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Read My Charges In Luganda – Stella Nyanzi Tasks Court Clerk, Remanded To Luzira Till Friday For Abusing Museveni And His Late Mother



Stella Nyanzi in court today

There was drama in court today when Makerere University research fellow, Stella Nyanzi was brought to court over cyber offences.

This afternoon in court, the Makerere University Researcher appeared for formal charging on offenses relating to attacking the privacy of President M7 and his late mother, Esteri Kokundeka.

Nyanzi  was brought to court in a salon police car and was led by security personel into court through the rare exit gate.

When the charges were being read to her, Nyanzi tasked the Court clerk to read the charges in her mother tongue (Luganda), she repeatedly  kept on reminding him to mention the exact words she used  to refer to certain body parts  in her native tongue.

Nyanzi was charged with 2 counts of cyber harassment and offensive communication. Prosecution said that she had an intention of disturbing the peace of President Museveni and posted obscene messages on her official Facebook page while attacking the privacy of the  President and that of his late mother, Esteri Kokundeka.

Prosecution states that Nyanzi committed the offenses on the 16th September 2018 through an ironic birthday congratulatory message she   dedicated to the president. She was however not allowed to plead to the charges because grade one magistrate Esther Nahilya had no powers  to entertain her charges .

Magistrate Nahilya remanded Nyanzi to Luzira prison until Friday this week when she will be brought back before  trial magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu for purposes of taking plea.

Nyanzi was arrested on Friday Last week from Wandegeya police station where she had gone to seek permission from security to organise a peaceful demonstration against Makerere University’s refusal to re-instate her as a researcher following a 2 year suspension due to alleged misconduct .

This is not the first time Dr. Stellah Nyanzi is charged before court on offenses relating to attacking the person and privacy of President Museveni .

It’s should be remembered that in 2016 , she was charged before Buganda Road court on similar offenses and remanded for a month at Luzira prison but was  cautioned not to post  further offensive messages to the first family until the final disposal of the case.

However, this case has since been stayed awaiting  the Constitutional Court to  determine a Petition she filed challenging the compulsory subjecting of all  criminal suspects to a mental examination procedure before trial.

In a related development, Dr. Nyanzi has also dragged Makerere University to High Court Civil division for refusing to re-in state and promote her as a senior researcher.

In her plaint drawn by her lawyers of Centre for Legal Aid, Nyanzi said that on two occasions, the University’s staff tribunal has lifted her suspension and ordered that she be re-instated, promoted and paid her accumulated emoluments; something she claims the University has ignored .

Nyanzi says she needs her job back because she has to take care of her three kids and also pay her legal representatives.


By Remmy Atugonza



Jailed Tycoon Sebuufu To File Notice Of Appeal Against 90 Years Sentence For The Murder Of Katushabe



Jailed pine car bond tycoon Muhammad Sebuufu has filed a notice of appeal in the court of appeal Kampala challenging his conviction.

Yesterday, High Court judge Anglin Senoga sentenced Sebuufu to 90 years in prison for murder, kidnap with intention to murder and aggravated robbery. When the Grapevine spoke to Sebuufu’s lawyer Evans Ocheng this afternoon, he said, “we have instructions to file a notice to appeal against the High Court judgement delivered by her lordship Anglin Senoga against our client.”

He said that after critically studying the judgement, they will file their full appeal because they received the judgement very later and they have not yet received the stamped record of proceedings of the case. However, Ocheng cited that the judgement was made based on hearsay and without critical evidence like the killer weapon which was used to murder late Betty Donah Katushabe.

Ocheng insisted that his client was not placed on the scene of crime but the judge only based her judgement on communication between the convicts. Ocheng adds that they are also challenging the shs100m awarded to Katushabe family because there was no prayer from the prosecution that the summation of the money lost after the death of Katushabe was totaling to 100 million. During the litigation process, defense lawyer Caleb Alaka expressed argued that the prayers made by the prosecution were emotional not legally.

Sebuufu was sentenced to 40 years on murder, 30 years on aggravated robbery and 20 years on kidnap with intention to murder. Katushabe was violently murdered in 2015 for allegedly failing to pay a balance of shs9m on the purchase of a Toyota Premio car from Sebuufu’s pine car bond.

By Jamil Lutakome


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GUILTY AS CHARGED: You Kidnapped And Killed Her – Court Finally Convicts Pine Car Bond Businessman Sebuufu On Katushabe’s Murder



It was tears and jubilation as pine car bond businessman Muhammad Sebuufu and seven others were convicted on the murder of businesswoman Donna Betty Katushabe, a former Centenary bank employee. 

“I found out that state has proved beyond reasonable doubt all the ingredients in the three counts of murder, kidnap with intention to murder and armed robbery which were charged against Muhammad Ssebuufu, Phillip Mirambe, Steven Lwanga, Shaban Odutu, Paul Tasingika,  Dameseni Ssentongo, Godfrey Kayinza  and I  convict them,” High Court Judge Flavia Anglin Senoga said. She said that the prosecution team led by senior state prosecutor Michael Ojok  and Winfred Ahimbisibwe placed Sebuufu and his co-accussed on the scene of crime at pine car bond in Kampala where the deceased was tortured from and later died at the entrance of  Kampala central police station.

The late Katushabe’s lawyer Annet Kyomugisha (2nd R)

The judge refuted the alibis which Sebuufu based on to defend himself that on the day Katushabe was tortured, he was at Mwanga 2 court in Mengo not at pine as the state witnesses testified. The judge stated that the convict had malice forethought to murder the deceased because after planning the move to kidnap her from her home in Bwebajja on Entebbe road instead of driving her to Kampala central police station. The soft-spoken judge said that the act of taking Katushabe to pine car bond showed that the suspects wanted to negotiate with her on how to pay the remaining shs9m on the purchased Toyota Premio from pine car bond. 

She based her judgment on the postmortem report which indicated that Katushabe was first tortured before she died. The learned judge wondered why the convicts instead of torturing the deceased didn’t file a civil suit so that their balance is paid through civil courts. She noted that the suspect participated in committing the crime according to the testimony of Peter Tumusiime, a lawyer who was sent to pine to rescue Katushabe from Sebuufu’s hands.

Tumusiime told court that he saw with his necked eye Sebuufu and Odutu undressing and beating up the deceased while squeezing her breasts and private parts. The judge further pointed out the star testimony was from Annet Kyomugisha, a lawyer to Katushabe, who told court that it was Sebuufu who called her on phone and put Katushabe on the loud speaker. Katushabe was crying and begging her lawyer to look for money because her captors had promised to kill her if she did not get the money.

Katushabe’s relatives jubilating

However, the judge put Steven Lwanga, a special hire driver at pine on charges of associating with the convicts who murdered Katushabe because when he was hired to drive Katushabe to police, he drove her back to pine where she was seriously tortured. State prosecutor Michael Ojok asked for an adjournment to prepare his submission on the sentencing because the convict deserves a maximum punishment of death. Sebuufu’s lawyer Evans Ochang told journalists that he is not happy with the judgment and he has to first read the entire judgment before advising his client on the way forward and whether to appeal in the court or not.

Katushabe’s relatives celebrated after the judgment and applauded the judge for standing by the truth adding that Sebuufu bribed all the people who were handling their case since 2015. Robert Muhindo, a brother to Katushabe said that even though Katushabe is dead and they can’t return her life, she will feel very contentedwherever she is. The convicted will know their fate on 1st July 2019.

By Jamil Lutakome


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It Was A Stage Managed Robbery – Rwomushana Punches Holes In Fang Fang Hotel Roberry



Former State House operative cum political commentator Charles Rwomushana has punched holes in the robbery at Fang Fang hotel in Nakasero over the weekend.

On Sunday night, a joint team of Internal Security Organisation (ISO) and other security personnels allegedly arrested two soldiers and their driver in a foiled armed robbery at Fang Fang Hotel near Sheraton Kampala Hotel.

The security forces identified the suspects as Cpl Abbas Majid, Lance Cpl Ivan Asiimwe and their driver Ivan Opio.

They say the suspects were armed with two Sub-Machine Guns loaded with 300 bullets. They allegedly attacked the hotel at midnight but were intercepted by security operatives from ISO and SFC. The fourth suspect is still on the run.

Rwomushana, who is a security operative himself says, “Four Museveni soldiers are said to have been involved in a foiled robbery at Fang Fang.

This story breaks on the heels of the Nansana attack. I have argued before and I will still do that the Nansana attack was not a robbery. I wouldn’t consider the NRA attack on Kabale Bank of Uganda currency centre a robbery. This Fang Fang operation appears interesting. The targeted available amount of money was five million shillings. Gross profit for each soldier involved in the operation was averagely one million shillings.”

Rwomushana adds, “Most of these operators are noncommissioned officers (NCOs)…whose salaries are way above Museveni LDUs. ..above 300,000.

Expenses would include money for the informer insider, surveillance operations etc. Take home would be around 500,000. That is two months’ salary.

So what would be the motivation for Museveni military unit to indulge in such a silly robbery? I don’t see money being the motivating factor.

Did the purported robbery take place? Or its merely stage managed as propaganda to show that yes soldiers are involved in robberies but ISO and SFC are very efficient in curtailing them? I’m sure Fang Fang has a cctv camera system. Kindly upload those motion pictures so that the Thomas in me confirms the resurrection. Otherwise I will hold its another episode in a complex movie.”

By Doreen Menezer


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