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NTV’s Nakazibwe Says She Was Coned To Fall In Love With Fraudster Omar Ssali…



Nakazibwe with Omar Ssali

Finally, celebrated Mwasuze Mutya presenter Faridah Nakazibwe has revealed how ex- boyfriend Omar Ssali fooled her with a marriage ring and after coned her.

Appearing before on Celeb select on media one, the NTV Akawungezi news anchor said that it all started when Ssali, a stranger by then stormed her social media platform and straight away started vibing her and saying how much he was in love with her.

She said that at first, she blocked him since she always ignores people who use social media to ask for love.

However, Ssali continued using other alternatives to reach her. The soft spoken Nakazibwe said that by then, Ssali was still abroad.

When he returned to Uganda, he came to NTV offices at Serena hotel, “He had all my phone numbers so he called me and told me that he was not going to leave the station until I move out and we meet.”

She added that she moved out of the office and met the stranger (Ssali) who straight away told her that he wanted to marry her. She revealed that when she questioned him where he got his phone number and why he wanted to marry her, Ssali explained that he has been following her in one of the city mosques and that he admired her at first sight.

Nakazibwe said that because of the chemistry between them, when Ssali proposed to her, she accepted. She said that when Ssali asked her to introduce him to her parents, she first refused but he pleaded so much and she accepted.

She revealed that they also went to Ssali’s parents who welcomed her to their family but little did she know that everything was a trap and that she was dealing with a serial certified fraudster.

Over the weekend, Justine Nameere, a former staff at NTV, Bukedde, UBC and other media outlets revealed that Nakazibwe dumped her boyfriend because he was fraudster who put the two TV personalities on collission course with Nameere later dragging Nakazibwe to court and asking for Shs.500 million worth in damages.

Nameere, who was recently remanded to Luzira prison for failing to pay her debts said that Nakazibwe admitted in court that her would be husband was the one manufacturing social media messages and asked forgiveness. Nameere boasted that she will accept Nakazibwe’s apology and withdraw the defamation case against her at the high court civil division on condition that she first publicly apologises through all her social media.

Below is Nameere’s full post verbatim:

For starters, I refer to him as Umalu Ssali because those are the names Nakazibwe put in her affidavit and Police statements as her husband’s names!
It was not just me, but he framed her other work mates, many of her friends and family in different angles – some as vibing him others as telling him cruel stuff about Nakazibwe! Unknown to Nakazibwe, he was making up all this stuff, creating fake pages and sending himself this stuff, to black mail her and have coercive control over her, but sadly framing innocent people! Creating bad blood that resulted into clashes between Nakazibwe and different people! It got nasty when he started taking screen shots of different information in her phone then he would send it to himself and use pseudo / fake accounts and phone numbers asking her for money or else he leaks the information! Nakazibwe says he would strictly and violently protect his phone from her and not allow her any access to it yet he would access her phone any time! With time he pulled similar stunts on Flavia Tusiime Kabuura who by then had just 3 weeks to her wedding with her now husband, Mr Andrew Kabuura! This man opened fake pages and actually got Nakazibwe convinced that Flavia was after him, a girl who was awaiting a wedding day! People are nuts! It is very sad how Nakazibwe believed and started attacking Flavia! Work mates and friends advised Flavia to quickly take legal action, that because Nakazibwe might attack her publicly like she did to me and cause unfair drama to her life all in the name of pleasing her lunatic! Flavia and her hubby quickly involved their Lawyers and CID! Work mates intervened and parties were brought to table to discuss “this mystery”! As usual Umalu Ssali never showed up for any Police or Lawyers’ meetings! (Just like in all the Police and Court engagements I had with Nakazibwe, he never showed up, despite Nakazibwe promising us every other time that he was to show up and come along “with over whelming evidence”! We would wait and only hear excuses from Nakazibwe on his behalf! She always looked just sad when everyone apart from herself, could see she was being fooled by this guy!) So basically his job was to frame people, anger Nakazibwe, incite her to attack innocent people, cause drama, then when those people involve authorities, he disappears from the picture as she pulls ropes alone! After the Flavia incident, CIDs, their work mates, Lawyers all cautioned Nakazibwe to wake up and realize she has been fooled for so long! They cautioned her that this man keeps framing innocent people who consequently attacks but they cautioned her that one day they could end up messing with very wrong people! So Nakazibwe started to get suspicious! She says one day Umalu Ssali forgets to lock his phone and boom she sees all these screens shots coming from her phone to his and then to other phones which numbers she could recognize are the ones that keep black mailing her for money! After discovering the truth, Nakazibwe says the guy turned shame into anger, he started to threaten her to release her nude pictures and to tell the public her secrets! Nakazibwe told Police about the black mail she was living under! When he realized, the situation was getting harder for him, he took off and went back to Quartar where he works as a security guard! Never was he a doctor like he had first made Nakazibwe believe and she in turn informed the public of how her new husband was a medical doctor!

I started to wonder what if she had decided to harm me physically?! Because when you are framed, you suffer for what you do not know, for who you do not know and by who you do not know! sed to meet her. Yes the culprit had been pinned but the more I thought about it, the more disturbing it got!
A few mutual friends intervened and I sent her a message through them and my Lawyers, that I have forgiven her but given her 90 days to tell the public the truth! She did not! I added her more 90 days and she still informed me she is scared of telling the public! She requested that I forgive her privately and withdraw the case but we say nothing to the public! How selfish! She quickly forgot she introduced this to the public! Those who followed that story, vividly remember how different people including former work mates struggled to tell her “Nakazibwe pull down that post and retract your statements, it seems Nameere was framed unless you have proof of everything you are saying!” She insisted she had overwhelming evidence and proof! Yet in Court and at Police she always asked us to wait for Umalu Ssali mbu he is the one with the evidence until she eventually told us “there is no evidence coming, he will not show up, he is actually the culprit and I divorced him and not in touch with him”!
This is a matter Nakazibwe herself introduced to the public instead of privately investigating it first! I was abused, tortured, defamed, called all sorts of nasty ill stuff because of her false accusations!

And besides such lunatics like Umalu Ssali need to be exposed, he could be out there framing and black mailing other people!
Not even Court compensation or a million apologies from her can undo the damage! ONLY GOD CAN COMPENSATE ME BUT EITHER WAY THE TRUTH MUST BE TOLD!
Every body learn this; Face book likes, comments, fooling the public, pretense, living in denial, does not set a person free! Only and only the truth sets a person free! I was very consistent with the truth, it set me free and the reverse happened for those who were telling lies! DO NOT EVER LIE TO YOSELF ABOUT THE TRUTH, IT IS UNSTOPPABLE!
For the good people who believed in me right from the day Nakazibwe attacked me in a very unbelievable unforgettable way, with very nasty grave material falsehoods and you still chose to hear me out and you insisted “Justine Nameere did not do that and cannot do that!” I thank you, I do not take it for granted! God bless you! I hope everyone picks lessons from this, because they are many!
Finally Madam Faridah Nakazibwe, yes I empathize with you that you were gullible enough to be fooled a simple crook who got you into unnecessary clashes with different people BUT sadly life expects you to take responsibility for your actions!
Plus take time and be true to yourself! Look into yoself as well! Someone like you who struggles to be such an angle and so perfect should not be counting divorce number 4! Multiple divorces should be for imperfect people like me not perfect angels like you!!!
You believed I and all the people you attacked were not important, their feelings and lives did not matter to you!
Like I said right from the start, I do not know Umalu Ssali, I have never spoken to him or seen him! I thought he would to show up in Court or Police whenever they would summon him but he never did, you always showed up alone with his pictures which the Police and Lawyers put on file!
I cannot forget to thank God for revealing the truth!

Going forward, Nakazibwe learn to think and rethink and even over think before you accuse anyone of anything! If you do not have 100% proof, do not attempt to allege anything or accuse anyone! Authorities suspect Umalu Ssali kept fooling you and you attacking people because you both did not think people would stand up to you and take it as far as Police and Courts of Law! I hope from this perfect example of a karma experience, you learn to be more careful!

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Chameleone Wanted: Anti-Corruption Court Summons Musician On Charges Of Possession Unaccustomed Goods….



Chameleone posses in-front of the contested V8

The Anti-corruption Chief magistrate Pamella Ocaya Lamunu has issued criminal summons against top musician Joseph Mayanja alias Chameleone to answer charges related to possession of unaccustomed goods.

According to the charge sheet, the state alleges that on 12th April 2020, the Baliwa hitmaker was found by customs officers from Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) in possession of an unaccustomed vehicle registration number SSD 499B land cruiser V8 model GRJ 200 along Wakaliga Bulange Mengo.

The prosecution further stated that the enforcement officers of the Authority requested the Kampala Capital City Lord mayor Aspirant to avail to their team with documents regarding the legal status of the vehicle in Uganda which he promised to avail but has since failed.

“Import duty has not been paid on the said vehicle in Uganda valued at Shs137, 350,725.

Mr. Mayanja Joseph knew or ought reasonably to have known that the vehicle was unaccustomed,” the charge sheet reads in part.

The controversial singer was also charged with count of failure to produce documents when required to do so contrary to section 204(b) of the East African community customs management Act 2004.

State alleges that on 12th April 2020, Chameleone was found by customs in possession of vehicle registration number SSD 499B. The Uganda Revenue Authority Enforcement team intercepted him to produce the necessary documents which he failed to do.

The Basima Ogenze singer is expected to appear in court on the 30th July 2020.

Mayanja is still a fugitive on murder related charges after lawyer Erias Nalukoola sought for a private prosecution against him for the death of a one Kalamagi at his Seguku home.


By Jamil Lutakome 


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VIDEO: You Cannot Be Lord Mayor With That Satanic Heart – Producer Baur Claims Chameleone Bewitched Clever J And Producer Kays Careers In Nasty Exchange….



Musician Chameleone (L) and producer Baur (R)

Renown Producer Diggy Baur, the CEO of Sabula records has dared musician Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleon to send him his demons and witchcraft to kill him.

In a video circulating on social media, Baur alleges that Chameleon stormed his music studio in Makindye Luwafu and beat up a one Akram, one of his co-producers.

“Chameleon you’re evil, you cannot even be the Lord Mayor of Kampala because you have a satanic heart…” Baur angrily said.

He added that Chameleon bewitched fellow musician Clever J and Producer Murda Kays and led to their downfall.

“… Your money does not feed me, you destroyed my car and beat up my worker without reason, you’re so evil, why do you disrespect people to the extent of beating them up in their own premises? I have done many songs for you Chameleon, but you should never come back to my studio. I dare you to send me your witchcraft and demons you used to kill Clever J’s career! You don’t know where I came from..” he added.

In a phone interview with theGrapevine, Baur said, “He came to my studio to record a song, after recording the song he started punching my fellow producer, when I tried to stop him, he bit my finger, claiming that they were talking to him while pocketing which was a sign of disrespect.”

“I don’t want to see him again at my studio, I deleted all the eight songs we were working on. I am not afraid of his demons, let him send them to kill me, he has sacrificed people including the boy who was found dead at his home,” Baur told this website on Phone.

Many conspiracy theories have linked musician Chameleon to witchcraft, human sacrifice and killing fellow musicians careers, he however trashed the rumours and even released a song titled ‘Bawoza Nnyanja’.

Engumi enyoose e Luwafu ku studio ya PRODUCER DIGGY BAUR. Omuyimbi Jose Chameleone kyabakoze!!!!!

Posted by MAT TEE on Monday, July 6, 2020

By Joel Wansaale and Ronald Kisekka


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VIDEO: Mowzey Radio’s Last Studio Recording Session…



Producer Crouch of Jeeb records has released fallen musician Moses Sekibogo alias Mowzey Radio’s last day in studio.

In the video, Radio looks to be in a jolly lively mood as he records a song in English and Swahili.

Below is the Video:


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