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OPINION: Bobi Wine, Lukwago Failed Jennifer Musisi – NRM



The National of the National Resistance Movement (NRM), President Yoweri Museveni, recently, while in a meeting with teachers at State House, Entebbe, regretted the affirmative action he engaged in respect of the redevelopment of Kampala city where he appointed a new team led by former Executive Director, Ms. Jennifer Musisi, and paid them advantageously in a bid to get them to do a fine job in reorganizing the city. As it turned out, not much was done.

As usual, Museveni’s statement attracted a lot of public interest and discourse, with some commenters arguing that he turned on his word from heaping praising on Musisi to criticizing her.

Kyaddondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi (aka Bobi Wine) took to his social media accounts to claim that when Musisi’s enforcement teams carried out operations deemed as highhanded and he sang a song against such acts, Museveni praised her.

“Today he speaks a different language……………,” Bobi Wine partly stated.

The above reasoning is simplistic. Why? Because Ms. Musisi did not complete the task she had been assigned to do-sanitizing and modernizing Kampala, which process came with great inconvenience on Kampalans and a cost to government. Remember that she quit the job before the end of her renewed contract last year and took up a job at Harvard University in New York.

The fact that she was taken up by such an institution where she earns several times over what she earned at KCCA means that she was not necessarily a bad workman but her impetus was thwarted by the political class in Kampala led by the Lord Mayor and other enemies of development, and populists, plus opportunists like Bobi Wine. She could not perform to the best of her abilities and when Museveni attempted to protect her work, he too was targeted, including at a cost to his political fortunes as evidenced by his performance in Kampala in 2016.

Musisi worked under insurmountable odds. It was a shame seeing some leaders like the Lord Mayor celebrating her departure, as though filth is the oxygen they breathe. Is he the lord of the flies?

NRM National Chairman Museveni employs his statements skillfully but his opponents have failed to understand this. He did what he could for Musisi to deliver on her mandate but nothing much was achieved. That is a fact because Museveni’s vision for Kampala was to rapidly transform it into a first class metropolis with systems in top notch state. Unless that status is achieved, he will never be satisfied with anybody’s performance.

More so, as the appointing authority, Museveni has an obligation to appraise his appointees at any point in time, and dismiss or reassign them. It is not just a matter of praising or criticizing them. Is Bobi happy with the state of Kampala? Then something is very wrong somewhere.

From the office of the NRM National Chairman



INTERVIEW: If Museveni Was A Student Today, He Would Not Get A Degree, Most Heads Of Security Institutions Are Related Or From The Same Village – Besigye



Four-time presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye has warned that the political and cultural injustice in the country will soon breed violence.

While appearing on NBS TV’S Morning Breeze today, Besigye who was hosted by Simon Kagwa Njala gave an example of the education system saying that it is in a very bad shape that if the president (Museveni) was a student today, he would not get a degree.

Besigye said, “I normally tell people that if Museveni had gone to school today, I mean if Museveni is a student today when he is President, he would not get a degree.

Because his father would never get 6M to pay at University to get a degree. I am sure Museveni would agree with me that the wealth of his late Father Kaguta would not afford him University education.”

The former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party president also decried the high level of nepotism in the security system of the country.

Besigye said, “the security Institutions themselves are a problem. Most of the security challenges we have today are a problem of security Institutions themselves. There is a problem of nepotism where you find most heads of security Institutions are related or from the same village. That creates a security challenge to those in service, because, some will say, “let’s leave them with their thing.”

Below is an extract from the conversation between Njala and Besigye:

NJALA: What is the political barometer currently?

BESIGYE: There is one constant; the ever-mounting discontent in the country. Wherever you go, it’s pulpable, because everywhere, people’s lives are becoming more difficult. Those who used to say we sleep, no longer sleep.

NJALA: What does that spell for the opposition?

BESIGYE: There is nothing like Government and then opposition that you think contests for power, one wins and forms Government and the losers form opposition. What we have is a small group of people that dominates the rest.

The artificial categorization of our politics is deliberate to confuse those who are far and inside Uganda.

You are talking about 2021 elections, I was a candidate in 2016, and after elections, I was charged with treason for declaring myself winner. We are going into 2021 and that case has not been heard.

NJALA: Your views are not matching the sentiments where others like Gen. Muntu, Bobi Wine want elections.

BESIGYE: I myself have not said that people should not warm up for elections. I have said that if that election is not going to be of a type we want (free and fair), then we should warm up to it differently. We have an experience that since Uganda’s Independence, we have never conducted free and fair elections.

We celebrated 57yrs of Independence but we know every leader has come into office by force.

For the period under Museveni, courts have concluded that elections under Museveni have not been free and fair. This is the experience of elections in Uganda. We then need to ask ourselves whether elections should be the way they have been or we need new type of elections.

Then there is a question of legitimacy?

One, we have an illegitimate person who violated the Constitution by detaining his opponent to declare himself.

Two, this person who is in office illegitimately, has already illegitimately appointed the new Electoral Commission headed by Simon Byabakama. By the way, Byabakama was my prosecutor on very many funny cases.

Thirdly, this illegitimate president violently destroyed the Constitution and invaded Parliament with his troops in order to procure an amendment to allow him contest beyond 75yrs. Of all the people who have so far shown interest to contest for the presidency, only Museveni is already 75yrs.

Museveni would not have been a candidate if he had not destroyed the Constitution. Now he has already taken 30bn from the Treasury to go around the country looking for endorsement as a sole candidate for 2021.

That said, I cannot go to a Radio Station and talk on space I have hired.

I went to the bush to have free and fair elections, how can I not want elections, but we must declare what type of elections we must have. That is within our power.

We are not going to allow someone who rigged himself into office, violated the Constitution to contest again. That is within our power.

Ending ruling by the gun is not going to happen merely by throwing the ballot paper in a ballot box. This must be well understood.

The first tool people holding power use to subdue people is instilling fear in the public and terrorizing them.

The second tool they use is bribes and favours. Most people are impoverished and when they want to say something or appear critical, they are bribed into silence. Some members of the media too, who are critical in dissemination of information are impoverished and are used to distort information.

The third tool is divide and rule so that we cannot unite.

I am aware that even within the liberation forces, there is lack of clarity on the type of struggle we want. There are some who believe Uganda is democratic; that we have elections where people contest and win and others lose.

This position has been formed by many years of narrative that we need an election to choose a good leader to replace a bad leader. That is not the struggle I am in.

The struggle I know and understand is that we are looking for a better country and the first mission should be to recapture the country and then once we reclaim the country and have power over it, then we can choose and leaders and create the rules.

You asked about 2019 Year Of Action. I wish to report to you that we have been to all the regions of Uganda in the year. In one region, there were attempts to fail us but we managed to get over it.

We are only left with Kampala Metropolitan. We shall come here too. So, we have been out there taking actions geared towards freeing us. Now we are left with taking real actions to end this Junta.


NJALA: Col. share your insights with us on security.

BESIGYE: There is absolutely no doubt that security has been mounting. Sometimes I marvel when the NRM Junta keeps it’s mantra “peace that was ushered in by NRM”.

Peace is not the absence of war. In Uganda, you cannot have peace without justice. The level of injustice in Uganda is way too much; social-economic injustice is unimaginable.

ON EDUCATION: Look at the state and quality of our education. Education is an equaliser. I normally tell people that if Museveni had gone to school today, I mean if Museveni is a student today when he is President, he would not get a degree.

Because his father would never get 6M to pay at University to get a degree. I am sure Museveni would agree with me that the wealth of his late Father Kaguta would not afford him University education.

We have also political and cultural injustice. Anywhere in the world, where there is political injustice, it breeds violence.

Secondly, the security Institutions themselves are a problem. Most of the security challenges we have today are a problem of security Institutions themselves. There is a problem of nepotism where you find most heads of security Institutions are related or from the same village.

That creates a security challenge to those in service, because, some will say, “let’s leave them with their thing.” So, you have problems in recruitment, training and deployment.

The guns that are used to commit murders are all from security agencies.

Then there is a regional security challenge because of Uganda’s aggression and military adventurism.

By Aine Cohen


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We Have Evidence, Museveni Is Using NIRA To Rig 2021 Elections – Mao



Democratic Party (DP) president Norbert Mao has accused president Museveni of trying to use the National Identification Registration Authority (NIRA) to rig the 2021 elections.

While addressing the press at the DP headquarters in Kampala, Mao said president Museveni is using different committees like the NIRA to register voters before the recommended time.

“Let me assure you, Museveni started rigging the elections long time ago. Our office has relevant confidential information about NIRA and he is using it to recruit carders who he will use to practice unfair electioneering in 2021,” Mao said.

He added, “the voters registration list was supposed to be presented by the electoral commission but Museveni decided to give all the responsibility to a committee he controls, so that he can do whatever he wants at any time.”

Mao wondered whether NIRA will be able to separate voters list from the normal registration list for all citizens.

“I wonder whether NIRA will separate the voters list from the normal citizen list that registers even children under 18yrs of age,” Mao wondered.

Mao advised Ugandans to wake up and defend their voice and votes come 2021 for a better Uganda.

“We don’t know whether the electoral commission is an independent institution but we need to defend our country and our vote,” he said.

Mao also introduced the new DP bloc plan where he emphasized that one opposition leader has to contest with the NRM party for president.

When he was asked their next plan if the ‘one on one strategy’ fails, Mao said, “if other parties refuse to cooperate with us, we shall continue moving on as DP but I call upon our fellow comrades to follow the one on one framework if we are to dislodge Museveni.”

By Josephine Kauma


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Pastor Museveni Is A Gift From God, Bobi Will Lose In 2021, I Advise Him To Come Back In 2040 – Balaam Stings Kyagulanyi



Renown music promoter Balaam Barugahara has advised Kyadondo East Member of Parliament (MP) Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine to drop the dream that he can be president come 2021 and unseat the incumbent, President Museveni.

While appearing on NTV’s Mwasuze Mutya talk show today morning, Balaam said he will not support Bobi Wine the politician until maybe in 2041.

“Bobi Wine is too young to be the President of our Uganda now, maybe in 2040, in fact he should just support Museveni instead of wasting his time,” Balaam said.

His message to the Kyadondo legislator is that he should focus on his music career instead of looking for cheap popularity in politics.

“What I know is Bobi is a good and very intelligent musician when it comes to music, let him concentrate on that, he will make it in life but not through cheap popularity of politics,” he added.

“I can support him in other things like Music and even finance him but when it comes to politics, I can’t even dream of supporting him,” Balaam insisted.

Balaam praised president Museveni and even bestowed on him the title of Pastor. Balaam said that Pastor Museveni preaches the gospel of wealth, health and prosperity.

“Pastor Museveni is a gift from God, he preaches wisdom, peace, health, wealth and prosperity to all Ugandans. Museveni is so tolerant to the extent that he even supports those against him,” he praised.

When he was asked whether he can organise any of Bobi Wine’s show, Balaam said it will only be possible after the 2021 elections.

“I can’t organise Bobi Wine’s show now but probably after the 2021 election because I am now too busy to do that but I love him as a friend and I like him for his intelligence,” Balaam said.

By Josephine Kauma


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