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Museveni Gives Bobi Wine’s Man Ashburg Kato Five Cows…



Ashburg Kato (in white t-shirt) with President Museveni

Bobi Wine’s right hand man Ashburg Kato has met president Museveni a few weeks after getting First Son Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s food through Balaam.

According to pictures currently circulating on Social Media, Ashburg, who has been a strong promoter and supporter of People Power preasure group, is seen posing with the President, fellow blogger Ray Supasta and events promoter Balaam Balugahara infront of Museveni’s cows.

Through his Facebook page, Blogger Ray Supasta narrated that, “I got news through my good friend Mr Balaam Barugahara that there’s an opportunity to meet the C.E.O of this nation.Ashburg is a brilliant man with ideas worth BILLIONS all brewing in his head. Ideas that aim at uplifting and bettering livelihoods of communities.”

L-R: Ashburg, Balaam, Museveni and Ray Supasta.

“After a series of talks, my brother Ashburg accepted after showing him how he can be a better person if he accepts to meet the president and he feeds him with all his ideas,” he says.

He adds, “So after Ashburg was bashed left, right and centre a week ago for getting posho from Muhoozi, Ashburg got angry and finally accepted to meet the C.E.O of Uganda Republic. So, Yesterday amidst heavy rains, the President met us at his farm in Kisozi where we had hours of closed door meeting discussing on how to improve livelihoods of youths. Mapping how we can set up projects to help them boost their incomes.”

“The President was so happy to meet us. He had never seen young boys with sparking brains like us. He gave us five cows each. He told us he wants to see us have Kraals from the five cows he gave us. So from now onwards, we shall be co-operating with the President to see how we can make our Uganda adorable,” Ray adds.

When the Grapevine talked to Balaam, he said, “It’s true the meeting was there though I won’t tell you when. We met the President and he gave them 5 cows each.”

He however did not give us details of what was discussed.

Ashburg later posted this on his Facebook page: “Yesterday we visited President Museveni from his farm and he taught us farming… (Thank you Balaam Barugahara) I had gone to present my project proposal called THE GHETTO INITIATIVE which is going to see all Kampala ghettos revived.  After teaching us all the basics of farming and rearing cows, the president gave me five cows (5) and he also gave my other team two cows each.”

By Sandra Mukisa



Chameleone Wanted: Anti-Corruption Court Summons Musician On Charges Of Possession Unaccustomed Goods….



Chameleone posses in-front of the contested V8

The Anti-corruption Chief magistrate Pamella Ocaya Lamunu has issued criminal summons against top musician Joseph Mayanja alias Chameleone to answer charges related to possession of unaccustomed goods.

According to the charge sheet, the state alleges that on 12th April 2020, the Baliwa hitmaker was found by customs officers from Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) in possession of an unaccustomed vehicle registration number SSD 499B land cruiser V8 model GRJ 200 along Wakaliga Bulange Mengo.

The prosecution further stated that the enforcement officers of the Authority requested the Kampala Capital City Lord mayor Aspirant to avail to their team with documents regarding the legal status of the vehicle in Uganda which he promised to avail but has since failed.

“Import duty has not been paid on the said vehicle in Uganda valued at Shs137, 350,725.

Mr. Mayanja Joseph knew or ought reasonably to have known that the vehicle was unaccustomed,” the charge sheet reads in part.

The controversial singer was also charged with count of failure to produce documents when required to do so contrary to section 204(b) of the East African community customs management Act 2004.

State alleges that on 12th April 2020, Chameleone was found by customs in possession of vehicle registration number SSD 499B. The Uganda Revenue Authority Enforcement team intercepted him to produce the necessary documents which he failed to do.

The Basima Ogenze singer is expected to appear in court on the 30th July 2020.

Mayanja is still a fugitive on murder related charges after lawyer Erias Nalukoola sought for a private prosecution against him for the death of a one Kalamagi at his Seguku home.


By Jamil Lutakome 


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VIDEO: You Cannot Be Lord Mayor With That Satanic Heart – Producer Baur Claims Chameleone Bewitched Clever J And Producer Kays Careers In Nasty Exchange….



Musician Chameleone (L) and producer Baur (R)

Renown Producer Diggy Baur, the CEO of Sabula records has dared musician Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleon to send him his demons and witchcraft to kill him.

In a video circulating on social media, Baur alleges that Chameleon stormed his music studio in Makindye Luwafu and beat up a one Akram, one of his co-producers.

“Chameleon you’re evil, you cannot even be the Lord Mayor of Kampala because you have a satanic heart…” Baur angrily said.

He added that Chameleon bewitched fellow musician Clever J and Producer Murda Kays and led to their downfall.

“… Your money does not feed me, you destroyed my car and beat up my worker without reason, you’re so evil, why do you disrespect people to the extent of beating them up in their own premises? I have done many songs for you Chameleon, but you should never come back to my studio. I dare you to send me your witchcraft and demons you used to kill Clever J’s career! You don’t know where I came from..” he added.

In a phone interview with theGrapevine, Baur said, “He came to my studio to record a song, after recording the song he started punching my fellow producer, when I tried to stop him, he bit my finger, claiming that they were talking to him while pocketing which was a sign of disrespect.”

“I don’t want to see him again at my studio, I deleted all the eight songs we were working on. I am not afraid of his demons, let him send them to kill me, he has sacrificed people including the boy who was found dead at his home,” Baur told this website on Phone.

Many conspiracy theories have linked musician Chameleon to witchcraft, human sacrifice and killing fellow musicians careers, he however trashed the rumours and even released a song titled ‘Bawoza Nnyanja’.

Engumi enyoose e Luwafu ku studio ya PRODUCER DIGGY BAUR. Omuyimbi Jose Chameleone kyabakoze!!!!!

Posted by MAT TEE on Monday, July 6, 2020

By Joel Wansaale and Ronald Kisekka


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VIDEO: Mowzey Radio’s Last Studio Recording Session…



Producer Crouch of Jeeb records has released fallen musician Moses Sekibogo alias Mowzey Radio’s last day in studio.

In the video, Radio looks to be in a jolly lively mood as he records a song in English and Swahili.

Below is the Video:


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