kintu pleaded with court to allow the prosecution to proceed with his ten witnesses because it’s an urgent matter and some of his witnesses are students who are preparing to sit for their final exams so they don’t have time to frequently come to court. The magistrate overruled Kintu and ordered that she will first make her ruling on the trespass charge sheet. However, there was comedy in court when Nsangi went into the dock dressed like an Al-Shabaab terrorist covering her face to avoid being snapped by the media.

The accused in court


Nsangi alleges that the accused extorted over 180 million shillings from her after lying to her that they had US dollars worth Shs1.8 billion but the problem is the currency notes had a US stamp on them that needed to be erased. They told her that if she could get them 180 million shillings, they will be able to use it to erase the stamp from the US currency notes and give her part of the money.

When she gave them the money, they took off into hiding. Nsangi said that with the help of operatives from CMI and ISO, they arrested the culprits and took them to court on charges of obtaining money by false pretense.

However, the accused say that Nsangi should also be put on the charge sheet because she facilitated the fraud.

By Jamil Lutakome


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