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    OPINION: Both Bijambiya And Bomb Terrorists Deserve The Same Fate…



    Ugandans should not be afraid due to the outbreak of bomb attacks that have so far left two people dead and some injured-the Komamboga explosion and the one aboard a Swift coach.

    This is not the first time that these attacks have happened; they were most pronounced in 2001 when grenades and bombs were hurled at several places in Kampala, sparking off a wave of false alarms until that axis was broken and public confidence restored.

    That’s ten years ago and it is as if the bad guys are marking an anniversary with a resurgence of their deadly acts, but they are making a big mistake that will cost them big.

    If they were defeated a decade ago, what do they think our security forces have been doing, sleeping? How about Ugandans? Security experts will tell you that Uganda is secure not because insurgents are not trying to cause trouble (all the time) but because security is always ahead of them, thwarting most of their schemes.

    The minimal plots that succeed are a result of Ugandans being accustomed to freedom and peace (for which we can’t blame them), collusion of some and the fluid nature of terrorism. That is why vigilance, avoidance of collaborating with bad elements and the involvement of every Ugandan in fighting terrorism is the only sure way of minimising outbreaks. Some Ugandans are cooperating with bad elements based on personal, political, religious, ethnic and economic reasons. They should be warned that whatever reasons they advance for engaging with these bad groups, they will pay a very high price for their treachery. Terrorism-which goes hand in hand with treason and murder-is a capital offence which the Ugandan state prosecutes firmly. This is one crime where bail must be considered on the most stringent terms possible if not expressly prohibited.

    As noted that most terror plots are snuffed out before they come to fruition, many of the terrorists are neutralised while still preparing to attack, like those cornered around Lt. Gen. Lokech’s funeral. Others, because of being amateurs, kill themselves while fidgeting with their improvised devices like the one who died on the Swift bus.

    In any case, they are not serious people since they do not possess any justifiable agenda to back their belligerence. If they did, they would not resort to crude ways to make their point. True, they hate President Yoweri Museveni but if you hate him so much, how does it affect him when you kill an innocent 20 year old girl? You only bring curses on yourself because such innocent blood cannot be shed for nothing. At some point, you have to pay. It’s a big shame to find a whole organisation celebrating that they killed a 20 year old, unarmed civilian!

    And that is how one can tell that the bomb group is linked to the bijambiya killers of Masaka, operation-wise. They attack indiscriminately with only one motive-to sow fear in the masses and distract them from enjoying the peace and security in place. In both cases, security unearthed a pattern, meaning that they are coordinated and taking orders from the same command structure.

    Therefore, the group that was behind the bijambiya and the one of the bombs are siblings in crime. They are both killers, full stop, and should meet a similar fate when caught. Cowardly by nature, they are always willing to put anything to use to destroy life and property-pangas, guns, bombs, chemical and biological agents, etc. Nevertheless, whatever they arm themselves with, once the public is alert and equipped with “mchaka mchaka” skills, terrorists will not succeed. I urge security to massively sensitise the public on the “how to”.

    All it takes is for Ugandans to exercise a policy of zero tolerance to terrorism since terrorism does not speak to the spirit of who we are as Ugandans. These are “imported” practices supported and sponsored by foreigners whose interests totally do not tally with interests of the ordinary Ugandan. Terrorism is more an attack on the ordinary Ugandan than it is on the leadership as no one expects to take power by hitting soft targets. If they feel that they are serious, why not face the army?

    As security sorts them out systematically, we should also be aware that they are always exploring ways to launch their attacks, with an element of surprise. Who knows what method they will come up with next? They are always thinking up creative ways of destroying life and property, and slowing human progress, but they never succeed in the long run. They only manage small, momentary victories. If they are victorious, as they may want to make the world think, how come they are not rulers of the world?

    The world is ruled by regular people making use of established pro-people avenues to vie for and exercise power, and to devise ways to improve conditions of the people through innovation, mass production, trade and industrialisation.

    The world is also united in the fight against terror in all its forms. The axis will be broken everywhere. Whoever decides to be an ally and advocate of the bad guys by hiding behind politics and ignorant human rights campaigns will soon find himself or herself a victim.


    Faruk Kirunda is Deputy Presidential Press Secretary





    Besigye Challenges Bobi Wine, Other Opposition Bosses to One-On-One  Debate Before Public On Agenda Each Has To Oust M7…



    Leader of the People’s Front for Transition (PFT) political pressure group Dr. Kizza Besigye has challenged opposition political parties bosses for an open debate on the agenda each of them has to oust president Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Museveni.

    Among the political parties’ leaders Besigye wants to debate with include; National Unity Platform’s Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine, Democratic Party’s Nobert Mao, JEEMA’s Asuman Basalirwa and others.

    Besigye says the debate will help the public to understand the agenda of their leaders who are promising them change.

    “I am tired of always being hosted alone on these media talk shows. We always met with those opposition leaders but the people who are the owners of the struggle are not given an opportunity to understand their agendas. That’s why I am proposing an open debate on one platform, me seated here, my brother Hon Kyagulanyi there and others, and we debate before the public,” Besigye said.

    He added that Ugandans know very well what to do for meaningful change to happen but they have been betrayed by their leaders especially those in opposition who do not mobilize them well for change but only fulfill their personal goals after they get political offices.

    Besigye made the remarks while hosted by senior journalist Evans Walusimbi on radio Simba’s Olutindo talk show.

    He also explained that the reason why he decided to form PFT was to establish a front to be used by all opposition politicians to strategise on the way forward to oust Museveni’s regime even though some opposition politicians intentionally misinterpreted the Front’s goals.

    He insisted that each and every political pressure group formed adds something to the struggle and shouldn’t be rubbished.

    “Uganda is sitting on the time bomb and we should all prepare for the worse situation ahead. People are crying due to the increase in commodity prices and no one is there to mobilize them to fight for themselves because many of those who would have fought for them are on Museveni’s drip, getting something from the state and they don’t want to interrupt the big boss,” Besigye said.

    He added that Museveni himself knows that Ugandans are tired of him that’s why he no longer associates with them as he used to when he had just captured power.

    “He is now moving in the armoured cars with alot of guns surrounding him,” Besigye said.

    The four time presidential candidate laughed at opposition members who think that they can use the ballot to oust Museveni.

    “For us we established ten years back that a ballot cannot remove Museveni from power and we have been telling our friends but for their personal benefits, they rubbished us until they tested on him,” Besigye said.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    Family Of Alleged Kampala Twin Bombings Plotter Sheikh Kirevu Petitions UHRC’s Wangadya Over His Killing, Plead With Security To Release Widows…



    Sheikh Kirevu

    The family of the late Muhammad Abas Kirevu has petitioned Mariam Wangadya, the chairperson Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) over the killing of their relative.

    In his Saturday address to the nation, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni confirmed that security operatives gunned down Sheikh Kirevu who was Imam of Masjid Jamia Ggangu due to his connection to the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF).

    Museveni insisted that Sheikh Kirevu was aware of last week’s twin bombings at Kampala Central police station and along Parliamentary Avenue where seven people died.

    The president added that Sheikh Kirevu was working with Sheikh Sulaiman Nsubuga who is on run.

    The two were wanted for allegedly recruiting young children into terrorism activities under the ADF terrorist group.

    Mr. Museveni promised that his government is ready to reveal shocking evidence before the Courts of law when the trial kicks off.

    However, Sheikh Kirevu’s family led by Ibrahim Abas Ayub Kirevu, the brother to late sheikh Kirevu insists that their relative’s human rights were violated.

    They claim that he was not given an opportunity to defend himself on the alleged terrorism accusations by the state because he was killed on sight.

    “His right to life was violated and as a family we have to fight for his justice, he was arrested, handcuffed and then shot to death, we need justice for our brother,” Kirevu said after a meeting with Wangadya.

    He added that security forces also kidnapped other family members including a guest.

    He said that Amina Nabadda and Sofia Nakachwa, all windows to Kirevu, Mariam Najjuko, a sister-in-law to Kirevu are still in illegal detention.

    He pleaded to the human rights body to pressurise security agencies to release their people or take them to Court if they feel they have charges to answer.

    He further explained that they have checked a number of police stations in Kampala and some military barracks but failed to locate their loved ones.

    Wangadya promised that her commission is going to investigate the circumstances under which Kirevu was killed because he has a right to life.

    Police publicity Fred Enanga said that the said people are still in the hands of security for interrogation on a number of issues relating to last week’s twin bombings.


    By Swaib Kalule


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    Kayunga Is Not For Jokers: Swords Out As Nantaba Vows To Fight Bobi Wine’s NUP In Kayunga By-Election…



    NUP boss Robert Kyagulanyi (L) and Kayunga woman MP Nantaba (R)

    Kayunga woman Member of Parliament Aida Erios Nantaba and National Unity Platform (NUP) party’s Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine have each drawn out their swords in the by-election for Kayunga district chairperson.

    The Electoral Commission declared that a by election be held in Kayunga after the controversial death of Muhammad Ffefeka Sserubugo (NUP) who was found hanging on a jackfruit tree few months after being elected into office.

    Police’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) spokesperson Charles Twine revealed that Sserubogo committed suicide which was refuted by NUP top leadership who insisted that their outspoken member was killed and hung on the tree.

    Electoral Commission chairperson Justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama announced that the by-election will take place on 14th December, 2021.

    The biggest competition is expected to be between NRM’s Andrew Muwonge and NUP’s Harriet Nakwedde who has caused the sharp verbal fight between Nantaba and Bobi Wine henchmen.

    Julius Katongole, one of Bobi Wine’s personal assistants and also the Lubaga division youth chairperson, accused Nantaba of trying to compromise NUP’s party Election Management Committee chaired by Mercy Walukamba.

    “Nantaba is among those people who are bitter with our decision to front Nakwedde to replace the late Serubogo. You know she cheated her in the recent Kayunga woman parliamentary elections, she was declared winner at gun point but our president (Bobi Wine) was very clever. He directed Walukamba’s committee not to base on the information given to them in Kampala, he directed them to go to the grassroot and establish the rightful candidate who will secure the party’s victory in the by election and Nakwedde was selected,” Katongole said.

    He added that before announcing Nakwedde, a number of opposition leaders including Dr. Kizza Besigye’s People’s Front for Transition (PFT) had been approaching different candidates including Nakwedde to denounce NUP and contest on their tickets.

    He alleged that Besigye and other opposition parties promised to facilitate campaigns of their candidates if they cross to their camps but they all refused and reported to the party’s principle Bobi Wine.

    Katongole revealed that Bobi Wine has already received the intelligence report from the ground indicating that Nantaba is on the ground decampaigning Nakwedde but vowed to face off with her.

    Katongole also refuted claims from Sserubogo’s family that Bobi Wine betrayed them by not supporting Faridah Nakanwagi, a sister to Sserubogo and his son Jami Kamoga who were defeated by Nakwedde.

    “The process was transparent and all those people were defeated fairly and I am advising them not to fight the party because they will be defeated,” he said.

    However, when Nantaba was contacted for a comment, she laughed loudly at claims from Bobi Wine’s camp and warned that Kayunga is a different playground which doesn’t entertain jokers.

    She revealed that she is going to support Magid Nyanzi as an independent because she is also an independent.

    “The people of Kayunga know very well the land grabbers and their friends who are now jumping on Bobi Wine but they will be defeated. I am telling you,” the soft spoken legislator said.

    The NRM team is also on the ground to reclaim the Kayunga victory which was taken from them by NUP in the 2021 election.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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