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OPINION: President Museveni Has Done Everything Reasonably Doable For Uganda And Ugandans, He Knows When He Will Leave Power – His Adviser warns



Field Marshal Omar Al-Bashir is the latest world leader to leave power unceremoniously in quick succession after Abdelaziz Bouteflika of Algeria. While their departure has a semblance to the Arab spring that tore down Tunisia, Libya and Egypt almost a decade ago, reasons for the fall of regimes vary from country to country just as it is for how they gain an upper hand despite the odds.

The common denominator is the influence of enemies of Africa who feel threatened by the continents steady rise from underdog status thanks to the effort of tested leaders. Still, Bouteflika was a sick man and had no control of his country; Bashir has been living under the shadow of the ICC, which state could not allow him to adequately serve his people on the ashes of the ruble that his economy had become following years under US imposed trade and economic sanctions. The now former leader was brought down, not by his people, but by indirect foreign influence, if direct influence is the case as it was in Libya when NATO forces actively immobilized the country’s security infrastructure.

Consequently, Libya is still turmoil since its army was decimated; Egypt is surviving on the resolve of President Al Sisi; for Tunisia, it is as if the country doesn’t exist. Far off in Syria, President Assad has literally beaten his upper lip to save his country from going to total ruin. Any government that cannot protect its authority loses legitimacy. That is what has seen successive leaders lose grip including the decorated Bashir.

Uganda’s government, led by President Yoweri Museveni, is still strong and can defend its authority using both civilian and military means. From the civilian angle, there is nothing about democracy and elections, human rights and transparency, freedom of expression and association, etc, that Ugandans hear in the news. It is a reality they live with daily. Enemies of progress may choose to deny that but that is not surprising. By their very openness about what they claim is going wrong justifies that there is sufficient room for “the other view” and dissent in predictable levels.

In terms of military competency, the Ugandan People’s Defence Force (UPDF) is a distinguished professional army that is celebrated as the most efficient institution in government-and whose contribution is appreciated across the African continent. That is because President Museveni understood early enough that civilian authority is nothing without the backing of a conscientious army. Without a good army, the civilian masses are exposed and unhinged, lying at the mercy of rapacious forces, local and foreign. That is why at the time of the Sudan incidents, Museveni was already interacting with his command by visiting military installations all over the country to update them on the direction the country is taking and their own role in it.

To maintain power, a leader must get the balance correct between the use of coercive muscle conferred by the Constitution and doing the correct thing to keep the population happy and tame.

If a spike on bread prices sparked off events that saw Bashir out of power, then the world should marvel at President Museveni foresightedness. He never stops to reiterate the importance of economic transformation, production and the need for stable household incomes. His gospel of Prosperity for All is precisely about that. Those who have listened to him are doing well; they can feed their families, educate their children and retain some produce for the market. There is seldom shortage of any consumable and if there is any shortage, it is never perpetual. Therefore, Ugandans have more to live for than food, sugar, salt or medicine in hospitals because all these are basics and available. Further to that, they have hope! They cannot be misled anyhow.

President Museveni has done everything reasonably doable. There is nothing he is not willing to do, unless it is of no benefit to Ugandans. His vision and plan for Uganda is clear; his vision for Africa is clear. Unlike most leaders, he cannot be judged basing on only one or a few parameters.

Being in power “for long” is not the problem; the problem is what one does while there. In the US, President Trump is only three years old in power but the things people say about him one would think he has been in power “forever”. President Magufuli, too, is under pressure yet he is only in his first term in power; Mr. Zuma and his predecessor, Mr. Mbeki, were forced to resign. None of them had been in power for a decade or so. There are many more examples to book which prove that longevity in power is not the problem.

There is a set of rules to follow for one to make an extended stay in power work. That rule book is written by President Museveni. He has “outruled” his predecessors-because he took their mistakes to mind; he is learning from the fate of contemporaries and, consequently, he knows precisely when time will be right and he will call it quits.

The author is a Personal Assistant to the National Chairman, NRM, and Senior Presidential AdvisorC



POLICE SPEAKS OUT ON NAILED M7 SUPPORTER: We Cannot Trust These Hooligans With Power – Bebe Cool Stings Opposition



Dancehall musician Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool has attacked the opposition for being violent towards a president Museveni supporter.

Today morning, a gruesome picture of a National Resistance Movement (NRM) supporter was shared all over social media. In the picture, the NRM supporter was nailed with a six-inch nails in the hands because he was putting on a yellow cap that had a picture of president Museveni.

Later, the Kampala Metropolitan Police PRO, SP Patrick Onyango released a statement identifying who the man was and what happened.

Onyango’s Statement read, “Police in Wandegeya is investigating an incident where a man identified as Kasumba Baker, 21 years, a resident of Avis Kivulu, Kawempe Division Kampala who was putting on NRM cap was intercepted by two unidentified men who hit him on the head and lated nailed his hands.”

“According to Kasumba, on 28/8/2019, he left his work at 10:00pm at JESCO Ham shopping center, heading home, but he realised that he had spent some time without visiting his mother. He decided to go and check on her. He decided to take a short route through Kalerwe where old spare parts of vehicles are sold, as he was about to reach the flyover, two men grabbed him and nailed his hand with two nails of 6 inches.,” the statement further reads.

The statement adds, “two ladies who were looking for their child that went missing saw the men and shouted that they should leave their child alone. They thought the two men were kidnapping their child. The two men decided to run away when the wome reached the scene, they made an alarm and police of Kibe/Kalerwe responded and Kasumba was rushed to Mulago Hospital where he is currently receiving treatment. He is out of danger.”


In a phone interview with the Grapevine, Bebe Cool warned this violent group is known very well and this is not the first time this is happening.

“If this group can do this without power, how about if they are entrusted with power, what will they do and what will happen to this peaceful nation of ours? These are hooligans who want to destroy the peace of this country.”

However, when we tasked him to name the group of people who are doing such acts, Bebe said that everybody knows them and they are the very people who are yearning to take power.

Bebe later posted on his Facebook page, “I condemn such acts of intolerance, intimidation and violence that some political groups are trying to bring in our peaceful country, six inche nails nailed in the hands of an NRM /president Museveni supporter!

If without power this who they are, how about if they are granted power?! Let’s embrace democracy and condemn violence!

I am an NRM and president Museveni supporter and it’s my constitutional right to choose who I support!”

By Mboowa Nathan


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I Want This Regime To Know That I’m Not A Village Dog You Beat And Walk Away – Nambooze Drags SFC, Police To Court



Mukono municipality Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze Balireke has dragged security forces to court for brutally assaulting her when they invaded parliament 2017 during the ‘togikwatako’ debate.

Hon. Nambooze asserts that; on the 27th day of September, 2017, Parliament was besieged and blockaded by the combined forces of the Uganda Police force and Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) personnel who ordered MPs to park at National Theatre Kampala and made MPs access to Parliament to transact business very difficult.

At the commencement of the plenary sitting in the afternoon of 27th September, 2017, the Speaker of parliament (Rebecca Kadaga ) cited and arbitrarily suspended 25 MPs, the Applicant inclusive, and accordingly the proceedings were suspended for 30 minutes to allow the suspended Mps move out and asked Sergeant at Arms to ensure compliance. No sooner had the speaker of Parliament risen to exit from the chambers than several security personnel stormed the chambers and started molesting several MPs on the opposition side.

Together with other MPs, Nambooze was tortured, harangued and arrested in a cruel, inhuman and degrading manner, which amounted to a violation of her Constitutional rights. Upon her illegal arrest, the she was illegally detained in police custody at SIU Kireka in Wakiso District for the rest of the day.

The conduct of the combined forces of the Uganda People’s defence forces, the Uganda Police force personnel and other militia was high handed, malicious and illegal and as a result, the Applicant was subjected to physical and psychological torture, mental anguish, embarrassment, humiliation and emotional stress for which Government is vicariously liable.

Upon that background therefore, the Opposition strong lady through her lawyers (Erias Lukwago and Mpenje Nathan) of Lukwago and Co.Advocates is seeking a declaration that the brutality, humiliation and embarrassment meted out onto her amounted to inhuman and degrading treatment under Art. 44 of the Constitution.

This case is has been brought Under Art. 44(a), 45, 50 of the Constitution, Ss. 3 & 4 of the Human Rights (enforcement) Act, 2019, S. 33 Judicature Act and the Judicature (Fundamental Rights and Freedoms)(Enforcement Procedure)Rules, 2008 in an action for redress for the violation of the rights to liberty, freedom from torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and the matter will commence anytime at High Court.
Nambooze later took to her Facebook page and said, “I have today taken a step further by going to Court to seek redress in relation the harm I suffered on the 27th of September 2017,when SFC soldiers invaded Parliament.” The Mukono legislator adds, “My brother and Counsel Erias Lukwago will lead our team to seek for a declaration that the torture brutality and violence on me by SFC, Uganda Police and other Militia amounted to violation of my Constitutional rights and freedom as enshrined in the Constitution Artical 24 and 44.”
“I particularly want the regime to know that am not a village dog that you can beat, maim and walk away with impunity. We shall never tie until we get justice,” she says.

Nambooze’s medical form
Nambooze with her lawyer Erias Lukwago

By Doreen Menezer


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People Power Is A Bastard Child Of Defiance – Mwenda Attacks Bobi Wine/Besigye In New Rant



Journalist Andrew Mwenda has attacked Bobi Wine’s people Power Movement and baptized it as the bastard child of Kizza Besigye’s defiance in his latest rant.
Through his Facebook page, Mwenda said that Bobi (who he kept referring to as Bobby ) and his People Power Movement lack vision to lead this country.
Below is his rant verbatim:

Last week, it became apparent that the initial news that a one Michael [K]alinda aka Ziggy Wyne had been kidnapped, eye yanked out, fingers chopped off and face burnt using a flat iron were exactly that – a hoax. Ziggy had a nasty motorbike accident at 7.30pm on July 21. People around the accident scene picked him up and took him to the nearby Hope Clinic. The nurse at the clinic referred him to Mulago for urgent medical attention.

But the first version of the story was more appealing for two reasons. First, it fitted the narrative about the state in Africa – as being brutal, violent and cruel to its citizens. It is a story Western media and human rights organizations (and naively followed by us African elites) love to embrace and tell in their everlasting (perhaps unconscious) desire to project Africa as the “heart of darkness.” Second, it provided political fodder for opposition politicians like Bobby Wine to project himself as the champion of human rights and democracy against the forces of tyranny.

However, the indefatigable Canary Mugume of NBS, then Tom Malaba of Daily Monitor, and other reporters went to the scene of the accident and interviewed eyewitness who told the story of what actually happened. For this, these reporters, but most especially Canary, became a victim of the most savage hate-filled personal attacks from supporters of People Power. Incidentally, none of Canary’s critics made any effort to challenge the facts he told.

Later I visited Mulago and talked to the doctors. Ziggy was brought to Mulago by a “good Samaritan” who said the victim had been involved in a traffic accident and was admitted at about 9.30pm as an unknown person and given the code name “Zulu.” Ziggy was treated, fed, bathed and given fresh clothes; the ones he was wearing at the time of the accident were taken and washed. On July 24th, his family came. He recovered and was discharged on July 28. He was given medicines to stop convulsions. He was later readmitted on July 31; doctors suspect he was not taking his medicines. However, the convulsions he suffered as a result of not taking his medication are the most likely cause of his death.

Yet in spite of this mountain of evidence Bobby Wine went to Mitooma to bury Ziggy and maintained the claim that Ziggy was kidnapped, tortured and murdered. He felt no responsibility whatsoever to provide any evidence to back up his claims. For him, the death of Ziggy only serves an opportunity for him to score political points. This crass political opportunism excites the passions of the hoards that see him as a messiah but shows how he lacks basic human decency and ethics even in the face of the death of one of his “close friends”.

Throughout last week, the journalists who told this truth but most especially Canary, became victims of cyber bullying by supporters of People Power. Rather than respond to the facts adduced by the journalists, the supporters of People Power hurled insults, abuses and false accusations that them. One wonders what sort of government Bobby Wine would preside over given the quality of people he has mobilized to his cause. We must remember that People Power is not supported only by lumpens. Some very smart Ugandans also do. The actions of its supporters demonstrate that behind its madness lies a clear strategy.

People Power is a movement without a cause except to grab power. It seeks so exploit the anger many Ugandans have at the state of affairs of in our country in order to gain power. But it has neither facts not a vision to justify its reckless pursuit of power. So its strategy is to deny all facts and insist that everything is subjective and relative; to dismiss all evidence as forged if it does not promote their political agenda; and to argue that every argument that seems to favor President Yoweri Museveni and his NRM is not based on conviction but has been paid for. It is interesting People Power resembles the Donald Trump movement in the USA although Americans who support it are anti Trump.

As Winston Churchill said, truths is incontrovertible: malice may attack it and ignorance may deride it. But in the end, it is there. Over the last decade, there has been a huge shift in government budgeting from consumption to investment – in roads, dams, power lines, water pipes, hospitals and schools. Defiance and its bastard child, People Power, hate to hear this. They know that the good things happening in our country are contrary to their political interests. Therefore they insist that there is nothing good being done. All there is are the bad things they complain about – which also happen – and which are driving people’s momentary anger.

Hence, they exaggerate the level of decay, disregard and deny all the improvements in the country and intimidate those who stand by the truths. They insist that everyone in Uganda should accept their gross distortion of reality. They do not seek to r persuade anyone to their point of view. They believe in using cyber bullying against all who disagree with them. This way they seek, like the European fascists of old, to rally everyone behind their cause by sheer use of psychological terror.

The aim of this strategy is obvious: bully everyone to believe change is urgently needed to rescue Uganda from catastrophe. They don’t want people to question the change they propose or ask for their alternative policies or even question their intolerant behavior. To question their lack of policy alternatives and the crudeness of their methods is evidence of having been bribed by Museveni.

For them politics in Uganda is a clash between good (People Power) and evil (Museveni); that these are the only alternatives available to us; that to say there is a third or fourth alternative is disguised support for Museveni; that for anyone to prove they support change in Uganda, they must hold fanatical, unthinking and unquestioning support for People Power. Many young people have been pushed into this because to do otherwise is to get ostracized from your circle of friends.

We are told that if Defiance and People Power supporters exhibit intolerance, we should not blame them because that is only an inevitable result of Museveni’s politics; that when People Power and Defiance use violence, intimidation, cyber bullying, blackmail, character assassination and insults against opponents, this does not reflect on the nature of government they will run; that Uganda needs change and it does not matter which methods are used or the behavior of the groups who bring it about. That lies, slander, cyber bullying are “weapons of the weak” fighting to end tyranny.

Lacking a serious policy alternative and being largely composed of the worst elements of our society, People Power needs to sell change as an emergency. This way it can avoid questions about its competence and values. That is why those who try to raise these questions are subjected to physical and psychological terror. This is why it has positioned itself in religious garb as a kind of holly spirit movement.

Yet Defiance and its bastard child, People Power, have failed to subdue the spirit of our nation. Increasingly many journalists like Canary and many others are finding the courage to stand up for the truths and defend it against this demented cult. The story of Ziggy Wine is one such example. These are the journalists who have chosen to swim against the tide of popular rhetoric and self-righteous indignation common among sections of our society today. They have chosen to defend right when it is miscalled wrong, to fight vices such us intolerance, radical extremism, blackmail, slander etc. that are presented to us as virtues.

Everyday, multitudes of elite Ugandans are coming out to say that politics must be about values and must be based on decency. That the role of our leaders should be to articulate these values and impart them on their followers by leading by example; that leaders should not pander to the worst instincts in their followers but try to appeal to the better angels in them. These developments will continue to expose pseudo democrats who, in their genuine opposition to Museveni’s corruption and incompetence, have turned a blind to the forces of evil fighting him.


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