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Museveni The Greatest Curse This Generation Has Faced – Doreen Nyanjura



President Museveni (L) and Doreen Nyanjura (R)

Secretary for Trade, Industry and Investment in the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and Political activist Hon. Doreen Nyanjura has said that the greatest misery that this generation in Uganda has faced is having a leader like Mr. Museveni.

Hon. Nyanjura through her Facebook page this evening said, “Museveni is the greatest curse that my generation has suffered. It is our painful duty to fight a man we did not participate in bringing to power. I personally have no choice and no room to doubt my resolve. The time for bold leadership and action is now and I am ready to provide it.

We shouldn’t be intimidated by a regime that criminalizes political speech. We are stronger than the fear and ignorance attempting to tear us apart. We should not accept to be diverted and divided.

How shall we in future account for the time we have spent in the past three days insulting and abusing a man whom history gives as an example of a few brave, extraordinary, distinguished men who dared to challenge injustice and misrule when nobody else could.

Hey my generation, M7 has ruled us for 34 years now, he says he has no plans of retiring soon but here we are turning our frustration to a man who has mentored most of us! Long Live Dr Kizza Besigye.”


By Remmy Atugonza



IMPUNITY: They Told Me He Even Killed People And Dumped Their Bodies In River Nile – Woman Gives Shocking Evidence Of How Kayihura’s Assistant Murunga Grabbed Her Land



Marri before the land probe. Inset is Murunga

A witness has given shocking evidence how fired Inspector General of Police General Kale Kayihura’s Assistant together with embattled lawyer Godfrey Nangumya murdered innocent Ugandans after taking their properties and dumped their bodies in River Nile.

Marri Mary Margate, a trained teacher testified before the commission of inquiry into land matters that she thanks God for helping her survive being killed by Murunga and his lawyer Godfrey Nangumya.

“My Lord chairperson, I thank God that I am still alive to tell my story, I was arrested by Murunga’s men who were moving with two police pickups full of policemen at Lugogo shopping mall. 

I was taken to Jinja Road police station where I found Murunga. He ordered me to write a letter to the bank manager telling him to transfer all the money on my bank account, when I refused to write the letter, Murunga ordered a woman police officer to take me inside (the cell). I was taken to an underground cell, as I was crying inside the cell, Murunga’s driver secretly came to me and pleaded with me to write the letter because his boss was a dangerous man who had powers to kill me. The driver, who was also coming from Karamoja like me told me that he is tired of driving dead bodies killed by his boss and dumping them in river Nile,” Marri testify.

She told the commission that she trusted Murunga’s driver and under a lot of duress wrote the letter, she was also forced to sign other documents which she didn’t understand.

She narrated that even though she signed the documents, she was kept in Jinja road police underground cells for almost a month until she pleaded with one of the police commanders at Jinja road police during the parade to help her access her lawyers and relatives because she has been in the cells for so long.

She testified that the woman police officer assisted her to talk to her lawyer on phone, “When I told my lawyer the people who arrested me, the lawyer told me that he was going to fight to save my life but he warned me that the men who arrested me are very deadly and they can do anything including killing me and him,” a tearful Marri testified.  She said three days later after speaking to her lawyer, the lawyer disguised himself as a city lumpen and stormed Jinja road police station dressed in a dirty t-shirt with uncombed hair. At the police station, the lawyer introduced himself as a relative to Marri, he was allowed to see her in the cells.

Marri said that the lawyer disguised himself because he feared that if he came dressed like a lawyer, the police officers wouldn’t have allowed him to see her. She also said that Murunga and his friends could have easily killed him for trying to save her.

She testified that the next day, the lawyer returned, this time dressed decently but accompanied by journalists from the Red pepper and daily monitor. “Both journalists interviewed me and I told them everything and before I finished with them I was ordered to go back to the cells,” Marri said.

She said that after, she was told that the two charismatic journalists put police management on pressure and she was released on police bond after being charged with offences of receiving money by false pretense.

Upon release, her lawyer told her to leave the country because Murunga and lawyer Nangumya (who was recently expelled from practicing) were going to kill her so that they can take her land worth billions of shillings and house on Busiro block 1029 plot 383 Kajjansi.

She narrated that because she did not have money, she decided to run into hiding but Murunga kept calling her using different phone numbers asking her for a meeting but she refused because she knew he wanted to kill her. 

She said that one day when she was in hiding and had nothing to eat, she rang one of her business partners in UPDF and she explained to her the situation she was in. The UPDF major asked Marri to meet him at Makindye military barracks. She pleaded with him to take her to Somalia because in Uganda she was going to be killed. The UPDF Major advised Marri to go to Nakawa magistrate court and find out the status of her case. At Nakawa court, the court Clerks told her that her case was closed because she failed to turn up in court. Marri testified that when she explained to the clerk the situation she went through, and why she failed to attend, the clerk gave her a number of the lawyer, a one Joseph Kyazze because her lawyer disappeared after rescuing her from Jinja Road police station.

She said that when she met lawyer Kyazze, he asked her legal fees of Shs2m to write to Nangumya and other government authorities but because she did not have the money, the lawyer dumped her and refused to represent her.

She said that her friend advised her to go to the law council but the lawyer who was given to her rejected her matter saying that the people she wanted to battle with were deadly and could kill anybody who tried to stop them from achieving what they want.

When the lawyer dumped her, she decided to hide at pastor Tom Mugerwa’s Mutundwe Christian Fellowship Church and Pastor Samuel Kakande’s church but no miracles happened because her properties were not returned like she was praying.  She was later advised to file a complaint with the commission of inquiry into land matters.


She testified that it all started in 2013, one morning, she received a phone call from a stranger asking her for a meeting at Kabalagala and quality cuts opposite Uchumi supermarket.  

Because she had just returned from Zambia, where she made many friends, she met a stranger after a phone communication who introduced himself to her as a personal assistant to a security expert and a personal assistant to General Kale Kayihura. She testified that the stranger told her that the person he wanted her to meet was called Murunga and he was interested in her building in Kajjansi. She said that she told the stranger that he was not willing to sell her building and that she had already mortgaged it with money lenders in town.

She said that a few minutes later, Murunga approached her together with Nangumya and two other gentlemen. Murunga, who had a pistol started threatening her and telling her that he worked with state house and Kayihura and had the ability to do anything he wanted.

Murunga told her that she was going to buy her property at shs186m. She testified that when she refused the money, she was kidnapped, bundled into a vehicle and tasked by her abductors to take them to the money lender who had the land title. She said that because she was in fear of losing her life, they went to Jinja Road where they met a Chinese money lender.

They introduced themselves to the moneylender as her brothers who wanted to rescue their property. She said that they immediately paid the Chinese the money. After paying the Chinese, they drove her to old Kampala where Nangumya’s offices are, she was forced to sign agreements which she didn’t understand. She told the commission that in the evening, she was forced into the vehicle and taken to Kajjansi where the property was.

Murunga told her that she is nolonger the owner of the house. She said that Murunga then told his wife to give Marri shs10m but when she entered the house the money was only shs9m. She said that her land was taken and Murunga’s people occupy it. This is not the first time that Murunga has been dragged into land scandals; he evicted thousands of people in Nakaseke district. The commission has already summoned lawyer Nangumya and Murunga to defend themselves.

By Jamil Lutakome


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STEALING FROM THE DEAD: Namirembe Cathedral To Take 75% Of Condolence Money Collected, To Give Deceased’s Family Only 25%



The Church of Uganda has issued new guidelines in which they will take 75% of the money collected as condolences during funeral services.

A communication from Rev. Canon Nelson Kaweesa, the Namirembe Cathedral Secretary, to the Cathedral Dean, Archdeacon, canons, lay leaders and believers, states that the move was agreed upon by a meeting that sat on Friday May 24 2019.

“The council agreed that during memorial services at the Cathedral, there will be collection of condolences and 75% of that money will remain at the Cathedral to cater for items used during the service. Only 25% of the money collected will go to the family of the deceased,” the communication reads in part.

Rev. Canon Kaweesa further states that the condolences will always be collected before the sermon to allow ushers count and declare the amount collected as condolences. The communication further reads that the new guidelines will also be applied on services held at the home of the deceased. In the past, all money collected as condolences was given back to the family of the deceased.

By Doreen Menezer


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GUILTY AS CHARGED: You Kidnapped And Killed Her – Court Finally Convicts Pine Car Bond Businessman Sebuufu On Katushabe’s Murder



It was tears and jubilation as pine car bond businessman Muhammad Sebuufu and seven others were convicted on the murder of businesswoman Donna Betty Katushabe, a former Centenary bank employee. 

“I found out that state has proved beyond reasonable doubt all the ingredients in the three counts of murder, kidnap with intention to murder and armed robbery which were charged against Muhammad Ssebuufu, Phillip Mirambe, Steven Lwanga, Shaban Odutu, Paul Tasingika,  Dameseni Ssentongo, Godfrey Kayinza  and I  convict them,” High Court Judge Flavia Anglin Senoga said. She said that the prosecution team led by senior state prosecutor Michael Ojok  and Winfred Ahimbisibwe placed Sebuufu and his co-accussed on the scene of crime at pine car bond in Kampala where the deceased was tortured from and later died at the entrance of  Kampala central police station.

The late Katushabe’s lawyer Annet Kyomugisha (2nd R)

The judge refuted the alibis which Sebuufu based on to defend himself that on the day Katushabe was tortured, he was at Mwanga 2 court in Mengo not at pine as the state witnesses testified. The judge stated that the convict had malice forethought to murder the deceased because after planning the move to kidnap her from her home in Bwebajja on Entebbe road instead of driving her to Kampala central police station. The soft-spoken judge said that the act of taking Katushabe to pine car bond showed that the suspects wanted to negotiate with her on how to pay the remaining shs9m on the purchased Toyota Premio from pine car bond. 

She based her judgment on the postmortem report which indicated that Katushabe was first tortured before she died. The learned judge wondered why the convicts instead of torturing the deceased didn’t file a civil suit so that their balance is paid through civil courts. She noted that the suspect participated in committing the crime according to the testimony of Peter Tumusiime, a lawyer who was sent to pine to rescue Katushabe from Sebuufu’s hands.

Tumusiime told court that he saw with his necked eye Sebuufu and Odutu undressing and beating up the deceased while squeezing her breasts and private parts. The judge further pointed out the star testimony was from Annet Kyomugisha, a lawyer to Katushabe, who told court that it was Sebuufu who called her on phone and put Katushabe on the loud speaker. Katushabe was crying and begging her lawyer to look for money because her captors had promised to kill her if she did not get the money.

Katushabe’s relatives jubilating

However, the judge put Steven Lwanga, a special hire driver at pine on charges of associating with the convicts who murdered Katushabe because when he was hired to drive Katushabe to police, he drove her back to pine where she was seriously tortured. State prosecutor Michael Ojok asked for an adjournment to prepare his submission on the sentencing because the convict deserves a maximum punishment of death. Sebuufu’s lawyer Evans Ochang told journalists that he is not happy with the judgment and he has to first read the entire judgment before advising his client on the way forward and whether to appeal in the court or not.

Katushabe’s relatives celebrated after the judgment and applauded the judge for standing by the truth adding that Sebuufu bribed all the people who were handling their case since 2015. Robert Muhindo, a brother to Katushabe said that even though Katushabe is dead and they can’t return her life, she will feel very contentedwherever she is. The convicted will know their fate on 1st July 2019.

By Jamil Lutakome


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