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    Panic In Judiciary, More Judges Receive Death Threats: How 5 Bullets Were Transported From Kampala To Soroti In Envelope On Bus To Judge, Judiciary Speaks Out…



    Justice Adonyo who received the package with bullets

    Judges and Judiciary staff are in panic after their very own, Justice Peter Henry Adonyo, the resident judge of the High Court in Soroti received a threatening letter with 5 bullets attached.

    Judiciary spokesperson Jameson Karemani confirmed that the incident happened on Monday this week.

    Karemani divulged that the letter was copied to Assistant Registrar Jessica Cheemeri and a top city lawyer.

    “This act of cowardice is an unwarranted indirect affront on the independence of the judiciary which is protected by the Constitution. Article 126 of the Constitution provides that no person or authority shall interfere with the Courts or judicial officers in the exercises of their judicial functions,” Karmani said.

    He added that the law is very clear and provides that any aggrieved party, who is not contented with any ruling can appeal.

    He advised unscrupulous people who are sending threatening letters to judicial officers over matters decided in court to take that route.

    He divulged that the matter was reported to the area police and it is under investigation, and very soon, the culprits will be brought to book.

    Sources in the judiciary revealed that the sender of the letter sent it via bus from Kampala to Soroti city and a senior controversial lawyer in Kampala is under investigation.

    The source added that when the bus reached Soroti city, one of the conductors made a phone call to Cheemeri to come and pick the judge’s package.

    Since she was busy, she sent one of the Court staff to go and pick it on her behalf.

    The source disclosed that when the staff brought the letter, it was taken to the judge’s office.

    When the judge told her to open it, they discovered the bullets with the threatening messages.

    “The judge was in panic, he directed the Registrar and the staff who brought the letter to report the matter to police immediately and to their bosses in the judiciary.”

    Justice Adonyo was transferred from the High Court Commercial Division Kampala after his judgement in the Ham vs DTB bank case.

    In his judgement, he declared that DTB bank Uganda was illegally demanding Shs.200bn debt from controversial tycoon Hamis Kiggundu, the proprietor of Ham Enterprises Ltd because the money was illegally borrowed.

    He is also remembered for dismissing with costs a land matter against the King of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi. He declared that controversial lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi filed his land case against Kabaka illegally.

    Other judges who have received threatening messages include, Justice David Matovu of the High Court Family Division, who received a text message threatening him on his phone.

    Unknown people disguised as boda boda riders attacked Buganda Road controversial magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu and insulted her badly, the same magistrate was also insulted by Dr. Nalongo Stella Nyanzi who threw a bottle of water at her in the middle of Court proceedings.

    Early this year, the Principal judge Flavian Zeija was also attacked after a suspected bomb was thrown at him on his way to Kampala from Masaka. His vehicles were badly damaged.

    Moses Kule, the Rukungiri chief magistrate also received a threatening letter packed with bullets.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki



    City Lawyer Ask Court To Halt Shs195m Criminal Trial Against Him Citing Malice…



    City Lawyer Felix Nteza

    Celebrated City Lawyer Felix Kintu Nteza has asked Buganda Road Chief Magistrate’s Court to put on hold a Shs.195m criminal trial against him citing malice.

    In his application to stay the proceedings, Nteza claims that he was neither the seller nor did he receive any money from the complainant, in the 2013 land transaction, which resulted in fraud charges against him.

    He says he only signed as a witness.

    He asserts that after the sale transaction in 2013, disputes arose between the purchaser Interlink Educational Services Limited and the seller Eva Nannozi and her 12 siblings leading to filing of a case in the High Court, Land Division.

    Interlink Educational Services Limited decided to seek for a refund of Shs.195m and  the case is yet to be concluded.

    According to the application, eight years after the purchase transaction, the complainant demanded that Nteza pays back the said money and then pursue his clients for a refund.

    Nteza maintains that, “Whatever I did in regard to the transaction was done in my capacity as an advocate acting for a known and disclosed client. I therefore rejected demands that I refund the money.”

    He maintains the charges against him are meant to embarrass and exert pressure on him with a view of influencing the civil case already filed in regard to same matter which constitutes an abuse of the due process of the law because the facts therein are similar to those of an already pending case before the Land Division since 2014.

    Court documents show that Nteza of Kintu Nteza and Company Advocates is charged with obtaining money by false pretense from Interlink Education Services Limited.

    Nteza contends that the issue of liability and or refund of Shs195m for which he is charged of having obtained by false pretense from Interlink Educational Services is in advanced stages of hearing and final determination.

    If the criminal case before the magistrates’ court is halted, Nteza states that the case in the High Court shall conclusively determine the issue on who obtained the money and who should refund the Shs.195m .

    Through his lawyers, Nteza contends that the criminal charges are based on facts that are similar to a civil case filed in 2014 which is still pending final determination before the Land Division, for which he is a party.

    Court documents show that in August 2013, Interlink Educational Services Limited purchased land from family members at Gimbo in Wakiso District at Shs195m and Nteza was a witness.

    In a sworn statement, Mr. Nteza states that he signed as a witness in the sale agreement for the land and that he offered professional services to the sellers in his capacity as a lawyer.

    However, in a separate interview, Nteza said that the cases against him are backed by a land broker who is fighting him for representing people in land fraud cases.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    Primary Four Pupil Drags Umeme To Court Over Negligence, Asks For Shs.200m…



    Christine Kizza, a primary four pupil has dragged Umeme Limited, the electricity distributor to Fort Portal High Court seeking for Shs.200m over negligence.

    In her suit through her next of kin, Richard Amanya, Christine claims that on August 18th 2021, she was electrocuted and got serious damages to her body.

    Amanya told Court that Christine unknowingly stepped on live electric wires which had fallen on the footpath due to a worn-out pole.

    He explained that by the time Christine stepped on the electric wires, she was from collecting elephant grass for their cattle.

    She was rushed to Rugombe Medical Centre for first aid before she was admitted to Buhinga hospital in Kyenjojo district.

    Amanya further revealed that three of the complainant’s fingers were amputated due to negligence from Umeme and their failure to properly maintain, supervise, inspect and replace worn-out electrical poles.

    He insisted that Umeme is supposed to switch off power when electrical poles fall in public places to prevent people from being electrocuted which they did not do.

    However, in their defense, Umeme denied all the allegations claiming that they are not liable for the plaintiff’s electrocution.

    The company told Court that they were not notified by the community about the fallen electric pole.

    Umeme added that the company was not responsible for the fallen electric pole claiming that there was a third party who cut the electric pole and it is not true that the electric pole was in bad condition.

    Umeme accused the plaintiff of being negligent by moving without observing her movement which resulted in her stepping on the electric wires.

    Umeme pleaded to Court to dismiss the matter with costs.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    Residents Jubilate Over Arrest Of Police Officer Who Shot And Killed Citizen After Scratching His Car; IGP Orders Immediate Investigations…



    Police mouthpiece CP Fred Enanga

    Residents of Kito Zone A, Kirinya Parish, Bweyogerere division, in Kira Municipality, are jubilating over the arrest of ASP Owor Lameck (36) who knocked Reagan Senoga, a resident of Kyaliwajjala, and later shot him dead on Saturday at 11pm.

    It is alleged that ASP Lameck knocked Senoga’s car and the two had a bitter exchange afterwards.

    During the heated argument, ASP Lameck went into his car, picked his gun, shot Senoga dead and drove away.

    Locals narrated that they were tired of ASP Lameck adding that he was very arrogant and untouchable.

    They further revealed that in all the police posts he has been to, he has been misusing his gun, that is why they badly wanted him to leave their area and be transferred to another police station.


    According to police mouthpiece CP Fred Enanga, when the incident happened at around 11pm, the officer got out of the vehicle to rectify the issue and pulled out a pistol and shot Ssenoga dead. The police officer then drove off and went to his home.

    Enanga revealed that on proceeding to the police officer’s home, detectives found his car, a Toyota Premio with scratches on the passenger’s side which had been the impact of the incident with the deceased’s vehicle.

    “We got a pistol from him and one bullet was missing and upon thorough examination, we recovered the cartridge which accounts for the 15 bullets in the pistol,” he added.

    Enanga further divulged that Inspector General of Police (IGP), John Martins Okoth Ochola has directed the Criminal Investigations Directorate to expedite investigations into the case to ensure justice is served.

    “This was a tragic incident in which one of the lives of citizens was taken by an officer who is supposed to protect life and property. Our prayers are with the victim’s family, friends and relatives. The IGP has condemned this act of impunity and tasked CID to ensure the cases is investigated thoroughly.”

    He contended that interviews have been conducted from eyewitnesses and a team of ballistic experts are doing analysis on both the gun and the bullet cartridge to help get evidence to link the police officer on the murder.

    He asserted, “This act was done by an individual and doesn’t reflect the over 52000 police officers we have in the police force. We condemn this erratic behaviour.

    “We are currently doing a background check on the behaviour and action of our officer leading to this incident. We are confident investigating team will do a thorough job to ensure he is charged to court with evidence.”


    By Kalamira Hope


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