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    Musician Victor Kamenyo’s Runs Off With Landlord’s Rent For 7 Months And Yaka Cables…



    Rapper Katongole Derrick alias Victor Kamenyo is on the run for failing to pay his lanbdlord rent amounting to 3.5 million shillings.

    Kamenyo’s landlord claims the musician failed to pay monthly rent of 500,000 Uganda shillings per month for 7 months.

    She also accussed him of being too shameless to the extent of taking off with items as cheap as a “yaka” cable.

    She claims that he even abandoned the house in a very poor state plus a water bill of up to 150,000 Uganda shillings.

    She said all she wanted was for Kamenyo to be open and honest with her and atleast pay half of the amount.

    She said that she took the matters to the LC, but the LC chairman told her that Kamenyo was behaving suspiciously and even refused to pick his calls in a bid to cool down the fire.

    The “Sirina malala” singer reportedly shifted with all his property in a Noah vehicle according to his neighbours.

    The aspiring lord councillor later took to his official Facebook page and regarded the allegations as fake news.

    Kamenyo refuted all the allegations saying it’s another of those political games his opponents are playing.

    Kamenyo warned that his landlord does not know she’s being tricked into some fishy business.

    The singer admitted to have formerly rented the house before leaving sometime back.

    He bragged that he is also a landlord after inheriting his father’s estate but he currently stays in Kawaala.

    “People know about the Katongole estates. I am also a landlord,” he said.

    He denied living miserably and showed live viewers where he comfortably resides.

    Victor Kamenyo said that he suspects that the reason why his former landlord is displaying his dirty linen is public is to soil his good name so that locals hate him.

    He paused for a moment and asked, “can a man as tidy as I am reach that level of disorganisation? I am a single man who doesn’t even cook, how then did I get a kitchen as dirty as what they showed in the video?”

    “My people love me, you can’t just spoil all that overnight,” he said.

    Kamenyo said he is a strong Christian and swore he was only telling the truth.

    He dared all his opponents to take the battle to the ballot box instead of maligning him.

    Kamenyo says it’s not criminal that he chose to vie for a political position of leadership in the ghetto like Kawaala, where he grew up from.


    By Baron Kironde



    Lydia Jazmine Is Fresher Than Sheila Gashumba – Fik Fameica Spills His Own Love Secrets On His Birthday.



    Ugandan award winning rapper, Fik Fameica has approved that fellow singer Lydia Jazmine is a better woman that socialite Sheila Gashumba.

    Fameica, who was once involved in a rocky love relationship with Sheila Gashumba admitted that Lydia Jazmine is his “freshest baby”.

    Jazmine has been rumored to be in a secret relationship with the “Buligita” singer, but it has now turned public after she confessed her love for the gangster rapper on his birthday.

    Lydia Jazmine and Fik Fameika sharing a love moment.

    Fik Fameica has just turned 25, and he’s blessed with his 30 year old queen in Lydia Jazmine.

    “Happy Birthday King. More Life Blessings,” Jazmine wrote.

    “Thank you freshest baby,” Fameica replied.

    The “king” and his “freshest baby” have continued to prove to the “it will end in tears” brigade that yes, it might end in tears, but tears of joy on their wedding day when they exchange vows to live together forever.

    The “Omalawo” songstress is so deep in love with the “Kutama” singer she doesn’t even care if he hangs out with other women.

    Lydia Jazmine recently revealed that she doesn’t at all feel irritated by Fameica’s closeness to new dance party queen mistress Etania Mutoni who featured in his new Buligita hit song.

    By Baron Kironde


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    Go To Police Where Nubian Li Is, I Don’t Grant Bails – Musicians’ President Ykee Benda Bitter With “Netizens”…



    UMA president Ykee Benda (L) and Nubian Li (R)

    Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) president Wyclife Tugume alias Ykee Benda has blasted social media critics for continuously poking their noses in his personal affairs.

    Ykee Benda has told off all self entitled activists pressuring him to use his office to claim for the immediate release of his fellow singer, Nubian Li.

    Nubian Li was arrested on Bobi Wine’s campaign trail in Kalanga and was yesterday charged together with others in the military court martial for being found in possession of ammunitions.

    Ykee Benda turned bitter and asked all those prompting him to take quick action to do the same of they really care. Other than making noise on the internet, he asked them to go to Police where he’s Remanded and demand for his release.

    “You know Nubian Li is with Police but ur on my twitter shouting like it’s me giving out bails! You yourself can’t do anything about it apart from tweeting like he is locked somewhere on twitter. Bomboclat!” Ykee Benda tweeted.

    “Now get this in your heads and understand it. To mind my business doesn’t mean I don’t have what to say.

    I care for what I care for when I care for it. I am a simple guy  but if for one second you think we came from the same womb. You will be reminded,” the singer added.


    By Baron Kironde


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    Female Journalist Threatens To Expose Singer Mayinja’s Dirty Secrets As CID Vows To Slap More Charges On Musician Over Stolen Phone…



    Musician Ronald Mayinja and journalist Yudaya Nangonzi (R)

    Controversial singer and also president Yoweri Museveni’s apologist Ronald Mayinja is in more trouble for stealing phone from journalist.

    On Thursday, Observer news paper female journalist Yudaya Nangonzi opened up a theft case at Salama road police station against Mayinja via case reference number SD;REF 29/7/1/2021.

    According to Nangonzi, Mayinja stole her mobile phone when she had gone for an interview at his home in Munyonyo a Kampala suburb.

    “Friends and family, kindly ignore any calls and WhatsApp messages that will come through my usual MTN and Airtel lines for now until further notice. My phone has been confiscated by Musician Ronald Mayinja,” Nangonze stated.

    When contacted, Charles Twine the CID spokesperson revealed that investigations into the matter have commenced and the file was transferred to Katwe Regional police station for special treatment.

    He said that on Saturday morning, Mayinja honoured police summons and appeared before police detectives at Katwe police station and recorded a statement.

    Twine described Mayinja’s actions by law as; “Any person who without a claim of right takes someone’s property knowing that it’s not his or herd and with an intention of permanently depriving that person of their property.”

    He explained that police is also investigating scenarios where Mayinja is accused of breaking Nangonzi’s mobile phone into pieces and if it’s true he will face other charges related to malicious damage.

    Twine said however that there is still room for negotiation between both parties because Mayinja is willing to compensate Nangonzi with another phone. However, Nangonzi threatened to reveal Mayinja’s dirty secrets if he does not stop blackmailing her and soiling her name.

    “Mr Ronald Mayinja, I painfully come out to inform you that you can say everything but avoid spreading falsehoods about me. I have a clean record of professionalism. If you are telling the truth, go ahead and respect police summons before I grant interviews to fellow journalists and narrate what happened. You’re soiling my name as you go ahead to call me and ask for forgiveness,” she said.

    “I have a family and name to protect. Just know, this will end in tears on your part in addition to paying my medical bills; you are aware of my vulnerable situation. I need my phone, lines, and SD card,” she threatened.

    When contacted on the phone, Mayinja declined to comment on the matter saying that he was advised by police detectives to keep quiet.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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