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Police Shoots Dead Father Of 5 Year-Old-Boy To Save His Life…



A 5-year-old boy has been rescued by Kira Road Police Station from being slain with a machete by his own father over unknown reasons.

Luke Owoyesigire, the deputy spokesperson, Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) confirmed the incident. He said that during the rescue, one officer discharged a bullet to disable the boy’s father, Suleiman Male, 28, but it fatally injured him.

The incident happened in Kyebando, a city suburb at around 11am on Saturday. It is alleged that Male, a resident of Kisaasi and a crafts man, picked his only child Isamu Male, 5, from their home to Kisalosalo Kyebando.

Upon reaching Kyebando, he forcefully gained access to the house of a friend Ismail Ssesanga while wielding a machete.

All occupants in Sesanga’s house fled to the nearby police station, where they reported the case.

The security officers came to find when Male had locked himself in one room and all peaceful efforts to demand him open the door and release the child failed.

The officers then forcefully gained access into the room he had locked himself in. Sulaiman was found holding the child head down with one hand and another raised up with a machete ready to cut.

The officers asked him to drop the machete, the order he declined to heed to. He went on to swing the weapon which put the life of the child in danger prompting one of the security personnel to shoot him and he dropped the child.

The suspect died at the scene. The child has been taken to police for care as investigations continue.

The suspect’s body has now been conveyed to City Mortuary Mulago for a post mortem.

Owoyesigire ascertained that statements from the locals at scene and his relatives have been taken in accordance to the police standards, the police publicist also disclosed that an inquiry into the shooting has been initiated, and Male’s intention will be established soon.

“More details into the investigations are ongoing and we will brief the public accordingly,” Owoyesigire said.


By Baron Kironde



Traffic Police Boss Musinga Challenges Divorced Wife’s Caveat On His New Marriage, Father-In Law, Former Worker Swear Affidavit Accusing Musinga Of Stealing Divorced Wife’s Wealth…



Musinga and former wife Esther Kyinkuhaire (inset)

Kampala Metropolitan traffic police commander Norman Musinga has challenged the caveat filed by his divorced wife before the Church of Uganda protesting his new marriage.

On Friday evening, Esther Kyinkuhaire, the former wife to Musinga, through her lawyers of Ojok and Company Advocates, filed a marriage caveat at All Saints Church Nakasero, Kampala challenging the set officialization of Musinga’s new marriage with his new wife.

In his caveat, Kyinkuhaire told the church that she is still officially married to Musinga citing a notice of  Appeal she filed in the Court of Appeal challenging Justice Joseph Mulangira’s decision confirming the magistrate court’s judgement which authorizes their divorce.

However, Musinga through his lawyers of Kampala Associated Advocates (KAA) challenged the said caveat, branded it false, malicious, full of jealousy, ill willed and  made in bad faith and needed correction from the court records.

The lawyers stated that Musinga’s marriage with Kyinkuhaire was dissolved in 2019 by his worship Allan Gakyalo basing on the evidence of the applicant Musinga that his divorced wife was very cruel to him and a practitioner of witchcraft.

“On 16th of August 2019, the bonds of matrimony were legally and absolutely dissolved. No appeal has ever been preferred,” KAA’s letter to the church reads. They further explained to court that Musinga solemnized his fresh marriage before the Registrar of marriages and is legally married.

Lawyers noted that the reason why they decided to go to church was to celebrate his already existing marriage in accordance to the church norms and seek the blessings of God.

The lawyers further insisted that when the divorced wife learnt that her former husband was going to celebrate his marriage in church, she filed an application at the High Court Family Division for revision of his worship Gakyalo’s decision which they termed as incompetent, court dismissed it.

They insisted that revision of the judgement does not amount to an appeal since they claimed that the magistrate did not have powers to hear and determine the matter.

“The incompetent application was dismissed by the High Court Judge Justice Joseph Murangira who found that the magistrate acted properly in freeing our client from the bonds of the marriage with Esther Kyinkuhaire,” the lawyers noted.

They said that there is no right to appeal from a revised order, the appeal can only be made with a permission from the court which the divorced wife didn’t do.

However, this website has learnt that Kyinkuhaire is determined to fight for her marriage and she is set to file another civil suit in the High Court protesting Court’s decision of not looking into the wealth she made with her former husband during their good times.

She based on the affidavit of her father who told court that he gave the couple 25 cows when they are getting marriage and he wanted Musinga to return half of it to her daughter since they are separating.

She also based on the affidavit of  Stephen Kamanzi, a former farm manager of Musinga who told court that Musinga took the 25 cows to his farm in Luwero.

Kamanzi added that by the time Musinga fired him, for supporting Kyinkuhaire, the cows had produced over 180 cows.

Kyinkuhaire also challenged Court’s decision of directing Musinga to stay with their three children including their last born.

Musinga is set to publicly weed her new wife today.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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Policewoman Who Was Hit With Hammer In Bobi Protests To Undergo Surgery…



ASP Kasule Consilata with KMP Commander CP Kafeero Moses (L), on the right is Consilata being hit by Ssebuliba

Nakivubo police post commander, ASP Kasule Consilata, who was hit with a hammer by a rioter last week will have to undergo surgery to remove the blood clot.

Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) Commander CP Kafeero Moses, after paying her a visit confirmed that she has been discharged but will have to undergo an operation to remove the blood clot before it causes further damage.

Investigations into the incident are ongoing, on the manner in which the Police commander was attacked, and the suspects are yet to be arraigned before courts of law.

Kasule Consilata is one of the four police officers who were injured in the Wednesday protest, while four patrol vehicles were damaged with stones.

The other injured police officers were identified as Boniface Ojok and Walter Okello. Smashed patrol vehicles included UP 4833, UP 5622, UP 5564 and UP 7074 and two other government vehicles.

Consilata Kasule was seen in a video being attacked by two men who were dressed in red and green, as she was removing logs and stones placed in the middle of the road near Totalia building.

Police in Kampala have since arrested the suspected criminal who was  captured on camera assaulting a police officer on duty during riot on Wednesday.

The suspect is called Ssebwa Emmanuel Ssebuliba. His associate is identified as Kasozi Benson. They are both detained at CPS Kampala and will most likely face attempted murder charges.

Police first picked Sebuliba’s associate  from his hideout with the help of  CCTV cameras.

Ssebuliba confessedd to the crime. Police Spokesperson, Patrick Onyango highly condemned the act of attacking security personnel who are carrying out their lawful duties.


By Baron Kironde


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VIDEO: I Regret Hitting Police Officer With Hammer Twice – Police Arrests Man Who Hit Their Own During Bobi Wine Riots, To Charge Him With Attempted Murder…



Police has arrested a one Ssebwa Emmanuel Ssebuliba who was captured in a video hitting a police officer with a hammer during the free Bobi Wine riots in Kampala last week.

According to Kampala Metropolitam Police (KMP) PRO SP Patrick Onyango, police used CCTV cameras around the area to nab Ssebuliba.

“Police in Kampala have arrested the suspected criminal who was captured on camera assaulting a police officer on duty during riot on Wednesday (18/11/2020). Police first picked his associate from his hideout with the help of CCTV cameras,” Onyango said.

He added, “The suspect is called Ssebwa Emmanuel Ssebuliba. His associate is identified as Kasozi Benson. They are both detained at CPS Kampala on attempted murder charges. Ssebuliba confesses to the crime. We condemn the act of attacking our security personnel who are carrying out their lawful duties.”

In his confession, Ssebuliba said, “I picked the hammer by the roadside, and hit the police officer two times but I regret what I did.”


By Grapevine Reporters


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