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Panic As Tumukunde Loses First Round Against CID Boss Akullo, Lawyers Accuses Judge Of Being Biased, Vow To To Take On Police Boss In Her Personal Capacity…



Former Security Minister Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde has lost the first round against AIGP Grace Akullo, the Director Criminal Investigations Department (CID) in Uganda Police.

The 2021 presidential aspirant through his lawyers led by Anthony Wameli ran to court challenging the criminal summons issued against him by Akullo to appear at Kibuli CID headquarters and be interrogated on allegations of secretly meeting veterans.

In their application, Lt. Gen. Tumukunde protested the summons claiming that it is a violation of his rights of associating with his supporters since he is a presidential aspirant in the forthcoming 2021 general elections.

Lt. Gen. Tumukunde insisted that Akullo wants to arrest him once he steps foot at Kibuli, charge him with fabricated charges and send him to prison.

However, Akullo insisted that they have evidence pining Tumukunde that he met veterans with the agenda of disturbing the coming general elections that is why they want him to explain himself.

Lt. Gen. Tumukunde’s lawyers protested Akullo’s affidavit and asked court to summon her for cross-examinationed.

Justice Musa Ssekana dismissed Lt. Gen. Tumukunde’s application stating that it was a tactic intended to intimidate Akullo and delay the proceedings of the case or add unnecessary costs.

” The affidavits from both parties appear straightforward and the responses have not shown any contentious issues that would require cross examination.

The rules of the court determine the nature and type of process or procedure parties may take in a particular case,” the judge noted.

He added that it was wrong for the applicant’s counsel to make an application for cross examination in a haphazard manner without genuine and sound reason.

The judge insisted that Lt. Gen. Tumukunde’s lawyers are trying to delay the hearing of the application for temporary injunction since the same is sought at an interlocutory or preliminary stage.

The judge dismissed Lt. Gen. Tumukunde’s application to cross examine Akullo.

After the dismissal of the application, the judge directed lawyers to start submitting in on the temporary injunction, however, Lt. Gen. Tumukunde’s lawyers protested the move accusing him of being biased.

Wameli told the flamboyant judge that before they proceed for the temporary injunction, they need to first consult their client.

The tough speaking Justice Ssekana insisted that he was ready together with George Kalamire from the Attorney General’s chambers to proceed, “I don’t want this unnecessary drama. I don’t want it to look like a circus hall. If you don’t want to proceed, withdraw the application,” Ssekana insisted.

Ssekana asked Wameli to explain to him the special thing they wanted to tell their client because he had already given them instructions to represent him and advised them to tell him that special thing after the proceedings.

Wameli however also insisted that they have got another legal tactic which they wanted to use to save their client that is why they need to first talk to him.

Wameli noted that they want to withdraw their application against the Attorney General and handle Akullo personally because whatever she did, she did it in her personal capacity.

A visibly angry Ssekana ruled that he is going to proceed with the matter and make a ruling even though the applicant hasn’t submitted in his application for a temporary injunction.

Justice Ssekana is one of the known judges who always loses his temper when it comes to lawyers playing games in his courtroom.

He recently was involved in a bitter exchange with the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and big-headed lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi in the case where they were challenging Justice Simon Byabakama’s legality to head the Electoral Commission.


By Sengooba Alirabaki



Is It Illegal For A Private Citizen To Discuss Political Issues With Veterans: Gen. Tumukunde Runs To Constitutional Court Challenging Judge Ssekaana’s Decision….



Tumukunde (L) in court today

Former Security Minister Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde has run to the Constitutional Court challenging High Court Civil Division Judge Musa Ssekaana’s decision favoring AIGP Grace Akullo the Director of Criminal Investigations in Uganda police.

Through his lawyers led by Anthony Wameli, Lt. Gen. Tumukunde wants the Constitutional court to interpret whether it was legal for the presiding judge to refuse to remove the Attorney General from his case so that he pursues Akullo in her personal capacity.

He insisted that he also wants court to pronounce itself on whether it is legal for the Attorney General to represent a public servant who has been dragged to court in her personal capacity.

The presidential aspirant also wants court to interpret whether it is illegal for a private citizen to discuss political issues with veterans as Akullo claims in her criminal summons he served him.

The former spy chief based his argument on an affidavit sworn by city lawyer Geoffrey Turyamusima who told court that he was present in court when the Attorney General represented Akullo when she was accused in her personal capacity of violating the human rights of a private citizen.

He added that the presiding judge based on the arguments of the Attorney General to dismiss with costs Lt. Gen. Tumukunde’s application of a temporary injunction stopping the CID from summoning him to record statements on charges related to treason.

Lt. Gen. Tumukunde ran to Court challenging Akullo’s criminal summons issued against him where he is being accused of meeting security veterans and discussing political issues stealthily.

Court has not yet set the date to hear Lt. Gen. Tumukunde’s petition.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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Don’t Worry My Girl You Will Be A Full Minister In My Next Cabinet – M7 Assures Embattled Former PPS Kamukama…



President Museveni has promised his trusted former Principal Private Secretary (PPS)Molly Kamukama a juicy job in his next cabinet once he wins the 2021 election.

This website has established that over the weekend, Kamukama, who is the State Minister for Economic monitoring received a phone call from president Yoweri Museveni assuring her that she will retain her ministerial office in the coming 2021-26 government.

Museveni gave Kamukama an olive hand after losing the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Party flag Ms. Jennifer Muheesi with whom she was competing for the Kazo District Woman MP slot.

Credible State House sources told this website that Museveni also told his former PPS that he has directed the recount of votes in Kazo, Isingiro and Kiruhura.

“Tanga Odoi refused to announce me because I told him to first talk to the Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba when he wanted to see the president. Why should junior officers like Tanga meet the president when seniors are available? NRM’s Electoral Commission is under the Secretariat and I was doing my professional work,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

She added, “H.E, kindly prevail over Tanga so that he declares me, Katushabe, Rwakimaari, Kabasharira and Rwamirama.”

On the issue of staying in cabinet, Kamukama stated that the president assured her that she will be a full cabinet Minister in 2021 – 2026 whether she is an MP or not.

“I thank you Your Excellency for shaming these youth and Kazo self-seekers,” she boasted.

Ronah Ruranga Kemirembe defeated Kamukama with 13,288.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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BURNING OF MAKERERE IVORY TOWER: It’s Unacceptable, We Have To Establish Whether This Was An Accident Or Foul Play – Muhoozi, I’m Not Surprised, It Was A Matter Of Time – Lawyer Ssemakadde….



It is a very dark morning for Makerere University and academicians as the iconic Main Administration Building also known as the Ivory Tower caught fire destroying valuable records and property to ashes.

The fire that started at around midnight quickly spread as far as to almost half of the building affecting several offices.

The fire brigade was on ground to fight the raging fire immediately but it was heavy sprouting from the right side of the Building.

“The fire flames are heavy coming through right side of the roof which has sunk in. We all need to pray for the Ivory Tower,” the University tweeted.

The destruction according to the University Chancellor, Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe is unbelievable, but he gave assurance that they are determined to restore the building to its historic state in the shortest time possible.

The affected building also houses the offices of the Vice Chancellor and student records whereas the basement is full of archived files spanning the whole history of the institution.

According to the university, efforts to save the left wing of the building which houses the Human Resources and staff records of the university were being defeated by the highly powerful flames whose blaze was increased by the wooden furnishings.

This fire comes at a time when the university, like most education institutions, has been in lockdown mode since March 30, 2020.

Several Ugandans have expressed mixed reactions to what really caused the fires in a building that does not house Maama Naki’s kitchen in downtown Kampala. Below are some of the comments:

Briefly about The Ivory Tower

  • The Ivory Tower is perhaps the most iconic of all buildings when one talks of Makerere University.
  • The building proudly stands out as the most magnificent due to its unique early 20th century British architectural design. With its thicker walls and arch designed doors leading into the hundreds of rooms dabbing as offices, the main building is reminiscent of Makerere’s glory in the colonial days.
  • In this wonder of architecture is where Makerere University gets its endearment (or nickname); the Ivory Tower.
  • Constructed in 1930s, the T-Shaped main administration building was designed basing on the architectural design of Britain’s prestigious University of London.
  • Located in the centre and top of Makerere Hill ridge, the Main Building stands out as the most authoritative architectural piece at the university campus.
  • The Freedom Square and University Road are right in front of the main building in the east.
  • Erecting such an elegant state of the art building required so much sacrifice. According to writer Margret Macpherson, in her book: They Built for the Future, construction of the main building began in early 1930s and dragged on up to 1941 due to difficulties caused the Second World War.
  • The war interfered with importation of all construction materials that were to be shipped right from Europe. In fact, due to challenges posed by this war, especially scarcity of the much needed finance, other materials like doors were made locally in the Makerere College’s workshop. This is probably why the doors in the main building look dull in spite of the building’s spectacular exterior appearance.

By Baron Kironde


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