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    Panic As Chief Justice Dollo’s Supreme Court Agree To Petition Law Council Over Conduct And Insults From Bobi Wine’s Lawyers Towards Top Justices….



    National  Unity Platform (NUP) Principal Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu

    There is panic among lawyers representing National  Unity Platform (NUP) former presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine.

    This is after they received information that a decision was taken by the Supreme Court Justices led by Chief Justice Alfonse Chigamoy Owiny-Dollo to drag them to the Law Council over their frequent insults and verbal attacks on judges.

    Multiple credible sources at the Supreme Court disclosed that the nine Justices of the Supreme Court who are handling Bobi Wine’s petition have agreed to petition the disciplinary body to take action against Bobi Wine’s lawyers.

    “The decision was taken even though the Law Council has not yet received the petition. It was unprofessional for a senior lawyer to go to CBS radio and insult a senior Justice that he is incompetent and that he left a lot of dirty work at his former stations, it was embarrassing” a judiciary source said.

    He added that before the decision was taken, one of the Justices told friends that he listened to one of Kyagulanyi’s Advocates live on CBS radio attacking him during a political talk show.

    The judge added that this lawyer thought that he does not understand Luganda language since he is not a Muganda. After the show, the judge rang him and asked him why he was attacking him.

    The source said that the Advocate apologised to the Justice who insisted and was supported by his colleagues that the law council should be petitioned.

    The source added that the Justices also cited a number of insults from NUP lawyers especially via social media and in main media stream towards them.

    It should be remembered that Chief Justice Dollo was unhappy with the lies made by Bobi Wine’s lawyer Anthony Wameli on oath in his affidavit that he was blocked from filling the additional evidence against Museveni on the particular day given to them by Court.

    Justice Dollo insisted that he was present on that particular date (14th/02/2021) and in the evening, he saw Wameli jumping on the boda boda running away from court without any Court official stopping him.

    The Judge asked the Attorney General William Byaruhanga to look for an avenue where such lawyers who lie under oath like Wameli are punished by the Law Council to avoid putting the legal profession in the Country into disrepute.

    Recently, the Law Society through their president Phiona Wall Nabasa threatened to take action against Bobi Wine’s lawyers who are insulting and putting the judiciary in bad light.

    Last week, a concerned Ugandan Job Richard Mutua petitioned the Law Council over the unprofessional behaviour of Bobi Wine’s lawyers.

    City Lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi also advised Bobi Wine to drag his lawyers to the law council for being incompetent and failing to prosecute their case.

    The accusations against Bobi Wine’s lawyers comes at a time when their practicing licenses have not yet been renewed by the law council and other concerned bodies.

    Because Bobi Wine’s petition is of public interest, Chief Justice Dollo directed the Chief Registrar to give Bobi Wine’s lawyers led by Busiro East member of parliament Medard Lubega Ssegona a temporary practicing license that will expire on the 18th of March 2021, the day allocated by Court to deliver its decision on the matter.

    Bobi Wine applied to withdraw his petition on several grounds.


    However, when reached for comment on the matter, Wameli told theGrapevine that he never put the judiciary in bad. He said that whatever they said was in good faith not in bad faith as many are trying to portray it. He asserted that he is ready to defend himself when summoned by the law council.


    The Judiciary Senior Communications Officer Solomon Muyita revealed that no decision has been made to drag Bobi Wine’s lawyers to law council.

    He explained that there was just one concerned Ugandan who petitioned the law council.


    Meanwhile, Lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi is still staged at the office of the Supreme Court Registrar seeking for a date to hear his application where he wants the Supreme Court to stay the hearing of the application filed by Bobi Wine to withdrawal his presidential petition until the  East African Court makes a decision in his suit.

    Mabirizi is challenging Justice Dollo’s refusal to recuse himself from Bobi Wine’s petition.

    Mabirizi told theGrapevine that it’s clear in the East African Community regulations that established the East African Court that if a petition is filed in Court concerning a certain matter in a local Court, it has to stay until the decision of the regional Court is made.

    He added that if Bobi Wine’s application for withdrawal is heard before his application, the matter will turn academic.

    However, through a letter, Supreme Court Deputy Registrar Harriet Ssali Nalukwago informed Mabirizi that they have received his application and Court will consider it at the appropriate date which will be communicated to him.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki



    Ssegirinya, Ssewanyana Lawyers To Challenge DPP Abodo’s Plan To Hide Witnesses, Mabirizi Wants Trial To Be Halted Over Constitutional Court Petition…



    Lawyers representing embattled Kawempe North Member of Parliament (MP) Muhammad Ssegirinya, Makindye West’s Allan Ssewanyana and other accused persons are set to put up a spirited legal fight against the Director Public Prosecution (DPP) Justice Jane Abodo’s plans to hide the State witnesses in the main criminal trial before the Crimes War Division of the High Court.

    On Thursday, Justice Abodo, through her Assistant Lino Anguzo, the lead prosecutor in the trial told the pre-trial presiding judge Justice Elizabeth Jane Alividza that they have filed an ex-parte application to allow the state to protect the witnesses from the media and the public when they are testifying.

    Lino told Court that the witnesses they want to protect are very instrumental in their case and they will play a strong part to help Court to deliver justice to the accused persons and the deceased.

    However, speaking to theGrapevine, Geoffrey Turyamusima, one of the lawyers representing the accused persons insisted that they have agreed with their clients to challenge the witness protection application.

    “No, we are going to challenge that application, they have disclosed to us the witnesses who are set to testify against our clients and we have been seeing some of these witnesses in the media.

    “They are the family members of the deceased, friends and security personnel. Now, what do they want to protect?” Turyamusima wondered.

    Court has not yet set the hearing date for the application and other applications including the human rights enforcement application and the bail applications of all the accused persons.

    Other accused persons on the file are; Jackson Kanyike, Jude Mugerwa, Bull Wamala, Mike Sserwadda and Jude Muwongo.

    They are all together with the legislators battling murder, attempted murder and terrorism charges.

    State alleges that the accused persons were behind the Greater Masaka panga wielding goons who killed over 28 elderly people.


    In a new development, controversial incarcerated city lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi has applied to the Crimes War Division of the High Court to halt the pre-trial of the accused persons until the determination of his Constitutional petition against the Attorney General.

    In his Constitutional petition, Mabirizi insisted that Ssegirinya and Ssewanyana are being politically persecuted by the state and the additional criminal charges brought against them are unjustifiable.

    However, Turyamusima told theGrapevine that they will oppose Mabirizi’s application to stay proceedings of their clients because he doesn’t want them to rot in prison given that the Constitution Court is going to take a lot of time to determine his Constitutional petition.

    Turyamusima added that what they want as per now is a speedy trial for their clients because they have established that the state doesn’t have evidence against them.

    He emphasised that the only application filed by Mabirizi, which they will support is the one where he calls for merging of the two files, one at the Crimes War Division of the High Court and the other at Masaka High Court.

    Recently, the accused persons applied for the merging of both files and the presiding judge promised that their matter will be handled in the pre-trial process.

    Early this year, Justice Musa Sekaana, the head of the High Court Civil Division Kampala sentenced Mabirizi to 18 months imprisonment on charges of contempt of Court.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    UPDF Commandos Join Deadly Operation To Hunt Top Ugandan Terrorists Who Escaped From DRC Prison…



    Commandos of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) have joined the deadly operation to hunt for and arrest top Ugandan terrorists who escaped from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) prison early this week.

     Brig. Gen. Felix Kulayigye, the UPDF spokesperson confirmed the development and explained to theGrapevine that the reason why they joined the DRC’s army FARDC was after establishing that among the 822 prisoners who escaped, there were top terrorists who were recently arrested.

     “Since we joined the operation, we have already arrested more than 150 prisoners who escaped from a government prison in Butembo town. We are very sure that all of them will be arrested because them being out there is a threat to the entire region’s security,” he said.

     He added that preliminary investigation established that ADF terrorists were involved in the attack and their top aim was to help their friends to escape and join them to continue terrorising the entire region.

     DRC government also claims that the operation, which took only 15 minutes was masterminded by ADF terrorists. The prison was allegedly raided after ADF learnt that their friends who were arrested by the security were set to be evacuated to other big government prisons.

     Captain Anthony Mualushayi, the spokesperson for the operation hunting for the escaped prisoners revealed that the attackers come from Mwalika valley and were 80 in number.

    They used their weapons and machetes to open the prison doors to help their own including a one Kizito and other 12 deadly ADF terrorists from Uganda to escape.

     Capt. Mualushayi added that over 8 people were killed in the operation including five assailants, two policemen and a prisoner who was killed by the terrorist when was resisting their orders.

     He said that by the time reinforcements came, the terrorists had fled the place.

     However, they managed to trace their tracks and arrested two of them with AK47 guns and several rounds of ammunitions.

     UPDF decided to join DRC to hunt DRC for ADF terrorists after they made several attacks on Ugandans that left some victims dead.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    Speaker Among, Top Parliament Staff To Be Quizzed Over MP Kagabo’s Shs40m Bribe Allegations; Legislator Risks Losing His Bukoto South Seat…



    MP Twaha Kagabo (L) and Speaker Anita Among (R)

    Detectives from the office of the Inspector General of Government (IGG) are set to record statements from the Speaker of parliament Annet Anita Among and other parliamentary staff on the allegations of giving Shs40m bribe to Members of Parliament.

    Ali Munira, the spokesperson of the office of the IGG revealed that their detectives have widened their investigations and a number of witnesses will been summoned to record statements over Dr. Twaha Kagabo’s bribe allegations.

    She declined to confirm whether speaker Among will record a statement.

    However, multiple credible sources in the IGG’s office confirmed that Speaker Among will record a statement on grounds that she is a subject matter in the allegation.

    Kagabo claims that in July this year, he received a phone call telling him to go to Nakasero at the home of speaker Among and pick his gift. When he reached Among’s house, he was given Shs40m and told that it was a package from parliament administration prepared for legislators.

    Sources at the IGG’s office divulged that Kagabo has recorded two statements and was ordered to report to the IGG’s office every day to establish how far the investigations against the allegations have reached.

    Sources added that among other people the detectives want to pick statements from are officers from Uganda Communication Communication who will help to verify the owners of the phone numbers which were used to call Kagabo to allegedly go to the Speakers home, to pick his gift.

    The Investigators will also rely on the evidence of the CCTV cameras at the speaker’s home around Nakasero to establish whether the legislator was seen at the home of the speaker at that particular time.

    Among denied all the allegations and recommended that the legislator be taken to Rules, Privileges and Disciplinary parliamentary Committee and be investigated.

    Sources in parliament revealed that the speaker will also testify in the Committee to defend herself.

    However, Uganda’s representative in the East African parliament and a renown senior legislator James Kakooza told theGrapevine that Kagabo is in big trouble and he cannot survive losing his Bukoto South parliamentary seat.

    He explained that the Leadership Code is very clear that when a person holding a public office receives a gift worth more than Shs400,000, he or she has to declare it to the IGG within 24 hours which he failed to do.

    He added that it will be hard for Kagabo to place Among on the scene of crime because there is no touchable evidence since he didn’t sign anywhere when he was given the money and the speaker herself was not the one handing him the bribe.

    “I think my young brother was playing politics and he is finished. Now, what we want the investigators to tell us is, who gave him that ‘kanyama’ (bodyguard) who was carrying the bag which contained the money. I established that my young brother was under captive and the Kanyama was the one ordering him to do whatever he did,” Kakooza said.

    NUP’s president Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alis Bobi Wine praised Kagabo for following his advice and returning the bribe like he advised his legislators unlike his other colleagues who received the bribe but refused to return it.

    He pleaded to IGG and other investigation agencies to investigate the matter with care instead of victimising the legislator.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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