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Petition God Or The Pope Instead Of Reporting Me To President Museveni – Rukutana Blasts Bamugemereire



The Deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana has blasted the land Commission chairperson Justice Catherine Bamugemereire for chasing him out of the witness’ stand. Before chasing him, Bamugemereire first warned Rukutana that her Commission can no longer accommodate his disrespectful behavior.

“As a commission, you have been very disrespectful and combative we have never experienced this before. We have decided to refer this matter to the appointing authority, who is the president of this republic to find another legal Commission which the learned Attorney General will respect. We can’t accommodate such disrespect from senior government officials at the level of a learned Attorney General. You are discharged and your testimony will be off this Commission’s record,” Bamugemereire told Rukutana.

The no-nonsense Bamugemereire told Rukutana that she has the powers to discharge him and put his testimony off her probe records. Rukutana also fired back and told Bamugemereire that he was also not ready to keep quiet when the Commission was not respecting him and insulting him before the media. Rukutana told the Commission that whatever he did on the Mutungo land including giving his legal opinion, he was doing it on behalf of government not himself or that his family.

Bamugemereire without preparing the audience for an adjournment, angrily moved out of the hearing room in protest. She was followed by other Commissioners leaving Rukutana still spiting fire and calling her commission biased and blaming it for disrespecting witnesses. Mr. Seremba, the Commission’s documents expert ordered the two men on the recording system to put Rukutana’s mic off which they also did. Despite switching off his mic, Rukutana kept throwing bitter words to the commission. His lawyer Martin Mwabustya, the Commissioner for civil litigation in the chambers of  Attorney General assisted him to collect his documents.

When he was asked by journalists whether he did not fear losing his job after the outburst with the no-nonsense Bamugemereire who threatened to report him to his boss the president, Rukutana confidently said that he does not fear the commission. He warned that the commission has made it a job to make news headlines by insulting government officials. He advised Bamugemereire that instead of threatening to report him to the president, let her petition the Catholic Church leader Pope Francis or petition the Almighty God because they are the only ones who can punish him. He also wondered what Bamugemereire calls disrespectful and being combative because he answered all the questions that were fired at him by the commission lead counsel Ebert Byenkya. He said that the said land on Mutungo Hill which the Commission is investigating was properly handled and a number of stakeholders were consulted including the president.

Earlier, before Rukutana was chased, Justice Bamugemereire questioned  why Rukutana holds the office of the Attorney General after he testified that the Auditor General has no powers to advise the government on Mutungo land.

Bamugemereire said that in 2011, the Auditor General investigated and found out that there was a lot of fraud during the purchase of 640 acres of land by government on Kyadondo block 237 plot 27 up to 57. Bamugemereire said that in the same year, the auditor general wrote to the Inspector General of government asking him to investigate the fraud and prosecute the culprits. She said that such claims would have helped Rukutana get a better legal opinion that the government would base on to pay Muhammad Kasasa shs24bn.

Rukutana told the commission that as a top government legal adviser, he was not supposed to just advise a common man like the auditor general who only understands finance, accounts and auditing. The commission lead counsel Byenkya showed Rukutana a letter written by the prime minister Ruhakana Rugunda where he was advising the Attorney General and the Ministry of Lands to examine and verify Kasasa’s land titles before paying him the shs24bn.

Byenkya gave Rukutana two letters written by Sebalu, Lule and Company Advocates and Lukwago and Company Advocates informing the Auditor General that the land which the government was going to pay for had many problems including caveats and court orders.  In his response, Rukutana blasted Rugunda and stated that even though he holds a big national office, he lacks legal expertise to advise the attorney general. He said that he based his legal opinion on the ground that the government was in possession of the land and the seller of the land, Mr. Kasasa had the land title and transfer forms which he signed when he was making a sale’s agreement for the government.

Rukutana added that he also received a letter from the president telling him to make sure that Kasasa is paid all his money because he sold 640 acres of land to the government for security reasons. Rukutana further said that in Museveni’s letter, he also directed the ministry of finance to add Kasasa shs246m because he had earlier told him that he used part of the first payment to follow his claims. However, Byenkya told Rukutana that the president, in his letter noted that he was informed that all the necessary requirements were followed when government acquired the said land.

Byenkya quizzically said that it might have been that the president was lied to regarding the details of the transaction because the land was forcefully taken by government from Kasasa for security reasons.  Rukutana boasted that they must understand that security and defense matters are very sensitive and he doesn’t need to explain why External Security Organization (ESO) decided to take the land. He said that whether the land was acquired illegally or legally or whether the proper procedures were followed, the issue at hand is that the land now belongs to government and the genuine seller received part of the payment and the government is ready to pay the remaining balance. Byenkya asked Rukutana to explain how the money rose from shs2.4bn to shs24bn. Rukutana testified that the office of the Attorney General tried to negotiate with Kasasa to reduce the amount from sha36bn to shs24bn because the amount had increased due to the bank’s interest rate. He told the Commission that the lawyers in the Attorney General’s office didn’t know how the interest rate rose because they are lawyers who handle legal matters not mathematicians.

He asked the Commission to go and ask the officers in the Ministry of Finance to explain how the amount rose. Byenkya informed Rukutana that the entire process was fraudulent. He reminded him that Kasasa testified before the Commission that all the money he signed for after selling his land was taken by officials from State House, Attorney General’s office and Ministry of Lands.

Rukutana laughed loud and said that he was not aware that Kasasa’s money was taken. He added that if he had informed him, he would have done something about it. Rukutana tasked the Commission to go and investigate the State House officers who Kasasa claims took his money.

The commission also received a testimony from a top city lawyer Sam Mayanja who told the Commission that sir Edward Muteesa sold his land to Kwemalamala Kintu. Mayanja, an advocate with Kampala Associated Advocate revealed that Muteesa sold his land through his sister  Victoria Mpologoma. He said that he has evidence that Muteesa sold the land and the Muteesa family don’t have any claim on it.

Three families, that of Sir Edward Muteesa II the former king of Buganda, Ben Kiwanuka, the first Attorney General of Uganda and city tycoon Muhammad Kasasa are fighting for 640 acres of land in Mutungo in Nakawa, Kampala. The Commission is still investigating the matter.


By Jamil Lutakome



I Have Been Forging Documents Since My Childhood: Former URA Staff Boasts Before Bamugemereire



Semanda before the land probe

Former Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) staff Steven Semanda boasted before Justice Catherine Bamugemereire’s land probe that he has been a forgery expert since his childhood.

Semanda testified that he has on several occasions been charged in different courts and recorded a number of police statements on uttering forged documents.

“Yes, it’s true I have been making a lot of forgeries but much of the time it’s my friends who ask me to forge documents for them. My Lord, I also don’t want be named to be in such things,” Semanda said. He told the commission that the evil of uttering forged documents started when he was still a young man.

“It was foolish but I forged my father’s signature and withdrew his money from his bank account,” Semanda added. Justice Bamugemereire the chairperson of the commission asked him whether he was the one behind the forging of documents indicating that the 28 acres of land in Kitezi were owned by his brother Charles Mulinde.

Bamugemereire cited the testimony of Mulinde who told the commission that he never owned the contested land but one day, he received a phone call from Semanda asking him to meet and sign certain documents for him. Mulinde said that it was his other brother Apollo Lumu who stopped him from signing the said documents because he (Semanda) was targeting their father’s estate.  Mulinde further told the commission that Semanda was fired from URA after forging documents and embezzling a lot of money.

Semanda admitted that he forged the said documents but clarified that he did it under pressure from his brother Lumu who wanted to own their father’s land saying their elder brothers were not serious.  He denied proceeding with the process because his elder brother Dr. Fred Kambugu warned him to stop forging documents with the aim of stealing their family’s land.

Dr. Kambugu, the Kampala skin clinic boss ran to the commission claiming that there are people who fraudulently grabbed their father’s estate including their family members.

The commission is still investigating the matter.

By Sengooba Alirabaki


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Mafias Chased Us From Government, They Are Now Killing Themselves With Their Guns Over Money And Power – Mirundi…



President Museveni’s former press secretary Joseph Tamale Mirundi has revealed that there are many signs showing that the mafias in president Museveni’s government are fighting each other over money and power.

“You know we intellectuals have information that mafias are fighting each other that is why dead bodies are now being thrown on the streets. Mafias here are very deadly and I’m telling you Uganda will end up like Somalia, they are going to kill themselves,” Mirundi, who was hosted on Pearl FM radio on Saturday said.

He noted that the mafias in Museveni’s government first fought and chased all the people who were loyal to Museveni under the guise of preventing them from stealing tax payers money. Mirundi said that by the time Museveni supporters like him, Ministry of Education Permanent Secretary Asuman Lukwago were kicked out, the mafias were working together.

Mirundi however said that their tormenters have now developed misunderstanding over money and power that’s why they are fighting each other.

The self-claimed media consultant and private investigator further revealed that the mafias in government have guns which they are using now to kill themselves, he gave an example of the gruesome murder of Joshua Nteyireho Ruhegyera and Mary Tumukunde who were gunned down on Entebbe express highway. Mirundi rubbished the arrests made by Uganda police and other security agencies over the current string of murders and kidnaps adding that the arrested suspects never committed these crimes.

By Jamil Lutakome


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I WANT HER TO VOMIT MY LAND: Mulago Hospital Doctor Drags Former Minister Maria Kiwanuka To Land Probe For Grabbing Her 9 Acres Of Land In Munyonyo…



L-R: Nabukeera and former minister Maria Kiwanuka

The troubles befalling former finance minister who is also the general manager of Radio one, Akaboozi kubiiri Maria Rhoda Nabasirye Kiwanuka keep pilling each day.

A senior Mulago hospital doctor has now dragged her to the commission of inquiry into land matters for grabbing their 9 acres of land in Munyonyo Kampala.  Rhone Irene Lubega Nabukeera testified before the commission of inquiry into land matters that her father the late Solomon Lubega Byatike Matovu (60) bought 9 acres of land on Kyadondo Block 257 plot 5 from prince Alfred Kigaala, a son to fallen Buganda King, Sir Daudi Chwa in 1964.

“According to the agreement we found at the department of mapping and surveying in Entebbe, our father fully paid the money for the land and lodged a caveat on it to stop unscrupulous people from selling it again, unfortunately, he died before transferring the land into his names,” Nabukeera said.

She told the commission that as a family, they knew that their father left land in Munyonyo but they did not have the documentations until 2006 when a one Yusuf Mukasa, a friend to their late father brought to them the documents.

She said that they went to the registrar of land titles in the Ministry of Lands Housing and Urban Development to find out the status of their late father’s land. She narrated that at the ministry of lands, they were told that the ministry cannot locate their land because it was still in folios even though it was still caveated. They further advised them to consult Entebbe department of mapping and surveying.

She testified that at Entebbe, they carried out an investigation and found out that their land was subdivided was currently on Kyadondo Block 257 plot 5 and 433. Their findings further revealed that the land was registered in the names of Ambrose Wafumba in 1975.

Nabukeera with her lawyer before the commission

They further discovered that the land was transferred from Wafumba and registered in Alima investments Uganda limited which is owned by Maria Nabasirye Kiwana  Kiwanuka, Margate Kiwana, Nakato Mbekeka, Margate Ndibalekera and Janet Nkabidwa, the shareholders of Alima investments. She revealed that efforts to speak to the owners of Alima investments limited were futile and they decided to use legal means. However, every lawyer they approach for assistance abandoned them. Nabukeera revealed that they discovered that there was an invisible hand influencing lawyers to abandon them.

However, Nabukeera found a tough time when commissioner Dr. Rose Nakayi, a Makerere University law don tasked her to present evidence that the land in question was sold to her father.

Nakayi, basing on the documents before the commission told Nabukeera that the land was owned by King Daudi Chwa on behalf of Buganda so his son Kigaala had no powers to sell it.

In response, Nabukeera insisted that the land was given to Kigaala by Chwa so he owned the land in his personal capacity.  She further testified that even her late mother Dorothy Nasolo benefitted from that land as a daughter to king Chwa.

Former Buganda minister Robert Sebunya supported Nabukeera that the said land was owned by King Chwa in his personal capacity not a king. 

Justice Catherine Bamugemereire the chairperson of the commission promised Nabukeera that very soon, Maria Kiwanuka and others will be summoned to explain how they got the contested land.

Maria Nabasirye Kiwanuka is still battling with her husband’s son Sebuliba Kiwanuka who dragged her to the high court civil division accusing her of fraudulently changing the administration of their father’s companies including Oscar industries limited. Sebuliba asked High Court judge Musa Sekana to issue an order to have his father Mohan Kiwanuka’s mental status examined claiming that her step mother Nabasirye is using him to sign strange documents giving her powers to administer his properties.

By Jamil Lutakome


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