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    Museveni’s Pro-Longed Stay In Power Is A Calling From God, If You Want Him Out, Ask God Don’t Use Violence – Minister Betty Kamya



    Kampala minister Hon. Betty Olive Namisango Kamya has said that she believes that Museveni’s 32-year leadership is a calling from God and its only God who will decide his replacement when the right time comes.

    Appearing on Top radio  talk show this morning, Hon. Betty Kamya, who quoted a section of the Lord’s Prayer that says, “Your will be done on earth as it is done in Heaven” urged Ugandans to continue praying to God and stop creating unnecessary panic and havoc in the city.

    Hon. Betty Kamya, a former senior member of Forum for democratic change (FDC) and founder of Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA) stated that the nation is not in disarray as some people are saying. “I have not heard of an emergency cabinet meeting, we sit normally every Monday, this is a sign that the country is peaceful and normal,” Kamya said.

    About the Arua fracas where several MPs were arrested and allegedly tortured by some security operatives, Kamya said that some opposition leaders are championing a campaign against Government of defiance to cause havoc in the city.

    “Kyagulanyi had to go through the due process since he had been charged with the capital offence of treason. Government had to analyse the bail terms of this case before clearing him,” Kamya said. The minister called upon religious leaders to teach the public so that they understand that its God who appoints leaders not violence.

    She stated that Bobi Wine is a political phase (like Seya, Mbabazi, Besigye and other) which will  pass. “National Resistance Movement is here to stay and this has been witnessed in all by- elections the country.”

    She urged Ugandans to understand that there is a hidden agenda in Bobi Wine’s massive foreign backup which Ugandans should start looking at critically and questioning.

    She concurred with government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo that Hon. Kyagulanyi should present his medical report from America to government when he returns so that they compare it with what was prepared by the medical experts here.


    Besides The Ballot, No Struggle can cause change in Uganda – Kamya

    In the same learning, the former presidential aspirant advised Ugandans not be hoodwinked by so called “opposition struggles” because the only struggle that could cause change is the power of the ballot. Kamya was trying to respond to former spy chief General David Sejusa’s statements that dialogue and talk shows cannot unseat president Museveni from power.

    Early this week, Sejusa cautioned the opposition not to rely on dialogue and talk shows but continue pushing Museveni to the wall and make him weak. The bush war general said that the Museveni he knows cannot accept political dialogues especially when he knows that he is still in a strong position.

    “We should know the type of struggle these people are talking about, is it protesting, going to the bush, they should tell us!” Kamya wondered. She also asked Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu and others to explain to Ugandans what type of struggle they are talking about because by law, his struggle is supposed to be in parliament where he is supposed to front vibrant ideas, recommend good policies and also convince the numbers in parliament to make impact.


    By Remmy Atugonza


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    Commonwealth Lawyers Caution M7 On Dismissal Of Justice Kisakye



    Lawyers under the Commonwealth Lawyers Association (CLA) have protested the removal of Justice Esther Kisakye from office.

    In a written statement by the association, the Commonwealth Lawyers have called upon president Museveni to carefully consider the implications of Justice Kisakye’s dismissal.

    The lawyers say that judges should only be subjected to suspension only when they are incapable or if they misbehave.

    “Judges should be subject to suspension or removal only for reasons of incapacity or misbehaviour that clearly renders them unfit to discharge their duties,” part of the statement reads.

    The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) last month recommended the removal of Justice Esther Kisakye from office and have her probed over her misconduct and attack on chief Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo.

    Justice Kisakye’s troubles began following the 2021 election petition by National Unity Platform president Robert Kyagulanyi in which she gave a dissenting opinion from other judges.

    Justice Kisakye in her ruling said Kyagulanyi had not been given enough time to present his case.





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    Karamoja Iron Sheets Scandal: Speaker Among Returns 500 Iron Sheets



    Speaker of parliament Anita Among has revealed that she has bought 500 iron sheets to compesate those meant for the vulnerable in Karamoja that were misallocated  by the minister of Karamoja affairs Hon. Goretti Kitutu.

    Among told parliament on March 15th that she bought the iron sheets because she does not want to be accused of grabbing iron sheets that were meant for the vulnerable in Karamoja.

    Speaker Anita Among is among the government officials who were cited in the Karamoja iron sheet scandal. Among is reported to have received 500 pieces of iron sheets. However, Among claimed she did not request for the iron sheets but admitted that she saw them in her district Bukedea.

    Other government officials that received the iron sheets include vice president Jessica Alupo, minister Rose Akello, Agnes Nandutu, prime minister Robinah Nabbanja, minister Amos Lugolobi, finance minister Matia Kasaija, Minister Maria Goretti Kitutu, government chief whip Denis Obua among others.

    The Karamoja iron sheet scandal sparked off when family members of minister Goretti Kitutu were found in possession of iron sheets meant for the vulnerable in Karamoja region. Minister Kitutu told the committee on presidential affairs, during the probe, that she was not guided thus misallocating relief items meant for Karamoja.



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    Opposition MPs To Boycott M7 Address



    Members of Parliament from the opposition have announced a boycott of president Museveni’s address slated for Thursday this week.

    Members of the opposition say they will not attend Museveni’s address because his government has failed to address their concerns.

    The legislators say the regime has continued to arrest political opponents, failed to fight corruption, violated rights of members of Parliament and incarcerated innocent citizens without trial.

    President Museveni is expected to address Parliament and the nation at large tomorrow March 16th, 2023 at Kololo ceremonial grounds.

    There is high anticipation of what president Museveni’s address will look like with some legislators hoping that he will address the issue of his ministers involved in the Karamoja iron sheets scandal.

    Forum for Democratic Change’s Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda on Tuesday during plenary protested the change of venue of Thursday’s plenary from Parliament to Kololo.

    Ssemujju said there is no need for legislators to move to Kololo yet Parliament purchased a big tent to host sessions with high attendance.


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