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Nambooze Attacks Bobi Wine, Fans: Besigye’s Apology Was Uncalled For, He Is A Victim Of A New Breed Of Bully Politicians And Their Followers



Mukono Municipality legislator Betty Nambooze Bakireke has said that Besigye should not have apologized to Bobi Wine over his ‘Twebereremu’ remarks.

Through her Facebook post today, Nambooze, who is a diehard Besigye fan in flesh and in blood said that Besigye is a victim of blame shifting by the new breed of bully politicians and their followers.

Below is her post verbatim:


There has been numerous taunts in my inbox and even here accusing me of silence when Bobi Wine, is “under attack” by Besigye. In a clip circulating across social media, Rtd Col Dr Kiiza Besigye is captured relating the “twebeereremu” mantra to the distractive politics or tribalism that destroyed countries like Somalia.

“Twebereremu” is an innocent yet powerful word that is a signature identifier of a call for people to act in their interest. It’s a Ghetto slang that align citizens for self empowerment….in other words it calls for the collective power of the people. Yet like People power and the red colour,Twebereremu slogan has been hijacked by political opportunistst and now risks to be monopolised by forces that seek to divide us.

I hear that Besigye has apologized for the remarks captured in the clip. Personally I feel that Besigye’s apology was uncalled for since he is only a victim of blame shifting by the very culprits of the vice and a new breed of bully politicians and their followers. The only thing maybe that dogded Besigye was to clearly walk the delicate balance of separating these elements who misuse the struggle catch phrases from the slogans. My advise to him is that next time we should boldly without favor name and shame the culprits. The strategy of this group is to attack any demand for accountability on their side through demonisation, name calling and blackmail.

Tactfully this group hides behind Bobi Wine’s name to hoodwink the youth support he enjoys. Also this group is boosted by the Nrm propagadists whose work is to draw a wedge between various forces of change to eliminate any possibility of unity and cohesion among us.

In the 18 years of activism Besigye has made many enemies who are out on a fault finding mission against him. No matter what he does, they will find an issue with it. As a strategy they selectively interprete his words and actions to suit the bad man they see in him. Of recent Besigye’s enemies have for the sake of convinience cunningly presented themselves as Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine) supporters and Crusaders of a Muganda President.

This dangerous group also through propaganda has laboured to present Besigye as a person running in connivance with the current regime to fool Ugandans that there is opposition. They continuously say that Museveni and Besigye are one and the same. They have been setting up opposition politicians against each other and then sit aside to watch the fight! Unfortunately their trick fits into our egos and some of us get flattered by their empty praises.

So when Besigye got out over the weekend to unpack their bad motives, they tacticfully decided to selectively pick on his words and evaluate his statement independent of the full discourse and the context in which it was given. It doesn’t bother them at all that they are playing right into the snare of Museveni’s propagadists.

It is ironical that the same elements who have been publically running a campaign along tribal lines calling upon whoever cares to listen to route for a “Muganda” and claiming that it is our turn as Baganda to rule Uganda now turn around to claim that they are wrongful accused! I am learning now that calling this group to order constitutes an attack on Bobi Wine! I and Lord Mayor Lukwago especially have severally appealed to them to desist from such a campaign but they instead by extension, descended on us and categorised us as people driven by envy against a fresh activist in Bobi. I don’t know whether Hon. Bobi is happy with this approach……..I suspect he is not.

Through the DP reunion conferences, on radio and TV programs at funerals and public rallies a group led by Dr. Bwaniika craftly pretending to work for a Bobi Presidency have championed this position and it has been the dominant opposition politics of 2018. It would be wiser, I suggest, that the proponents themselves officially adopt the tribal bearing they successfully introduced in the our politics instead of faking hurt over Besigye’s statement. After all it has been their position across all fora and it’s the ground by which they have sought legitimacy.

They should brand themselves clearly as Trump did in his campaign, lashing out with racist remarks. He stuck to this stance even when he was challenged. They can also borrow a leaf from Marie Le Pen in the recent French elections. Though she lost the election to Emmanuel Macron, she owned up to her support for racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism. Why pretend now that you are so hurt by Besigye for stating what you have been exactly doing all along ?

Otherwise, If to a accuse this group of tribalism is that hurting and damaging ,let it abandon this line of politics and actually all serious activists and Baganda politicians should denounce this strategy if only to prove that we are not the direct beneficiaries of this foul campaign. After all , it does more harm to us as it isolates our region from the rest of Uganda. It is time we embraced politics that is accountable and honest.Twebereremu in the true sense of the word;lets balance the boat and work for a united front,we are not each others competitors.#WeAreStrongerTogether.



The Blind Cannot Lead The Clear-Sighted; Kyagulanyi Is Lost And Blind – President M7’s Office Responds To Bobi Wine Over Arua Jibe



The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) through the office of the party chairman who is also the president have responded to Bobi Wine over his attack on President Museveni.

While in Arua yesterday, During the area MP Kassiano Wadri’s thanksgiving ceremony, Bobi told president Museveni that his days are numbered. He warned the president to stop telling him to stick to music because he didn’t also stick to cattle keeping.

In a message on their page, the president’s office said, “Kyaddondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine), has been quoted as saying that the days of the National Chairman of NRM, President Yoweri Museveni, are numbered. The MP was speaking in Arua over the weekend.

In making the statement, the MP forgot to say that so many detractors have predicted doom and wished the NRM National Chairman ill luck for longer than anyone can remember but he has broken all records conceivable to be who and where he is. Only God can number his days.”

They added, “Instead, it is Kyagulanyi’s days that are numbered. Why? He attempted to jump into the deep end without any iota of intellectual and ideological propulsion leading to shameful spectacles such as the failure to define “fiscal policy concepts” as the world recently witnessed on live TV that left the MP with egg on his face. In comparison, when National Chairman Museveni was breaking his teeth in mainstream politics, he was so sophisticated in his ideas that Ugandans didn’t believe he was one of them. They were used to mediocrity and incoherence. When, eventually, he proved that his ideas were not meant for America or Europe but for Uganda, they embraced him and have never looked back since.

Ugandans expect no less a level of grasp and articulation of ideas decades on. Museveni’s being 33 years in power is not accidental but incidental to personal preparation and natural endowment.

When he told Kyagulanyi to concentrate on music, National Chairman Museveni was advising the manic junior politician against parading himself cluelessly in elevated circles of leadership without first garnering minimum thought and grasp of concepts, let alone articulating them to publics. High level leadership is far detached from music, comedy and social scandal. Any budding leader with hope of building a career to talk of would take such counsel in good faith and learn from the best.”

“The blind cannot lead the clear-sighted; Ugandans are clear-sighted, Kyagulanyi is lost and blind.
In Luganda they say: Nantabulirirwa asabala gwa bbumba (He who is hard of hearing takes the clayey path-and sinks in the marsh-despite being warned).

In Runyankole they say: Obinga ibiri, imutsiga (He who chases two animals in one go loses both). That’s the unfolding story of Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine!” they said.

By Doreen Menezer


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Why Didn’t You Stick To Cattle Keeping – Bobi Blasts Museveni For Telling Him To Leave Politics



Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has blasted president Museveni for telling him to leave music and stick to Music.
While addressing locals in Arua municipality, during the area MP Kassiano Wadri’s victory party, Bobi, who already declared that he is ready to stand against president Museveni in the 2021 elections, told him that he would also have stuck to cattle keeping.

“You said that I should stick to music alone but remember when you were my age, you did not stick to keeping cattle. When you were my age, you were busy interacting with cows and goats but at my age I have been interacting with the common people. How can you say you went to the bush to fight against oppression and to install democracy yet 33 years later you cannot have democracy in your own party?” Bobi Said amidst cheers from the crowd.

Bobi told them to have the same courage they exhibited during the Arua by elections come 2021 and exercise their rights.

By Doreen Menezer


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IS THIS THE TRUE BESIGYE? Amanya Mushega’s Letter Blasting Besigye Resurrects – Your Style And Content Of Leadership Raises Concern, Learn To Respect And Appreciate The Contribution Of Others However Small



As the battle on who will represent the opposition in the next general election rages on, with many people calling upon Besigye, who has stood for presidency on four occasions and failed, to rally behind Kyadondo Legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine, a letter written by Amanya Mushega has surfaced revealing Besigye’s true characters.

In the letter, which was written by Amanya Mushega four years ago, the FDC regional vice president for western Uganda asked Besigye to tolerate different points of view and genuinely welcome, respect, appreciate and accommodate those who hold a different point of view.

Besigye, Mbabazi and Mao in a TDA meeting before the 2016 elections

The opposition is currently split on who to front in the next general elections with many voices calling upon all opposition heads to rally behind one candidate who should stand against President Museveni. A similar feat was done in the 2016 elections under The Democratic Alliance (TDA) but Besigye jumped out of the TDA ship at the last minute and refused to rally behind the TDA candidate Amama Mbabazi. He later stood on the FDC party ticket and came out second with 3,508,687 votes to Museveni who garnered 5,971,872 votes. The TDA candidate Amama Mbabazi was third with a paltry 136,519. There are fears that this might happen again come 2021.

Below is Amanya Mushega’s letter:

Dear Col. (rtd) Dr Kizza Besigye,

In your interview with one of the local English papers, you insinuated that in my earlier interview with the same paper, l was trying to speak on behalf of president Mugisha Muntu, yet I am not his spokesperson, and that Muntu is competent to speak for himself.

I’m writing this letter to you directly to let you know that l gave my views in my personal capacity. I hold no position in FDC but l have views based on experience in leadership on a fairly long period of reading, observing and in some cases practices.

You stated that in 1999, you approached some of us to leave the Movement and when we failed; you decided to start the work of ‘heavy lifting’ to remove the dictatorship and that you left the Movement for that purpose.

For how long will this ‘heavy lifting be a personal obligation and mission? The fact is that you did not leave the Movement; you just run for the office of the President under the Movement system. There were some members who moved a motion that Mr President be declared a sole candidate in 2000. Some of those movers are now victims of that thinking, some of us openly opposed this move and argued that you were free to stand. We even advised against the efforts to have you arrested and victimised. Your ‘entasiima’.

By the way, to refresh your memory, just 10 years earlier in 1989, you led a team to draft a resolution for a constitutional amendment to extend NRM rule and hence the leadership of President Museveni for an extra five years which was passed.

Then you were the most trusted confidant of the NRM leadership. Only a sole voice, Omulongo Waswa Ziritwawula opposed this move and resigned his seat in Parliament in protest. If you had joined him to fight the nascent ‘dictatorship’, perhaps the course of history of this country would have been different.

We may recall that when the Constitution was being amended to remove term limits, there were many clear voices in and outside Parliament who opposed it and some paid and are still paying a price. Not everyone succumbed to money offers. This was before FDC was formed. And FDC was not founded by a single individual or group. It was a culmination of efforts by several groups and tendencies, to forge a common home for a common effort and purpose.

You may recall my long discussion with you in South Africa in 2004. Many others did visit you. Learn to appreciate that there were other strugglers before you then and there are many others now.

The issues that concern you that I raised in that interview and which l still hold were;

1. You had turned on your word as recorded live on NTV and many other forms of media.

2. That you had not supported your successor Gen. Mugisha Muntu

3. That you had set up parallel structures and centres of power.

I can now add that you don’t easily tolerate different points of view and you don’t genuinely welcome and accommodate those who hold a different point of view. Case in a point, during the Namboole delegates conference in 2010 that elected you for the second term as president, Hon. Wandera Martin was publically announced that he had been appointed unopposed as secretary for labour.

Later on at the first NEC meeting at party headquarters, a meeting you chaired, it was raised that actually there were other people who had been nominated but papers not presented. To cut the long story short, Wandera was dropped and replaced by another person. The real reason, he had supported Muntu. Wandera is alive.

My brother Besigye, you are free to change your mind and you are entitled to run again, but if you do so, say so and why, rather than attacking people who raise that issue as you did in the interview referred to above. You actually state in the same interview that you stood because of the trust voters have in you that is not transferable to another candidate of the same party.

You also pointed that there was a deficit in that trust in your absence and that there was insufficient resolve by leaders in your absence to fight for reforms. Did you really think through this? If you did and it’s true, then your style and content of leadership raises concern. Please learn to respect and appreciate the contribution of others however small or insufficient from your point of view.

If it’s personal to you as if new voters have not come on board and some in the old voters register passed on, then this is in itself failed leadership. When you stepped down, I told some leaders at that time that you had stepped down tacticfully in order to come back with a bang as flag bearer. So your coming back was not a surprise to me, what surprised was the spurious reasons you advanced.

You started a parallel sect dubbed ‘activists’ from the top to the districts level. I will not delve into its activities. My view is that a leader’s role is to reconcile and harmonise different points of view in order to advance a common goal and purpose. Styles of struggle will always be there in any organised society. We should also learn to tolerate different points of view and respond to them without insinuations.

Finally, let me make it clear to all concerned that whoever gets elected and in spite of the attacks and labels put against me by some of your ardent supporters and campaign handlers, we shall support the party and its leadership at all levels.

— Nuwe Amanya Mushega

By Doreen Menezer


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