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Museveni Is Next After God – Former Teachers’ Union Boss Tweheyo Says



James Tweheyo the national chairman, NRM league has said president Museveni is next after God in  Uganda.

The former Uganda National Teachers Union (UNATU) general Secretary said this during a political talk show on CBS radio where he was called to analyze the current political situation together with other politicians from the Interparty Party Organization For Dialogue (IPOD).

Tweheyo said, “the importance of IPOD is to bring political parties representatives in parliament together. It brings together those from Forum For Democratic Change(FDC), JEEMA, Democratic Party (DP) and others because we all have one goal.”

“NRM is the party in State House and all other parties are fighting to enter the same State House, let it be FDC, JEEMA, DP and those from people power. What they are all fighting for is to sit in the State House and those who refuse to go there for discussion will never enter there that’s why FDC failed because they think that when they go, people will think that they moved out with parcels full of money. The now enter during the night and refuse during the day,” he added.

He also assured Ugandans that its time they accept the existing government and differentiate it from and the political party.

“The government is for the republic of Uganda and the party in power is NRM and in law, a party with many representatives sets the government but some opposition members are selfish, when  they are called to work for people in public offices, they refuse and when some of their colleagues accept, they call then traitors.

When president Museveni is putting on the yellow attire, he is the chairman of the party, when he wears his corporate suit, he is the president of the country and when in army attire, he comes as the Commander in Chief,  and all this is in accordance with the law.

President Museveni is the fountain of honor and is next after God in the country of Uganda because even if someone is given a death penalty, President Museveni has the prolong of mercy according to the law,” Tweheyo said adding that President Museveni has used his authority well.

Rubaga North Member of Parliament, Moses Kasibante watered down some of Tweheyo’s arguments by first explaining the difference between authority and power, he said that the power belongs to the people and the authority is for the leader. He said that Mr. Tweheyo was sent by teachers to discuss with government to increase their salaries but he was instead offered a job and he forgot the struggle that teachers go through.

“Mr. Tweheyo was sent with the aim of increasing teachers’ salaries but he fell in a trap and was offered a job. Now teachers are being paid poorly but Mr. Tweheyo is here saying NRM should stay,” Kasibante said.

He also disagreed with Tweheyo on Museveni being next after God. He said, ” Mr. Museveni is not next to God and NRM is not the party in power, they are just being used by president Museveni.”

“One of the theories of state formation called social contract theory states that if a government fails to stick to the main purpose of working on the needs of people who gave it the responsibility, people can take its power without seeking consent from the government like in Sudan,”kasibante said.

By Evelyn Musimenta



It’s Inhuman To Kill Someone’s Daughter At Shs. 30,000: Why High Court Judge Kazibwe Sentenced ISO Boss’ Son To 32 Years In Prison …



Today soft-spoken High Court Criminal Division Judge Moses Kazibwe sentenced Brian Bagyenda, the son to Internal Security Organization (ISO) boss Kaka Bagyenda, Innocent Bainomugisha, a Cleaner and Vincent Rwahwire, a casual laborer to 32 years in prison.

In his judgement, the judge said that there was malice forethought before the commitment of the murder of 22-year-old Enid Twijukye a girlfriend to Bagyenda. He noted that he was very convinced that the state prosecutor led by Joseph Kyomuhendo and Joan Keko proved all the ingredients in this murder case.

The judge said that these ingredients were proved by 15 prosecution witnesses who included Dr. Sam Kalungi a pathologist who examined the deceased’s body and established that she was strangled to death.

Kazibwe further noted that the deceased was unlawfully murdered by the convict.

In his judgement, the judge put emphasis on the testimony of Evas Turigye, the elder sister to Twijukye who told court that on the 3rd January 2017, Bagyenda picked the deceased from their home in Bweyogerere, Wakiso district and drove her to his home in Luzira Kampala and she never returned. He said that the next day, she called her number and she did not pick. However, another person later picked and told her that Enid had left the phone at home.

The judge rubbished Bagyenda’s defense testimony arguing that by the time he committed the crime, he was mentally disturbed, the judge based on the testimony of Turigye who told court that Bagyenda spent the entire Christmas season of 2016 shopping with the deceased and on in turn she spent her nights at Bagyenda’s home.

The judge further noted that Turigye told court that while they were still looking for her sister, she received a telephone call from Bagyenda apologizing to her that he was feeling guilty of killing Twijukye and that he wanted to make a confession.

The judge said that Turigye told court that by the time Bagyenda called her, she had hired a lawyer to join a team of investigators to look for the murderer of their sister. Bagyenda was later arrested after the burial of Twijukye and taken to Jinja road police station.

The judge however said that Turigye didn’t confirm to court that Bagyenda was a boyfriend to Twijukye because she was always telling them that her boyfriend and future husband was staying in USA.

The judge also cited the evidence of Esther Mirembe, the mother to the deceased who told court that she did not know Bagyenda as his son -in law because her daughter always told her that her future husband was in the US.

Kazibwe also based on the charge and caution statement recorded by Innocent Bainomugisha who told police that on the fateful day when the deceased was murdered, Bagyenda told him and Rwehirwa in the morning that she was going to discipline her girlfriend for cheating on him.

They escorted him to his bedroom and killed Twijukye by suffocating her using two pillows which were on their bed until she breathed her last. He further revealed that while they were executing the mission, Bagyenda increased the volume of the tv so that people outside could not hear what was going on in the house. Bagyenda paid them Shs. 30.000 each for the job well done.

The judge wondered why Bagyenda who claims that he is mentally disturbed gave money to his maid to go out and buy a bottle of soda and after that also go to Kalerwe market to buy food.

He wondered why the maid was sent to Kalerwe yet there are very many markets surrounding Luzira.

In sentencing Bagyenda and his co accussed, the judge refused to consider the prayer of Bainomugisha and Rwehirwe’s lawyer that they killed the deceased on orders of their boss Bagyenda, the judge said that they were in their right mind and did not work on the orders of their boss as robots. The judge also explained that there are misunderstanding in most relationships but they are not solved by killing each other.

He noted that the country and the family of the deceased lost a very important person and that court must punish those who cut short the life of the deceased. The judge however advised the convicts that they have the right to appeal if they are not satisfied with his judgement. Nsubuga Mubiru the defense lawyer in this case said that he is still studying the judgement to decide on whether to Appeal or not.

By Ssengooba Alirabaki


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Do You Want Us To Kneel Before You And Ask For Permission? People Power Fires Back At Enanga After Police Tasks Them To Write Formally Instead Of Dumping Their Consultation Letters At Police…



Police spokesperson Fred Enanga has advised presidential hopeful who also doubles as the People Power boss Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine to formally inform police and all the law enforcement forces instead of dumping his letters at their station.

On Sunday 16th February, Bobi Wine announced that he is resuming his consultations on Monday 24th February and his first meeting is scheduled to take place at Pope Paul memorial hotel in Ndeeba, Rubaga division, Kampala.

While addressing the press on Monday at police headquarters at Naguru, Enanga said that Bobi Wine just dumped his letter at police without giving a clear description of his meetings.

“Yes we received the letter informing us about Hon Robert kyagulanyi’s consultation meetings; the letter indicates that his (Bobi Wine) first meetings will be held at Pope Paul’s Memorial Hotel, but the way he informed the police was informal, you do not have to just dump the letter,” he said.

He added that in the last meeting that Bobi Wine held with the Electoral Commission (EC) officials at the EC offices, Bobi Wine and other stake holders were guided to formally communicate to EC and police and after call a   meeting to harmonise the positions of all parties involved.

Enanga said that instead of following the agreed procedures, Bobi Wine decided to kick off his meeting without agreeing with other parties which contradicts with the agreement he made at EC.

“His delegation made 10 points on how his consultations will be streamlined and we all agreed that anyone who is planning to consult should approach the police and layout his or her arrangement but not to dump and go,” Enanga insisted.

Last month, all Bobi Wine’s consultation meetings were blocked due to allegations that they lacked clear description and clearance from the law enforcement bodies.

However, when the Grapevine contacted People power spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi to comment on the above allegations from Police, Ssenyonyi denied working against the law and revealed that police is looking for ways of blocking their meeting.

“What I can say is that police is only forging all possible tricks to block us from conducting our meeting, they told us to forward our plans earlier and we did it. When they say that the means of communication we used was not formal, do they want us to go kneeling to prove to them how serious we are? Ssenyonyi asked.

He further added that they agreed on organizing their meetings in a closed place something that they did.

“In the meeting, we agreed that police should not block us with stupid reasons and that is what they have started now, our letter was accompanied with clearance receipts of the venues, we are going to meet in a closed place, what do they want us to do?” Ssenyonyi asked.

“I urge Enanga to let us do our consultations because we are doing everything within the law,” Senyonyi added.

By Josephine Kauma


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Panic As Unknown Assailants Put Bobi Wine, 12 Other Legislators On List Of Most Wanted: Another Assailant Warns MP Latif Ssebaggala To Leave His Wife Or Expect Death….



Suspected assailants have issued a list of most wanted politicians.

The unknown people on Saturday morning dropped a list of politicians who included Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, at the home of the Makindye East legislator Hon: Allan Sewanyana. The list did not indicate why the 13 opposition politicians are wanted. 

This was revealed in a social media post that Hon Ssewanyana made today morning.

“Found those dropped on my gate and along the way that leads to my home and some areas in my constituency this morning,” Sewanyana posted.

One of the assailants even warned Kawempe North MP Latif Ssebaggala to stop flirting with his wife.

“Please leave my wife. I stay behind Taibah International and you know me, but expect death.

You impregnated someone’s daughter in Kiganda region. You have wives in Kawempe 1, Kawempe 2, Kazo Angola and Kawempe ku Taano in the market. No negotiations, please please, we are meeting in two days,” one of the message read.

Here is a latest list of the most wanted politicians;

1.Allan Sewanyana- Makindye West

2.Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu- Kyadondo East

3.Kasibante Moses- Rubaga North

4.Mugume Roland- Rukungiri Municipality

5.Latif Ssebagala- Kawempe North

6.Theodore Sekikuubo- Lwemiyaga County

7.Francis Zaake Butebi- Mityana Municpality

8.Barnabas Tinkasimire – Buyaga West

9.Erias Lukwago- Kampala Lord Mayor

10.Medard Lubega Ssegona- Busiro County East

11.Gaffa Mbatekamwa- Kasambya County

12.Betty Nambooze- Mukono Municipality

13.Egunyu Janepher Nantume- Buvuma Islands County

When the Grapevine contacted the deputy spokesperson of Kampala Metropolitan police Luke Owoyesigyire about the matter, he confirmed the threats but declined the give more information saying that the police is still investigating.

“As police, we were informed about the matter; we went and collected all the lists. Now the matter is under investigations and finally we shall inform the public about the findings,” Owoyesigyire said.

He further added that none of the listed politicians have reported to police yet.

Early last year (2019), Kayunga Women MP Idah Erios Nantaba, said Ronald Sebulime, who was shot by police before his arrest wanted to kill her. Nantaba recently told the floor of parliament that she still receives threatening massages from Unknown people ordering her to choose between politics and life.

Bukonzo MP Willian Nzoghu and Mbale Woman MP Connie Galiwango Nakayenze also told Parliament that she receives death threats.

Ntungamo Municipality MP Gerald Karuhanga in 2019 also reported receiving text messages notifying him that he is next on the list of those to be killed.

Former Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga was killed in a hail of bullets near his home in Kawanda, Wakiso District, on June 8, 2018.

By Josephine Kauma


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