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Musician Victor Kamenyo’s Runs Off With Landlord’s Rent For 7 Months And Yaka Cables…



Rapper Katongole Derrick alias Victor Kamenyo is on the run for failing to pay his lanbdlord rent amounting to 3.5 million shillings.

Kamenyo’s landlord claims the musician failed to pay monthly rent of 500,000 Uganda shillings per month for 7 months.

She also accussed him of being too shameless to the extent of taking off with items as cheap as a “yaka” cable.

She claims that he even abandoned the house in a very poor state plus a water bill of up to 150,000 Uganda shillings.

She said all she wanted was for Kamenyo to be open and honest with her and atleast pay half of the amount.

She said that she took the matters to the LC, but the LC chairman told her that Kamenyo was behaving suspiciously and even refused to pick his calls in a bid to cool down the fire.

The “Sirina malala” singer reportedly shifted with all his property in a Noah vehicle according to his neighbours.

The aspiring lord councillor later took to his official Facebook page and regarded the allegations as fake news.

Kamenyo refuted all the allegations saying it’s another of those political games his opponents are playing.

Kamenyo warned that his landlord does not know she’s being tricked into some fishy business.

The singer admitted to have formerly rented the house before leaving sometime back.

He bragged that he is also a landlord after inheriting his father’s estate but he currently stays in Kawaala.

“People know about the Katongole estates. I am also a landlord,” he said.

He denied living miserably and showed live viewers where he comfortably resides.

Victor Kamenyo said that he suspects that the reason why his former landlord is displaying his dirty linen is public is to soil his good name so that locals hate him.

He paused for a moment and asked, “can a man as tidy as I am reach that level of disorganisation? I am a single man who doesn’t even cook, how then did I get a kitchen as dirty as what they showed in the video?”

“My people love me, you can’t just spoil all that overnight,” he said.

Kamenyo said he is a strong Christian and swore he was only telling the truth.

He dared all his opponents to take the battle to the ballot box instead of maligning him.

Kamenyo says it’s not criminal that he chose to vie for a political position of leadership in the ghetto like Kawaala, where he grew up from.


By Baron Kironde



Musician Mayinja Makes U-turn, Seeks Solace In Bobi Wine’s NUP….



Bobi Wine with Mayinja

After a short spell away, veteran artist, Ronald Mayinja has returned to the mainstream opposition from his own Peace for All political movement.

Mayinja was most active in politics as a member of the Democratic Party (DP) before party officials denounced him following his performance at one of the ruling party’s (National Resistance Movement) event last year.

The motive was however linked to his close collaboration with the rebellious DP members, such as the Mukono Municipality MP, Betty Nambooze, who has been at loggerheads with the party President, Nobert Mao.

Mayinja was warmly received by newly formed National Unity Platform (NUP) president, and fellow artiste, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, alongside others artists Hussein Ibanda aka Swengere and Aloysius Matovu Joy.

Bobi Wine with Aloysious Matovu Joy

The “Tuli ku bunkenke” singer who earlier on had initial intentions of contesting for MP in his home area in Gomba publicly declared that he has not offered himself for any political position.

Besides all the anomalies, the soft spoken singer evidently has a soft spot for the People Power political pressure group led by fellow artiste Bobi Wine. He was quick to apologize to all his, and NUP fans, and his reconciliation seemed to come so easy.

“My brother Ronald Mayinja has inspired many of us over the years, and I am sure even when he wandered off at some point, I know that his heart was always with us. I am grateful that you comrades have given him a warm welcome back home,” Bobi said.

Bobi also commended comedian Swengere for not only being funny but also intelligent, thoughtful and solid human whose heart is with the people.

Bobi Wine with Swengere

On Aloysious Matovu, Bobi referred to him as an elder and senior citizen who has been a personal inspiration over the years.

“I feel extremely humbled seeing such a noble citizen come to join NUP. All these things are evidence that we represent what is right and just,” Bobi added.

NUP embraced many other leaders at different levels. These included the KCCA Speaker, Kawalya Abubakar, and several other KCCA councillors, Division councillors, and leaders of other areas.

By Baron Kironde


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Presidential Advisor Catherine Kusasira Embarrasses Self On Live TV, Fails To Spell Her Title…



President Museveni’s advisor on Kampala matters, Catherine Kusasira was caught off guard when she failed to correctly spell the word ‘Presidential advisor’, her own job title, as tasked by events promoter cum politician, Andrew Mukasa alias Bajjo Events.

Appearing on Baba TV’s political show yesterday, Bajjo and Kusasira engaged in a heated verbal exchange where the former claimed the later attained minimal education.

Kusasira had earlier threatened to expose Bajjo’s illiteracy, accusing him of possessing fake academic papers from Nasser road.

“I will bring my papers here and shame you. You have qualifications from Nasser road,” Kusasira ranted.

In reiteration, Bajjo revealed how Kusasira never went beyond ordinary level of the Ugandan education system, offering therefore to voluntarily “teach” her. That’s when he brought in the primary level brain testing game, tasking her to spell the word ‘presidential advisor’, to which she wrongly spelt as ‘presidencal adversar’.

Kusasira later on appeared on another TV station to defend her public image, spelling the word correctly, off paper though.


By Baron Kironde


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I Have Never Gained Anything From This Gov’t, Why Do They Want To Kill Me! – M7’s Boy Ashburg Katto Who Crossed From People Power Cries Out For Help…



Former People Power diehard turned NRM mobiliser Ashburg Katto has called on President Museveni to rescue him from a one ‘Kojja Omugezi’ who is threatening his life.

In a video on his Facebook page, Katto said that Kojja has been trailing him for a long time.

“When I made research, I was told Kojja Omugezi is a former Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) of Jamil Mukulu but he was given amnesty by government, he’s now living in Ireland,” a tearful Katto said.

“I’m called Kojja Omugezi I do not hide, I want you to take this audio in good faith.I have got information that you are working for the NRM regime.If we find out that you are against the people of Uganda,we shall see what next. I know where you stay and your movements,” Kojja Omugezi allegedly warned Ashburg Kato in an audio.

Katto added that at first, he had taken the threats lightly but he’s now scared.

“For Uganda to get back to track, we must kill some people, this is the fact. Let us isolate Ashburg Katto. We know where you stay, maybe you go and get shelter at Muhoozi’s residence,” Kojja Omugezi allegedly warned Katto.

While asking for help, Katto gave an example of Afande Mohammed Kirumira who warned that some people wanted to kill him and they finally did.

He alleges that the reason why Kojja Omugezi wants to kill his is because of his immense support for President Museveni.

“I have never gained anything from this government I’m even using boda bodas as a means of transport. Why do you want to kill me? I even fear to move out. Please Afande Ochola, Sabiti Muzeeyi and good father President Museveni come to my rescue,” the NRM social media activist added.


By Ronald Kisekka


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