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OPINION: We Have Heard Things Children Will Never Say About Their Parents, Things That Wives Are Not Supposed To Say In Public. Bujjingo Has Not Been Given An Option – Actor Senkubuge Defends Bujjingo



In defense of Pastor Bujjingo.

I am a sinner and have no right whatsoever to comment on the actions of the anointed one of God. But yesterday I read my son Matovu Jr commenting that ” Pr. Bujjingo is a devil” This is why am writing this note. Jesus once said that ‘let that who has never sinned throw the first stone’ and no one dared. We comment and shout but the whites have a sweet remark that ” see who is talking”.

I know what you are going to say that they are not pastors. But Pastors are human beings and Bujjingo has never stopped saying that if you go to Canaan land look for Jesus not Bujjingo. Saying he as a man and bound to disappoint you but Jesus will never.

Ekyo kiwedde.

Bujjingo with his daughter Doreen who has lately become very abusive

2. I have gone through this and I know the best option is to go back home and say sorry but that is only possible when one side has been silent but this time along the Kitende team (and they are my true friends) have not given that allowance they have fought a bad fight.

Alex Ferguson once told his captain Keane that he gave the referee no option. He had given a red card. Keane had acted as a Savage when he jumped and landed on the leg of a defender. We have heard things children will never say about their parents. Things that wives are not supposed to say in public. Bujjingo has not been given an option.

Nakyo nkimaze

3.King Solomon is the wisest King ever because of his judgement about that kid for whom two women were fighting. He just said “we cut it into two” the owner could not stand it. This house of prayer should continue. The last time I was there I cried so much. Because people get salvation and thousands get delivered almost daily. Jesus is on duty there. No one should work for it’s getting divided and no one should celebrate if there problems.


Bujjingo with wife

4 Bujjingo is prayerful. He must have prayed for this. He is a true man of God a referee in Born again community who will never keep quiet when sin is being committed in the House of God anywhere.

When I heard about this Makula saga for the first time I together with Mr Lumu attacked him in his office banged tables advising against it. But he had kept quiet for so long and he had already prayed and made decisions. The Bujjingo I know he is not the type who makes decision without prayer and hard thinking.

Whatever is happening now he anticipated and he asked us and the church of Christ he leads to pray for him. Let us pray that he goes through this alive. Abusive language cause more damages. If Bujjingo wants to be given a second chance let it be.

Pr. Teddy is also a good Pastor who should be given opportunity to continue serving Her Lord.

But not as I wish, as Our Lord and Savior wishes. Anti buli kimu kikolebwa olwobulungi eri abo abamukiriza.

Senkubuge Charles James.


A certain Sabakuristu called me late at night saying, “nebaliza Bujjingo yebare kuvaayo nayogera naye ffena abakazi batusuza KU migomyo.” (losely translated, Thank Bujjingo on my behalf for coming out boldly to speak, the women we married as church leaders are seriously mistreating us)

Some say Pr. Should have put appearances and continued with a broken marriage. That besides many VVIPs in Uganda are like that including the …. And the ….

But Pr. Bugembe sung that camera ya Yesu etangaaza. That pretense would be

More sin. And unless to the visitors in Uganda people have actually died in marriage here.

Let us pray.

We pray for our Pastor to go thru this. We have seen you go through deeper waters. Be an intelligent Commander you are and remember you have a large flock belonging to our Lord. Baleme kwesitalako.

We pray for HPMI to stay together and focused and in prayer trusting Jesus and their Pastor.

For PR. Teddy to let Jesus’ will be done

For Doreen to keep quiet.

For Makula to wait upon the Lord.

Basudde yayimba nti ” Kati abakazi ka balekaane nga jazz”

Mbimazeeyo era sisubira kudamu kwogera mangu kuba era siyogerayogera nnyo.




Dr. Stella Nyanzi Petitions High Court To Review Her Offensive Communication Case



Embattled Makerere University researcher fellow Dr. Stella Nyanzi has petitioned the High Court civil division in Kampala to review the proceedings of Buganda road magistrate court claiming they are biased.

Sources have confirmed that Nyanzi’s file was called by High Court after Nyanzi, through her lawyer Isaac Semakadde challenged the biased manner and procedures used by the trial Magistrate Gladys to set a date for the final ruling of Nyanzi’s case.

She further claims that the magistrate refused to summon the complainant who she offended to testify in court.   The file has not yet been allocated to a judge for review.

It should be remembered that Nyanzi applied to court to summon president Museveni to come to court and testify on how he was offended by the posts she put on her social media pages.

She also wanted court to allow her summon her witnesses through media, all her prayers were dismissed by the magistrate who set 1st August for the judgment. Nyanzi is battling with offensive communication and cyber-crime offences. 

By Jamil Lutakome


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Ugandans Should Start Telling More Lies: Nambooze Attacks Museveni For Calling Buganda Katikkiro Mayiga A Liar



Mukono Municipality legislator Betty Nambooze has rallied Ugandans to start telling more lies because the word has changed meaning and government officials are calling the truth lies and lies truth.

During his address to the nation yesterday evening at State House Nakasero, a furious Museveni warned Buganda Kingdom Prime Minister (Katikkiro) Charles Peter Mayiga to stop uttering nonsense concerning the registration of coffee growers.

“About the licensing of coffee, there is no license, this Katikkiro was telling lies. I sent a message to someone that this Katikkiro should stop this nonsense. He was lying, and he should stop. There is no licensing, what is happening is registering and the reason for registering is exporting,” Museveni said.

The president said that he was the one who ordered his cabinet minister of agriculture Vincent Sempijja to go and explain the Katikkiro what the government wants to achieve by registering Coffee farmers.

The president said as a cattle keeper from Ankole, he has been registered and they have their chairman.

It should be remembered that the Katikkiro, during the Buganda budget reading on Monday cautioned government the new laws which the government plans to slap on coffee growers in the country are in bad faith. It should be noted that coffee is one of the popular cash crops grown in Buganda region.  

In the same address, the president told security organs to stop arresting people for annoying him.

“I don’t mind being annoyed. I have no problem with being annoyed. That was a colonial law that I used to hear about. The bigger issue is telling lies, inciting and sedition. Those are the areas of substance that police should concentrate on,” Museveni said.


Mukono municipality legislator betty Nambooze Bakireke has attacked the president for calling Buganda Premier Chales Peter Mayiga a liar.

Through his Facebok page, Nambooze said, “At State House last evening Mr.Museveni called the Buganda Katikiro a lier and a perdon who speaks rubbish…. His I mention was to belittle the Katikiro for he Insisted that his interpreter Rose Namayanja gives his word their true meaning in Luganda. Mr.Museveni said that farmers are to be registered because foreign buyers if coffee want to trace the coffee bean right from the farmer…so because of this what the Katikiro is saying are lies and Nonsense!”

She adds, “In Parliament, State Minister Mutuuzo on the floor of Parliament said the same things about me… she said that I am a liar when I say that Ugandan girls in the Middle East are being enslaved. She justified her submission with telling Parliament that these girls bring in 600 million dollars in the economy annually…so because of this, I who was talking about their plight was a liar and speaking Nonsense.

I therefore wish to inform Ugandans who care for our country to start telling the lies and nonsense like the Katikiro….. The two words changed meaning, they mean to oppose policies, actions and laws that disfavor Ugandans by exchanging their rights with foreign interests.”

By Jamil Lutakome


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Don’t Be Stupid, You Are Fools To Think That Bujjingo’s Followers Will Run To Your Churches – Mirundi Blasts Pastors Kiganda And Bugembe, Reveals Shocking Information About Teddy



Self-claimed media consultant Joseph Tamale Mirundi has blasted and warned pastors under the National Fellowship of Born-Again Pentecostal churches to stop celebrating house of prayers ministry international senior pastor Aloysius Bujjingo’s woes.

Mirundi said that born again pastors must learn that the reason why people are still at Bujjingo’s church is because of the miracles Bujjingo performs and his preaching and the day they discover that he no longer performs to their expectations, they will leave on their own.

“I was suprised to see the likes of pastor Bugembe, David Kiganda cerebrating the troubles of their fellow pastor Bujjingo stupidly, thinking that they will get his followers.  They don’t know the reasons behind Bujjingo’s problems, it’s a big scheme that can only be understood by us who eat enough food,” the celebrated political analysts stated. 

He wondered why Bishop David Kiganda sided with the mafias who want to put Bujjingo down yet he also once tested the bitterness of these mafias when he was embarrassed in public that his wife was snatched by a chapatti maker which was not true.

He insisted that the scheme to put Bugingo down was planned by mafias because of his steady progress spiritually and economically which made him a political threat to those who are fighting to succeed President Museveni.  A bitter Mirundi blasted the women who participated in the demonstration against Bujjingo saying that they were just hired as machineries to humiliate the man of God. 

He boasted that through his Mirundi Internal Security Organization (MISO), he has collected enough evidence pinning Naluswa that she was cursed by her father after conspiring with her mother to harass the old professor until he died.

The former press secretary to the president further blasted journalists who were beaten at Salt Media based home at Lugujja in Lubaga division, he branded them as machineries hired to tarnish Bujjingo’s name like they did to him during his tenure as the President’s press Secretary.

“I was accused and called all sorts of names, that man Kulubya of Bukedde even called me a mad,” a bitter Mirundi said.  The cerebrated journalist warned that if journalists don’t stop being used, the public will continue beating them up.  However, Mirundi blamed Bujjingo for miscalculating and always responding to his enemies.  He predicted that Bujjingo will not lose the battle though he must be prepared for the war if he is to decisively defeat his enemies.

By Jamil Lutakome


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