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Museveni Is A Prisoner, There Are Bad People Close To Him Who Are Manipulating Him – Minister Nantaba



The State Minister of Information and Communications Technology Ida Erios Nantaba has warned President Museveni that some people close to him are holding him hostage.

In an interview on NBS TV’s Morning Breeze, hosted by Simon Kaggwa Njala, Nantaba warned the president that, “I have told the president before that he is a prisoner; bad people bring him information, yet the good information is blocked from reaching him.”

Below is an excerpt from Nantaba’s interview:

Kaggwa Njala: Is it police hounding you or is someone using it?

Minister Nantaba: I imagine someone in a high position is using police to kill people. The police narrative doesn’t add up with what happened that day. By the time Ssebulime approached where we had parked to buy groceries, he had no bag on his back. All I saw was a number plate being supported by a rope. Police have to explain where the bag came from.

Kaggwa Njala: Do you feel depressed?

Minister Nantaba: I was at a time but I’m recovering slowly. Today, I have a lot of unanswered questions. Six months down the road, we have no report on why Ssebulime was murdered. The police officer who shot Ssebulime dead is still in Luzira, we don’t see him appearing in court to answer to his charges.

Kaggwa Njala: Are you at liberty to name who you suspect?

Minister Nantaba:  I’m not at liberty but I have mentioned the names to the president. When I recollect all the events before we came across Ssebulime, things start adding up. Could it have been a well-organised crime perpetrated by the police?

Kaggwa Njala: How many murder attempts have you escaped?

Minister Nantaba: Five attempts. At one time I wanted to take the Inspector General of Police to court but was advised to calm down.

Kaggwa Njala: How have you been since?

Minister Nantaba: I’m a prayerful woman and God knows my calendar. There are times when I want to run away but I serve a living God. Things have gone bad in Uganda, they’ve gone beyond. It hurts when people in government try to kill you. I know who wants to kill me.

Kaggwa Njala: Who wants to kill you?

Idah Nantaba:  I have given a clue to the most powerful person in this country.

Kaggwa Njala: Is there someone bigger than the generals?

Idah Nantaba: There are generals bigger than the police. I’m waiting for the report from police on who ordered Ssebulime to kill me.

What I have discovered is there are bad people close to President Museveni who manipulate him. They falsely make anyone look bad in his eyes. 

Kaggwa Njala: How do you want the president to help you?

Minister Nantaba: He needs to clean the police. Have the courtesy to touch the untouchables. The country is suffering but some people can’t be brought to order. Every time you cross their line, you’re looking for bloodshed.

Kaggwa Njala: Do you feel proud that the government you serve wants to kill you?

Minister Nantaba: If there are thieves in the church who steal from the people, how about in the government? My only hope is in God because President Museveni is surrounded by bad people.

Kaggwa Njala: Are your tormentors close to the president?

Minister Nantaba: Yes. They stay with him. I have told the president before that he is a prisoner; bad people bring him information, yet the good information is blocked from reaching him.

By Aine Cohen



NRM Is Like A Son To Mbabazi, You Cannot Separate Them, I Laughed When I Saw Opposition Jump Onto His Bandwagon – Minister Kiwanda…



State minister for tourism Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi has revealed that former Prime Minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi has NRM blood flowing in his veins, hence he can never abandon the party.

While appearing on Buganda owned BBS TV’s Amaaso ku gwanga talk show, Kiwanda laughed at the opposition characters who jubilated and boasted that they had fished a whale from the NRM in Amama Mbabazi.

Kiwanda said that the Mbabazi he knows cannot just slaughter his son the NRM for street people like Mpuuga and Ssegona because he has invested a lot in it.

“I looked at my good friends Medard Ssegona and Mathias Mpuuga jumping on Mbabazi’s bandwagon, I wondered how they calculated their political cards. Let me tell you, Museveni can leave NRM but Mbabazi cannot,” Kiwanda revealed.

Kiwanda boosted that like Mbabazi, he was also among the 179 promoters of the NRM party who signed on the party’s constitution. He explained that Museveni was not among the people who signed on the party constitution because he was still a serving military officer and the law did not allow him to participate in the partisan politics.

Kiwanda assured Ugandans that more NRM historicals like Mzee Jaberi Bidandi Ssali and Charles Rwomushana  will soon follow Mbabazi back to NRM. The shadow minister for lands who also doubles as Nakaseke South legislator Paul Lutamaguzi supported Kiwanda saying that you cannot separate Mbabazi from NRM because he is among the people in the yellow bus who accumulated a lot of wealth.

He said that he tried to warn to his bosses in the Democratic Party to thoroughly investigate Mbabazi’s defection to the opposition before jumping on him as their presidential candidate in 2016 general elections but they never listened to him.

By Jamil Lutakome


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New Principle Judge Reverses His Former Boss’ Decision To Transfer High Court Judges, Sekaana Returns To Kampala To Finish EC Bosses Byabakama, Rwakojo Case…



Justice Sekaana and Lawyer Male Mabirizi

The newly appointed principle judge Dr Flavian Zeija has reversed his former boss Yolokam Bamwine’s decision to transfer High Court judges.

In the new circular No.01\2020 copied to the Chief Justice, Deputy Chief Justice, Chief Registrar and all High Court judges, Zeija noted that he decided to reverse the transfer made by Bamwine before retiring from his office because of the petitions he has been receiving from different individuals. Some of the judges had not yet reported to their new working places.

Among the beneficiaries of the reversed transfers was the controversial High Court civil Division judge Musa Sekaana. In the previous transfers, he had been transferred to Mbarara high court, the new transfers bring him back to Kampala High Court Civil Division. On Tuesday, Sekaana refused to excuse himself from the controversial case where people’s government through their lawyer Erias Lukwago and city lawyer Male Mabirizi wanted him to recuse himself from their case because he was a lawyer representing the Electoral Commission (EC).

Both applicants are claiming that both justice Simon Byabakama, the EC chairperson and EC Secretary General are occupying the offices illegally.

By Ssengooba Alirabaki


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I Want You To Apologise In 5-days For Lying And Blackmailing Our Family – Nebanda’s Mother Gives Nantaba 5-Day Ultimatum For Alleging She Called Her Over People Who Want Her Dead…



The family of the former Butaleja  woman Member Of Parliament (MP), the late Cerina Nebanda has distanced itself from the statements  made by Kayunga woman MP Aidah Nantaba that the people who killed their daughter are the ones tormenting Nantaba.

During Tuesday’s session in parliament, Nantaba told parliament that Nabanda’s Mother called her and informed her about the plot to have her eliminated.

Nantaba said, “I received a phone call from Cerinah Nebanda’s mother. She told me honorable, you are going to be killed by the same person who killed my daughter. I was shocked because I didn’t know where she had got my number. She told me I should go to her to get the details about the plot.”

In a letter to Nantaba, Nebanda’s mother, Alice Namulwa has given the former ICT minister five days to apologize and retract her blackmail on the floor of parliament.

Namulwa says, “Upon your Wednesday 22nd January 2020 very basless politically criminal utterances during the parliament session, I Alice Namulwa Mukasa mother to the late Hon Cerina Nabanda and the entire Nebanda family have been deeply saddened by your blatant blackmail and defamation of myself and for that matter the entire Nebanda family.”

She adds, “Indeed an very certain that you know very well that I have never in my life telephoned you neither have I had any connection or dealings with you whatsoever and for that matter I cannot and will not be party to your renown continued immature political gimmicks and I accordingly publically completely disassociate myself from your such accustomed negative diversionary tendencies more so by implication against the government of Uganda.”

“Consequently therefore I am asking you to publically straightaway retract those blackmail utterances in both the print and electronic media including on the floor of parliament of Uganda, in any case not later than the close of business Tuesday 28th January 2020. Failure of which I have already instructed my family lawyers to without any further delay take the required necessary legal course of action against you at your own peril and embarrassment,” she notes.

By Josephine Kauma


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