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    REPORT: Some Are Bragging That They Can Do Anything In This Country And No One Will Ever Touch Them – It’s A Year Now, MPs Speak Out On Attack By Presidential Guards



    Today, 27th September 2018 marks a year when parliament history was provoked by a gang of security operatives attacked, beat up and brutalized members of parliament.

    A joint force comprising of the presidential guards, the elite Special Forces Command (SFC) soldiers and police officers attached to parliament forcefully pulled out several legislators who were opposed to lifting of the age limit bill from the chambers of parliament.

    Our reporter approached some of the legislators who still lament the pain they went through and the shame that Uganda was exposed to in front of the entire world.

    In the scuffle that lasted for more than an hour, at least 30 security operatives in plain clothes poured into the chambers to pick at least 25 MPs who were named and suspended for three weeks by speaker of parliament , Rebecca Kadaga.

    Theodore Sekikuubo (Lwemiyaga)

    The attack and the process by which the age limit bill was passed had far reaching implications, apart from the physical brutality and the emotional distress it caused to members.

    “It was a harbinger of the constitutional amendment that brought in the lifting of the age limit in our constitution. Now that has gone on to be devil to all MPs because the sanctity of parliament was destroyed. The beating of MPs has caused bad blood and mistrust because we do not know when it is coming up next because once a precedent is set never in the history of this country has it ever been witnessed where military officers would forcefully enter parliament, beat, wrap up and cause brutal damage on MPs. We still leave under the shadow of that brutal attack on the constitution of parliament there are still open wounds as we speak now.

    We are not satisfied with how the matter was handled like the voice aired by the speaker in her communication to the president, we want to see those who were responsible brought to book.

    We wanted to stop the entire resultant process that was a fraud up to now say for one leg of the extension of term of MPs and president to seven years that has been successfully litigated but the rest of the damage still remains intact.”

    Gilbert Oulanya (Kilak County)

    Since we were brutalized and tortured, and 25 of us were suspended from parliament, I really feel that kind of feeling is still in people’s hearts. When the NRM was making changes in the party they had to throw away all those who voted no. This is a clear indication that NRM party are totally against what happened with the age limit voting. Nsereko Muhammed and Hon. Cidi Dowila were thrown away from chairing committees.

    To our dismay up to now we have not seen the report on who attacked parliament, no serious investigation has taken place so it seems they were ordered not to with their investigation.

    They are at large very happy in fact one of them some month ago when he got me in Gulu, he was bragging to me how they came to parliament and attacked us and the man was jazzing that for them they can do anything in this country and no one will ever touch them after all the president is behind them.

    Sekabiito Joseph (Mawogola)

    No implication because I don’t think that it has any positive impact on Uganda’s politics but the lesson learnt is we need to understand each other before any action and we need patience and tolerance  since we come from different backgrounds and serve different constituents. Some of our colleagues are still in hospitals because of that attack.

    After passing the bill, it was consented to but right now it’s in court and we are just waiting for the final verdict of court and until there’s an election we cannot say that there is any impact

    Until when our president becomes the candidate in 2021 but as of now, we are just a formidable force of 317 who said yes.”


    By Stella Mugoya



    Parliament Commemorates Late Speaker Jacob Oulanyah



    Parliament held a special plenary on March 23rd to commemorate the life of fallen speaker emeritus Jacob Oulanyah.

    Parliament set aside March 23rd (Oulanyah’s birthday) as a day to remember his life and service to parliament and Uganda at large.

    During plenary, minister of ICT Chris Baryomunsi said the late speaker was eloquent, punctual, smart, intelligent and was always there for others.

    Minister of health Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng also acknowledged that Oulanyah was significant in the growth of Uganda’s health sector. Aceng said the late speaker would spare time and explain to people health issues.

    Hon. Lillian Aber (Woman MP Kitgum) said Oulanyah would do the right and was an inspiration. Aber added that Oulanyah always wanted to see each system effective.

    Hon Ssemujju Nganda spoke of the late as a very selfless man that always settled disputes with every one.

    “I want to thank the late Jacob Oulanyah even when you had trouble with him, he took it upon himself to reach out to you to resolve the matter,” he said.

    Speaker Jacob Oulanyah died on March 20th last year and was replaced by Anita Among. Oulanyah served as deputy speaker twice before being voted as speaker of Parliament.


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    Commonwealth Lawyers Caution M7 On Dismissal Of Justice Kisakye



    Lawyers under the Commonwealth Lawyers Association (CLA) have protested the removal of Justice Esther Kisakye from office.

    In a written statement by the association, the Commonwealth Lawyers have called upon president Museveni to carefully consider the implications of Justice Kisakye’s dismissal.

    The lawyers say that judges should only be subjected to suspension only when they are incapable or if they misbehave.

    “Judges should be subject to suspension or removal only for reasons of incapacity or misbehaviour that clearly renders them unfit to discharge their duties,” part of the statement reads.

    The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) last month recommended the removal of Justice Esther Kisakye from office and have her probed over her misconduct and attack on chief Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo.

    Justice Kisakye’s troubles began following the 2021 election petition by National Unity Platform president Robert Kyagulanyi in which she gave a dissenting opinion from other judges.

    Justice Kisakye in her ruling said Kyagulanyi had not been given enough time to present his case.





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    Karamoja Iron Sheets Scandal: Speaker Among Returns 500 Iron Sheets



    Speaker of parliament Anita Among has revealed that she has bought 500 iron sheets to compesate those meant for the vulnerable in Karamoja that were misallocated  by the minister of Karamoja affairs Hon. Goretti Kitutu.

    Among told parliament on March 15th that she bought the iron sheets because she does not want to be accused of grabbing iron sheets that were meant for the vulnerable in Karamoja.

    Speaker Anita Among is among the government officials who were cited in the Karamoja iron sheet scandal. Among is reported to have received 500 pieces of iron sheets. However, Among claimed she did not request for the iron sheets but admitted that she saw them in her district Bukedea.

    Other government officials that received the iron sheets include vice president Jessica Alupo, minister Rose Akello, Agnes Nandutu, prime minister Robinah Nabbanja, minister Amos Lugolobi, finance minister Matia Kasaija, Minister Maria Goretti Kitutu, government chief whip Denis Obua among others.

    The Karamoja iron sheet scandal sparked off when family members of minister Goretti Kitutu were found in possession of iron sheets meant for the vulnerable in Karamoja region. Minister Kitutu told the committee on presidential affairs, during the probe, that she was not guided thus misallocating relief items meant for Karamoja.



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