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    Quit FDC, Shun NRM For Civil Society – Top NGO Boss Urges Muntu



    By Arthur Laroc


    Action Aid Uganda is a very influential NGO operating in Uganda and it’s let by Arthur Laroc who in a touching opinion published below urges Gen Muntu to shun both NRM and FDC and lean more on the civil society to target millions of fence-sitting Ugandans;


    An Open Letter to Mugisha Muntu by Mr Arthur Larok country director Action Aid Uganda.

    Warm greetings Mugisha Muntu,

    As I thought about writing this Open Letter to you in the wake of recent developments in FDC, I recalled the time I first met you and several interactions thereafter. You may recall that the first time I met you face-to-face was at a Youth Manifesto Meeting at Hotel Africana where you made keynote remarks, shared a platform with Capt. Mike Mukula. The contrast between what you said and what Capt. Mukula focussed on is what endeared me to you – I have followed your work since. At the meeting, among many enriching insights, was a profoundly important distinction you made about how to approach citizen struggles for justice. On the one hand, you identified a negative approach anchored on fighting against what we don’t like and on the other a positive one that pitches a vision and a fight for what we want, accompanied by our attempts to live that reality in our daily struggles. That distinction and your orientation towards the latter is partly what I believe distinguishes your leadership style from many, including within FDC.

    Fast forward in 2016, in the remote village of Apiriri in Pader district, at the burial of a distinguished Ugandan, James Otto – mentor and inspiration to many, including me, in your characteristic modesty, you admitted not knowing much about James Otto but that he being a father to one of your party members and having heard all that was said about him, you presented another profound analogy about leadership that struck the core of the crisis this country has. You described leadership driven by two contrasting mentalities – first was a scarcity mentality exhibited in the unyielding quest to grab resources and own as much as possible from the perceived little there is – thus corruption, primitive accumulation of wealth and the greed to cling onto power for selfish reasons. Majority of our leaders in this country are driven by a scarcity mentality. On the other hand, are leaders who believe in plenty and enough in the world to go around – enough for everyone’s need but not for their greed. This paradox is at the centre of our crises as a country blessed with enormous resources but with some of the poorest people living on this planet. We are a country ‘gifted by nature but robbed by man’.

    So why have I decided to write you this Open Letter even after my short texts to you on another platform? First this letter is not so much to you as it is to those who care about leadership especially at this moment of trial in our country. Secondly, I want to make a modest contribution to the ongoing debate about the future of the country. And thirdly, I want to make an open invitation to you to consider what I believe will be an even more telling contribution you can make to this country. I have read about your unyielding belief in the struggle that has seen you pay a very high price for this country’s now ‘stolen liberation’. You faced life-threatening gun-shots in the bush but returned after recovering till the war was won, you were undermined as army commander but fought the good fight and your track record remains unrivalled in the army. You have been undermined in FDC but you worked hard to keep the party as one during your tenure, with your accommodative style.

    I had mixed feelings of relief and worry after hearing of the results from the recent FDC Presidential races that you took part in as an incumbent and lost. For starters, it is important to congratulate FDC for treating Ugandans to the nearest to democratic hopes anyone could. Though not without problems, including a severely constraining external political context as well as internal ideological and approach tensions within FDC, it remains by far, the most democratic in comparison to all others.

    You should be proud of the humble contribution you have made to FDC as a leader, a competitor in various internal elections and a voice of reason at a time of deep polarization in the country. You will be remembered for keeping the party as one and the next leader of FDC can build on that. As for you, on second thoughts, I am relieved that you are no longer the FDC President for I see you destined for greater than FDC can offer. You should consider your recent lose to Eng. Patrick Amuriat as perhaps the most important development in your political carrier.

    As I debated with my fellow political speculators (aka analysts) about the implications of the FDC election outcomes, I argued that your leadership and skills are perhaps best suited in a different set up, even if the struggle remains the same. If you remain in FDC, and I will respect you for that, but I would like to urge you to expend your energy differently and allow, unlike your predecessor, the new FDC president to take full charge. FDC is destined for what it will be, with or without your direct involvement. I would thus encourage you to spend your time reaching out to a ‘political middle’ that is neither attracted to the dominant FDC radical wing nor to NRM’s central politics of loot and greed. I foresee a situation in which Museveni and a core in NRM will dig in and do everything possible to remove Article 102 b and attempt to consolidate their grip on power but at a considerable cost to NRM. On the other hand, the dominant opposition will in response become even more radical and intolerant while the mainstream will negotiate for some crumps as we saw with DP and UPC after the 2016 elections.

    In my view the real positive force for the country will emerge from what I consider the ‘political middle’ that will likely attract support from progressive thinkers from either side of the political spectrum as well as civil society in their diversity, the business community, churches, social movements, professional associations and other organic people’s struggles such as those by medical workers, teachers, prosecutors and others. The most important task of our time will thus be connecting these struggles and making them even more inclusive, bringing in a level of organisation to it to endear the wider population to it. The success of this project presents the most likely avenue to the much-needed political transition agenda for Uganda. Traditional Political Parties will remain important in the struggle but not leading it and so I would dissuade you from thinking or launching a new political party but instead associate with many other progressive political leaders with an emerging non-partisan citizen movement for change. Creating another political party in the current political context will not add value in my view. Uganda, is headed for an inevitable political transition that no matter how delayed it will be, will come, in fact sooner than many expect. The next authentic leadership for Uganda will emerge from citizens struggles for a better country – one of equal opportunity and shared prosperity.

    I look forward to exploring the above prospects in a face-to-face with you and a few others soon!

    Yours Truly,

    Arthur LAROK



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    How Boyfriend, Pressure For Wedding Money Forced MP Nanyondo To Withdraw Her Signature From Censure Motion Against Mpuuga And Company…



    Bukomansimbi woman legislator Veronica Nanyondo

    Kira Municipality legislator Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda has explained that the actions of Bukomansimbi woman legislator Veronica Nanyondo to withdraw in writing her signature from the censure motion against the four parliamentary commissioners over corruption allegations was showed that legislators don’t read.

    He revealed that the reason why he always overshadows fellow legislators on the floor of parliament and even during media talk shows is because they don’t read but just sign documents, especially when they are told that they will get allowances after signing.

    “How can a member of parliament withdraw her signature claiming that you were misled to sign, now how can you convince your voters that you are not misled to take decisions that affect them!” Ssemujju wondered.

    In her defense, Nanyondo said that the movers of the motion to impeach the commissioners used her signature from the opposition cabinet meeting and put it on the censure motion papers.

    Ssemujju noted that once a legislator appends their signature on a censure paper, he or she cannot withdraw it and Nanyondo is still taken as one of the legislators who signed the censure motion against the legislators.

    However, theGrapevine established that Nanyondo was forced by her boyfriend to withdraw the signature.

    Sources claim that Nyanyondo’s boyfriend, a one Kateregga who was a councilor for Bukomansimbi district, pleaded with Nanyondo to withdraw her signature because Mpuuga is one of their own and it will shame them to betray him.

    He alleges that Nyanyondo and her boyfriend are set to legalize their marriage in church before the end of this year and Mpuuga has already contributed Shs20m to help in the preparations of their wedding.

    Others who contributed include Annet Anita Among the speaker of parliament who contributed Shs10m.

    Sources divulged that Kateregga nowadays spendsmuch of his time in the United States of America because the couple plans on relocating to the US once this political term ends and after they legalize their marriage.

    Sources added that Nanyondo is not going to defend her position in the coming 2026 elections after realizing that the ground no longer favors her.

    Before joining politics, Nanyondo and Kateregga were running a printing business on Nasser Road in Kampala city.

    When Nanyondo contested for the first time as MP to replace her sister Suzan Namaganda, the former wife to former East African Assembly Uganda representative Fred Mukasa Mbidde, Kateregga was in charge of pinning her posters.

    theGrapevine made several phone calls to Nanyondo’s known phone numbers for a comment on the story but they all went unanswered.

    Nanyondo is among the poor performing legislators in Buganda.

    The four commissioners who in trouble are; Mathias Mpuuga the Member of Parliament for Nyendo-Mukungwe, Prossy Mbabazi Akampulira the Rubanda district legislator, Solomon Silwanyi the Bukooli Central legislator and Esther Afayochan of Zombo district woman legislator.


    By Hadijjah Namagembe


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    Gen. Bigirwa Deletes NUP From Busoga & Dumps It In Magere; Gen. Museveni Jubilating….



    The legendary chinua Achebe stated that; “never test the depth of a river with both feet”.

    This is what Bobi Wine did through selective and apoplectic persecution of Bigirwa Moses, the self proclaimed general who of recent denounced the Un reliable National Unity Platform (NUP) and its entire lurch leadership.

    The self styled general has created a very big endless smile on the legendary president and the NRM after completely drowning and eventually killing NUP, burying it at Bobi Wine’s Magere.

    After all, What colorable reason could be assigned to Bigirwa in a party that feels comfortable on settling as the leaders of opposition for monetory gains?

    Recently, the suspicious and rancor Bigirwa launched his pressure group called the Eastern Revolutionary platform (ERP) and installed himself as the supreme leader. This is a very big blow to the already embattled Robert Kyagulanyi’s NUP, whose support in Busoga has been deteriorating day after day.

    Busoga lost trust in NUP because of it’s disrespect to the kingdom. This is after Various NUP herd mentality people abused and ridiculed the cultural institution and the king on several occasions.

    The startled subjects almost wept when the top NUP leadership failed to de-associate it’s self from such individuals.

    Coupled by the alleged support of homosexuality, the vexed people in the Busoga territory can’t bear NUP anymore. The ethnography of Basoga can’t give chance to such un cultured leaders to thrive. They realized President Museveni is the only person who can preserve their culture.

    Bigirwa read between the lines and opted not to assist an unjust administration by disobeying their unjust orders and decrees. To continue paying allegiance to NUP would mean partaking their evil. He chose the NRM’s noble cause of disobedience to evil to secure the future of our beautiful nation.

    Bigirwa has openly taken a bold decision and has castigated NUP’s top leadership for abandoning the struggle due to selfishness and parochial interests. He has demonstrated that it’s not right to think of oneself.

    He has emulated Gen. Museveni’s belief of sacrifice and service above self in a human spirit that will always survive and prevail.

    The alleged signs of parachoalism and chauvinism are barbaric and cannot drive our country anywhere apart from plunging us into turmoil yet we can no longer tolerate any dangers to the forward march of Uganda.

    President Museveni, NRM and Bigirwa wins. In Busoga, to resist radical evil means that you’re cultured. It’s a heroic character. It’s enduring a life that by all standards of the wider society is viewed as a success. The more Kyagulanyi runs to imperialists, the actors of the barbaric homosexuality to help him remove the tactical acumen from the most prestigious seat because of defending our culture, the more love and respect ugandans will accord gen. Museveni.

    Bigirwa has accepted that the dominant culture and NRM’s main pillars of social economic transformation, patriotism, democracy and Pan-Africanism is the way to go. There is no doubt he has opened the eyes of the remaining few people who have been blindly following the enemies of development.

    Compulsive liars are frightening and a great danger to society but the people of Busoga have rejected being compulsive believers. Believing would tantamount into liar’s enablers. NUP is finally buried in Magere and it will be extremely difficult to get any NUP elected leader from Busoga in the 2026 polls. NRM and president Museveni will be overwhelmingly voted.


    The writer, George Mubiru, is a researcher, political analyst and Ass. RCC Jinja City.

    Tel. 0754877595



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    Mayor Mulyanyama Takes His Fight Against Bobi Wine’s Brother Nyanzi For NUP Ticket To CBS Radio…



    Makindye Division Mayor Ali Kasirye Mulyanyama

    Fight within National Unity Platform (NUP) for Kampala City Lord Mayor ticket has deepened as maverick Makindye Division Mayor Ali Kasirye Mulyanyama declared war on Fred Nyanzi Ssentamu, the elder brother to Principal Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine).

    Both Nyanzi and Mulyanyama have declared interest to contest against the current Lord Mayor Ssalongo Erias Lukwago and they are clandestinely mobilizing for internal party support.

    theGrapevine haa established that Mulyanyama has entered a deal with Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi’s CBS radio to popularise his political ambitions for Lord Mayor seat and he has already started using the platform to fight Nyanzi.

    Last week, he accused Nyanzi of using reckless statements which placed their boss Bobi Wine and their party in bad light.

    Mulyanyama was responding to the statement made by Nyanzi on the misunderstanding between NUP leadership and Masaka region journalists who accused Bobi Wine security of insulting them.

    Nyanzi told CBS radio that the said journalists are making these malicious allegations because they are working for Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba’s group to fight Bobi Wine .

    Nyanzi and other NUP leaders particularly accuse CBS radio’s Masaka city news reporter Tomusange Kayinja of masterminding the drive of attacking and giving false news against Bobi Wine which Mulyanyama rubbished.

    Mulyanyama asserted that CBS is a radio with professional journalists and presenters and they should not be dragged in petty internal party fights.

    He disclosed that he cannot look on as Nyanzi and other people use their positions in the party to fight Kabaka’s radio which has always given many opposition politicians the platform that has helped them win elections against President Museveni’s NRM party.

    It should be noted that there is ongoing bad blood between the Mengo administration led by Premier Charles Peter Mayiga and NUP leadership.

    The bitter verbal exchanges have come from both sides.

    However, insiders at CBS radio told theGrapevine that Mulyanyama wanted to use CBS as his political mobilization weapon to weaken Lukwago.

    Sources said that he is desperate, frustrated and confused after learning that there are ongoing talks spearheaded by Mukono Municipality legislator Betty Nambooze Bakireke for Lukwago to join NUP and one of the conditions involves giving him the Lord Mayor ticket come 2026.

    Recently, Bobi Wine stopped Nyanzi from campaigning for the office of the Lord Mayor and even threatened to take disciplinary action against him.

    Nyanzi accused NUP Secretary General David Lewis Rubongoya of compromising Bobi Wine to humiliate him because he is also interested in the position.


    By Hadijjah Namagembe


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