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OPINION: To Bobi Wine My Son: The Population Is Not Confident With The Guys Around You, With Them, I Don’t See You Near State House But In The Gates Of Luzira Prison



Actor Haji Ashraf Ssemwogere has given some peace of advice to ‘his son’ Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine to get professional people as his handlers as he bids to contest for presidency.

In a letter on his Facebook page, the writer has warned Bobi that the people who are currently hanging around him are not going to help his presidential ambitions, instead, he may find himself in the gates of Luzira prison.

Below is his letter verbatim:


Dear son hope this letter finds you in good shape. Kulikayo mukuziika Bishop Bamwoze. I saw you exiting the mourners.

I’m happy that you came out to announce your intension to contest for the big seat.. Some people who read my first letter criticised me for speculating that you will stand for President. I’m glad to write to a presidential hopeful.

I state it again that you have support, east west, south, and north of Uganda big enough to win you that seat. Something I’ve not seen in Uganda for my life time of maturity. Even President Museveni was resisted both in the bush and before he could warm that chair. I still ask whether you will manage that success and the luck you have in the next 2 yrs before the elections. Bobi there is nothing difficult to manage like success, especially when it involves the population. For you may have a mass of support, but I doubt their confidence in you to lead the nation. You need to start building and consolidate that confidence, both local and international. We are left with two years but I don’t see you preparing for presidency. I see Bobi, a people’s darling, God forbid, but aiming at “Hajj agambye” to “Bobi agambye”. Haaaa I doubt whether this can win you that seat. A democratic state is run by a group of people. A group in your capacity building I’m yet to see. I always see people around you very tough and ready to die for you. But are they the people your supporters would love to see you with?.

The Baganda have a saying that “mbulira gwoyita naye….” (tell me your “friend” and I describe your character). Also, science intellects tell that, “some genes can be inherited due to the surroundings”. Sincerely speaking the population is not confident with the guys around you. They are like buddies.

Buddies who always want to hear positive about you. They will always act ruthless to any negative word against you. Even if it’s true. They may even hate this letter. But that is also another weakness a political disease. A good politician should always be eager to know his/her negative and use it to his advantage. Otherwise the opponent will always capitalize on your negatives to bring you down. For example, I would give my hand and disagree that you were part of the organisation to attack Dr Besigye at Bulange. However, because of your history and the buddies near you, a few will give you a benefit of doubt. Bobi you were lucky that the Arua saga was very poorly planned. Otherwise it would have been very difficult for you to deny ownership of those guns “found” in your room.

And don’t forget the case is still in court.

President Museveni has already started organising for 2021, as Col Besigye, Gen Muntu and DP’s Mao are doing the same. Where are you Bobi my son. The population is puzzled whether you are with DP or coming as independent. 2021 is no longer far to wait. Its high time you straighten out, otherwise I don’t see you anywhere near the state house. But I dream seeing the gates of Luzira prison opening to receive you for various crimes not necessarily committed by you, but under circumstantial evidence to push you in. Dr Besigye was once nominated in absence. Who will stand with your picture at Namboole if you are arrested on the nomination day. People want to see those strong individuals.

Today all the political organizations would love you to be on their side. You are clear that change is your goal so the incumbent becomes an opponent. FDC’s Besigye has also declared his intention another opponent. I don’t know much with Gen Muntu and Mao. Hopefully if they come too, you will have four strong organized opponents. The saying goes you either join them or they fight you.

They will fight you with all the dirt until you are down..

The formation of peoples government by Dr Besigye made the incumbent relax his muscles against you. You are like a political gift to him.

It’s now peoples government against people power and the would be referee, DP is boxing FDC strongly and otherwise. The end is still puzzling me. But apparently if we move like this, come 2021, I see mama Janet rearranging the state house for another 5 years.




IPOD Is A Complete Joke, You Cannot Have Your Foot On My Neck And Then Say To Me, ‘Lets Talk!’ – Bobi Wine Tells M7



Kyadondo East Member of parliament, Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has said that Inter Party  Organization for Dialogue (IPOD) is a complete joke and a desperate attempt by Museveni.

The dialogue which was held yesterday at Protea Hotel in Entebbe with its chairman Hon Nobert Mao who is also the president of the Democratic Party (DP). Among the members who attended the meeting was the National Resistance Movement (NRM) chairman president Museveni.

“The dialogue under the Inter-Party Organization for Dialogue (IPOD) is a complete joke. It is a desperate attempt by Museveni and his regime to sanitise the impunity that he presides over in this country,” he said.

The people power revolution leader has encouraged his colleagues not to fall in Mr. Museveni’s tricks,” I encourage all friendly pro-change forces not to fall for this trick! How can we share a platform with a man who has the blood of our people on his hands and is not ready to admit and denounce it?”

He said that if they want to have dialogue with Mr. Museveni, he should first see them as Ugandans not as mere pawns on his chessboard.

“We have never been opposed to dialogue, but our stand has been and remains that it is only free people who can dialogue- PERIOD. If I am dialoguing with President Museveni, he must first of all see me as a citizen of Uganda with my full rights, and not as a slave or a mere pawn on his chessboard! You cannot have your foot on my neck and then say to me, – ‘let’s talk!'” he added.

Kyagulanyi added, “Citizens’ rights must first be respected and upheld. I say this well knowing that these rights are not a favor from any government- they are inherent!! Secondly, the people of Uganda are the true stakeholders and shareholders of this country. All leaders must never forget that. I always tell my friends that the PEOPLE ARE OUR FIRST AND LAST RESORT. Any dialogue that is worth its name must involve them and listen to them.”

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) who are also members of the IPOD boycotted the meeting citing brutality and harsh treatment from the police, army and other security agencies.

By Evelyn Musiimenta


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You Have Been Eating IPOD Money Stop Pretending – DP’s Mukaku Tells FDC: M7 To Increase Political Parties’ Funding From 10 Billion To 35 Billion



President Museveni’s government is set to increase funding for the Inter Party Organization for Dialogue (IPOD) from Shs10 billion to Shs35 billion according to Democratic Party’s (DP), Samuel Walter Lubega Mukaku.

While addressing the press at the party’s head office at City House today, Mukaku bragged that increasing IPOD funding is one of the biggest achievements they (DP) have achieved while chairing IPOD. He said that this new funding will also include all politicians even those who are independent like Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, who is also the leader of People power movement.

“Under the leadership of chairman Mao, we have fought to increase the funding of not only DP but all political parties which has been at Shs10 billion to 35 billion in the year 2019/2020,” Mukaku said.

He wondered that their colleagues have been eating this money but surprisingly today they are playing games claiming that they can’t be part of IPOD.

“Sitting with the enemy who has been adamant to agree with you and convincing him to finally accept to help your people and add a stone on the struggle after such a long time is a big success to us.

Under the agenda, we wanted to make sure that we amend the Public Order Management Act (POMA) regulations and so far, we have already sat the Prime Minister and Museveni down. DP is responsible for even those candidates who don’t have representation in parliament and can’t sit at the IPOD and our own rights are respected and granted. POMA is already adapting to the regulations that we proposed,”he said.

He added, “At IPOD, there is summit and council of Secretary General where the president with representations in parliament meet. FDC is tried to trivialise, comment and post funny pictures of our president that he looked idle while waiting for Museveni at his house when the truth was he was at Protea Hotel .

President Museveni delayed but the National Resistance Movement (NRM) gave an explanation to IPOD chairman who accepted it in good faith.”

He encouraged all politicians to join General Muntu during the launching of the alliance for national transformation (ANT).

By Evelyn Musiimenta


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M7 Scoffs At FDC: God Gives You Ability To Talk and You Say You Won’t, He Can Take Away That Gift…



President Museveni warns forum for democratic change (FDC) saying if they don’t want a dialogue, he will go look after his animals.

Museveni said, “Joined leaders of the Democratic Party, the Uganda People’s Congress and JEEMA for the Inter-party Organization for Dialogue (IPOD) summit at Portae Hotel, Entebbe.

We arrived at a raft of resolutions that should help strengthen our multi-party-political dispensation. The resolutions are about funding of parties, the question of independent candidates, conduct of public gatherings, among others.

DP President Nobert Mao was talking of political systems. Our perspective as NRM is that political systems are not an end in themselves. Right from 1912 when ANC was formed in South Africa, our liberation movements have had five aims.”

He added “These were to fight for independence, institute democracy, ensure prosperity of our people through market integration, enforce strategic security through political integration and support the fraternity of the African people.

Politics therefore for us is to articulate these aims, which are critical for the survival of the African race. It is these aims that by 1971 had pushed us to fight Idi Amin even before we had known he was killing people. He was blocking these aims.

Dialogue is a good method of resolving political issues and we believe in it. In 1979 when fighting Amin, we met in Moshi and through dialogue formed UNLF but some people did not appreciate and we had to start again.

If dialogue had been used, Uganda would have avoided many problems. The men who led Uganda to independence were all young except Nadiope and Balaki Kirya. They failed because of arrogance and inability to dialogue. It is amazing to see how they failed.

If I don’t want to dialogue when in politics then I should go to look after my animals. God gives you ability to talk and you say you won’t, he can switch off that gift. I take it as a Biblical command to talk to whoever wants to talk to me.”

He continued “I will conclude with some advice to the opposition. You can do a lot to change the lives of your people even when in opposition. I did a lot to transform the people of Ankole in the years when I was in opposition as a member of the Democratic Party.

I persuaded people to stop nomadism and go to commercial agriculture from subsistence farming. I was reported to the UPC government that I was misleading people to fence farms. But I explained myself to Vice President John Babiha, who gave me a go-ahead.

I am glad I was invited to this dialogue and met my fellow leaders. We can agree on points of convergence and move together, where we do not agree, we understand why.”

By Doreen Menezer


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