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Places Of Worship To Open On 30th August, Children Below 13years Will Not Be Allowed In Churches/ Mosques – Pastor Serwadda Reveals Tough Guidelines From M7’s Scientists….



L-R: Religious leaders Stephen Kazimba (COU), Joseph Serwadda (BAFFE), Sheikh Mubajje (UMSC) and Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga (Catholic Church)

Pastor Joseph Serwadda of Victory Cristian Centre in Ndeeba, a Kampala suburb has revealed that places of worship will be opened earliest 30th August 2020.

During his weekly programme today morning on Dream TV, Pastor Serwadda, the presiding Apostle of Born Again Faith Federation (BAFFE) and a member on the Inter Religious Council of Uganda (IRCU) disclosed that even though they are going to have a meeting with the Covid19 National Taskforce tomorrow (Friday), they have already been warned that all religious leaders must go through mandatory training of 30 days on how they will follow the Covid19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

“We have a meeting with the national task force tomorrow, but even if our document is passed, we will still have to wait for 30 days because we were warned in advance that all religious leaders must be trained on how to follow the SOPs,” Serwadda said.

He added, “I’m telling you, the earliest that churches, mosques and other religious institutions will be opened will be 30th August 2020.”

Serwadda revealed that right now, Churches and mosques are busy organizing the sitting arrangement to observe social distancing and other SOPs.

“Go to Rubaga, Namirembe or Old Kampala, they are all busy working on the sitting arrangement. But remember that is just one of the guidelines, there other guidelines on the way. After that, we have to roll out this arrangement to our colleagues under our different settings,” Serwadda said.

Serwadda also disclosed that one of the guidelines given to them by the scientist is children below the age of 13 will not be allowed in places of worship.

“We have been instructed to only allow people who are 13 years and above, those who are below 13 years will have to stay home,” Serwadda said.

Serwadda disclosed that once they finish solving the sitting arrangement problem, there is also a political problem.

“Rev. Dan Mujuni recently came to my office and told me that he was sent by the task-force to ask the seven of us (all the main leaders of the seven religious beliefs), this political question:  If a politician comes to your church and asks to greet the congregation, how will you handle it?” Serwadda said.

He said that places of worship will not open until they also solve the political problem.

“No political activities will be allowed in places of worship. We will actually first sign a contract with government that we will not allow any political activities,” Serwadda said.

During his address on Tuesday evening, President Museveni said that they are still carrying out more consultations and if an ideal plan is worked out, they will involve the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda on how to re-open the places of worship.


By Grapevine Reporters



Kaka Shuns DGISO Handover As Minister Tumwine Chases Lt. Col. Katabazi Away From Ceremony…



L-R: Kaka, Gen. Tumwine and Lt. Col. Katabazi

The fight for the office of the Deputy Director General of the Internal Security Organization (ISO) has deepened after Lt. Col. Emmy Katabazi was chased out of the handover ceremony.

Today, Lt. Col. Katabazi was supposed to receive instruments from Don Mugimba who was fired together with his boss Lt. Col. Frank Bagyenda Kaka as the deputy director general of ISO but he was humiliated and chased out of the ceremony by the Security Minister Gen Elly Tumwine.

Tumwine asked Katabazi what he was doing in the meeting because he was not among the people who were supposed to receive the office.

The nonsense minister told Lt. Col. Katabazi that the Commander in Chief president Museveni appointed Lt Col. Charles Oluka as the Director General deputized by Hajji Taban Amin not Lt. Col. Katabazi as he claims.

Yesterday, Lt Col Katabazi ran to social media celebrating and thanking the appointing authority for trusting him and appointing him as the deputy Director General which made many thing that he was appointed but Gen Tumwine officially reveals Amin.

Unfortunately, the ceremony was not colourful because the fired Kaka was not present to handover office to his successor.

He assigned his deputy Mugimba to handover on his behalf. This website later established that Kaka was resting at his country home in Lwamayuba, Kalangala.

Gen. Tumwine thanked Kaka for the wonderful job of fighting to keep peace and security in the country.

He asked the new administrators at ISO to do their best in the interest of the country.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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M7 Always Wants To Be Last On The Ballot Paper – Nambooze, Rwomushana Provocatively Dispute Credibility Of M7’s Papers…



L-R: Mukono municipality MP Nambooze, Rwomushana and President Museveni

Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament, Betty Nambooze Bakireke has accused the Electoral Commission (EC) of favorably covering up for president Museveni’s disputes.

She alleges that the EC teamed up with President Museveni to change his name so that he can easily carryout electoral fraud.

Acting EC Spokesperson Paul Bukenya, however clarified that it is only important that aspirants’ names match. He said that people should have supporting documents for added and subtracted names.

NRM Information and Publicity director, Emmanuel Dombo says president Museveni’s name change followed all procedures because he even announced it in the papers. He claimed that all people contesting in the name of fighting Museveni are only looking for a salary.

Motormouthed Nambooze also disclosed how eager she is to atleast see any graduation picture of President Museveni. She made a call to whoever might have access to them to share with her, insinuating that the president has no clear education background and neither can he possess genuine academic credentials.

“President Museveni always wants to be last on the ballot paper. That explains the name change. With time he might become Zibuhaburwa,” another presidential hopeful, Charles Rwomushana mockingly stated.

Nambooze further stung the EC on conniving with the incumbent president to ease the NRM presidential candidate’s way to retain his seat. She claims that constituencies were illegally created by President Museveni as a strategic move to aid rigging. She stressed that EC should be guided by the population to create a constituency, not the president.

“It is sad to hear the EC officials saying we have lost elections because we didn’t deploy polling agents. In a free and fair elections, I don’t need polling agents, I cast my vote and go home to wait for results,” she said, citing loopholes in the EC’s electoral management process.


By Baron Kironde


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We Also Don’t Know What Kony Told M7 – UPDF Distances Itself From Alleged Resumption Of Kony/Gov’t Talks…



L-R: LRA leader Joseph Kony, Lt. Col. Deo Akiiki and President Museveni

The Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) has denied having any knowledge concerning reports that Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebel leader Joseph Kony wrote to the government to have peace talks resume.

While addressing journalists today, the deputy army spokesperson, Lt. Col. Deo Akiiki said there has not been any communication to them in that line.

“As UPDF, we have not got any communication in that line. We can therefore not deny nor accept it. When the right time comes, government will inform you but as UPDF, we have not seen such a thing,” Akiiki said .

The deputy army spokesperson explained that in any case, it would be government to communicate to members of the public about any intentions to resume the peace talks with the LRA rebel leader.

On several occasions, there have been efforts to have peace talks with the rebels but not much has been achieved from the same.

In 2013, the US government placed a $5 million cash bounty on information leading to Kony’s arrest over crimes against humanity that the Lord’s Resistance Army rebel group that he commands, committed to the people of Northern Uganda.

It’s been almost a week now and reports have been circulating on social media indicating how Kony had written to President Museveni in plea of resumption of peace talks.

Regardless of the uncertainty pertaining the originality of the source, the reports are fully detailed, inclusive of the whole team Kony allegedly wants to meet for negotiations, not excluded among others the deputy speaker of parliament, Hon. Jacob Oulanyah.

In 1995, Joseph Kony, a former altar boy waged war against the Ugandan government that saw thousands of locals from Northern Ugandan killed, maimed and displaced from their homes and relegated to staying in IDP camps.

The two-decade insurgency also gave rise to concentration camps in Northern Uganda where over two million people were confined but people have slowly returned to their homes after Kony and his rebel group was dislodged to the Central African Republic by the UPDF.


By Baron Kironde


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