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Police Officer Narrates How Tycoon Ssebuufu Called Katushabe’s Relatives before Beating Her To Death, Furious Judge Warns Tycoon’s Lawyers



High Court Judge Angeline Flavia Senoga was furious with lawyers representing pine car bond boss Muhammad Ssebuufu who is answering murder charges.

Senoga’s anger was stirred after lawyers Evans Ochenge and Robert Irumba objected to all the exhibits that the state lawyers tendered in court as evidence.

“Counsel do you want this case to be concluded? I’m tired of your delaying tactics. You’re a learned counsel, why are you objecting to everything, may be its better you go back to school so that you understand how such cases are handled,” Senoga fumed.

She further wondered why Ochenge was basing his illegal objections of exhibits on the instructions of his clients especially Ssebuufu. She informed Ochenge that it’s his obligation to advise his clients on the court process and not the client to instruct him on whatever he wants to do in court. Senoga further warned Ochenge to stop playing his delaying tactics because he always asks for long adjournments.

Ochenge informed her that he was instructed by his clients not to allow Peter Henry Warya the investigating officer in this case to testify on the telephone date analysis. Ochenge submitted that according to court criminal procedure, an expert in telephone data analysis must be the one to testify. He said that Warya is lacking that expertise to testify on a scientific report, in this report Warya testified that there was communication between the accused, witnesses and the late Katushabe.

“My lord I insist that the witness doesn’t have expertise to testify on that report, I’m instructed to object that,” Ochenge submitted.

State prosecutor Michael Ojok challenged Ochenge’s submissions and asked court to allow the witness to testify against the exhibits and tender them to court as exhibits.  He said that Warya followed all the procedures to collect the contagious exhibits including telephones of the suspects, witnesses and the deceased.  He added that Warya obtained court orders, swore affidavits allowing him to take suspects, witnesses and diseased phones to telecom companies to get phone print out which he took to the directorate of cyber-crime in police.

He said that Warya was only going to testify on the way he collected the exhibits and prosecution was going to call the experts to testify on the way they examined the exhibits.

However, Ssebuufu’s lawyer Ochenge refused saying that they are not going to cross examine the witness because he was incompetent to testify on the exhibits.  Ochenge’s defiance angered the judge who told him to apply for her to quit his client’s case because he is tired of being delayed by him. She over ruled him and allowed the witness to testify on the exhibits.

In his testimony, Warya revealed that there was a conversation between Ssebuufu, his co- accused and the deceased on the day she was murdered.  He revealed that the telephone print out showed that Ssebuufu himself called Katushabe’s sister Lillian Kabugo who was in Kasese asking her to send his balance of sh9m which he was demanding from Katushabe. Katushabe also called Kabugo to help her with money because Ssebuufu was threatening to kill her after beating her badly. He testified that Ssebuufu told Kabugo to send his money on Godfrey Kayiza’s number (co-accused with Ssebuufu).

He said that unfortunately, Katushabe’s phone was stolen and he suspects that it was stolen by the suspects to hide the evidence against them. He revealed that he managed to get the sim card print out from MTN and airtel companies which indicated that there was communication between the suspects, witnesses and her.

The state alleges that Ssebuufu and others in 2015 murdered Betty Katushabe over Shs9 million balance she owed them after buying a Toyota premio car from his pine car bond at Shs 17 million. The case was adjourned to 10th September.


By Jamil Lutakome


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Australian National Arrested Trafficking Drugs At Entebbe Airport



Entebbe airport Security operatives checking one of the shoes

An Australian citizen has been arrested with drugs stashed in locally made women’s shoes at Entebbe airport today.

This was revealed by Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango during his address to the press.

Onyango said that Maurice Hendrick Martin, an Australian national was arrested at the airport check point with drugs hidden in locally made women shoes on his way to board an Ethiopia airliner that was heading to Italy.

Hendrick after being arrested by Entebbe airport security

Onyango added that the police sniffer dogs busted Hendrick’s plans of trafficking drugs out of the country. When he was asked where he was taking the drugs, Hendrick denied knowing of any drugs in his luggage adding that he bought the shoes from Kampala streets.

Onyango said that Hendrick is going to be paraded before court so that he faces charges of drugs trafficking.

If he is found guilty, he will have to pay 10 million or face imprisonment. When asked where they are going to keep the drugs, Onyango said that they are treating it as exhibits to be taken to court as evidence.


By Derrick Mugoola


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Besigye’s Neighbour Commits Suicide After Testing Positive With HIV/AIDS



The body of Jennifer Tumuhereze (inset) being taken for postmortem

Residents of Buyinja village near Dr. Kizza Besigye’s home in Kasangati are in shock after a woman strangled herself on finding out that she was HIV positive.

Jennifer Tumuhereze (35) was found in her rented apartment in Buyinja village hanging by the rope. Neigbours told this website that Jennifer killed herself after she received terrifying news from the doctor that she was HIV positive.

“When Tumuhereze tested positive with HIV, she ran mad and was rushed to Butabika mental hospital. She later returned stable and started taking her medicine,” one of the locals told the Grapevine.

She was later heard asking neighbours from time to time that, “if someone wants to strangle themselves, what do they do?”

Ronald Namugowa (28), the husband to Jennifer said that, “I woke up in the morning and went for work, I left her in the house healthy and fine. Later in the evening when I came back with a pineapple and ‘kikomando’ (Chapati with beans) to surprise her, I was shocked to find her hanging on the rope next to the entrance of our ‘muzigo’.

Kasangati police was alerted and they removed the body from the rope and took it to Mulago for postmortem before taking it to Kabale for burial.


By Robert Semirimo


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Ugandan Woman Convicted In UK Court For Mutilating Her Three-Year-Old Daughter



A mother has been convicted of abusing her 3-year-old daughter in Britain’s first successful prosecution for female genital mutilation.

The 37-year-old Ugandan woman was found guilty Friday at London’s Central Criminal Court. The mother isn’t being named to protect her child’s identity,

She claimed her daughter suffered an accidental injury, but jurors concluded the child had been cut deliberately.

Metropolitan Police Detective Chief Inspector Ian Baker said the girl “was subjected to horrific abuse” but made a good recovery.

However, the woman told court the baby “fell on metal and it ripped her private parts” while trying to get a biscuit in August 2017.

Judge Philippa Whipple said a lengthy prison term is in store at the woman’s March 8 sentencing.

Female genital mutilation – intentionally altering or injuring female genital organs for non-medical reasons – has been a crime in Britain since 1985, but this is the first prosecution to result in a conviction.


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