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Nambooze Attacks Bobi Wine, Fans: Besigye’s Apology Was Uncalled For, He Is A Victim Of A New Breed Of Bully Politicians And Their Followers



Mukono Municipality legislator Betty Nambooze Bakireke has said that Besigye should not have apologized to Bobi Wine over his ‘Twebereremu’ remarks.

Through her Facebook post today, Nambooze, who is a diehard Besigye fan in flesh and in blood said that Besigye is a victim of blame shifting by the new breed of bully politicians and their followers.

Below is her post verbatim:


There has been numerous taunts in my inbox and even here accusing me of silence when Bobi Wine, is “under attack” by Besigye. In a clip circulating across social media, Rtd Col Dr Kiiza Besigye is captured relating the “twebeereremu” mantra to the distractive politics or tribalism that destroyed countries like Somalia.

“Twebereremu” is an innocent yet powerful word that is a signature identifier of a call for people to act in their interest. It’s a Ghetto slang that align citizens for self empowerment….in other words it calls for the collective power of the people. Yet like People power and the red colour,Twebereremu slogan has been hijacked by political opportunistst and now risks to be monopolised by forces that seek to divide us.

I hear that Besigye has apologized for the remarks captured in the clip. Personally I feel that Besigye’s apology was uncalled for since he is only a victim of blame shifting by the very culprits of the vice and a new breed of bully politicians and their followers. The only thing maybe that dogded Besigye was to clearly walk the delicate balance of separating these elements who misuse the struggle catch phrases from the slogans. My advise to him is that next time we should boldly without favor name and shame the culprits. The strategy of this group is to attack any demand for accountability on their side through demonisation, name calling and blackmail.

Tactfully this group hides behind Bobi Wine’s name to hoodwink the youth support he enjoys. Also this group is boosted by the Nrm propagadists whose work is to draw a wedge between various forces of change to eliminate any possibility of unity and cohesion among us.

In the 18 years of activism Besigye has made many enemies who are out on a fault finding mission against him. No matter what he does, they will find an issue with it. As a strategy they selectively interprete his words and actions to suit the bad man they see in him. Of recent Besigye’s enemies have for the sake of convinience cunningly presented themselves as Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine) supporters and Crusaders of a Muganda President.

This dangerous group also through propaganda has laboured to present Besigye as a person running in connivance with the current regime to fool Ugandans that there is opposition. They continuously say that Museveni and Besigye are one and the same. They have been setting up opposition politicians against each other and then sit aside to watch the fight! Unfortunately their trick fits into our egos and some of us get flattered by their empty praises.

So when Besigye got out over the weekend to unpack their bad motives, they tacticfully decided to selectively pick on his words and evaluate his statement independent of the full discourse and the context in which it was given. It doesn’t bother them at all that they are playing right into the snare of Museveni’s propagadists.

It is ironical that the same elements who have been publically running a campaign along tribal lines calling upon whoever cares to listen to route for a “Muganda” and claiming that it is our turn as Baganda to rule Uganda now turn around to claim that they are wrongful accused! I am learning now that calling this group to order constitutes an attack on Bobi Wine! I and Lord Mayor Lukwago especially have severally appealed to them to desist from such a campaign but they instead by extension, descended on us and categorised us as people driven by envy against a fresh activist in Bobi. I don’t know whether Hon. Bobi is happy with this approach……..I suspect he is not.

Through the DP reunion conferences, on radio and TV programs at funerals and public rallies a group led by Dr. Bwaniika craftly pretending to work for a Bobi Presidency have championed this position and it has been the dominant opposition politics of 2018. It would be wiser, I suggest, that the proponents themselves officially adopt the tribal bearing they successfully introduced in the our politics instead of faking hurt over Besigye’s statement. After all it has been their position across all fora and it’s the ground by which they have sought legitimacy.

They should brand themselves clearly as Trump did in his campaign, lashing out with racist remarks. He stuck to this stance even when he was challenged. They can also borrow a leaf from Marie Le Pen in the recent French elections. Though she lost the election to Emmanuel Macron, she owned up to her support for racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism. Why pretend now that you are so hurt by Besigye for stating what you have been exactly doing all along ?

Otherwise, If to a accuse this group of tribalism is that hurting and damaging ,let it abandon this line of politics and actually all serious activists and Baganda politicians should denounce this strategy if only to prove that we are not the direct beneficiaries of this foul campaign. After all , it does more harm to us as it isolates our region from the rest of Uganda. It is time we embraced politics that is accountable and honest.Twebereremu in the true sense of the word;lets balance the boat and work for a united front,we are not each others competitors.#WeAreStrongerTogether.



Panic In MP Kato Lubwama’s SOLIDA Camp, Bobi Wine’s People Power Finally Get Candidate To Oust Him



L-R: Kato Lubwama, Bobi Wine and Mukasa

There is panic in the camp of incumbent Lubaga South Member of Parliament (MP) Paul Kato Lubwama after a number of SOLIDA members and area councilors fronted People Power diehard to oust him.

On Sunday evening, the Grapevine scribe landed on a group of Lubaga south councilors in a private political meeting at Javine hotel near Pope Paul hotel in Ndeeba, a suburb in Lubaga division, brainstorming on how to put him down.

The councilors in a meeting on Sunday

The Grapevine scribe established that the meeting was political after hearing voices of the members swearing that they are tired of Lubwama’s laziness in the August house. “We have to start looking for a formidable MP now otherwise we shall remain the same if we wait for Byamukama’s electoral Commission program,” one of the SOLIDA members was heard telling other friends in the meeting. One councilor we established as Hajjati Fuge, representing Busega parish in KCCA told friends that their constituency has lost out on many government programs due to lack of a vibrant MP.

She explained to her colleagues that they were expecting the construction and completion of the Nalukoloongo channel this political term of 2016-2021 but this has failed because of the area MP has failed to voice out their problems on the floor of parliament.

Mukasa with Mukono Legislator Betty Nambooze

Isaac, another councilor told colleagues that they are likely to lose their seats because voters are not happy, the voters blame the councilors for misleading them by recommending Lubwama. In the same meeting, one of the members whom we establish as Julius Katongole, a people power coordinate in Lubaga South revealed to his friends that as people power crusade, they are fronting a one Aloysious Mukasa to oust Lubwama from Lubaga South and they have already started drafting strategies to see that Lubaga South gets someone who will competently represent their interests.

Katongole told the over 30 councilors that what he wants from them is to join hands and liberate Lubaga South by supporting Bobi Wine’s diehard Mukasa.

“In the last general election, like other city constituencies, we voted leaders under the bandwagon effect without verifying them, someone of them told us to send them to parliament so that they can also eat. What do you really expect from such a leader?” Katongole said.  Katongole added that Mukasa, who they want to replace Lubwama, is a well-known businessman in the area who is not looking for a job like other leaders who won in the previous elections.

Mukasa chatting with some of the locals in Ndeeba

He added that as People Power Movement in Lubaga South, they are going to start moving from parish to parish endorsing candidates to stand on people power ticket, he warned councilors not to condemn him if the crusade drops them for not fulfilling the pledges they made in the previous term.

Katongole said that in July this year, the Lubaga South People Power wing is going to have a private political meeting with their national president Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine, the Kyadondo East MP to discuss how they can politically take over Lubaga South from local level to parliamentary level.

Lubaga South is made of parishes of Najjanakumbi 1, Najjanakumbi 2, Nateete, Ndeeba, Busega, Kabowa, Mutundwe and Lubaga. Efforts to speak to MP Kato Lubwama were futile since he has been not picking our calls since Tuesday.

By Jamil Lutakome


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Museveni Cannot Win The 2021 Elections, Bobi Wine Will Be President – Justice George Kanyeihamba



Retired Justice George Kanyeihamba has recommended People Power leader and the Kyadondo East legislator Kyagulanyi Robert Sentamu alias Bobi wine as president come 2021 .

Addressing the media at his home in Buziga, a Kampala suburb today, the retired judge said that president Museveni cannot win the 2021 general election because all his comrades who have always helped him to win the elections, the likes of Kivejinja will be 90 years by 2021 and the youths will decide this election.

Kanyeihamba said that power belongs to the people and the youth are many in numbers compared to the people in Museveni’s age bracket.

“Museveni cannot win the 2021 election, all his comrades are aged and they will be ninety years by that time. Bobi wine has the potential to win this election and he will by the power of the youths and the numbers, me too I support him,” the retired Judge said.

Kanyeihamba has also dismissed articles in the media that he was held hostage on Friday last week after a scuffle with one of his guard over a gun.

The retired judge who shade tears Infront of the cameras said he only felt sympathy for one of his bodyguards, a one Magololo who had lost his father that morning but his bosses refused him to go for burial because the force had no money.

He said that he gave his guard forty thousand shillings (40,000) to help him reach the burial place. He said that he also told him to surrender the gun to his person body guard a one Peter Onap something that Magololo refused to do. He said that he was forced to call his bosses who acted swiftly.

“It’s this scuffle that caused an alarm among my neighbors and the media because I had ordered my gate to be closed so that Magololo does not enter but nothing much had happened. I wonder where the media got this story from, but they will explain it somewhere,” Kanyeihamba said.

Kanyeihamba said that he has already alerted his two lawyers for legal battle with the New Vision.

By Mboowa Nathan


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You Cannot Exchange The Current Regime With Hooligans – MP Nsereko Blast Bobi Wine’s People Power



Kampala Central Member of Parliament (MP) Muhammad Nsereko has branded People Power movement members as hooligans over the way they attack anyone who tries to show them the right path to leadership.

In a heated live chat with music promotor Andrew Bajjo alias Bajjo event, a strong People Power supporter, Nsereko schooled him and all People Power supporters that what Ugandans want right now is a united opposition not one individual.

First, Bajjo revealed that he has spent a week in Kamuli district and established that people are tired of Kadaga because she has over stayed in parliament and failed to change their living conditions.

“Nsereko, I can bet my hand to be chopped off if Kadaga returns to parliament. People in Kamuli are tired of that old woman, they want new blood. I was there recently, people of kamuli are very poor. They cannot even afford to get 4000 shillings to enter a musical show.

I swear Kadaga will not cross that Jinja bridge because people are tired,” the music promotor stated.

He boasted that as People Power movement, they are planning to solve the Kamuli problem by bringing a youthful Moses Bigirwa (DP) to replace Kadaga.

MP Nsereko immediately intervened and educated Bajjo that Bigirwa can’t replace Kadaga in Kamuli because he is not a woman. Nsereko also swore that Kadaga will retain her sit. The outspoken Bajjo boasted that the country is tired of politicians like MP Nsereko who survive on confusion and mismanaging of public affairs and it’s the reason they are yearning for fresh blood like Kyadondo East MP Robert Kaygulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi wine.

Bajjo said that he speaks for the poor Ugandans who cannot afford paying school fees of 20,000 (twenty thousand shillings).

He pleaded with Nsereko to join people power camp instead of undermining MP Kyagulanyi because of his background. Bajjo also wondered why Nsereko from Kkobe clan and Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago are fighting Kyagulanyi and supporting Kizza Besigye who he claims is a Museveni project to keep him in power. MP Nsereko rubbished Bajjo’s claims and educated him that leaders are trained, tested and supervised.

He told Bajjo and the people power group must understand what is on the ground and what can help them take power instead of fighting the people they have found in the struggle for change.

“People are asking the opposition to come together, we are not promoting that kind of individualism you want to promote,” MP Nsereko said. He told Bajjo to go and tell his friends in People Power to accept that they need other people to change Uganda’s political situation and that they must accept the debate to choose the person to be fronted for presidency in the next general election.

The Kampala central legislator said that there’s no way you can exchange the current regime with hooligans adding that whoever speaks truth about Bobi Wine becomes a victim of insults and abuses.

“As people in power, I strongly believe that the future of Uganda’s opposition has been buried never to resurrect,” Nsereko added.

He said that he has on several occasions been engaged in a verbal exchange with people power diehards who claim that he is working for president Museveni and they have already chosen Kyagulanyi’s brother Fred Nyanzi to replace him as a MP for Kampala central.

By Jamil Lutakome


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