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    OPINION: Full Museveni Missive – Museveni’s Dictatorship Must Be The Nicest, In NRM We Either Work For No Pay Or For Low Pay…



    Countrymen, Countrywomen and, especially the Bazzukulu.
    Greetings. Thanks for responding to my pieces (postings) that I sent on the 6th of August, 2020 and on the 27th of
    August, 2020.
    Before I comment on your responses, I want to appeal to all the NRM members that are voters within the NRM Primaries and, later on, voters in the General Elections. Sovereignty (obuyinza O`bwokuntiko), belongs to the People of Uganda and they exercise it through elections or referendum that must be free. This is what we fought for ever since 1961, during the first elections that brought Kiwanuka to Power.
    Following the victory of the NRM in 1986, we resolved to end any interference with the right of the People to choose
    the Party of their choice and the individuals to represent them. We, therefore, banned and legislated against:
    • Multiple voting;
    • Bribery;
    • Violence;
    • Gerrymandering the electoral areas (mixing different administrative areas to create artificial Constituencies);
    • Using Sectarianism;
    • Using bad language;
    • Altering results;
    • Keeping the names of the dead on the register or refusing to register some voters.
    Any or a combination of these, produces results that are not authentic. Leaders whom the People did not prefer, emerge and the ones they preferred are left out. The leaders who come through fraud or manipulation, do not work to solve the problems of the people because they know that even the next round they will be elected whether the voters are happy or not. How? By cheating. It, therefore, destroys the whole strategy of solving People’s problems (kukyenuura) through representation. The Leaders must kweguya (to be beholden to) the People by doing what they want; otherwise, next time, they will not elect you. If, however, you can be elected whether the People are happy or not, then the people do not matter.
    Therefore, those office-seekers, who commit the offences that I have enumerated, are enemies of Uganda and must be defeated. I am using the social-media to kugumya (encourage) those who already support the NRM and convince the ones who are hostile or skeptical to join us. I do not use threats, violence, etc. etc., because Ugandans are not my slaves. They are free People in the land of their birth or adoption. I cannot use bribery because they are not mercenaries. Moreover, a bribe of say sh.300,000 for a 5 years’ kisanja is meaningless for the voter. What will get the voter out of poverty is for him or her to join one of the four sectors of wealth and job creation.

    These are: Commercial Agriculture, manufacturing (big or small), Services (hotels, transport, financial services etc.) and ICT (BPOs, software solutions etc.). This is apart from the few that join the Public Service (civil service, Army, Police, teachers, health workers, political positions etc.). The answers for our People are: the Emyooga Fund, OWC, Micro- finance, Women fund, Youth fund, UDB etc. These are different types of revolving funds that individuals can access, use, pay back, so that the others also use the same money. A one time bribery in 5years, is a mockery and must be stumped out.

    Therefore, those in the NRM Primaries that are doing these, are enemies of Uganda whether they know it or not and must stop or will be stopped by the freedom fighters. Who are the people to stop these crimes? They are the following People:
    RDC, RPC and DPC, DISO and GISO. There is no part of Uganda that does not have these powerful Officers. How, then, can corruption, violence, votes rigging etc., go on in an area without their knowledge? How about land evictions? I put all these officials on notice. If these bad things go on in your area and I end up getting to know from the People directly, without you doing something before, I will go for you.

    Coming back to the pieces I sent on the 6th of August and the 27th of August, I wish to thank all those that responded. I am most gratified that the vast majority benefitted from the piece (posting) and were happy. Nevertheless, there were another 2 categories. One, the People that appreciated but had some comments about possible improvements. The other  category were hostile and, sometimes, rude and malicious, apart from being irrational.
    However, before I comment on the 3 categories: the positive, the positive with comments and the negatives with arrogance and malice sometimes, I must restate the NRM’s historical position.

    The historical position of the NRM starts with 1900 when the whole of Africa had been captured by the European imperialists (British, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Belgians), except for Ethiopia. This was the culmination of
    the process that started in 1462 when the Portuguese, looking for a sea route to India and China, after the closure
    of the Marco Polo route by the Ottoman Turks when they captured Constantinople in 1453, reached Sierra Leone. In the 438 years between the two dates, Africa had gone through the Slave trade, genocidal attacks by the Foreign invaders, now culminating in the total loss of sovereignty (freedom, independence).

    The NRM diagnosis (analysis), at this stage, which was shared by some of the freedom fighters, was that, from this point, the Africans had 6 tasks. These tasks were: survive possible extermination as happened to the Red-Indians of America and the Aborigines of Australia; regain our freedom by expelling the imperialists (independence); work for the prosperity of the African People that had eluded them because when Europe was going through the Industrial Revolution, Africa was under attack by the Foreigners; Work for the strategic security of Africa; and take advantage of the similarities and linkages among the fraternal African Peoples, in achieving these aims.

    Therefore, the following were the targets of the patriotic freedom fighters:
    • The Africans to survive extermination – this was achieved by our genes because Africans do not easily die;
    • To regain our independence, we achieved this by taking advantage of the communist support from Russia and China, the mutual weakening of the imperialists by their fratricidal inter- imperialist wars (so called 1st and 2nd World Wars) that weakened them so much to our advantage; and the heroic struggles of our People led by the ANC of South Africa (founded in 1912), the Mau Mau, the Algerian war of independence, the Frelimo and MPLA wars against Portugal, etc., etc.
    • Working for the prosperity of the African through monetization of the entire economies of Africa by getting rid of Abakolera ekidda kyonka (the nonmonetary GDP) and ensuring that all homesteads work for cash with ekibaro but also ensuring that what we produce has got enough market by ensuring unity and economic integration within Uganda (patriotism and anti-sectarianism), regional integration and also uniting the African market (Pan-Africanism) as well as  accessing international markets by negotiations. This meant EAC, COMESA, CFTA and arrangements like AGOA, EBA, etc.
    • Strategic security of Africa by working for the political integration (forming political Federations) where possible and desirable (certainly the East African Federation is the clearest opportunity but there are others in Africa).
    • All these goals (the four of them), assisted by factor no. 5 which was the realization by the NRM, right from the beginning, that what the opportunists (nalira-wa) call tribes (Baganda, Banyankore, Banyoro, Basoga, Acholis, Ateso, etc.), are either similar (dialects-wise) or linked. In any case, we have the good fortune of having Swahili that can easily link us.
    • The sixth goal was democracy since the African people, ever-since creation, had been managed by autocratic kings and, then, by the colonialists, they had to benefit from the new governance system in the World that had started with the French Revolution of 1789 – Government for the People, by the People and for the People and by the American Revolution, a few years earlier, in 1776.

    This is the political position of the NRM for the last 55 years. We judge every phenomenon against these historical goals, goals of survival and destiny. How can the African People survive, prosper and be secure? By 1994, with the
    freedom of South Africa, we concluded the achievement of the 2 goals – survival by the African People, the assault by the evil foreigners that had lasted 522 years notwithstanding (did not perish like the Red Indians in America or the Aborigines in Australia) and had expelled the invaders and regained our freedom.

    By that time, the third goal was also, slowly, being realized, the goal of democracy. Today, much of Africa is being run by elected Governments, although the evil foreigners that caused so much damage to Africa in the past, try to use the weak elements in Africa to perpetuate Africa’s weakness. These evil groups, fear Africa’s strength.
    That leaves the three goals for the Africans of today to achieve: prosperity of the society of Africa (Uganda) through the full monetization of our economies with ekibaro (no more okukolera ekidda kyonka) and integrating the African markets to sell what they produce sustainably (EAC, COMESA, CFTA, etc.); ensuring the strategic security of Africa by working for the political federations of parts of Africa that have enough similarities and compatibilities to achieve that maximum target of integration so that we have Armies that can protect Africa against all and any global threats; and utilizing the similarities and linkages among the four linguistic groups of Africa (Niger-Congo-Bantus, NiloSaharan-Nilotic-Cushitic, Afro-Asiatic and Khaisan) to protect and enhance the survival of the African identity (not to end up as Black Europeans). All these are survival threatening challenges for Africa and the line of the NRM is that they need all hands on Board that are ideologically aligned with these goals – young, old, tribe this, tribe that, woman or man.

    The talk of just biology – young – old, woman-man, etc., is either lack of knowledge or enemy strategy to derail us again. When we were fighting colonialism in Uganda, Kenya, Tanganyika, Zanzibar, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Angola, South Africa, etc., etc., we were four layers of freedom fighters:
    • Albert Luthuli – 70 years old;
    • Jomo Kenyatta, Kwame Nkrumah – 60 years;
    • Julius Nyerere, Nelson Mandela etc. – 30s and early 40s;
    • Yoweri Museveni and others – 18 years old and early 20s.

    How could anybody, except the enemy, say we do not need that layer or this layer? That is why we won. In the meantime, the traitors had their own multi-generational line up: Kamuzu Banda of Malawi, etc., etc. There were young traitors, the middle aged ones and the old ones. If you say you are serious, study these two lines: the liberation line and the collaborationist line – the wrong line and the correct line.
    The Chinese call it the struggle between the two lines. That was true yesterday, it is true today and it will be true
    Coming back to our 3 categories: the positive, the positive with comments and the negative with malice and arrogance,I want to start by thanking the numerous positive responders.
    These are: Luke jr., Robert Tusiime Akiiki, Hajji Ahmed, Son of Africa, Leah Hotchkiss, Kaino Carol, Kimuli Derrick, Akena Martin, Analyst Emma, Prosper Ahimbisibwe, Emmanuel Tugume. Salma Akly, Mr. Stt, Tumuramye Ambrose, Mutabani wa Mulongo, Ronald Twongyeirwe, Davis kakuru, Abhay Ziraba, God’s Choice, Skyz, Arthur Kadmon, Sekiwanzi Brian, John mark, Mugwe bagwe, Charles Gabolya, Abel Bainomugisha also wants one on one with me, Mubangizi matia, Zizu (TMK), Ghetto Child Coll, Sylvia Mauda, Woira Michael, TJ Matriqs, Mugambe God, bantams, Male Andrew but wants schools to open, @brian the mixologist, maima betty, Kayemba Daniel, small boobs (don’t worry about those), Raghvani Mukesh, Kirenga Emmanuel but wants the Medical School to open, Babra Kimpi, Jordan, Natasha Emilly, You SIR, Kamukama Freddie, Ddamulira Simon – but worried about rent, Amigo Don, Kamurari Hannington, Suuna Paul, JaneMutesi, the Charles wants some Ugandans to translate Bazzukulu (it means grandchildren – one is omuzzukulu), Ankole Bae but wants finalists to go back to school, u.r.b.a, Versatile Nas Deejay, Semanda William, Jinja City 2020 Richard Stark, Rickie Richards, Simbwa mark, Madaniyu Matovu, Lord of Gifts, community child, hajiahmed Kateregga on LDUs, Dickson Namisi salutes the role of LDUs in fighting crime in the towns, sema, Hakiiza Sabiiti, Ddamulira Simon on tribalism, Arthur Musinguzi, Kiwalabye hakim, Kiiza elly, Woira Michael is from Busoga and sees Basoga everywhere, Amon Junior Rukundo, Malikidadi, Simon Ssebadduka, Issac Asiimwe, Odoch Ivan, Muganza Richard, Chamisa from Zimbabwe – Masikiti – tateenda, Peter Asega, Loulayeumu, Nwagi Jackie, Lubega, Walimbwa Paul, Namugenyi Loi, Ainebyona Emmanuel, Mbugru Orage, John Diew, Buhanganu Henry, Lameck, Elijah Ambrose, Gordon, Okello Stephen, Black Lives Matter, Charles Kabagambe, Ruly Uganda, Moses Tinsley Waswa, Francis Kakooza, Okeret ericsson, Ativan Wine, Alex kakaya, Bedwhite, Gaaga, Ahmed, Chairman, Trarak, Kizito Masaba, beiza BbG, Robert akankwatsa, sharrif sempala, Handsome,Kayiwa, Eslender, Eze, Gerald Kaddu not happy with Bazukulu okuwozesa Jajja but I do not mind and actually enjoy defeating wrong ideas in any forum, isaka, jai Mark Jairus, Ade Harean, Ninsiima Darlyn, OJ.Uche, Fred Nsimanya Nsheme, Michael Bolton Ayebs, adamz for JPM 2020 welcoming you to Tanzania, von-eddie, Ariko Isaac, Lwanga Charles, Jordan Ruhima Jonah, chance Tsindika, Acaa Grace Acaa, Nyanzi Eddy, Kats Elvis, Nuweahereza Diddas, Kezaala Damba, Derek Agaba, Silagi Wanambwa, Jude Mulindwa, Zesiro Annet, Atiise George, Arinaitwe Immaculate, Bosco Pali, Mukiibi Ali, Kiwanuka Namanya Joel, Brown Fit, Mubangizi Jamal, Isaac Kaduba, Rania Vicky, Eri Yah, Sekabira Patrick, Mecklon mary, Christine nanteza, henry Hunks, Hanie Sweetie, Mecklon Mary, Bonnie bettie, Rebecca Birungyi, Okitwi Joel, Hajarah Muganizi that was viciously attacked by the malicious responders, Derrick Wamoka, martin Turinawe, Ra Ronnie,
    Maggie Joy, Andrew Agaba, Joyce Nabaggala, Mwesigye Gordon also talked about Busabala Road, Sandrak Odyek also talked about ADF in Kasese, Christi Ronald, Muhammad Mustafa, Zikusooka Ibrahim, Barya Douglas, Ainebyoona Mudashiru, Ngobi Henry, AbdulHakeem Mulindwa, Patrick Calton, Araphati Summer, Mukono Ivan, Waskiwala Julius also talked about corruption, Godfrey Batte, Muhumuza Barnes wondering what skin creams I use (I never use any skin cream except the plain Vaseline I put at the back of my hands to stop the skin drying because I also wash my hands quite often), Arthur Atukunda, Nelson
    Agaba, Aminah Abdul, Isaac Buyondo wants to visit me at State House – my PPS to note it, Chris Saggine, Ssenyonga Yasin wants OTT Tax removed but it is bringing revenue for the Government (the roads, the schools, etc.), Byarugaba Maurice, Boar De African, Philps Mushabe, John Victor, Doreen Kyohaire, Kalikawe Aky, Robert Kamya, Zakalia Muhindo, Aniter Nagoya thanks for answering Joseph Busiku beautifully in part, Joshua Mbaho, Wilber- to Da Wise, Mugume Frank, Nuweamanya Edgar, Nicklas Pumple, Berry Bavey unhappy with the carelessness of Boda Bodas, Bakanye Frank, Serubiri Godfrey etc., etc. This was the category one that appreciated and I salute them.

    Category two appreciated but had comments and proposals such as opening schools, opening Universities, opening the Airport, opening games’ , Gambling and betting, opening places of worship, criticizing corruption, wondering why there is shortage of blood supply yet people donate blood freely by John Nakedde, rents being demanded by landlords in spite of the Lockdown etc. The National Task Force met last Friday and I tasked them to study all these remaining sectors that are still suspended and they are reporting this week.

    I will communicate with the country this week. On fighting corruption, I liked the proposal by Muhammad Mustafa of paying surprise visits which I have done in the past and I have also guided Nakalema and the IGG about its usefulness. The Public, should also capture evidence by recording or photographing corrupt people. It will make the trials easier. Some of the commentators talked about the SACCO money for teachers in Private Schools. This will be handled. That money is a free gift by the Govt to the teachers and workers in the Private schools to start their own Bank, where they can borrow at low interest, use and pay back. The Private Schools’ teachers, should carefully study the best way to use this money.

    Should they give individual microloans or should they have zonal projects? There are the 20 zones of Uganda: West Nile, Madi, Acholi, Lango etc. If they use the zonal approach, each zone will straight away have Ug. Sh. 1 billion to start a teachers’ owned business in the zone. If they go for individualized micro-loans of Shs. 3m each, then the money can support about 6,500 lendings at one go. Study all this and more and see which is best. I, therefore, thank the 2nd category who appreciated, but with comments and proposals.
    Then, we have our 3rd category, the negative and, sometimes, the arrogant. These have a number of mistakes and misanalysis. They raised the following issues:
    • Tribalism by the NRM Govt;
    • Not caring about the People’s businesses that were closed during the time of COVID-19;
    • Museveni being in power for a long time;
    • Poverty;
    • The brutality of the LDUs;
    • Aceng and Anite violating the COVID-19 guidelines;
    • Esowani;
    • Dictatorship;
    • Monotonous song – Ssebyala Salim fired.
    On the issue of tribalism, especially referring to jobs of the Public Service, people who push that talk are wasting the time of our People and misdirecting them. Jobs and wealth do not come from just being employees in the Public Service.
    During the colonial times and after Independence up to 1971, the Army and Police of Uganda was dominated by Acholis and Langi. In the interview Mzee Obote gave in Dar-esSalaam, he revealed that the Uganda Army by the 25th of January, 1971, had been comprised of a total of 8000 soldiers, 4,300 of whom were Acholis, 1,300 were Langis etc. This was after 80 years of the Uganda Army being dominated by some of those groups. What development had that domination caused in Acholi, Lango or West Nile where those People were coming from? Permanent houses, businesses etc.? Moreover, today, the majority of the jobs are from the Private Sector:
    • Industry – 700,000
    • Services – 1,300,000
    • ICT – 170,000
    • Agriculture – 11,965,200
    Therefore, even if the Public service was dominated by the Banyankore, it may not help that community to be any better than the others. Besides, the claim that the Banyankore or the Westerners are monopolizing the 480,000 Public service jobs cannot be true although, of course, I have not yet studied that diversion from addressing the 4 sectors of wealth and jobs that I always tell you about: Commercial Agriculture, Industry, Services and ICT. Why and how would those Banyankore dominate the Public Service where the Public Service Commission was last held by a Westerner, the late Mzee Bikangaga from 1979 to 1990. Since that time, the Public service Commission has been headed by: Zikusooka, a Musoga, Muzaale, a Musoga, Ralph Ochan, an Acholi and the membership is always balanced.

    The Education Service Commission was headed by Waggwa Lubega for a long time. The current chairperson of the Education Service Commission is Sam Luboga, a Musoga.
    The Chairperson of the Health Service Commission is Dr.Pius Okong, a “munyankore” from Teso. The leaders of those commissions mentioned above, are all very highly qualified People in their fields. If they recruit only Banyankore, those Banyankore must be exceptionally gifted.
    We shall get to the bottom of this nonsense. In any case, being recruited into the Civil Service, Teaching Service,
    Judicial Service (this is the only Commission headed by Kabiito from Western Uganda) or Health Service is by both written and oral examinations. How can it be that Westerners, much less the Banyankore, are the only ones that get recruited? There are promotional examinations for each level advancement once within the Service.

    Coming to the Armed Forces, especially the Army, my advice to all of you, is that leave your Army out of that nonsense. The NRA, the UPDF are Armies of sacrifice, all the time for no pay or low pay. They (we) put their lives on the line. Therefore, leave UPDF out of the circus of sectarianism. Fighters, real fighters, never have interests in tribes or religious sectarianism; but in comrade-in-arms. I became a comrade with Ageta on the 17th of September, 1972, because we found ourselves together taking cover, while combating Idi Amin’s gigantic Sergeants in the anthills that dotted the area where the Coca-Cola factory is now, near the Mbarara Barracks. When my small group crossed to the right of the Mbarara- Masaka road and got near the barrack’s fence, I found there another Obote fighter who became my comrade known as Opio. I worked with him thereafter until 1980 when I lost contact with him.

    Ageta, whom I had not met before or since, was so happy with me that when the remnants of us went back to Tanzania, he appointed me a Corporal and a Section Commander for one of the 4 Sections that we got out of the 46 remnants that survived out of the 330 fighters that had attacked the Mbarara Town and Barracks that morning.
    If you are not working for the enemy, you cannot go on the social-media and demand that we publish the names of the personnel of UPDF, their ranks and their jobs. The only thing we can say and what you know is that recruitment into the Police and UPDF is by quota. Beyond that, leave our Army alone and I mean, leave our Army alone.

    Also preaching sectarianism on the media (social and otherwise), should stop. Although I am always ready to explain, also remember that such false allegations, carelessly or maliciously made, are criminal. The ideology of the NRM starts with the economy (market) and social interests (education, health, religion). I went to school, not mainly because of the Banyankore, but, actually because of some Baganda and one White man. How? In the 1950s, there were not many Banyankore business People. Yet, some of the Baganda People had started doing business. Two of them, Walusimbi Mpanga and Bukyenya (Bukenya of Mbarara), were cattle traders (buying cattle for slaughtering in Kampala and Mbarara). These traders would periodically buy the cows Mzee Kaguta would bring to the cattle auction markets of Ntungamo or Rubaare or Kagarama, thereby getting money to solve his home money needs but also pay my school fees.
    The other economic ally of ours was a Whiteman known as Shear, who had a home at Ishaka. He was buying cattle for Kilembe Mines workers.
    In this relationship, you see three elements: economic complementarity (prosperity); education (school fees); and
    health (Mzee Kaguta could even go to private clinics run by Indian doctors that time-Patels etc.). Even today, those intercommunity linkages are the most important for our People for economy, education, health, religion etc. Why don’t our tribal groups buy our surplus sugar, milk, maize, bananas, cement etc.? That ideology of sectarianism is pseudo and bankrupt and you should stop pushing falsehoods.

    • One of the ways to solve the problem of surplus production is to struggle for the deeper integration of the East African markets and not to talk of tribalism.
    • It is because of that realization, the realization that the different communities support one another by buying
    the products or using the services of one another, that I used the expression of not Kulinya mu sowani the Ugandans kwebalira.
    The market of Uganda, the market of East Africa, the market of Africa are the sowanis kwetulira (the producers of products – agricultural, industrial, services etc.). The producers prosper because of the purchasing power of Ugandans, East Africans, etc. I am prosperous because the People of Uganda buy my beef (bullocks) and my milk. The Arcade owners and other shop owners in Kampala have been prosperous because the Ugandans buy their products. Our pockets make those Arcade and shop owners prosperous by us buying their products. The only problem has been that those shop owners were mainly selling foreign products that can be made here; thereby, sucking a lot of wealth and jobs from Uganda and taking them to Dubai, China etc.
    • Then you get responders like Fredrick Tonny, who apart from viciously attacking Hajarah Muganizi for being friendly with Museveni, declares that Museveni does not care about the suffering of the Ugandans in the lockdown. Totally illogical. Is it Museveni who went to China and brought bats from the caves that were infected with Corona and made them to start infecting the Chinese, who, then, infected all the others? Is it Museveni who, then travelled to China, Dubai, etc. in order to import the virus? Museveni’s mistake for which God will reward him is that for 4½ months, he prevented even a single Ugandan to die of covid. It was on 21st Of July 2020, that the first Ugandan died. Since that time, a total of 32 have died. Unfortunate but much much less than what happened in some of the other countries. Many sectors of the economy were affected.
    We knew this but we had to save life and we succeeded. Besides, we are indigenous to this area. In all our ancient history, we get these challenges: epidemics of human diseases or livestock diseases: small pox, sleeping sickness (mwongoota), rinder pest, etc. When we respond correctly, people survive and recover.
    Today, I have thousands of cattle; but in 1893, my great-grandfather, Kashaanku, saved only seven cattle. It is from those, that the thousands I have today descended and so did those of my uncles etc. When the sleeping sickness attacked the Ssesse Islands and much of North Ankole (Isingiro, Nyabushozi, etc.), the Colonial Government had enough sense to depopulate the area and relocate the People. That is why, even today, the Ssesse Islands have got a few People.
    However, the People survived. That is how you get the Kawanga Ssemwogereres, the Serwangas, the Katumba Wamalas, etc. They are Bassesse who were saved by relocation. A lot of property was lost but the People were saved.
    • Poverty. The issue of poverty which is now at 21.4% from 56% in 1992, has been analyzed repeatedly. Read my essay of the 4 sectors and 7 ways for wealth creation and jobs creation, that I distributed during the zonal tours last year.
    • The brutality of LDUs where Alexander Mourice says the LDUs have killed more People than the corona. Up to the 21st of July, 2020, nobody had died from corona because of the measures we took which Mourice is not happy with. However, now the wish of the Mourices that more Ugandans die from corona is slowly being realized. We are now at 32. The total number of Ugandans killed by indisciplined LDUs and SPCs is 6.
    All the killers have been arrested and they are being prosecuted. These six incidents, only some being committed by the LDUs, are out of 5,919 LDUs that we have trained and deployed in Kampala area. The LCIs and people like Dickson Namisi all bear witness that the LDUs reduced crime in the affected areas. Always balance negative with positive.
    • Museveni’s dictatorship. This must be the nicest dictatorship where people like Musoke Jack wonder how you have a President who is not intelligent. After the lockdown, I invite Musoke Jack to visit me at Rwakitura and see that this unintelligent person can look after himself and started long ago, before joining State leadership. Insulting me is nothing. However, the no go area is carrying out the agenda of evil foreigners here or dividing Ugandans using sectarianism. We shall defeat those schemes by all the legal means. This missive is just endozo. We patiently explain because there is nothing hidden.
    • Sebyala Salim is tired of the old song. Unfortunately, old songs tend to persist for a long time. You remember the 10 commandments of Moses? They are still with us, 4000 years after Moses. Some things change but others persist. We handle each accordingly.
    • Mwoyo Gwa Gwanga declares how he is not against Banyankore but only against Banyarwanda like myself. Bane is also wondering whether Banyarwanda are an “Official” tribe of Uganda. First of all, I am not a Munyarwanda. I am a Musiita and my mother is Mweene Rukaari and you can go to the beginning of creation, you will not find any Bunyarwandism in me.
    However, it would not have mattered if I was a Munyarwanda. The NRM talks of Africa, not just the small tribes or even just Uganda. We want the unity of East Africa, of Africa. Moreover, at a personal level, I have many Banyarwanda relatives by marriage. Yes the Banyarwanda are one of the indigenous tribes of what became Uganda. Why? Two reasons. One reason is that a part of Rwanda, Kisoro, was put in Uganda by the colonial borders. They are indigenous Ugandans and they are Kinyarwnada speakers (Kifumbira). Secondly, a part of Mpororo, Omutara, was put in Rwanda by the Colonial borders. A number of Bahororo clans actually have their origins in Omutara:
    The Bagina from Kichwamba, the Bakimbiri from Rutuungu, etc. There are other clans like Bakurungu, Baturagara etc. who are said to originate from Omutara; then, the area near Katuna is occupied by Abakiga. Therefore, those who waste their time trying to find which Samia is from Kenya, which Mukoonjo is from Congo, which Alur is from Congo, which Kakwa is from Congo or South Sudan, which Madi is from South Sudan, which Acholi is from South Sudan, which Karimojong is from South Sudan, which Sabiny is from Kenya, which Mugisu is from Kenya, which Munyankore or Rakaian is from Karagwe or Buhaya in Tanzania, are not part of our Pan-African vision. Since time immemorial, these peoples have always interacted in spite of the myopic chiefs that fomented wars among out people.
    • Museveni should retire. There is no problem with Museveni retiring. My family never joined the modern religion until 1947, almost 50 years from the coming of the Europeans. In my family, prior to my taking up a temporary teaching job in 1965, after our O – levels, nobody had even ever been a Muruka chief. My father and a number of my uncles died recently, all of them in their 90s. None of them has ever worked for the Government. My children have finished their education. Except for Muhoozi who loves the Army, none of them is working for the Government. In 1971, I resigned from a government job to fight the regime of Idi Amin, yet Amin was welcoming our group to join.
    Indeed, some of our colleagues – Wanume Kibedi, Nabudere, Rugumayo – joined Amin. We resigned our jobs: Museveni – Assistant Secretary for Research, President’s Office – age 26; Martin Mwesiga – State Attorney; Mwesigwa Black – Economist UDC, Rwaheru – Engineer, The Uganda Railways Corporation, Birihanze – lecturer, literature etc., etc.
    All these years – ever since 1971 – we either work for no pay or for low pay. Therefore, stop wasting time thinking that NRM is after jobs. It is after the mission of Patriotism (down with sectarianism in Uganda), PanAfricanism in Africa, social – economic transformation and democracy. Recently, I pointed out that 63 years after Ghana’s Independence in 1957, the Post Independence African leaders, except for Mwalimu Nyerere and Abeid Karume that united Tanganyika and Zanzibar to form Tanzania, have succeeded in creating a Latin America in Africa instead of creating a United States of Africa in Africa which was the vision of Osagyefo Nkrumah and Mwalimu Nyerere, of which we are disciples. You see the misery that is going on in Africa – Africans dying like flies in the Sahel of Somalia, etc.

    It is good the East African leaders are now committed to the confederation of East Africa and they appointed me as a champion for that cause. I have read your lugambo from cover to cover, I have not seen a single comment on African integration and yet that is where our survival is.
    You talk of taking power. That is all good; but remember ideology and not biology. As long as the Ugandans stand with us, we shall push this mission. If you want to join us, you are welcome. If you do not want to do so, no problem.
    In the 1960s, 70s 80s and 90s, we did without the company of Kamuzu Banda and group.
    These are fundamental issues I picked up. Next time, I will comment on the frivolous ones that included Kabuunga Ibrahi9m who is challenging an old man for wrestling match Mukasaawe Ke Nsambya. Kabuunga ngenda kukuddamu olunaddako.

    The old man with a hat.



    Mpuuga Facing LOP Office Exit Door As Bobi Wine Introduces Nambeshe To International Funders; Bwanika In Muddy Fight For Zaake’s Juicy Job At Parliament…



    Bobi Wine with Nambeshe in UK

    Highly placed sources within the National Unity Platform (NUP) headquarters at Makerere Kavule have revealed to mighty Grapevine that all indicators show that their principal Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine) is not going to extend the tenure of Mathias Mpuuga as the Leader of Opposition in Parliament (LOP).

    Mpuuga’s two and half years term is ending this December and sources disclosed that Bobi Wine will soon instruct the party Secretary General David Lewis Rubongoya to communicate to the Speaker of Parliament Annet Anita Among the party’s new leadership in parliament which is going to command their troops.

    Sources divulged that there has been stiff competition between Mpuuga, Butambala county legislator Muhammad Muwanga Kivumbi, Opposition Chief Whip  John Baptist Nambeshe and Nakawa West’s Joel Ssenyonyi.

    However the current indicators show that Nambeshe is highly favoured and may take the day.

    “Even in 2021, Bobi Wine wanted to appoint Nambeshe, he never trusted those people from the Democratic Party (DP) but he was under pressure from those people at Mengo (Buganda Kingdom Leadership). Others said that Nambeshe could not be trusted because he was new and had just crossed from President Museveni’s NRM. They allged that this meant that he was not yet tested. They even warned the Principal that Nambeshe can sell their party leadership in parliament to Museveni. That is why he decided to appoint Mpuuga who some now claim has betrayed him,” a NUP insider said.

    This insider based his argument on the recent statements Bobi Wine made in an interview with BBC in London that a number of his party Members of Parliament are working with  and for President Museveni.

    First were allegations that Mpuuga led negotiations with President Museveni’s government that led to the release of legislators Muhammad Ssegirinya and Allan Ssewanyana from prison after they were detained for two years on murder, terrorism and attempted murder charges.

    Bobi Wine was also shocked to learn that the opposition leadership in parliament were aware of the alleged Shs40m given to each Member of Parliament (including NUP legislator) thanking them which many alleged was a bribe from the sitting government.

    Sources said that to protect his diaspora supporters who fund many of their political activities in NUP, Bobi Wine decided to drop Mpuuga because most of the party leadership in the Diaspora are not happy with him and are alleging that he is in bed with NRM leadership in parliament.

    Sources added that the reason why Bobi Wine traveled with Nambeshe to United Kingdom where he has spent over ten years without stepping foot because of his anti-gay activism is an indicator that the man from Bugishu may fall into things very soon.

    Earlier, Bobi Wine assigned Nambeshe to start receiving application from opposition legislators who want to apply for different positions in parliament.

    In United Kingdom, Bobi Wine, Nambeshe, Barbra Itungo Kyagulanyi held private meetings with a number of politicians in Britain and other leaders from NUP Diaspora. He later traveled to German.

    However, theGrapevine has established that Bobi Wine is under pressure from a section of Muslim leaders who are complaining over his decision not to appoint Kivumbi as the next Leader of Opposition in Parliament.

    Sources said that recently, Bobi Wine explained to a few of them on phone that his goal is to first silence those people accusing his party of being the new Kabaka Yekka party.

    He promised to compensate them by appointing Kivumbi as the Opposition Chief Whip in parliament replacing Nambeshe.

    “This is our time, Bobi Wine seems to have betrayed us. Does he think that a Muslim is not fit for that office? He is also slowly becoming like other politicians who sideline Muslims when it comes to giving them big assignment,” a top sheikh at Kibuli Muslim faction told theGrapevine during the course of investigating this story.

    theGrapevine has also seen a letter written by Kimanya-Kabonera legislator Dr Abed Bwanika asking for the position of Opposition representative on the Parliamentary Commission as a replacement for embattled Mityana Municipality legislator Francis Butebi Zaake.

    Sources said that Bwanika has a big task of convincing Bobi Wine to assign him this influential position because he is on the list of legislators he rarely trusts.

    Other sources disclosed that Bwanika is very calculative. He

    “He is very sure that once Bobi Wine drops Mpuuga, he has to compensate the people of Greater Masaka by giving one of their sons another position.”

    Sources said that chances are high that Bobi Wine is going to renew Zaake’s contract as Parliamentary Commissioner but if he is pressurised to make changes, he will replace him with either Ssenyonyi or Kasanda district woman legislator Flavia Nabagabe Kalule, who is a very good friend to Bobi Wine’s wife.

    Zaake was impeached from the office of the commissioner of parliament on indiscipline grounds after attacking the speaker Among.

    However, his actions were supported by Bobi Wine.

    NUP insiders disclosed that Bobi Wine is expected back into the country before the end of this week to make the long awaited announcement.


    By Grapevine Reporters


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    M7 Hires Kenyatta, Odinga Lawyers To Defend UNOC In Multibillion Oil Case In Kenya…



    Kenyan lawyer Nyamodi (C), Ligomarc's Ruth Sebatindira (L) and UNOC's Peter Mulisa (R)

    President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s government has hired V.A Nyamodi and Company Advocates, a Kenya based law firm to defend Uganda National Oil Corporation (UNOC) in a multibillion oil case.

    Highly placed sources in UNOC revealed that V.A Nyamodi lawyers are going to work with Ruth Sebatindira’s Ligomarc Advocates from Uganda and lawyers from the Attorney General’s chambers led by Kiryowa Kiwanuka the Attorney General together with UNOC legal team led by Peter Mulisa.

    V.A Nyamodi Advocates led by Poul Nyamodi helped former Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta to win the presidential petition against Raila Odinga in the 2017 presidential elections petition and also represented Odinga in the recent presidential election petition against President William Ruto.

    UNOC lawyers are going to battle with Royani Energy Limited and concerned Kenyan citizens Charles Kombo and John Kinuthia who protested the move to allow UNOC to obtain Oil importation Certificate to import petroleum products through Kenya.

    In their petition filed in a Kenyan Court, they insist that UNOC does not have Shs36bn turnover covering three years as required by the Kenyan authorities.

    They also allege that UNOC has not sold 6.6 million litres of petroleum products and does not have the five retail stations and depots within Kenya to fulfil one of the conditions set by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority of Kenya for a license to be given to them.

    They added that it was wrong for the Kenyan authorities to waive the said conditions so as to grant UNOC the license.

    UNOC through the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development applied for a license in Kenya to import Uganda’s petroleum products through Kenya and both countries agreed that UNOC opens offices in Kenya which was done.

    This comes days after president Museveni signed the Petroleum Supply Act which gives exclusive monopoly to UNOC as the sole importer of petroleum products in Uganda.

    The Attorney General Kiwanuka also signed a deal on behalf of Uganda with Vitol Bahrain to trade directly with UNOC without engaging middlemen especially those in Kenya.

    President Museveni explained that Oil price in Uganda has been high because of the said middlemen.

    However, Oil dealers in Uganda are secretly planning to challenge the Act in the Constitutional Court.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    Mufti Mubajje In More Trouble: Attorney General Kiwanuka Advises M7 On Meeting Him Over Muslim Properties That  Are Set To Be Auctioned…



    Mufti Mubajje (R) with President Museveni (L). Inset is Minister Kabanda (L) and AG Kiwanuka (R)

    Embattled Mufti of Uganda Sheikh Ramathan Shaban Mubajje is in more trouble after learning that Attorney General Kiryowa Kiwanuka has advised President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on meeting him over Muslim properties that are going to be auctioned.

    Kampala affairs Minister Hajjat Minsa Nabengo Kabanda revealed that last week, Muslim ministers in president Museveni’s cabinet approached him and pleaded with him to save the Muslim properties including Gaddafi Mosque which is the National Mosque from being auctioned over a Shs19bn debt.

    Last month, Commercial Division of the High Court ordered public auctioning of Muslim properties registered in the names of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) and the listed ones are; Land in Leasehold Register Volume KCCA 149 Folio 16 land at Kampala City William Street which houses Tabliq mosque.

    Others are; Lease Register Volume 2771 Folio 2, Old Kampala Plot 23-25 which houses the national Muslim mosque and the Muslim headquarters; Kyadondo Block 195 plot 5463 Land at Kyanja Kampala City; one square miles of land at Bukwe Hoima district, one acre of land located at Lumbas, Jinja city; plot of land at Mbale city; shares in Uganda Rancheers Ltd & Commercial Holdings Ltd; Subsidiaries to Uganda Moslem Supreme Council that own 2 square miles land at Migyera-Buluri; plot of land at Entebbe Municipality opposite Victoria Mall.

    Mubajje through his lawyers led by Musa Kabega and Abbey Bukenya are fighting a losing battle to overturn the Commercial Division of the High Court decision after losing two appeals.

    Minister Kabanda said that when the matter was presented to the President, he invited the Attorney General to advise him since it was a legal matter.

    The nonsense Kiwanuka advised the president not to intervene but wait until the court process is done.

    Highly placed sources in State House told theGrapevine that since the order for auctioning Muslim properties, Mubajje has been lobbying State House staff to arrange for him a meeting with the president.

    When all efforts failed, he turned to the Chief Justice Owiny Dollo and his Deputy Richard Butera to save him. We have learnt that they have not yet fixed a meeting with him.

    Minister Kabanda said that Muslim ministers in cabinet and Members of Parliament are set to meet Mubajje and businessman Justus Kyabahwa and his lawyers led by Ahmed Kalule Mukasa for a fact finding meeting before returning to the president to brief him on the matter.

    “I give assurance to Muslims that the President will help us save the Muslim properties,” Kabanda said.

    The development comes days after former UMSC Secretary General Hajji Ramathan Mugalu threatened to take legal action against Mubajje claiming that he defamed him when he told the public that he forged his signature when he signed on the agreement that okayed the sale of Muslim land in Sembabule district which is the genesis of all these troubles.

    He insisted that Mubajje signed the Shs3.5bn land sale agreement willingly and they both have audio and video evidence as proof.

    However, Mubajje boasted that UMSC has the capacity to mobilise funds to pay the businessman.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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