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OPINION: To Bobi Wine My Son: The Population Is Not Confident With The Guys Around You, With Them, I Don’t See You Near State House But In The Gates Of Luzira Prison



Actor Haji Ashraf Ssemwogere has given some peace of advice to ‘his son’ Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine to get professional people as his handlers as he bids to contest for presidency.

In a letter on his Facebook page, the writer has warned Bobi that the people who are currently hanging around him are not going to help his presidential ambitions, instead, he may find himself in the gates of Luzira prison.

Below is his letter verbatim:


Dear son hope this letter finds you in good shape. Kulikayo mukuziika Bishop Bamwoze. I saw you exiting the mourners.

I’m happy that you came out to announce your intension to contest for the big seat.. Some people who read my first letter criticised me for speculating that you will stand for President. I’m glad to write to a presidential hopeful.

I state it again that you have support, east west, south, and north of Uganda big enough to win you that seat. Something I’ve not seen in Uganda for my life time of maturity. Even President Museveni was resisted both in the bush and before he could warm that chair. I still ask whether you will manage that success and the luck you have in the next 2 yrs before the elections. Bobi there is nothing difficult to manage like success, especially when it involves the population. For you may have a mass of support, but I doubt their confidence in you to lead the nation. You need to start building and consolidate that confidence, both local and international. We are left with two years but I don’t see you preparing for presidency. I see Bobi, a people’s darling, God forbid, but aiming at “Hajj agambye” to “Bobi agambye”. Haaaa I doubt whether this can win you that seat. A democratic state is run by a group of people. A group in your capacity building I’m yet to see. I always see people around you very tough and ready to die for you. But are they the people your supporters would love to see you with?.

The Baganda have a saying that “mbulira gwoyita naye….” (tell me your “friend” and I describe your character). Also, science intellects tell that, “some genes can be inherited due to the surroundings”. Sincerely speaking the population is not confident with the guys around you. They are like buddies.

Buddies who always want to hear positive about you. They will always act ruthless to any negative word against you. Even if it’s true. They may even hate this letter. But that is also another weakness a political disease. A good politician should always be eager to know his/her negative and use it to his advantage. Otherwise the opponent will always capitalize on your negatives to bring you down. For example, I would give my hand and disagree that you were part of the organisation to attack Dr Besigye at Bulange. However, because of your history and the buddies near you, a few will give you a benefit of doubt. Bobi you were lucky that the Arua saga was very poorly planned. Otherwise it would have been very difficult for you to deny ownership of those guns “found” in your room.

And don’t forget the case is still in court.

President Museveni has already started organising for 2021, as Col Besigye, Gen Muntu and DP’s Mao are doing the same. Where are you Bobi my son. The population is puzzled whether you are with DP or coming as independent. 2021 is no longer far to wait. Its high time you straighten out, otherwise I don’t see you anywhere near the state house. But I dream seeing the gates of Luzira prison opening to receive you for various crimes not necessarily committed by you, but under circumstantial evidence to push you in. Dr Besigye was once nominated in absence. Who will stand with your picture at Namboole if you are arrested on the nomination day. People want to see those strong individuals.

Today all the political organizations would love you to be on their side. You are clear that change is your goal so the incumbent becomes an opponent. FDC’s Besigye has also declared his intention another opponent. I don’t know much with Gen Muntu and Mao. Hopefully if they come too, you will have four strong organized opponents. The saying goes you either join them or they fight you.

They will fight you with all the dirt until you are down..

The formation of peoples government by Dr Besigye made the incumbent relax his muscles against you. You are like a political gift to him.

It’s now peoples government against people power and the would be referee, DP is boxing FDC strongly and otherwise. The end is still puzzling me. But apparently if we move like this, come 2021, I see mama Janet rearranging the state house for another 5 years.




Abusing The President Is A Sign Of Poor Upbringing – NRM



The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party has warned a section of Ugandans who have made it a hobby to abuse the president that doing so is a sign of poor upbringing.

In a post on their website, the NRM said, “Under Section 24 of the Penal Code Act, it is an offense to alarm or annoys or ridicule the President and the maximum punishment for one found guilty of this offense is imprisonment for life.
This provision is valid until such a time as when it is repealed through the widely known lawful channels. The President is the Fountain of honor protected by law. That is why he also enjoys immunity from prosecution.
To abuse him is to abuse the office he holds in trust of the greater citizenry.”

They add, “Doing so (abusing him) is not a political statement or a victory in settling scores; it is a sign of poor upbringing. Parents, please groom your children and show them the way you would like them to take!
Proverbs 22:6 says: “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”.
Show them good examples, educate them; inculcate in them good cultural practices! Thankfully, the law is clear and will always take its course on defiant ones, here and in the afterlife!”


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Nambooze Is Dead Politically, She Is Now Trying To Get Back To The Lime Light By Jumping On Every Thing – Musician Full Figure



Musician Nakitto Jennifer Nakanguubi alias Jennifer Full Figure has blasted Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze Bakireke for attacking musician Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleon.

During a meeting held at City Hall in Kampala yesterday where the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago was meeting vendors and hawkers, Nambooze cautioned the people of Kampala to vote responsibly come 2021 especially on the position of the Lord Mayor that already has a number of candidates vying for it. These include: the incumbent  Erias Lukwago, Kawempe South Legislator Hajji Latif Ssebagala Sengendo, NRM’s Godfrey Nyakana, former Kampala Security minister Gen. Henry Tumukunde and Musician Jose Chameleon .

“Vote wisely when that time comes, know the person who has been there for you, who is still there for you and who will be there for you. Don’t just vote anyhow. Let everyone do what they know best , musicians should concentrate on music as well the politicians play our part. You know where Lukwago has brought you from and how he has fought for you, let no one deceive you,” Nambooze rallied the vendors and hawkers at City Hall.

These remarks left the outspoken musician Full Figure, who is a Chameleone sympathiser unhappy, she decided to fire at Nambooze calling her political future dead.

“Nambooze you are dead, you are just looking for a way out. Stop criticising our own. Let the people decide on who they want to put in power. Maybe you just want to be in the news but I think Lukwago has served enough and it’s time for the young blood to take over,” Full figure said.

Full Figure also reminded the Mukono legislator that all opposition leaders are in the same struggle and there is no need to fight each other because they have the same enemy.

When the Grapevine contacted Betty Nambooze, she declined to respond to Full Figure’s remarks saying that she is looking for cheap popularity since she is already a failure musically.

Early this year, Full Figure announced her intention to unseat the Kampala woman Member of Parliament Nabilah Nagayi Sempala.

By Mboowa Nathan


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MY SON CHAMELEON, Politics Is Not Music: You Deceived Muslims That You Converted To Their Faith, You Have Been Using Dangerous Drugs And Have Failed To Turn Up For Concerts After Being Paid – Actor Ashraf Simwogerere Pens Letter To Son Chameleone



Asalaam alaikum warahmaturahi wabarakatuh.

Letter to my “son”,


Dear Joze hope this latter finds you in a good shape. We last met sometime back at Fairway hotel. I remember you had been confined in a wheel chair after that accident in Tanzania. Haaaaa that was the time when the law of diminishing returns in entertainment was still very far from acting on you. Reaching you was not easy but you managed to extend a hand to greet me as an elder. I admired and appreciated you for that.

Up to today, I have to confess. Valu valu is my best song even if I don’t understand a single word. You showed the power of relics in that songs. Thanks a lot son.

Having said that, I was very much impressed when you decided to come out openly and fully join politics. As an artiste myself, I will always support a fellow artiste who declares his intention to join politics. Even if politically we may not agree, ideally dad Ashraf will support any artiste being NRM, DP, FDC, PEOPLE POWER, ETC. Artistes who have participated in Politics have given our industry milage, for we were nobodies in this country. If lawyers, doctors, teachers, priests, soldiers, business ppl, agriculturists, etc join politics why not artistes?.

However CHAMELEON, politics is not like music where one time at Africana hotel in a concert you jumped high from the stage and fell into the soft hands of the audience. In politics when you jump high in air, any mistake you do while up there will cause the audience (read supporters) to run away for you to land on the hard surface. Hajj Ssebagala has the best story. Lord mayor is struggling in air to avoid the hard fall.

Secondly, in politics, your history will either run before or after you. Yours is no better. In anyway your history is going to run after (against) you.

The day Chameleone announce that he had become a Muslim

Your historical basket is full of rotten eggs. A good politician will not deny ownership of his rotten past. But he/she will use them to boost his/her support. Read Obama when he was accused of smoking weed. He did it perfectly. Your negative past should not be a reliability but make it an asset to gain votes.

Starting with your nick name; 1.”CHAMELEON”. On many occasions you have acted like that “ka” animal. You are the guy who change any time. In art, many times you have been paid in advance and reluctantly fail to turn up for concerts. 2)’ You deceived Moslems that you converted to their faith, only to chameleon back to your religion the following day. The moslems are already insinuating that Catholic DPs have brought a moslem catholic CHAMELEON, to fight Latif and Erias (Moslems) for mayorship. 3). We all know that at one time my “son” you used dangerous drugs. 4).There is also that story of some man who was killed in your compound under unclear circumstances. 5) Fighting has been part of your celebrity life.

I repeat all this rot shouldn’t threaten you but make it your challenges of life.

Chameleone with DP boss Norbert Mao

Chameleon you have a tendency of talking any how to disgust your listener. Please your status has changed look up for a respected political manager to manage your oratory and movements. And please respect your manager. Otherwise this is not music where you sacked your managers every week.

Desist from being used to fight other people’s wars otherwise your political carrier will be destroyed. For example already ppl are saying that DP is using you to fight the Load mayor. Always use your consciousness.

Most important my “son”, remember you are carrying a big and heavy mantel for artistes, your family and yourself. Your failure will haunt us all. You successfully carried this mantel in music for 15yrs. Will you carry a political one successfully?. The ball is in your hands.

I wish you the best.

Stay good.

Dad Ashraf Simwogerere.


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