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    OPINION: Rev. Bakaluba And The Opposition We Need – Milly B Babalanda…



    Milly B Babalanda

    The new Local Council 5 chairman of Mukono district, Rev. Peter Bakaluba Mukasa has chosen a member of the NRM, Mr. Asuman Muhumuza, to be his deputy. This is a very commendable move and I thank Rev. Bakaluba for the brotherly spirit seeing beyond political differences. I believe it may have to do with his background as a clergyman, resisting the temptation to discriminate anybody and using his original NRM lenses to see the good in everybody.

    The LC 5 chairman was formerly a member of NRM who served as a Member of Parliament (MP), and is known for having been developmental until he was disorganised by a ruthless opposition. I don’t think NRM minds having a person carrying an opposition party card who is blind to party colour affiliation and works for the people. The sign of unity in Mukono promises to bring good things to the district, and I appeal to all districts to work out an arrangement of unity in leadership in their areas. I don’t know who else has extended Bakaluba’s gesture but when I get to know I will pay tribute to them.

    The kind of opposition represented by Rev. Bakaluba is what we need; opposition not for the sake of opposing but opposition which looks on the brighter side of political differences. Once one wins a seat in government, the feature of being from a different party from that which has the majority mandate fades out. It’s one large institution of government serving together to implement the overall winning party Manifesto. Anybody who doesn’t know or accept this has no choice but to resign his or her seat. In fact, if the Mukono LC 5 boss had not co-opted NRM on his council executive, he would still be challenged with accepting the supremacy of NRM. In a way, he would find hurdles in providing good leadership since the NRM fraternity would sit back and let him shoulder the burden alone. Now, he has inoculated his tenure and Mukono could benefit greatly.

    Some people wonder as to what the true value of opposition is. Is it to stop the ruling party government from doing its work, to fight government and get it out of power, compete with alternative yet complementary policy ideas or support government to fulfill its mandate? Personally, I think that the first two “roles” are a very outdated way of looking at things. The latter two roles are the way to go. The ordinary opposition attempts to stand in the way of a sitting government and even tries ways to disrupt its hold on power. In extreme cases, that can have a criminal element to it because government is Constitutional and protected by law.

    In a democratic political system, a sound and reasonable opposition is an indispensable element. Opposition parties serve as alternatives for discontented voters and their function is more than just providing another symbol on the ballot in the elections. Opposition fills any gaps in information about the government’s policies, and point out their weaknesses. However, faultfinding is an old way of playing opposition politics. It’s redundant when it is the only “service on offer”. Faultfinding is not a preserve of the opposition because even within the NRM (in the case of Uganda), faults are identified inhouse and addressed. The modern opposition also looks at the positives (the progressive ideas, the good policies, the achievements to be built on) and supports them. There is nothing about “compromising with the devil”- as some extremists say- in that. I see great talent on both sides.

    I, personally, do not see any problem with an opposition member joining an NRM-led executive and an NRM member joining an opposition-led executive. The purpose is not to sell one’s principles or democratic rights but to serve, and propose critical ideas when opposing adds value to the main objective of serving the people. Service delivery is not sensitive to one’s political shade of thought; we all need good health, education, security, infrastructure and general wellbeing. Opposition should not act alarmist or mislead the public on government programmes and should, in fact, help government deliver. If that takes exposing corrupt individuals and shoddy works, that is very welcome because government provides services, not “disservices”.

    Then, to be credible, opposition should also show the good side of government and also talk about its own failures as opposition. If there is nothing to oppose, be honest and say so! It’s better than creating false stories to hurt the name of NRM. Let us see the opposition exposing its own members who are corrupt since many of them won positions and are serving in public office. I see a lot of middle ground for elected leaders on both sides of the political divide to work together without any side losing its character.

    President Museveni has always set the pace by incorporating alternative party figures in his cabinet and most of them have not lost their character although I see that their people (voters) have failed to understand the wisdom in such alliances. With time, the message will sink. Confrontational politics is dying out. I urge all NRM leaders co-opted on opposition –led executives to be cooperative and only raise red flags when there are real issues deserving real attention. That way, NRM will set a good example for others to emulate.

    The Author is a Personal Assistant to the NRM National Chairman and a Senior Presidential Advisor , Political Affairs.


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    Gen. Museveni’s Statements Spell Doom For Our Nation: NUP Boss Bobi Wine Attacks President For Promising To, “Employ Sons And Daughters Of His Cronies To Strategic Government Positions!”…



    President Yoweri Museveni (R)and NUP boss Robert Kyagulanyi (L)

    National Unity Platform (NUP) boss Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine has attacked President Tibuhaburwa Museveni over statements he made during the State of The Nations Address where he promised to employ sons and daughters of his cronies to strategic government positions!

    While responding to the President, Kyagulanyi rebuked Museveni for being arrogant and warned that if the President goes on with this plan, it will spell doom for Uganda.

    Below is his full statement:


    On account of old age and increased arrogance, Gen. Museveni of late speaks the truth about his evil schemes, or rather the truth escapes from his lips. That was the case last week when he took to the podium to deliver the State of the Nation address, which he should not be delivering in the first place.

    Before I go to that, other incidents where he has spoken the blunt truth about his evil schemes include when he acknowledged condoning and ordering mine and other opposition leaders’ torture in Arua by his guards in 2018. In the immediate aftermath of the 2021 rigged election, he purportedly told an NRM caucus meeting that he while Ugandans were shouting “Bobi Wine” and “People Power” everywhere, he ignored them because he knew he had ‘his army’ and the ‘Electoral Commission’ to do his bidding. Most recently during the election of the Speaker of Parliament, he showered praises on Mr. Owiny-Dollo and went as far as saying that during the campaign season, he was executing duties on his behalf- the same man we had filed a Presidential Election Petition before, shortly before he discredited himself. It was clear from Gen. Museveni’s statements that the Chief Justice is firmly in his grip. Before then,  Museveni had publicly admitted that his guards, the Special Forces Command were responsible for the kidnap and murder of so many citizens. What more? He spoke of how his people were responsible for the murder of our comrade boxer, Zebra Ssenyange Mando.

    Therefore it was not surprising to me and most citizens when last week he spoke of his new strategy to employ sons and daughters of his cronies to strategic government positions! In fact, this is what has been going on for a very long time. Gen. Museveni has for long personalised our country and runs it as though it were his personal home or property!

    He promised to deploy in public offices his clique’s descendants and “children of the rich” to curb corruption. In his wisdom, the rich are incorruptible: wealth connotes virtue; poverty connotes vice. What a shame!

    Gen. Museveni’s revelation is a fact already well-known to the public. For decades under his rule, nepotism has been the unwritten criteria upon which citizens are hired or appointed to public offices. Out of public resources, Gen. Museveni and his inner circle have built a private empire to enrich themselves at the expense of ordinary citizens — the vast majority of whom are poor. Most of the “descendants” he intends to deploy in public offices come from those families that have gained wealth through corruption or through opportunities denied to the rest of the citizens.

    He feigns ignorance about the fact that corruption is rampant today largely because of his leadership’s policy of patting on the back government officials implicated in corruption scandals. After all, it is usually his relatives and associates implicated as we saw in the 1997 junk choppers’ saga. And recently at the height of the COVID19 pandemic when his daughter-in-law mysteriously received UGX 6.5b to supply 2 oxygen plants to national hospitals but did not deliver by the contractual deadline. Nevermind that the same amount could have purchased at least 13 such plants!

    Using the army to brutalize local fishermen, the fishing industry is now firmly controlled by Gen. Museveni’s family and business associates. His relatives are running a monopoly of sorts in the most profitable businesses. They have amassed wealth, grabbed poor people’s land, and are now in an advanced stage of establishing an empire! Key offices in ministries and public bodies are populated by his inner circle. We all saw during elections how Gen. Museveni outdid himself by bribing some of our supporters to turn against me in exchange for material gain, and in almost no minute mock them for not having a back.

    This is what happens when a ruler gathers absolute power around himself. Gen. Museveni and the people he is describing now came here as paupers without anything. They were a ragtag group of people with torn shirts and pants, lice dropping off their clothes. Ordinary citizens gave them cows. They raided our fathers’ and grand fathers’ gardens and took whatever was in there. Today, he has the guts to revile the poor people and call them corrupt and needy, because he has made them so.

    Our task is not yet complete. Gen. Museveni’s statements spell doom for our nation. The poor people who are the vast majority must rise up and defend themselves from a small, unpopular clique that is overfed and wealthy at the expense of all citizens.

    The National Unity Platform believes that all Ugandans must be given a chance. The saying that to those who have more will be added, must not be the driving force in nation building. Countrymen and women, let us all work for a future where you or your child will not be denied an opportunity to contribute to their nation simply because of their tribe or origin.


    By Grapevine Reporter


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    Gen. Otafiire Trashes Gen. Kayihura’s Statement That God Is Of Greater Protection Than Guns As He Links Gen Katumba’s Assassination Attempt To Fight For Cabinet Slots In…



    Gen. Kahinda Otafiire, inset is Gen. Kale Kayihura

    The outgoing minister for East African Affairs Rtd Maj Gen Kahinda has attacked his 1986 Liberation war comrade General Edward Kale Kayihura on praising God for protection over guns.

    Speaking to Buganda’s CBS radio, Gen Otafiire insisted that he cannot be taken by Gen Kayihura’s narrative that God is everything when it comes to protection because he is the same God who again protects the killers.

    “Don’t tell me those things, it’s the same God who protected those Katumba assailants and saved them from being shot dead by his bodyguard. So as for me, don’t tell me those Kayihura things concerning God because he is the same God protecting both bad and good people,” furious Otafiire expressed.

    Last week when he was attending the burial of his grandmother, the late Ancila Bucyana Ruhimbi, Gen Kayihura revealed that God is more ultimate than any amount of guns when it comes to a source of protection for anyone. He added that when president Yoweri Museveni fired him from the office of the Inspector General of Police (IGP), many of his friends deserted him and only remained with God and his lawyers from Kampala Associated Advocates(KAA) led by counsel Elson Karuhanga who represent him for free in the Makindye based Court martial he is still battling with treason related charges.

    Gen Kayihura insists that he is still a strong cadre of the UPDF and a supporter of president Museveni and never thinks of betraying him. However when Gen Otafiire was asked as a General what motivated assailants to attack loving outgoing works minister General Edward Katumba Wamala on Tuesday at Kisasi where his daughter Brenda Nantongo Katumba and driver Sgt Haruna Kayondo were killed, Gen Otafiire said that he is also still puzzled with the motive behind the attack because Gen Katumba because he doesn’t have any quarrel with anybody.

    “He doesn’t fight with people and doesn’t go to bars. He added that the only person he knows who recently had problem with Gen Katumba was the youthful Mityana Municipality legislator Francis Zaake Butebi who he believe doesn’t have the capacity to command the assassination against the soft spoken army General.

    He however declined commit himself that Gen Katumba’s assailants were from the hostile neighbouring country as president Museveni stated in the recent address to the nation after the 2021 general elections.

    “If you say it’s what the President said sometime back, that’s your business. I don’t know I’m not President and I’m not even a Minister anymore. I can’t pin a neighbouring country when I don’t have any evidence,” he said.

    He predicted that the attackers might be those powerful people fearing that Gen Katumba might be appointed in the coming cabinet as a Vice president or a Prime Minister. Gen Otafiire insisted that as UPDF Generals they are not scared about what happens to Gen Katumba because they know very well that anytime they can die from anywhere.

    When asked about the ten point president Museveni presented to the nation to solve the frequent assassination of the top government officials and what happened to it, Gen Otafiire advised CBS senior Investigative journalist Alex Nsubuga to go and ask Museveni himself because for him he is nolonger in his government and he is only preparing to serve in the coming Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s government not that of Yoweri Museveni.

    He trashed statements made by security expert David Pulkol, the former Director of External security Organisation(ESO) and Charles Rwomushana the former head of intelligence at State House that the country’s security is very bad. The flamboyant Gen laughed loudly that both claimed security experts don’t have authority to speak on the country’s security because they know nothing.

    By Alirabaki Sengooba


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    How Gen Katumba Saved Nambooze From A Deadly Assassin Sent By Clergyman Bakaluba Over Mukono Politics – Ssegona Narrates…



    Betty Nambooze (L), Gen. Katumba and Rev. Peter Bakaluba Mukasa

    Outspoken Busiro East legislator Medard Lubega Ssegona has narrated how soft spoken former works Minister Gen Edward Katumba Wamala saved Mukono Municipality member of Parliament Betty Nambooze Bakireke from being assassinated by a gunman in the middle of Kampala city.

    Commenting about Gen Katumba who survived an attempted assassination on Tuesday in Kisasi, a Kampala Suburb where his daughter Brenda Nantongo Katumba and his driver Sgt Haruna Kayondo were killed, Ssegona saluted the four star army general as a nationalist who fought for peace in the country.

    The flamboyant lawyer revealed that in 2005 while at a political rally at City Square in the middle of Kampala City a certain man came out of the crowd and testified that he was sent to assassinate MP Nambooze.

    “The gentleman came out and told us that he was sent to kill Nambooze but he sympathized with her and decided to leave her,” Ssegona said. Appearing on NBS TV’s Frontline Political show moderated by celebrated youthful journalist Joseph Sabiiti, Ssegona said that with fear he pleaded with the alleged assassin to go with him to their offices at London Chambers where he revealed more secrets about the mission.

    The former information minister in Kabaka’s government said that the alleged assassin told them that he was sent by former Mukono North legislator, currently the Mukono district chairperson Rev Peter Bakaluba Mukasa to assassinate Nambooze. By that time there was a heated political contest between Nambooze and Bakaluba which forced Gen Katumba to intervene.

    Ssegona revealed that Gen Katumba summoned both Nambooze and Bakaluba to his office in Kibuli when he was still the Inspector General of Government (IGP) and pleaded with them to stop fighting. He explained that it was Gen Katumba’s effort that made Nambooze and Bakaluba to sit together in the same boardroom as members of the National Unity Platform (NUP).

    The no nonsense legislator this time round is sympathetic and hopes that Gen Katumba is comforted having been traumatized by witnessing his own beloved daughter and bodyguard shot dead.

    By Alirabaki Sengooba


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