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NATIONAL EXCLUSIVE: Unmasking M7’s Secret Meeting With Security Bosses Amidst Rwanda Tension: Every National ID Applicant Now Has To Present Photos Of Both Parents



On Saturday morning, President Museveni held a secret security meeting with top security bosses at State House Entebbe where several issues including Uganda’s current security situation were discussed.

According to a source in security who attended the meeting, the Commander in Chief wasn’t happy after getting information that some top bosses in big security organs spend most of the time in bars and hotels with women.


According to the source, the meeting that started in the wee hours of Saturday morning and went on until the afternoon, was attended by top army generals, police bosses and intelligence directors.

In the meeting, it was agreed that all ‘kawukuumi’ (wrong) elements must be eliminated in all security forces if security is to be tightened. The chief in command also ordered security bosses to deploy at all border points and focus more on intelligence and community policing.

The meeting was staged on 5 points, these included, the current tension between Rwanda and Uganda, opposition and youth activism, Kayihura Aides prisoners, National identification and security surveillance.

Rwanda Uganda Saga

The Commander in Chief tasked all security bosses to handle Rwanda, Uganda issues with care pointing out that there might be bad elements working tirelessly to break down the relations for ever through something small which can easily be handled in a blink of an eye.

Opposition and youth activism

The Commander in Chief commanded all security bosses to hunt, break down and dismantle all activism and crime related issues. He suggested that it’s better for operatives to use the search and destroy mechanism which is prevention than using cure system as it has always been. M7’s warning comes shortly after information circulated in intelligence that opposition figure Kizza Besigye had planned a new wave of riots in Kampala.

Kayihura Aides currently under detention

It was also discussed that all Aides to former police boss Kale Kayihura who are currently in Makindye military detention be handled professionally. According to the source, it was agreed that all Kale aides shouldn’t easily be set free since most of them had their personal motives in the respective offices they worked in. The Commander in Chief commanded intelligence bosses to follow and file all possible charges on whoever was connected in any plot of causing instability in the country.

National Identification

It was in the same meeting that it was agreed that all Uganda nationals should hold identification cards as soon as possible. Here, a strategy was laid that all local council chairpersons should register there residents without national identifications and in the process every applicant has to present a letter and photo of both parents. This command was passed through DISO’S to Local Council chairpersons.

 Intelligence surveillance

In the same meeting the Commander in Chief also tasked all security bosses for daily intelligence monitoring and surveillance. Here, he commanded all intelligence directors to submit their budgets and if possible recruit new operatives as soon as possible.


By Hadadi Mubiru



Is Government Killing Its Own People? Nambooze Asks After Nantaba Spilled The Beans That The Rampant Murders In Uganda Are State Sponsored And That ADF Is A State Creation To Hoodwink The Public As The Regime Agents Kill Ugandans With Impunity!….



Kayunga woman MP Aidah Erios Nantaba parliament yesterday shocked parliament when she revealed that the rampant murders in Uganda are State sponsored!

Nantaba, who was speaking during a session on Tuesday evening after several legislators, sought for protection because they have been recieving death from unknown persons, told parliament that the person who wants to kill her was behind the plot to kill former Butaleja Woman MP Cerinah Nebanda, who controversially died in 2012.

“I received a phone call from Cerinah Nebanda’s mother. She told me honorable, you are going to be killed by the same person who killed my daughter. I was shocked because I didn’t know where she had got my number. She told me I should go to her to get the details about the plot,” Nantaba revealed.

She insisted that, “The killers are from police and other security organs. The killer is not anybody from outside. They talk about ADF but the killers are within. But because they have the media, they play with the minds of Ugandans. I was told to be silent in my home, for them they were playing with the media to hoodwink the public to think it was an innocent man going to school to visit his children. If he was innocent, why did they kill him?”


Mukono municipality legislator Betty Nambooze Bakireke has asked government to launch an investigation into allegations from the former minister.

Nambooze says, “according to the immediate past ICT Minister Ida Erios Nantaba the rampant murders in Uganda are State sponsored! Nantaba also alleges that ADF is not a terrorist outfit but a State creation to hoodwink the public as the regime agents in the cover, move around killing Ugandans with impunity!”

She says, “Nantaba is so sure of what she is saying to the extent that now she has moved from making those statements in the media, to presenting them before Parliament.

Assuming that Nantaba is telling lies against what is Government going to do in order to bring her to book and clear the image of our security forces? OR Conceding that Nantaba is telling the truth, what defence does all of us have for not acting on this information?”

She adds, “For a regime Minister to come out and say that much against the government she has been serving, one wonder the amount of things that shall be declassified after the departure of Mr. Museveni ! Can it be true that the Government is killing its own people? Isn’t it time we cause an investigation.”

By Josephine Kauma


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FULL SPEECH: I Have Been In Leadership For 60 years And The NRM Has Rescued Uganda From Total Collapse Museveni…



President Museveni chats with Prince William in London

President Yoweri Museveni has said that he has been in leadership for 60 years and in those years, the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) and its pre-cursors (Fronasa, the study groups) rescued Uganda from total collapse.

In his speech at the Africa Leadership Magazine Dialogue (ALM) 2020, at the African Leadership Magazine Dialogue at the Royal Geographical Society in London, the president said that it is the sacrifice of those comrades and the millions of those who believed in them that enabled the NRM to achieve what they have so far achieved.

Below is his speech verbatim:

am pleased, to be part of the Africa Leadership Magazine Dialogue (ALM) 2020, in London. I wish to thank Dr. Ken Giami, the Chief Executive Officer of Africa Leadership Magazine, for inviting me to deliver a keynote address, on this important occasion. The topic: “Harnessing Africa’s Potential: The Uganda Example” has been central to my various efforts, for the last 60 years, as an active participant on the political scene of Africa’s journey to socio-economic transformation and in particular, Uganda.

I thank you for giving me the award for leadership. Leadership, to succeed, must be collective. It is true, that for 60 years now, I have been in leadership roles as a student leader (1960-70), a resistance leader (1971-86) and a State leader from 1986 upto today. In all those 60 years, one of my primary tasks was to transform the traditional life-style of the Ugandans (from obujajja to modernity). I could not have had any impact if I did not always work with colleagues, many of them, perishing in the struggle or departing this world since. Those who died in the struggle included: Raiti Omongin, Natolo-Masaba, Martin Mwesiga, Mwesigwa Black, Valerian Rwaheeru, Kahuunga-Bagira, Joy Mireembe, Mukomboozi, etc.

It is the sacrifice of those comrades and the millions of our followers that enabled us to achieve what we achieved. Stand up, please, to salute the contribution and memory of these comrades. There is no doubt, that the NRM and its pre-cursors (Fronasa, the study groups) rescued Uganda from total collapse. We did it by a correct diagnosis. Our diagnosis was that man, in the last 600 years, had acquired scientific tools, that helped him to perform the mandate given to him by God, in the Book of Genesis (Chapter 1:26) ─ “to establish dominion over nature. In other-words, control the floods, cope with drought through irrigation, deal with disease, detect and mitigate the consequences of earth-quakes, etc. Moreover, do all this using machines that produce on a large scale alot of goods and services efficiently.

It is this capacity accompanied by man in the last 600 years that is now being called the 3 Industrial Revolutions. By 1960, when I started following global events closely, the more enlightened parts of the globe had gone through the 2 Industrial Revolutions and were entering the 3rd.

The big problem we noticed was that, for a number of reasons, mainly internal weaknesses within Africa, this enhancement of human capacity had by-passed Africa. Africa was backward scientifically and also sociologically. Mass production in Europe had restructured the European society and given birth to new social classes that never existed before: the middle class (the bourgeoisie) and the working class (the proletariat). This was in addition to the old feudal, peasant and artisan classes. Given the huge size of Africa, 12 times bigger than India, 4 times bigger than China or the USA, also given the under-population of Africa, this crisis was not easy to see.

After all, people were eating, sleeping, etc. It was, however, a crisis we noticed and started exposing. Given the sociological backwardness of the society, philosophical and political ideas were also backward ─ emphasizing identity of tribe and religion rather than interest ─ e.g. the markets. Who will buy what I produce? How can this be a serious problem if you are only producing a few goats that graze on one hill?

Since that time, our prescription was to fight the sectarian ideas of identity, emphasize patriotism (unity within Uganda), pan-Africanism (unity in Africa), social-economic transformation (sociological leap) to create a middle class and a skilled working class and to deal with global players on equal and mutually beneficial terms through trade, investments and tourism.

It is those four pillars of our social-political diagnosis and prescription that formed the base of our ideology and strategy. These are: Patriotism, Pan-Africanism, Social-economic transformation and Democracy. This means that we banish sectarianism of religion and tribe and gender-chauvinism against women because they do not address the crucial modern issue of market. The one who buys what you produce supports your prosperity. Therefore, there must be no sectarianism in Uganda because it fragments our market. Moreover, even the Ugandan market is not enough. We need the African market. Hence, Pan-Africanism is core to our programme. With a united African market, we can negotiate for access to other markets of the USA, China, India, Russia, Japan, etc.

This is how you can talk of “harnessing Africa’s economic potential”. Once you deal with the ideology, the diagnosis and prescription, you must deal with the strategy now: How do you administer the prescription? This is how you come to the other strategic bottlenecks that are not part of the primary diagnosis. All the bottlenecks are 10. However, ideological disorientation and market integration are also part of the 10 bottlenecks. The other bottlenecks are: lack of education, a weak State (Army, etc.), mishandling the private sector, under-developed agriculture, undeveloped services sector, etc.

President Museveni receives an award from the Africa Leadership Magazine Dialogue organisers

We cannot modernize the economy for instance, if we do not solve the problem of infrastructure. High electricity costs, high transport costs, etc., cannot allow the economy to grow. By addressing the diagnosis issues (ideology and prescription) and by addressing the bottlenecks, the economy of Uganda has been able to grow at the rate of 6.3% per annum. This was even before we addressed some of the bottlenecks. Now that we are addressing almost all the bottlenecks, the economy will grow faster and transform completely. We already have proto types of our own indigenously designed cars, buses and min-buses. Our scientists have got quite abit of patents for inventions. We are continuing to share our views with other African leaders and the vision of Africa is continuing to coalesce for a united and modernized Africa that will close the 600 years gap of Africa’s lagging behind. The potential of Africa is huge and it has always been there. The population of 1.3billion people, 12 million square miles of land area is 12 times the size of India and 4 times the size of China or the USA. We have resources of every kind. The only problem has been social-political organization and the consequent social-economic organization ─ e.g. subsistence farming versus commercial farming; exporting raw-materials versus value addition; etc., etc.

Finally, I am very happy to be here with the Royal Geographical Society. It was, actually, the Royal Geographical Society that sent out Hannington Speke in 1862 to come to Uganda, HM Stanley to come to Uganda in 1874 and HM Stanley to come to Uganda, again, in 1887/9 to rescue Emin Pasha. These inquisitive persons were able to link us with the outside world for the first time. The first non-black person to get to Uganda was an Arab man, known as Ibrahimu, who got to Uganda in 1841. Otherwise, our people had never seen a non-black person. I do not know the original motivation of the Royal Geographical Society. However, that link up led to the opening up of Africa. I salute you and commend you.

Thank you.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020


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NEW CABINET RESHUFFLE: Bakabulindi, Nantaba, Nadduli, Muloni Dropped As FDC’s Anywar, Nabakooba Eat Big….



After over three years without making a cabinet reshuffle, President Museveni has released a new cabinet list dropping ministers who include: Janat Mukwaya (Gender, Labour and Social Development), Abdul Nadduli (without portfolio), Irene Muloni (Energy and Mineral Development), Eng. Monica Ntege Azuba (Works and Transport) and Alex Onzima (State Minister in the Office of the Vice President), Aidah Nantaba (State Minister for ICT and Communication) and Charles Bakkabulindi (State Minister for Sports).

Museveni has also rewarded some of his loyal cadres with promotions and some like his Principal Private Secretary Molly Kamukama have been appointed State Minister for Economic Monitoring.

Gen. Katumba Wamala who has been the State Minister for Works is now the cabinet Minister for Works and Transport replaces Monica Ntege Azuba.

Mary Kitutu, who has been the State Minister for the Environment has now been appointed as Minister for Energy and Ministers to replace Eng. Irene Muloni and Judith Nabakooba, the former Police spokesperson has been appointed minister for Information, ICT and Communications replacing Frank Tumwebaze.

Former  Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) member Beatrice Anywar, the Kitgum Municipality MP is now the Minister of state for Environment.

In Exercise of the Powers vested in the President by Articles 99(1), 108(2), 108A(1), 113(1) and 114(1) of the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has, in pursuance of the goals of the NRM and Ugandans in general, made minor changes to the Cabinet.

He has appointed persons listed below as Vice President, Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, Ministers of State and Senior Presidential Advisors:

1. H.E. the Vice President ─ HON. KIWANUKA


2. Rt. Hon. Prime Minister ─ DR. RUHAKANA


3. 1stDeputy Prime Minister ─ GEN. MOSES ALI;

& Deputy Leader of Gov’t

Business in Parliament

4. 2nd Deputy Prime Minister and ─ HON. KIRUNDA

Minister without Port-folio KIVEJINJA;

5. Minister of Education and ─ HON. MUSEVENI


6. Minister of the Presidency ─ HON. MBAYO ESTHER


7. Minister in Charge of ─ HON. BUSINGYE

General Duties/Office of MARY KAROORO

The Prime Minister OKURUT;

8. Minister of Disaster

Preparedness &

Refugees ─ HON. ONEK HILARY;

9. Government Chief Whip ─ HON. NANKABIRWA


10. Minister of East African Affairs ─ MAJ. GEN.KAHINDA


11. Minister of Security ─ HON.GEN. ELLY


12. Minister of Defence and ─ HON. MWESIGE

Veteran Affairs ADOLF;

13. Minister of Foreign ─ HON. KUTESA


14. Minister of Internal Affairs ─ GEN. JEJE ODONGO;

15. Minister of Trade, ─ HON. KYAMBADDE

Industry& Cooperatives AMELIA ANNE;

16. Minister of Finance and

Economic Planning ─ HON. KASAIJA MATIA;

17. Minister of Energy and

Minerals ─ HON. KITUTU MARY;

18. Minister of Tourism,

Wildlife & Antiquities ─ HON. BUTIME TOM;

19. Minister of Local ─ HON. RAFAEL MAGYEZI;


20. Minister of Works and ─ GEN. KATUMBA

Transport WAMALA;

21. Minister of Lands,

Housing & Urban ─ HON. KAMYA BETTY;


22. Minister for Kampala and ─ HON. AMONGI BETTY;

Metropolitan Affairs

23. Minister of Health ─ DR. ACENG JANE;

24. Minister of Public Service ─ HON. MURULI


25. Minister of Justice ─ HON. KAMUNTU

& Constitutional Affairs EPHRAIM;

26. Attorney General ─ MR. BYARUHANGA


27. Minister of Water & ─ HON. CHEPTORIS

Environment SAM;

28. Minister for Karamoja Affairs ─ HON. BYABAGAMBI


29. Minister for Science, ─ DR. TUMWESIGYE

Technology and Innovation ELIODA;

30. Minister of Gender, Labour ─ HON. TUMWEBAZE

& Social Affairs FRANK;

31. Minister of Information, ICT ─ HON. NABAKOOBA

&Communications JUDITH;

32. Minister of Agriculture, ─ HON. SSEMPIJJA

Animal Industry & VINCENT



Office of the President:

1. Minister of State for ─ HON. LOKODO

Ethics and Integrity SIMON;

2. Minister of State for ─ MRS. KAMUKAMA NAWE

Economic Monitoring MOLLY;

Office of the Vice President:

3. Minister of State ─ HON. KASIRIVU

Vice President’s Office BALTAZAH ATWOKI;

Office of the Prime Minister:

4. Minister of State for

Relief and Disaster ─ HON. ECWERU

Preparedness MUSA FRANCIS;

5. Minister of State for ─ HON. KIZIGE MOSES;


6. Minister of State for

Bunyoro Affairs ─ HON. KIIZA ERNEST;

7. Minister of State ─ HON. GALABUZI

for Luwero Triangle-Rwenzori DENNIS SSOZI;

8. Minister of State for ─ HON. KWIYUUCWINY

Northern Uganda GRACE;

9. Minister of State for ─ HON. AKIROR AGNES;

Teso Affairs

Ministry of Educationand Sports

10. Minister of State for Higher ─ DR. MUYINGO JOHN


11. Minister of State for ─ HON. NANSUBUGA

Primary Education, ROSEMARY SENINDE;

12. Minister of State for Sports ─ HON. OBUA DENIS


Ministry of East African Affairs

13. Minister of State for ─ HON. MAGANDA

East African Affairs JULIUS WANDERA;

Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs

14. Minister of State for


15. Minister of State for ─ HON. KIBAZANGA

Veteran Affairs CHRISTOPHER;

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

16. Minister of State for ─ HON. ORYEM

International Affairs OKELLO;

17. Minister of State for ─ DR. MATEKE

Regional Affairs PHELEMON;

Ministry of Internal Affairs

18. Minister of State for

Internal Affairs ─ HON. OBIGA KANIA;

Ministry of Trade and Industry and Cooperatives:

19. Minister of State for ─ HON. KAFABUSA


20. Minister of State for ─ HON. GUME

Cooperatives FREDRICK NGOBI;

Ministry of Finance, Planning & Economic Development:

21. Minister of State for Finance ─ HON. AJEDRA



22. Minister of State for Planning ─ HON. BAHATI DAVID;

23. Minister of State for ─ HON. ANITE EVELYN;

Privatization and Investment

24. Minister of State for Micro- ─ HON. KYEYUNE


Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development:

25. Minister of State for Minerals ─ HON. ACHIENG SARAH


26. Minister of State for Energy ─ HON. D’UJANGA


Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities:

27. Minister of State for ─ HON. KIWANDA

Tourism GODFREY;

Ministry of Local Government

28. Minister of State for ─ HON. NAMUYANGU

Local Government JENNIFFER;

Ministry of Works and Transport:

29. Minister of State for ─ HON. LOKERIS


30. Minister of State for ─ MRS. KABATSI JOY;


Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development:

31. Minister of State for ─ HON. MUSUMBA

Urban Development ISAAC;

32. Minister of State for ─ HON. NAMUGANZA


33. Minister of State for ─ DR. BARYOMUNSI

Housing CHRIS;

Ministry of Kampala and Metropolitan Affairs:

34. Kampala Capital City ─ HON. NAMUGWANYA

Authority BENNA;

Ministry of Health:

35. Minister of State for ─ HON. NABBANJA

Health (General) ROBINAH;

36. Minister of State for ─ DR. MORIKU JOYCE

Primary Health Care KADUCU;

Ministry of Public Service:

37. Minister of State for ─ HON. KARUBANGA

Public Service DAVID;

Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs:

38. Deputy Attorney General ─ MR. KAFUUZI


Ministry of Water and Environment:

39. Minister of State for Water ─ HON. KIBUULE


40. Minister of State for ─ HON. ANYWAR

Environment BEATRICE ATIM;

Ministry of ICT

41. Minister of State for ICT and ─ HON. OGWANG PETER;


Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development:

42. Minister of State for Youth and ─ MRS. NAKIWALA

Children Affairs FLORENCE KIYINGI;

43. Minister of State for Gender ─ MS. MUTUUZO

and Culture PEACE;

44. Minister of State for Labour,

Employment and Industrial ─ HON. MWESIGWA

Relations RUKUTANA;

45. Minister of State for the Elderly ⎼

and Disability

Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries

46. Minister of State for ─ HON. BAGIIRE

Agriculture AGGREY;

47. Minister of State for Animal ─ HON. RWAMIRAMA

and Veterinary Affairs BRIGHT;

48. Minister of State for Fisheries ─ MS. ADOA HELLEN.










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