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Richest Man In Singapore Reveals His Secret To The Younger Generation—Jesus



Singapore richest man Phillip Ng

“There is more to life than wealth,” the richest man in Singapore Philip Ng has revealed

The Grapevine has learnt that Philip Ng is considered to be Singapore’s richest man. He has a net worth of  $11.9 Billion and he is not only financially rich but also a certified follower of Jesus. Ng revealed that what made him truly wealthy was not his large amount of money, but his relationship with Jesus Christ.

One of Philip Ng’s mentees Matthew Yao, asked what advice he would give to the younger generation. “Your heart will melt the moment you hear his wonderful answer,” he stated. According to Mr. Ng, he discovered that we are all broken and the only one that can fill the missing piece in our hearts is God – through His son Jesus Christ.

“People try to find that missing piece through the pursuit of money, popularity, alcohol, drugs, sex, achievements, and even in romantic relationships.  However, there is more to this life.  People are searching for better lives and better things, but life will never be better without Jesus.  For He is the only one that can satisfy us.  Real wealth is only found in Jesus,” Mr. Ng said

Mr. Ng chose to share Jesus with the young people instead of sharing about success and business matters.  We have to look deeper inside our hearts. God’s love is more valuable than any riches in this world.  Choose Him and you will discover real wealth just like that which Mr Philip Ng experienced.

By Remmy Atugonza


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Even If He Reports Us To The President, He Has To Pay Our Money – Lawyers Galisonga, Byenkya Speak Out On Threatening And Suing Archbishop Lwanga…



Archbishop Lwanga (R) Galisonga (inset L) and Byenkya (inset R)

This week, the Nation woke up to a letter written by Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga the Archbishop of Kampala Diocese requesting President Museveni to rescue him from commercial lawyers who are harassing him over billions that government compensated the Catholic Church for both Entebbe airport land and rent arrears of Nsambya police barracks which seats on church land.

In his letter dated 21st May 2020, the Archbishop Pinned constitutional and commercial lawyer Ebert Byenkya of

Byenkya, Kihika and Company Advocates, youthful lawyer Julius Galisonga of Galisonga and Company Advocates and Gordon Bainomugisha of plotting to defraud the Catholic Church.

The head of Catholic Church in Kampala told Museveni that these lawyers, who are both Catholics took advantage of his ignorance in legal issues and misguided him to give them instructions to demand for the Church arrears of over Shs17.6bn for Nsambya rent and Entebbe airport land compensation.

Lwanga recapped for the president about a meeting they held together in 2018 at Entebbe State House where they discussed both matters at length.

Lwanga reminded the old man from Rwakitura that he advised him that his directives are not implemented by lawyers but his ministers and other government officials.

He said that after understanding the head of state’s advice, he immediately contacted Byenkya and Bainomugisha to help him pursue the church money through the rightful channels.

He revealed that Byenkya, the lead counsel to Justice Catherine Bamugemereire’s land commission convinced officials at Kampala Archdiocese to reinstate the legal instructions which Lwanga had canceled when he was out of the country.

He explained to Museveni that surprisingly, Byenkya used his influence to convince the lands minister to permit the transfer of church money to his law firm’s account in United Bank of Africa without the church’s consent.

The soft spoken Lwanga reported to the President that when he canceled Byenkya’s legal instructions to represent the Church, he started attacking and embarrassing him.

He said that Byenkya dragged him to court as the registered trustee of the Archdiocese of Kampala and he is seeking over Shs920m.

Lwanga also told the president that Byenkya is not the only lawyer breathing down his neck, another youthful lawyer Julius Galisonga has also dragged him to the High Court civil division and wants the church to pay him Shs5.3bn.

He denied giving legal instructions to Galisonga to represent the church in any transaction but reported that he is working with Centenary bank to steal church money.

He reported that a one Francis Lwanga, a staff at Centenary bank is allegedly working with Galisonga to monitor the church’s account and briefs him on every coin that is deposited.

He said that whenever the church receives money on the said account, Galisonga pressurizes him to be paid.

Lwanga reported that because he was confused and didn’t know what to do, he gave Shs.2.6bn to catholic church’s lawyers of Buwuule, Mayiga and Company Advocates where Buganda’s premier Charles Peter Mayiga is a managing partner to pay all the lawyers who are demanding for legal fees from the Church and they were paid.

However, Galisonga continued demanding for his payment, insulting him and even dragged him to courts of law.

Lwanga told Museveni that the Shs2.6bn was part of the Shs12.8bn given to the church as installment on the Nsambya rent.

He also reported to the president that the son of his former minister Serapio Rukundo, a one Gordon Bainomugisha is also putting him on the pressure claiming that he is demanding for over Shs5.2bn.


When contacted for a comment, Byenkya revealed that the dispute he has with Lwanga is simply about unpaid legal fees.

He added that the church was served and his duly represented and hopefully the matter will be resolved.

Byenkya added that his law firm didn’t take any church funds as the archbishop reported to the president.

He insists that the church received all its money as paid by the government.

“The Archbishop wrote a complaint to the president so we will hopefully  get an opportunity to respond appropriately to the respondent,” he said.


When contacted by the Grapevine, Galisonga said that he feels hurt to see the most respected religious leader in Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga telling lies.

He narrated that it all started when a one Kasule contacted him and pleaded with him that he has instructions from Archbishop Lwanga to look for the best lawyers who can help the church recover their money from the government.

Galisonga said that he later received instructions to start representing the church and help them to get their money from the government a job he successfully did.

Galisonga said that surprisingly, when it came to paying him, the church started playing him games.

He revealed that it’s now a year since he started asking for his money from the church but the Archbishop has been intentionally dodging him which forced him to go to court and their matter is before just High Court Civil Division Judge Musa Ssekana.

On the issue of spying on the church bank account, Galisonga said that he has never planted any spy in Centenary bank and that he doesn’t know any one called Lwanga as the Archbishop claims in his letter to the president.

He said that the said bank account was given to him by the Archbishop himself, he wondered why he is now turning against him.

He revealed that right now, he is in mediation with the church and hopes that they will settle the matter out of court.

The flamboyant lawyer insisted that he never received any coin from the church as the Archbishop claims from lawyers of Buwuule, Mayiga and Company Advocates.


When contacted by the Grapevine, Francis Buwuule, a senior partner of Buwuule, Mayiga and Company Advocates, the lawyers of Kampala Archdiocese said that he cannot speak about the matter without consulting his clients.

He added that he doesn’t discuss Advocate, client issues in the media but asked us to call him later after discussing with his clients.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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Men Of God Fight Over Land: Court Saves Bro. Ronnie Makabai From Being evicted by His Sworn Enemy Pastor Ssenyonga…



Brother Ronnie Makabai (L) and Pastor Senyonga (R)

High Court Civil Division in Kampala has saved brother Ronnie Makabai  of the Evangelical Truth Ministries international (ETM) from being evicted by hi nemesis Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga of the Christian life church Bwaise Kampala.

Makabai ran to court seeking an interim court order restraining Ssenyonga from evicting his church until his case where he challenged the fraudulent manner in which the land on which his church seats is determined.

The interim order was issued by Sarah Langa the Assistant registrar High Court civil division.

“That an interim injunction doth issue maintain the caveats registered by the applicant on the property comprised in block; 262;plots 1292,1294,1295,and 1296 land at Kibuye, Makindye Division and baring the respondents, their agents, beneficiaries or any other person from entering or executing any transactions over the described land or the registration of any such interests over the said land,” the order reads in part.

The disputed land located along Salama road in Makindye division, a Kampala suburb, measures approximately 0.356 hectares where a section of ETM church premises are established.

Langa noted in her ruling that it’s illegal for one to transfer ownership of land on which he has no powers.

In his suit, Makabai accuses Ssenyonga of conspiring with some of the grandchildren of the late Semeon Muswangali to destabilize his church. Muswangali owned this estate in the early 1930s.

Ssenyonga is sued together with Margret Nnalongo Nabweteme, Rose Nambijja, Jane Nanju, Adam Mulwana, Godfrey Mulwana Mmweregulwa, Samuel Kiku, Francis Bunjo, and George William Nyika who are all descendants of the late Muswangali who Ssenyonga has been dealing with.

Makabai accuses the defendants for disregarding his interest on the land as an occupant and executing an agreement for the sale and transfer of the land to Pr. Senyonga’s Christian Life Ministries who is publicly known to be his enemy.

Makabai insists that on Feburary 2009, he purchased the land from Margaret Nabiwata, who was also the beneficiary to the legal interest from the estate of the late Semion Muswangali.

He further stated that in July 2009, he entered an agreement to purchase the land with the knowledge and consent of the defendants.

He added that during the signing of the agreement, it was agreed that he would own and be entitled to occupy and run a church on the land in perpetuity. He told court that he paid for the land after agreeing with the defendants to transfer the certificate of title and hand it over to him at his cost, which he paid.

“The purchase price was further intended to help the estate finance the administrator process, survey and create certificates of title to the land. All agreements were entered with the knowledge and consent of the trustees,” Makabai’s affidavit reads in part.


By Jamil Lutakome



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We Are Soon See If Our Leadership Is Wicked: Prophet Mbonye Calls Religious Leaders A Lying Machinery Infected By Dirty Politics…




Greeting in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

To those of you who are truly committed to the building of our nation into a desirable place to live, one we can be proud of, thank you. However, I would be failing in my duty if I did not bring to your attention what is Divinely required of you and urge your thoughtful consideration. You bear heavy responsibilities especially in these times when the threat of a global evil agenda is knocking at the door of our beloved nation. Oh Uganda, may God uphold thee!

In the face of this danger, there is no escaping either the gravity or the totality of this threat if we are to ensure the survival of what truly makes us as a nation whose God is the true God. We know from Proverbs 14:34 that “righteousness exalts a nation”, and believe me this goes beyond holding “prayer breakfasts” and merely giving God lip service in your speeches. Therefore, I do ask every politician to re-examine his or her own conscience as far as this imminent matter is concerned, and to recognize the nature of our country’s peril.

Proverbs 29:2 says, “when the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth the rule, the people moan”. Uganda will turn out to be a reflection of either the righteous being in authority, in which the people rejoice, or the wicked, bearing the rule in which case the people moan. The events of recent months will help to illuminate your stand in matters concerning God’s agenda and or otherwise the enemy’s global agenda. Please, don’t give us reason to suspiciously watch you.

For instance, there are conditions which the Ugandan people would never consent to. So I hope you bear this in mind as one who truly cares not only for the well being but also for the freedom of the people or else it would tantamount to some kind of raping of human rights. Using a crisis, a time to darkness, to pass or impose certain laws would not be any different from the time that was chosen by Jesus’ detractors to arrest Him; “when I was daily with in the temple ye stretched forth no hands against me: but THIS IS YOUR HOUR, and the power of darkness”- Luke 22:53.

Unfortunately, you have not even spared place of worship as your tentacles have spread across and seen and felt. The “clergy” who have been infected by dirty politics have brought this contagious bug to the churches, infecting the flock with it and thus ravaging it by causing division using the hate that is witnessed. You must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, especially when it extends to matters of faith.

Guard against the temptation of playing God like other States have seemingly done, because if you do, you can count on us to resist you with our very life: “and they overcame him by the blood of the lamb, and by the word of their testimony. AND THEY LOVED NOT THEIR LIVES UNTO DEATH” – Revelation 12:11. We are as a people inherently and historically devoted to God. And also please, stop the arrogance of trying to resist certain men and women of God just because they are not your preference by deciding for the people who they should or should not listen to. This is also playing God we will resist it.

Dear politician, if it looks like tyranny, talks like tyranny and walks like tyranny it is not constitutional democracy. This self deluded arrogance which goes like this: “my version of Christianity is right, and yours is wrong, and because you are wrong, your freedom of worship doesn’t need to be taken into account”, should have no place in a civilized society. Look at the historical tyrannies and show me the difference between them and this kind of attitude. There is none.

Dear politician, don’t get us to the place where we have to make a choice between you and God: “judge for yourselves whether it is right in God’s sight to listen to you rather than God” – Acts 4:19. Be God- conscious in your responsibilities. Surround yourself with real men and women of God; the ones you can consult with about the mind of God concerning any matter, not the ones that are merely your puppets. The good news is such men and women who hear God exist. The bad news is these are the ones that have fallen prey to the slandering, blackmailing, patronizing and lying machinery of the dirty politician. The naive segment of the public has been hoaxed by this machinery of dirty politicians.

Dear politician, these issues are for you to deal with. No other person will deal with them for you. In these last days, those who make themselves our enemies, that is, enemies of God, are setting themselves up for a fall. They are “kicking against the pricks”. The cup of their rebellion is almost full before God, waiting to be poured upon them in judgement.

Dear politician, you can ignore God but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring God.


Prophet Elvis Mbonye

Founder and President Zoe Fellowship Ministries.


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