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Noisy Opposition Parties Shouting For Unity Get Support From Foreigners, We Won’t Allow Them To Control Us – Mao Warns…



Mao addressing journalists today

Democratic Party (DP) president Norbert Mao has blasted opposition members who are calling for unity among all opposition parties.

While addressing the press today at the DP headquarters at City House along Dustar Street in Kampala, Mao said said that they don’t oppose the unity among opposition political parties, what they oppose is some opposition members thinking that they are very powerful and that without them, opposition cannot exist.

“There are those who say let us unite provided I am the leader and I am the one with the biggest share and honour, they want to be the alpha and omega,” he said.

“Some opposition members call other members Moles, why is it that those who think that they are powerful have failed to defeat Mr. Museveni?” Mao asked. He urged Opposition members to agree with the terms and conditions in the coalition of creating unity in order to rescue Uganda.

“A united coalition is there for all people who believe in change of power, it is not after friendship but determination. It is not after those who want to warm the coalition but those interested in defeating Museveni,” he added.

Mao revealed that in the unity struggle, the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) is already to join the coalition by April 2020.

In a letter that Mao distributed, ANT agreed to join the coalition on terms that; the strength of the coalition will be dependent on the strength of the component parts, the stability of the coalition is dependent on the stability of the component parts and finally trust amongst the participating is a key component.

Mao further revealed that the party is set to construct party headquarters in 2020 after 65 years of its existence and it will cost a total sum of Shs.9billion and a Kenyan company that will contribute two thirds of the costs.

“We are going to start the construction of our Party headquarter this coming year 2020. The construction will cost Shs.9billions, we have got a Kenyan company that is willing to help us and contribute two thirds of the total cost on an agreement yet to be agreed on,” he said.

When he was asked his take on the increasing conflicts within the Democratic party, Mao said the wrangles were created by those DP members who use the party for personal benefits.

“Some DP members use the party to get support from the foreigners in form of Donations, that is why they try to insist in the party,” Mao revealed.

By Josephine Kauma



Kasangati Police Boss In Trouble For  Breaking  Businessman’s Leg Over Curfew Directive…



Bedridden Daniel Muweke and Andrew Angume (inset)

Kasangati Police Division boss in trouble for breaking a civilian’s leg.

Daniel Muweke (31), a businessman in Kasangati accuses Andrew Angume, the commandant of operations at Kasangati police for ordering his officers to beat him and break his leg.

“It was Saturday evening when Angume with his men stormed my working place and started beating me saying that I was violating curfew directives. During the beating, I fell down and Angume rode his police motorcycle on my legs and broke them,” Muweke stated.

He added that when he started screaming, Angume ordered his men to put him on handcuffs and they continued beating him until other people came to his rescue him.

He narrated that when people threatened to fight police, Angume ordered his men to remove handcuffs from his hands and they took off.

Muhammad Saaku father to Muweke

Muweke told us that on Monday morning, he was carried by his relatives to go and open a police file at Kasangati police Station but he was stopped by Angume.

“He gave me Shs200,000 and pleaded with me not to open a police file against him. I took the money but after I was advised to return the money to Angume, I gave it to our area chairperson to return it to him,” Muweke said.

He explained that what he wants is justice, not money. Efforts to speak to Angume were futile since he was not picking our calls.


By Robert Semirimo


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Don’t Be Fooled, Kutesa And M7’s Families Are Positioning Themselves For A Bigger Project – Semujju Nganda, NRM’s Dombo Explains Why They Did Not Use Tibuhaburwa Name On M7 Posters…



L-R: Dombo, President Museveni and Ssemujju

Emmanuel Dombo, The National Resistance Movement (NRM) Director for Information and publicity has disregarded the widely spread perception that his Museveni led party is gradually loosing it’s authoritative ground, having failed to resolve a feud between Museveni’s brother Aine Kaguta alias Sodo and Minister Sam Kutesa’s daughter, Shartsi Musherure.

Sodo and Musherure were nominated as independents to run against each other in the Mawogola North constituency parliamentary race after they failed to agree on who won the party ticket.

Dombo projecting a win for one of the two, said with confidence that whoever will be elected in Sembabule will still be NRM leaning because the opposition could not raise a candidate.

He said, “When you look at the elections that have been conducted so far, the performance of the opposition has been very low. In these areas where we have had our councilors unopposed, who will be their (opposition) polling agents?”

Kira Municipality MP, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, referring to the same incident insinuated that in Sembabule, NRM is projected to win because it is Museveni’s own family matter.

“Kutesa and Museveni’s families don’t need Parliament salary. They are positioning themselves for the future. To them Uganda is their property. The country must begin looking at the transition from Museveni because it is about to happen,” he said.

On why President Museveni’s official campaign portrait was unveiled with his other official name Tibuhaburwa missing, Dombo explained that they started the process at the secretariat minus putting the president’s Tibuhaburwa name.

“It is going to be fixed with time. It is not true that we fix the president’s picture because when he is speaking on TV he is live,” Dombo argued, disregarding MP Ssemujju’s sentiments that President Museveni has to have his face made up to look younger on set. Semujju reiterated that President Museveni is an old man who is literally tired.

Dombo provocatively stated that Semujju like other opposition entities should admit that President Museveni is too hard for them to beat. He added that Semujju’s verbal energy should rather be diverted to the population to decide who’s more powerful.


By Baron Kironde


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She Is Mentally Disturbed – Gayaza High School Speaks Out On Female Student Who Was Caught Night Dancing Naked…



Ms. Kizito Robinah Katongole, the headteacher Gayaza High School has in a public statement clarified on the incident where a girl from the same school was reportedly caught night dancing at the school premises.

“Gayaza High School has learnt and noted with concern the sociall media publications of a video clip and photographs posted yesterday alleging the improper conduct of one of our students,” partly reads the awareness statement.

The letter from Gayaza HS headteacher

The Gayaza High School headteacher strongly repudiated popular reports making rounds on various media platforms that the incident happened at the school’s premises.

She however also acknowledged that the pictures and video evidence of the accused female are indeed those of a figure synonymous with the school, having once studied and left the same school over years ago.

“Gayaza High School would like to clarify that the incident did not happen at the school. We have also established that the pictures show a former student who finished S6 in 2014 and has since her University days suffered mental health challenges,” described the statement by the high school’s headteacher.

She added that the school is stringing together efforts to get in touch with her parents to ensure that she gets the necessary medical attention.

“We deeply sympathize with the family and pray that all efforts to restore her mental health materialises,” she added.

By Baron Kironde


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