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Panic In MP Kato Lubwama’s SOLIDA Camp, Bobi Wine’s People Power Finally Get Candidate To Oust Him



L-R: Kato Lubwama, Bobi Wine and Mukasa

There is panic in the camp of incumbent Lubaga South Member of Parliament (MP) Paul Kato Lubwama after a number of SOLIDA members and area councilors fronted People Power diehard to oust him.

On Sunday evening, the Grapevine scribe landed on a group of Lubaga south councilors in a private political meeting at Javine hotel near Pope Paul hotel in Ndeeba, a suburb in Lubaga division, brainstorming on how to put him down.

The councilors in a meeting on Sunday

The Grapevine scribe established that the meeting was political after hearing voices of the members swearing that they are tired of Lubwama’s laziness in the August house. “We have to start looking for a formidable MP now otherwise we shall remain the same if we wait for Byamukama’s electoral Commission program,” one of the SOLIDA members was heard telling other friends in the meeting. One councilor we established as Hajjati Fuge, representing Busega parish in KCCA told friends that their constituency has lost out on many government programs due to lack of a vibrant MP.

She explained to her colleagues that they were expecting the construction and completion of the Nalukoloongo channel this political term of 2016-2021 but this has failed because of the area MP has failed to voice out their problems on the floor of parliament.

Mukasa with Mukono Legislator Betty Nambooze

Isaac, another councilor told colleagues that they are likely to lose their seats because voters are not happy, the voters blame the councilors for misleading them by recommending Lubwama. In the same meeting, one of the members whom we establish as Julius Katongole, a people power coordinate in Lubaga South revealed to his friends that as people power crusade, they are fronting a one Aloysious Mukasa to oust Lubwama from Lubaga South and they have already started drafting strategies to see that Lubaga South gets someone who will competently represent their interests.

Katongole told the over 30 councilors that what he wants from them is to join hands and liberate Lubaga South by supporting Bobi Wine’s diehard Mukasa.

“In the last general election, like other city constituencies, we voted leaders under the bandwagon effect without verifying them, someone of them told us to send them to parliament so that they can also eat. What do you really expect from such a leader?” Katongole said.  Katongole added that Mukasa, who they want to replace Lubwama, is a well-known businessman in the area who is not looking for a job like other leaders who won in the previous elections.

Mukasa chatting with some of the locals in Ndeeba

He added that as People Power Movement in Lubaga South, they are going to start moving from parish to parish endorsing candidates to stand on people power ticket, he warned councilors not to condemn him if the crusade drops them for not fulfilling the pledges they made in the previous term.

Katongole said that in July this year, the Lubaga South People Power wing is going to have a private political meeting with their national president Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine, the Kyadondo East MP to discuss how they can politically take over Lubaga South from local level to parliamentary level.

Lubaga South is made of parishes of Najjanakumbi 1, Najjanakumbi 2, Nateete, Ndeeba, Busega, Kabowa, Mutundwe and Lubaga. Efforts to speak to MP Kato Lubwama were futile since he has been not picking our calls since Tuesday.

By Jamil Lutakome



IS KYAGULANYI SAFE? People Power In Fear Bobi Wine Might Be Arrested In Tumukunde Treason Saga…



People Power Movement top leadership is in fear after being tipped off by intelligence that their boss Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine might be arrested in embattled Lt. Gen Tumukunde’s treason saga.

Multiple credible sources from different security agencies which include Internal Security Organization (ISO), Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) and the Criminal Intelligence Department of the Uganda police (CID) have revealed that there were frequent talks between Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine the People Power boss and embattled former security minister Lt. Gen. Tumukunde before his arrest.

The Grapevine has been told that investigators have established from interrogating Tumukunde’s aides who were arrested recently that before his arrest, there was communication between their boss and Kyagulanyi.

Credible sources told this website that before president Museveni freed Tumukunde from the UPDF, he first planted spies close to him after getting information that he still had presidential ambitions.

Speaking exclusively to this website, one of Bobi Wine’s confidants who told us not to reveal his identity accepted that Bobi Wine met Tumukunde at his offices in Kamwokya and they talked.

“Yes it’s true Tumukunde talked to Bobi Wine. Bobi was actually the first person to know that Tumukunde was going to announce his readiness to challenge his former boss. What surprised all of us who were in the meeting is that Tumukunde wanted us to rally behind him. I remember Bobi Wine told him that he still has a big trust problem from the electorates and he has to first prove himself. They of course disagreed because Bobi told him that People Power cannot stand behind him,” Bobi Wine’s assistant said.

He further told us that Tumukunde was furious with Bobi Wine’s statements. Bobi however told him that they can meet later when he sorts out the issues they had discussed. Unfortunately, he was arrested before they met again.

Bobi’s assistant accepted that its true they fear that the regime might misinterpret the meeting and drag their boss into Tumukunde’s treason woes.

He also revealed that for precaution purposes, they have prepared a number of lawyers to defend him.

Efforts to speak to people power publicity Joel Senyonyi were futile since he was not picking his known numbers for a comment.


By Ssengooba Alirabaki


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Is Bobi Wine For Sale? His PA In Trouble For Taking Shs.2M Bribe From NRM’s Hajji Kigongo’s Daughter To Meet Him…



Malimbolimbo talking to Bobi Wine, inset is Bobi Wine with Nambi

People power’s strongman Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine’s Personal Assistant is in trouble for taking a bribe from National Resistance Movement (NRM) National Vice Chairperson Hajji Moses Kigongo’s daughter Hajjat Faridah Nambi to meet his boss.

A group of people power supporters and sympathizers including Kaweesa Kaweesa, a personal assistant to Mukono Municipality legislator Betty Nambooze ran to social media and asked the public to rescue the 2021 presidential aspirant from captivity of mafias who are surrounding him.

They dislosed that a number of Bobi Wine’s assistants are taking bribes from people especially those who want to meet him without scrutinizing their motives and agenda. They revealed that most of the people close to Bobi Wine want to use his face to win political offices in 2021 General elections.

Bobi Wine with Nambi

The group pined Nicholas Musoke Malimbolimbo, a political personal assistant to Bobi Wine who they accused of getting a Shs.2m bribe from Hajjat Nambi to see Bobi Wine.

They claim that Nambi has been trying to capture Bobi Wine’s attention so that he can help her achieve her 2021 political ambitions of becoming the Kampala District Woman Member of Parliament. They said that Nambi first plotted to ‘bribe’ singer Nubian Lee to take her to Bobi Wine but he refused until she was tipped on a safe passage which was Malimbolimbo.

The group asked Bobi Wine to check some of his assistants who are turning greedy and have been infiltrated by money minded people who will one day throw him straight into Museveni’s trap.

The group blasted Nambi that she is a friend to president Museveni, his son Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, Gen Salim Saleh and other first family members and that she is trying to lay a trap for Bobi.

Other sources in People Power told this Website that it was Malimbolimbo who allowed Bobi Wine to meet embattled General Henry Tumukunde. Joseph Tamale Mirundi, president Museveni’s senior media adviser was the first to disclose that Bobi Wine’s assistants are extorting money from the public to meet him. Mirundi said that such people are becoming a stumbling block to Bobi’s presidential bid.


When the Grapevine contacted Malimbolimbo for a comment, he accepted that he took Nambi to see Bobi Wine because she has been trying for a long time to see him.

He asked People Power supporters to respect Bobi Wine’s assistants because he was very careful when appointing them.

“We built this brand Bobi Wine for a long time when those people who are now accusing us of extorting money are rubbishing him. I know a number of those politicians who asked money from Bobi Wine to support him when he was vying for Kyadondo East parliamentary seat. Now they are claiming that they love him so much, that woman Nambi was did a great job in building this brand Bobi Wine,” Malimbolimbo said.

He explained that People Power welcomes everybody regardless of their political background and tribe. He added that he always first consults his boss before taking any visitor to see him.

He said that their goal right now is for Bobi Wine to be president.

He denied getting money from people who seek to meet Bobi saying that if it was true, they would have fired him from his office already.


By Alirabaki Sengooba


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Lawyers Weigh In On Tumukunde Arrest, Detention And His Chances Of Winning Court Battle, CID Boss Akullo Warned…



Makerere University law don has warned AIGP Grace Akullo, the director Criminal Investigations Department of the Uganda Police that she risks facing the International Criminal Courts of Justice (ICC) over illegal detention and violation of people’s human rights especially Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde.

Nsibambi said that Akullo and other top security operatives are acting with impunity in a bid to appease their bosses and show them that they are working hard to keep them in power.

He predicted that there is no way the state can win treason charges against former security minister Tumukunde .

“I wonder why people in security forces accept to be used, I know that Miss Akullo is a lawyer but the way she is handling Tumukunde’s issue is exposing her. How can you force someone to record a statement without his lawyers?” Nsibambi said.

He said that as a lawyer, Tumukunde tried to explain to Akullo that the constitution does not allow her to search his home without a search warrant from courts of law but she turned a deaf ear.

However, some sources in the intelligence confirmed to

this website that Akullo was waving a search warrant which the police obtained from Buganda road court .

Nsibambi added that Tumukunde being a lawyer asked Akullo to wait for his lawyers to come and witness the search because he feared that some state operatives may plant deadly exhibits in his office and house but Akullo arrogantly refused because she was working under instructions from top officers in government to humiliate Tumukunde.

“You know I have been humiliated by those young security officers especially in Uganda police. One time one of them abused me that I am an idiot. But what I tell them is very simple, you know ICC simplified things when it ruled that whoever violates people’s  rights will face them as an individual without considering his commanders. So whatever Akullo is doing let her know that she will answer for it in future before ICC,” Nsibambi said.

He revealed that as a lawyer, he knows that Tumukunde is going to deny every exhibit that the state found at his office and home because the search was done in absence of his lawyers.

He noted that he is very sure that court will dismiss the matter and Tumukunde will run to the civil court and ask for billions from government.

He said that the government will use tax payer’s money to compensate Tumukunde. Another celebrated criminal lawyer Sam Muyizi revealed that the state cannot defeat Tumukunde because the government is now using treason offence in political matters.

First, Muyizi said that the security personnel tampered with the scene of crime and the entire exhibits. He added that the way the state handle Tumukunde’s treason case is the same way it handled Jamil Mukulu’s case and Omusinga Mumbere, the king of Rwezururu kingdom.

Lt. Gen. Tumukunde is still in detention on charges of treason and his legal team led by Alex Luganda is expecting him in court next week. They were appearing before ‘palamenti yaffe’ programme show on CBS radio.


By Ssengooba Alirabaki


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