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Panic In MP Kato Lubwama’s SOLIDA Camp, Bobi Wine’s People Power Finally Get Candidate To Oust Him



L-R: Kato Lubwama, Bobi Wine and Mukasa

There is panic in the camp of incumbent Lubaga South Member of Parliament (MP) Paul Kato Lubwama after a number of SOLIDA members and area councilors fronted People Power diehard to oust him.

On Sunday evening, the Grapevine scribe landed on a group of Lubaga south councilors in a private political meeting at Javine hotel near Pope Paul hotel in Ndeeba, a suburb in Lubaga division, brainstorming on how to put him down.

The councilors in a meeting on Sunday

The Grapevine scribe established that the meeting was political after hearing voices of the members swearing that they are tired of Lubwama’s laziness in the August house. “We have to start looking for a formidable MP now otherwise we shall remain the same if we wait for Byamukama’s electoral Commission program,” one of the SOLIDA members was heard telling other friends in the meeting. One councilor we established as Hajjati Fuge, representing Busega parish in KCCA told friends that their constituency has lost out on many government programs due to lack of a vibrant MP.

She explained to her colleagues that they were expecting the construction and completion of the Nalukoloongo channel this political term of 2016-2021 but this has failed because of the area MP has failed to voice out their problems on the floor of parliament.

Mukasa with Mukono Legislator Betty Nambooze

Isaac, another councilor told colleagues that they are likely to lose their seats because voters are not happy, the voters blame the councilors for misleading them by recommending Lubwama. In the same meeting, one of the members whom we establish as Julius Katongole, a people power coordinate in Lubaga South revealed to his friends that as people power crusade, they are fronting a one Aloysious Mukasa to oust Lubwama from Lubaga South and they have already started drafting strategies to see that Lubaga South gets someone who will competently represent their interests.

Katongole told the over 30 councilors that what he wants from them is to join hands and liberate Lubaga South by supporting Bobi Wine’s diehard Mukasa.

“In the last general election, like other city constituencies, we voted leaders under the bandwagon effect without verifying them, someone of them told us to send them to parliament so that they can also eat. What do you really expect from such a leader?” Katongole said.  Katongole added that Mukasa, who they want to replace Lubwama, is a well-known businessman in the area who is not looking for a job like other leaders who won in the previous elections.

Mukasa chatting with some of the locals in Ndeeba

He added that as People Power Movement in Lubaga South, they are going to start moving from parish to parish endorsing candidates to stand on people power ticket, he warned councilors not to condemn him if the crusade drops them for not fulfilling the pledges they made in the previous term.

Katongole said that in July this year, the Lubaga South People Power wing is going to have a private political meeting with their national president Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine, the Kyadondo East MP to discuss how they can politically take over Lubaga South from local level to parliamentary level.

Lubaga South is made of parishes of Najjanakumbi 1, Najjanakumbi 2, Nateete, Ndeeba, Busega, Kabowa, Mutundwe and Lubaga. Efforts to speak to MP Kato Lubwama were futile since he has been not picking our calls since Tuesday.

By Jamil Lutakome



VIDEO: Minister For Health Dr. Jane Aceng Joins Active Politics, To Contest In Lira…



The Minister for Health Dr. Jane Aceng has declared that she is joining active Politics.

In a video shared by Emmanuel Ainebyona, the Senior Public Relations Officer MOH, Dr. Aceng says, “I want to declare openly that I’m taking up a political position as a representative of the Women in Lira district and I will contest for the position under the Movement ticket. I thank the People of Lango for their great Love and support.”
Currently, Atim Joy Ongom, is the incumbent woman Member of Parliament representing the Lira District.
Below is the full video:

Breaking News:
Minister for Health Dr Jane Aceng joins active Politics, to contest in Lira.
“I want to declare openly…

Posted by UBC TV on Sunday, July 5, 2020


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I’m Going To Use My Expertise As A Casanova To Become MP – Ssegirinya, Stella Nyanzi Pick Nomination Forms….



Kawempe North lord councilor Muhammad Ssegirinya has today become the first person to pick the nomination forms to compete on People Power ticket.

Speaking to this website immediately after picking his nomination forms, Ssegirinya boasted that he is going to use his popularity as a casanova to defeat his competitors.

Ssegirinya wants to stand as Member of Parliament representing Kawempe North constituency which is currently occupied by Latif Ssebaggala.

“The only advice I can give to my friend Latif Ssebaggala (the incumbent) is he should replace me as the lord councilor in Kawempe North because once we go head to head, he will be defeated,” he bragged.

Segirinya added, “Most voters in this constituency are women and when it comes to those issues, I’m an expert and very popular, you know very well what I did when I went abroad, I left all women there crying for me. Right now every woman in Kawempe is crying my name.”

He disclosed that because he has used his position as the lord councilor to lobby for his people by securing for them an ambulance from his friends abroad and give food to the vulnerable people in his area, very many residents are determined to overwhelmingly vote for him.

Ssegirinya rubbished allegations that he is receiving money from NRM party to cause divisions in People Power.

Ssebaggala is also expected to pick the same forms to contest for the same position after dropping his earlier ambitions of contesting for the office of Kampal Lord Mayor which is currently occupied by Ssalongo Erias Lukwago.

Ssebaggala is also expected to tussle it out with the People Power organizing secretary and also Democratic Party strongman Sulaiman Kidandala who has also shown interest in his seat.

In the same development, controversial Makerere University research fellow Dr. Stella Nyanzi has also picked nomination forms from Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) to unseat incumbent Nabilah Naggayi from Kampala Woman Member of Parliament seat.

Others who have picked nomination forms include  Habib Buwembo (from FDC) who wants to unseat Kato Lubwama from Lubaga South.


By Jamil Lutakome


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We Lost Trust In The Ministry Of Health Scientists – Gen. Muntu Vows To Hire Independent Scientists To Study Uganda’s Covid19 Situation….



Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) presidential flag bearer Rtd. Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu has revealed that he is going to hire independent scientists to study Uganda’s COVID19 status before participating in the 2021 scientific general elections.

While appearing on CBS radio, Muntu said that as opposition, they lost trust in the Ministry of Health (MOH) scientists especially on the way they are advising government organizations on the status of COVID19 in the country.

Muntu wondered how MOH scientists advised the Electoral Commission (EC) to ban 2021 campaigns political rallies yet thousands of Ugandans are seen every day crowded in different spots in Kampala especially in Kikuubo trading centre.

Muntu insisted that according to footage he is seeing from different parts of the country and from quarantine centres, he has very many unanswered questions in his head concerning Covid19 in Uganda.

He says that if EC allows them to organize political rallies, they will make sure that social distancing is observed and that people who attend rallies wash their hands first and put on masks.

He pleaded with EC to first consult all stakeholders since most politicians don’t have money to facilitate radio, TV, online and newspaper campaigns.

On the issue of being nominated as ANT’s presidential candidate unopposed, Muntu said that he fulfilled all the party requirements and he was the only person who applied for the position.

He boasted that right now, the party leadership is concentrating on building grassroots structures.

He disclosed that their mission is to be the country’s strongest political party five years from now.

He also revealed that ANT strongly supports the idea of having one opposition candidate to challenge President Museveni.

He said that they have held several talks with People Power movement leader Kyadondo East Legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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