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NATIONAL EXCLUSIVE: How Female Spy Led Bobi Wine Into Entebbe Trap



The car that drove Bobi Wine home

Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine was picked off plane by security personnel and driven home. The musician was not allowed to proceed to immigration for check in/out, but rather ordered into a police van and driven away to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) facility.

Bobi Wine was later driven in a white police Land cruiser GX vehicle registration number, UP7500 to Kasangati Police Station.

How Female Spy Led Bobi Wine Into Entebbe Trap

The security system of Uganda has been trailing Bobi Wine and getting his plans through a female spy they planted on his flight all the way from Amsterdam in Europe. This female spy (from the opposition) was working with a female MP from eastern Uganda. The female spy sat close enough and would tap into Bobi conversations and what he was planning to do on arrival. All his plans were being reported to a very influential commander who is a 4 star general.

The four star general was monitoring everything from one of his farms outside Kampala. The spy on the same flight has been updating the female MP who would update the 4 star general directly. The four star general would then share the info with the security operatives on the ground at the airport and its this first hand Intel that the security has used to nab a defenseless Bobi and rushed him away like sheep being dragged to a slaughter house.

“She does not have that money to transport herself to Amsterdam and back. The woman MP from eastern was given money by the big man to fund her trip and accomplish this mission,” the source told this website.

This female spy and the female MP from eastern Uganda have been in this game for a long time because they did the same reporting to the same four star general the day Besigye returned from his European tour and supporters had planned to welcome him like a hero. KB had just been to Europe claiming his 2016 victory was rigged but the female MP used guys close to KB to get all the info and in the end KB was preemptively arrested on arrival at the airport by security operatives dressed like CAA workers. All in all Bobi needs to learn a lot from KB because all the things they are going to do to him are similar to what KB has faces for the last 17 years of struggle.



Lawyer Mulira Weeps While Narrating How Minister Kibuule Killed His Relatives Over Land, Accuses Him Of Grabbing And Evicting 300 Families From Land



Senior city lawyer Peter Mulira wept before the commission of inquiry into land matters when he was narrating how Mukono North Member of parliament and Junior Water and Environment Minister Ronald Kibuule killed his relatives and evicted hundreds of people at Wanyonyi village, Naama Sub County in Mukono District.

Mulira testified that Kibuule used Mukono tycoon Dick Munoba, his puppet, to evict people from 488 acres of land on plot 136 -160 block 189 Kyaggwe. He said that the land which Kibuule and Munoba grabbed belonged to his grandfather the late Ham Mukasa, the former Buganda chief in Kyaggwe County. Mulira said that Kibuule fraudulently transferred the land into Munoba’s name with the help of officers in the lands Ministry and the registry of land titles.

Ebert Byenkya the commission’s lead counsel tasked Mulira to provide evidence to support his allegation that Minister Kibuule was the one evicting people because according to the evidence they have, the person who is known for tormenting and evicting Wanyonyi people is tycoon Munoba not Kibuule.

Mulira first shook his head, removed his glasses and told the commission that he is a senior citizen in this country, who is well-trained and a senior lawyer who cannot just throw defamatory claims against very important people.

Mulira then started explaining Kibuule’s invisible hand in Wanyonyi land evictions, he even broke down and started shading tears.

“This is our country, where should we go, why is that man tormenting us to that extent, my lord the chairperson of this commission, I have lost two relatives because of this land. I stand by my words, that man Kibuule whom I cannot even call Honorable because he is not fit to be called so, is behind every violent act on this land, that’s the fact,” counsel Mulira noted while wiping tears from his eyes.

He again and again apologised to the chairperson of the commission justice Catherine Bamugemereire in tears. Justice Bamugemereire comforted him and promised that the commission understands the situation he is going through with hundreds of residents in Nama sub county who were evicted from their land by tycoon Munoba.

Counsel Mulira said that it’s not only his relatives who died because of Kibuule but there are other residents who died, their homes were demolished, their crops were destroyed and many others were imprisoned for resisting to leave their land.

He testified that residents openly told him that Kibuule warned them that if they think that Mulira will use court to fight for them because he is a lawyer, they will never win this land battle because the government wants it.

Kibuule told the poor residents that he has already got investors from China who are ready to establish factories on the land so that government can collect a lot of taxes for the development of the country instead of poor residents who are not paying anything but staying on the land.

He further explained that during his investigation as a lawyer, he discovered that the forceful hand used cannot be that of Munoba but it’s for big people in the government.

He testified that the way state organs like police, RDC and local chairpersons are used in this matter is evidence enough that there is a big person behind Munoba.

“I am a lawyer, I tried to save this land and these poor people but I feel I’m being betrayed, everybody is against them even when I came here, the secretary to this commission started threatening them to disown me because I am a lawyer,” Mulira added.

Lawyer Mulira (in glasses) talking to some local leaders

He said that he will fight and make sure that he never allows Minister Kibuule to evict locals he grew up seeing. He added that his grandfather Ham Mukasa educated them and even gave them the land which Kibuule wants to grab.

He accused Munoba of fraudulently forging the land title to acquire the land, he said that Munobe is alleging that he bought the land in 1973 from Dr. Emmanuel Lumu Ssajjalyabene the first health Minister in the independent government.

He disclosed that surprisingly, Lumu’s daughter Rebecca Namugenza, who is now the administrator of Lumu’s properties, swore an affidavit and told him that she is ready to testify before the commission that his father never owned any piece of land in Wanyonyi village and that his father never sold any land to Munoba as he claims.

He said that Munoba forged Lumu’s signature because in 1970, Lumu sold him another piece of land in Kasenge Mukono.

Commissioner Robert Ssebunya advised the commission that during that period which Munoba claims to have bought the land, Lumu was imprisoned in Luzira.

Ssebunya said that Lumu was among the ministers arrested and imprisoned by Milton Obote the former president of Uganda over the 1966 Buganda crisis and he was released by President Iddi Amin.

Mulira added that during that time, Amin abolished the private mailo land ownership and Lumu, who was still in prison couldn’t sign transfer forms or sell his land well knowing that the mailo system was abolished in the country.

He testified that Munoba’s documents indicate that he bought the land in 1973 but in 1970, he lodged a caveat on the land title before he bought the land.

He said that documents also indicate that in 1976, Munoba mortgaged the land title  to the bank, he wondered which bank can accept to give someone money on a land title which was already abolished by Amin government.

Mulira also accused a top High Court judge for advising Munobe to bypass legal system and evict people. He said that it’s this judge has frustrated his efforts to expose Munoba’s fraud before courts of law. The commission is still investigating the matter.


By Jamil Lutakome


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They Will Continue Making You Cry Like An Animal If You Don’t Stop Celebrating The Downfall Of Others – Sam Omara Warns Lukwago



(L-R) Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and Sam Omara

The former Kampala Field Force Commander Assistant Commissioner of Police Sam Omara has advised the Lord Mayor of Kampala Ssalongo Erias Lukwago to stop celebrating the downfall of others but instead appreciate the little they have done in their positions or else God will always pay him for the bad prayers and attitude towards others.

Omara says that Lukwago went to one of the local televisions and thanked God for his removal from Kampala just like he was seen celebrating the resignation of Kampala Capital city Authority (KCCA) Executive Director Jennifer Musisi Semakula this week.

Lukwago told the media that he failed to get sleep the night Musisi resigned because of joy, he went on and sang a song which he dedicated to the KCCA ED.

“I remember when I was removed from Kampala, a certain careless leader went on a TV program and thanked God for my removal but in my absence, another officer made him cry in the voice of a pig, hope you learnt some lessons,” Omara wrote.

In a WhatsApp group aimed at looking at, and discussing the current affairs in African countries dubbed ‘Walk the Talk Africa’ , Omara wrote that the time he was in Kampala, he contained most riots and protests and there were no murders and killings like it is happening now.

Omara is remembered for being at the forefront of stopping opposition kingpin Kiiza Besigye from leaving his home during the walk to work protests after the 2011 elections.

Omara and his men always laid siege and camped at Besigye’s Kasangati home day and night. Surprisingly, even with this heavy deployment, the highly skilled bush war fighter in Besigye always sneaked out of his home and stormed the city.

Omara always said that the opposition leaders are not enemies to the government but are struggling for power.

Omara adds that he will be part of the last duwa prayers of his former best friend in the force the late Mohammed Kirumira at his dad’s place at Mpambire today.


 By Mboowa Nathan


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BOBI WINE WARNS NAMBOOLE/FUFA: Ugandans Are Watching You Play Your Dirty Games, One Day You Will Pay



Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has warned FUFA and Namboole management for cancelling Kyarenga concert.
Today, Namboole stadium management advised Bobi Wine to get another venue for his concert after receiving a letter from FUFA. FUFA warned Namboole management that CAF warned them against hosting games in a bad pitch. The football governing body cautioned Namboole management that hosting events in the stadium spoils it.
Through his Facebook page, Bobi Wine has warned Namboole and FUFA to do the right thing and stop dancing to the tune of the regime.
Below is Bobi’s letter verbatim:
Friends, fans and all well wishers,
As you all know, today we should be at Namboole Stadium for our Kyarenga Album Launch. The regime shamelessly used Namboole stadium to block it by claiming that our concert was not amongst the events to be hosted by the stadium till January 2019. They also lied that there was going to be a wedding reception today. I can confirm that there is no wedding taking place at the Namboole today! Asuman Mugyenyi wrote a letter on behalf of police stopping the show!

Armed with the matrix they gave us, our show promoters rushed to Namboole and told them that we wanted to rebook our show on any of the dates that was available. They tried to give all sorts of excuses but we said we were ready to meet any conditions. We told them that even if it was only a Monday which was available, we were willing to take it. They ran out of excuses and we chose Friday 9th, November! They gave us very tough conditions for the use of the studium thinking that we would not meet them. One of them was that out fans must not use the turf/ grass during the show, and they imposed a very huge fine if this was violated. We complied with all the conditions and signed the necessary documents with them. Having rebooked the venue, we made fresh adverts and started advertising the new date.

Guess what?! Today we received this letter cancelling the show once again. Reason? They claim that they have received a complaint from FUFA about hosting our concert! Please note that the same stadium has so many other events scheduled and none has been canceled except our concert!

As shameful as this is, I am not surprised. You need to talk to any of the administrators at Namboole and see the amount of pressure they have been under from the regime not to host us. Many of them have been receiving threatening calls every after a few minutes. How can the regime be very scared of Ugandans meeting for a music show, simply because it is hosted by Bobi Wine?! I also know that they are doing everything possible to block all my businesses and other sources of income.

To the administrators of Namboole stadium, officials of FUFA and others who are used in these kinds of dirty games, please know that Ugandans are watching. No matter how much pressure you get from the regime, always do your job without fear or favor. Namboole belongs to Uganda. It is not private property. The positions you hold there are public positions. You must never use them against the people.

To all artistes and other well meaning Ugandans, we should know that this is not an attack on Bobi Wine. It is an attack on all of us. It is an attack on music, on the arts, on business, on free expression and on our livelihood as citizens!

To you my fans, friends and well wishers, do not lose heart. I can assure you that ONE DAY our nation shall be TOTALLY FREE from this mess. That day, all Ugandans will be free and equal.

Regarding the concert, the good news is that we are actively looking at different options and will communicate very soon. What I know is that whether Namboole or not, we shall hold the KYARENGA album launch pretty soon.

PS: May I also remind you that last year when my shows were blocked I went to court over the matter and the case has never been heard!


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