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    Public Service Succumbs To Teachers’ Pressure; Calls Them For Meeting…



    Public Service PS Catherine Bitarakwate (R) and UNATU boss Mr. Filbert Baguma (L)

    Public Service Permanent Secretary, Catherine Bitarakwate has written to striking teachers calling for an urgent meeting to resolve the grievances that prompted the industrial action.

    This comes a few days after Bitarakwate ordered for an immediate cease in the strike of teachers or else they are fired.

    She also ordered Chief Administrative Officers (CAO) to prepare disciplinary action against any teacher who will fail to turn up in class by this week.

    UNATU leaders however were not shaken and went ahead to advise their teachers not to succumb to any kind of intimidation because their industrial action is legally backed.

    In a letter to the teachers umbrella body, Uganda National Teachers’ Union (UNATU), Public Service has scheduled a meeting with teachers and settle their grievances as a way of stopping the strike.

    The letter dated 27th, June, is addressed to the General Secretary for UNATU, Mr. Filbert Baguma, and informs him that the meeting is to be held on July 1st, at the Ministry of Public Service.

    “Reference is made to the ongoing industrial Action by the Uganda National Teachers’ Union which started on June, 15th, 2022. This is therefore to invite you and four of your Union Executive Members for a meeting with the Ministry of Public Service on Friday, 1st, July 2022 at 2:00 pm in the Ministry Boardroom,” the letter reads in part.

    The letter further indicates that the meeting will focus on issues raised for Industrial Action.


    By Kalamira Hope



    UNEB Releases Timetable For PLE, UCE And UACE Candidates; Students Set To Begin Exams On 14th, October Until 9th Dec…



    Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) has released the 2022 timetable for the Primary Leaving Examination (PLE), Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) and the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) examinations.

    Addressing press on Thursday, UNEB Executive Secretary, Mr. Dan Odong said that in line with the Board’s policy of inclusiveness and equitable assessment of learners’ achievements, braille versions of the timetables have been provided to cater for learners with visual impairment.

    Mr. Odong noted that soft copies are being uploaded on school portals, while the printed copies are now being packed along with other examination stationery.

    In a statement dated, 18th, August, Mr. Odong said that heads of Examination Centres and District Inspectors of Schools will be advised when to pick the materials.

    He asserted that headteachers should pick the brailed timetables of the blind students.

    “Headteachers who registered blind candidates should remember to pick the brailed time tables along with the other stationery,” the statement read in part.

    “The timetables include Regulations on the Conduct of the examinations and caution to candidates on acts that amount to examination malpractice.”

    Mr. Odong further contended that head teachers are requested to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to brief the candidates to follow these regulations and the caution given.

    He added, “Failure to comply with the regulations and caution indicated in the timetable shall lead to cancellation of results of a candidate or all candidates at the Center or disqualification from the examination.

    “Cases of examination malpractice that can lead to disqualification, cancellation of results or arrest of a candidate have been clearly spelt out on the timetable.

    “Parents are also advised to take keen interest in the timetable so as to support the candidates in every way possible.”

    Mr. Odong also revealed that this year’s national examinations will commence on 14th October, 2022, with the briefing of UCE candidates. UCE, which is the first series of examinations to be conducted, will run until 18th November, 2022.

    “The second series of examinations is the PLE which will be conducted from 7th-9th November, 2022, starting with the briefing of the candidates.”

    He divulged, “UACE will commence on 18th November 9th December, 2022. The Board appeals to head teachers to conduct these briefings personally.

    “The Board has noted previously, that where cases of irregularities and malpractice have been noted, the root causes have often been that candidates would have been poorly briefed, or not briefed at all.”

    According to UNEB, a total of one million, two hundred eighty thousand, one hundred and seventy-two (1,280,172) candidates have registered for all the three levels of the final examinations. This indicates a percentage increase of 7.7% of the total candidature.

    56 % of the total candidature seven hundred and fifty-one, three hundred thirty-six (751,336) learners are funded by the Government, while 44% five hundred and sixty-four thousand, eight hundred thirty-six (564,836) candidates are privately sponsored.


    By Kalamira Hope


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    Government To Review Food Allowances For Government Sponsored Students At Makerere From Shs.4500 To Shs.10000…



    Makerere University Vice Chancellor Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe

    Government has pledged to review food allowances for government-sponsored students at Makerere University from Shs.4500 to Shs.10,000.

    This decision was made today in the office of the deputy speaker, Rt. Hon. Thomas Tayebwa together with the leadership of Makerere University led by the Chairperson of Council Mrs. Lorna Magara and Vice Chancellor Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe.

    During the meeting, they discussed issues affecting the institution and how best parliament can collaborate with the institution.

    Vice Chancellor Nawangwe requested Parliament to review the food allowances for government-sponsored students from the current Shs.4500 to Shs.10,000 a day.

    “This has been discussed by the Parliamentary committee on the Ministry of Education and Sports for several years and it was even a subject of riots for several times,” Nawangwe said.

    He added that the figures they give students of Shs.4500 per day was allocated 10 years ago.

    He added that the committee proposed many years ago to raise the amount to Shs.10,000 so that the students are able to have two meals a day.

    “Unfortunately, we have not succeeded in getting that allocation over the years and we will be happy if parliament takes interest in this.”

    In response to the matter raised, Rt. Hon. Thomas Tayebwa pledged to look into the funding of meals for the students.

    “You cannot feed at Shs.4500 three times a day, adding that the money is not enough even for ‘kikomando’.

    He added, “As parliament, we welcome the proposal you have given us and we are going to meet as the leadership of parliament with a view of signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with you so that you can always support Parliament in its Legislative role,”

    Among other issues that were discussed was that the university had to take a central position in the implementation of the Parish Development Model (PDM) through collection and provision of vital data.

    The senior leadership also highlighted possibilities of support from Makerere to Parliament which include; providing policy input through policy briefing papers, review of legislative proposals and expert testimony in the policy process before Parliamentary Committees.

    “Data and analysis on key development aspects and on the performance of government programmes to inform policy and legislative interventions. Provision of Library services including access to the e-library resources for MPs and Parliamentary Staff and the retooling of Parliamentary Staff.”

    During the meeting, Parliament also committed support of Shs. 50 million towards the Makerere At 100 celebrations.


    By Kalamira Hope


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    A University Should Not Be Run Like A Kindergarten – MUK Students Petition LOP Mpuuga Challenging  Recent Decision By Institution’s Council…



    Mpuuga receiving a petition from Makerere University students

    Makerere University (MUK) students have petitioned the Leader of Opposition (LOP), Mathias Mpuuga challenging a recent decision by the institution’s council to halt the guild electoral process and the subsequent suspension of the caretaker government.

    It should be noted that the university halted elections last month following the death of a Uganda Christian University (UCU) Kampala Campus student, Bentugura Bewatte who had come to campaign for his friend at Makerere University.

    After the incident, the Chairperson of Makerere University council, Mrs. Lorna Magara halted the Makerere Guild elections which were due to take place today, Friday, 15th, July 2022.

    In a letter dated, 14th July, addressed to Makerere Vice Chancellor, Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe, Magara also announced the suspension of the students’ guild.

    Today, Kassanda South Member of Parliament, Kabuye Frank led the students’ delegation from MUK to deliver a petition to LOP regarding the ongoings at the university.

    Mpuuga confirmed that he received the petition from the students challenging the recent actions by the university administration outlawing students’ leadership.

    “We pledge total commitment to ready to bringing back sanity to the might hill. This is unacceptable, we believe that a university should not be run like a kindergarten,” he said.

    Makerere students led by the guild president, Shamim Nambassa had today made a decision to hold elections following the university’s failure to fulfil its commitment of conducting polls.

    Nambassa noted that it’s been a week since they started writing letters to them addressing different issues.

    She added that there was a meeting with the select committee which promised to get back to them on Thursday last week, but never did.


    By Kalamira Hope


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