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Richest Man In Singapore Reveals His Secret To The Younger Generation—Jesus



Singapore richest man Phillip Ng

“There is more to life than wealth,” the richest man in Singapore Philip Ng has revealed

The Grapevine has learnt that Philip Ng is considered to be Singapore’s richest man. He has a net worth of  $11.9 Billion and he is not only financially rich but also a certified follower of Jesus. Ng revealed that what made him truly wealthy was not his large amount of money, but his relationship with Jesus Christ.

One of Philip Ng’s mentees Matthew Yao, asked what advice he would give to the younger generation. “Your heart will melt the moment you hear his wonderful answer,” he stated. According to Mr. Ng, he discovered that we are all broken and the only one that can fill the missing piece in our hearts is God – through His son Jesus Christ.

“People try to find that missing piece through the pursuit of money, popularity, alcohol, drugs, sex, achievements, and even in romantic relationships.  However, there is more to this life.  People are searching for better lives and better things, but life will never be better without Jesus.  For He is the only one that can satisfy us.  Real wealth is only found in Jesus,” Mr. Ng said

Mr. Ng chose to share Jesus with the young people instead of sharing about success and business matters.  We have to look deeper inside our hearts. God’s love is more valuable than any riches in this world.  Choose Him and you will discover real wealth just like that which Mr Philip Ng experienced.

By Remmy Atugonza


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Mr. Kayanja, You Are Not Clean, You Have Been Collecting Billions Without Accountability, I Will Expose You – Mirundi Opens War On Kayanja…



President Museveni’s adviser on media Joseph Tamale Mirundi has blasted Rubaga Miracle Centre pastor Robert Kayanja as the dirtiest pastor in Uganda.

Mirundi, who says he has started on his new assignment of exposing pastors who are fighting Makerere Kikoni based House of Prayer Ministry International senior pastor Aloysius Bujjingo because he stepped in their State House bread reminded Kayanja that he should be the last pastor to fight a colleague because he has a lot of dirt on his shoulder.

Recently, Mirundi revealed that he was instructed by one of his State House bosses to start demolishing and exposing all the people who are character assassination of Bujjingo because his troubles are political.

On Thursday, Mirundi kicked off his assignment by asking pastor Robert Kayanja to produce accountability of the billions that people contribute in his church every night and on Sunday.

Pastor Bujjingo with Muhoozi recently

“I saw him showing off with poor quality cows on tv, with all the money he collects from people, he could only manage to buy those poor-quality cows which I cannot even keep on my farm! That man is just being used by mafias to continue fighting pastor Bujjingo so that no one can associate with him,” the flamboyant presidential adviser on media reveals. 

Mirundi warned Kayanja that as per now, he cannot inspire anyone after the scandals he was involved in and after being exposed by his fellow pastors led by controversial pastor Solomon Male, Sempa and Kyazze.

He also reminded Kayanja that URA found illegal products like alcohol purchased from abroad in his house without tax clearance.

Kayanja conducts his 77 DOGs every night at his church where he collects money from the flock, on top of that, he collects money every Sunday during the Sunday services. Mirundi said that the money Kayanja collects is in billions but he has never given accountability for it.

The Kalagala born wondered where Kayanja gets the courage to attack Bujjingo.

Mirundi cautioned Kayanja not to fight political wars by attacking Bujjingo because he started frequenting State House which was a fertile cash ground for many pastors like Kayanja.

Mirundi insisted that the Kayanja group think that Bujjingo is helping the first son Lt. Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba to rally the informal sector youths to support Muhoozi once he decides to stand for president, an assignment they think was supposed to be given to them.

Mirundi added that the move to character assassinate Bujjingo is spearheaded by the New Vision CEO Robert Kabushenga. Efforts to speak to Kayanja were not futile since he was not picking out calls.

By Jamil Lutakome


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I Have Instructions To Defend Pastor Bujjingo With Immediate Effect Because His War Is Political, They Want To Make Sure They Put Him Down Through Malice Using His Wife – Mirundi…



President Yoweri Museveni’s senior media adviser Joseph Tamale Mirundi has revealed that he has received with immediate effect instructions from his most respected bosses to defend Makerere Kikoni’s based House of Prayer Ministries International (HPMI) senior pastor Aloysius Bujjingo.

Mirundi says that his bosses have told him that after thorough investigations, they have got enough information that Bujjingo’s war with other pastors (through his wife Teddy) is political and they are targeting the first son Lt. Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba. 

The self-claim media consultant said that after assessing and analyzing the verbal war between Bujjingo, other  pastors especially Jackson Senyonga of the Bwaise’s  based Christian Life Church, media personality like New Vision boss Robert Kabushenga, they have established that there is a move to character assassinate Bujjingo because they think that his church is there to promote the Muhoozi project.

It should be remembered that before running away from his home, Bujjingo had complained that those fighting him were using his family members to put him down because of his closeness to the first son. Bujjingo said that some prominent pastors with the help of Kabushenga’s Vision Group want him, his Church and his salt media house down. The no nonsense man of God warned that his enemies are using his wife and they have equipped her with all the necessary weapons to put him down.

Though he did not mention names at the time, he cautioned that very soon, his enemies are going to show their support to Teddy and character assassinate him and punch holes in his fast-growing media house and ministry with an agenda of scaring away believers. He told his believers that after getting enough evidence pinning his wife, he could not stay with her because his life was already in danger.

“In Uganda, I am the most informed person when it comes to understanding mafias, I warned many top government officials in early 2000 that Amama Mbabazi was having a mission to take over his boss Museveni and it was taken for granted.

That boy Kabushenga was assigned to promote Mbabazi through his arm chair polling polls showing that first lady Janet Museveni and speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga are the suitable candidates to replace Museveni. His mission was to put Kadaga and Janet at war, while Mbabazi secretly executes his succession plot. Right now, they are fighting Bujjingo because his church has many youths, they fear that Bujjingo can mobilize them to vote Muhoozi when he decides to stand for political office,” Mirundi said.

Mirundi further explained that mafias are using Kabushenga as the first air bomber to destroy their target by maliciously putting Bujjingo in bad light through the New Vision and Bukedde by publishing their malicious stories. Mirundi said that Kabushenga and his blue-eyed boy Godfrey Kulubya (the head of local papers at Vision group where bukedde falls) think that Muhoozi is behind Bujjingo to establish a strong media competitor in Salt media.

“Salt media has the best modern technology and it’s a threat to Kabushenga that’s why he is maliciously destroying the name of the proprietor, I understand the tactics of that boy he is malicious and doesn’t want others to develop,” Mirundi said.

New vision’s Luganda sister paper Bukedde has been giving Bujjingo’s wife Teddy Naluswa a platform to expose their marriage secrets in connivance with some big pastors like the Kayanjas and Senyonga.

Mirundi says that he understands how mafias work because they once almost killed him. He was saved by Muhoozi. Mirundi said that the mafia reported him to president Museveni that he abused his wife (Janet) and even provided evidence in form of a fabricated audio tape. “Muhoozi instructed that woman in public service to start paying my salary after Nakalema and Nalweyiso told her not pay me so as I grass,” Mirundi said.

Mirundi also detests Bukedde newspaper. He accuses them of publishing malicious stories against him and inciting the locals in Kalagala, his home village, in 2009, to burn down his mothers house and kill her, something he says still haunts him up to now.

By Jamil Lutakome


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I Own Bujjingo – Teddy Naluswa: You Have Done Everything To See Your Husband’s Downfall, Get His Name Out Of The Media, Focus On God – HPM Elder Fires Back…



Teddy Naluswa, the embattled former wife to House of Prayers Ministries (HPM) pastor Alouysious Bujjingo has told the New Vision newspaper that Bujjingo will soon return to her because she owns him.

In an interview in their Sunday newspaper, Naluswa, who was found at her newly formed World of Salvation Church, told Carol Kasujja that she will not sign the divorce papers until Bujjingo returns to her.

Meanwhile, a HPM church elder who told us not to reveal his name because Bujjingo refused them to make any public comments on the matter told the Grapevine that, “Teddy accepted to be used by the enemies who want her husband down. These are big pastors in some big churches and some media proprietors. She has failed to do what every bible believing Christian/wife should do (report her matter to God through prayer). She has put her trust in people. The very people by the way who want to put her former husband down. Why does she allow to be used?”

He added, “before she left, she made sure that the whole church is split. She convinced some church elders, who are now in her new church, convinced some choir members, who are now in the choir of her new church and made sure that they put Bujjingo down.”

He said, “She is working with one of the big media houses in the country with the help of other pastors who are pulling the strings from the background. You know people are judgmental, but let us leave God to be the judge. She is already being exposed; her intentions are being put in broad day light. She has started a church and she is already using all the people who she influenced using divisionism from HPM.”

“Every time the matter is getting out of the news, Naluswa and the team of pastors that are derailing her go through that big media house to bring the matter back and incriminate Bujjingo, if those are not ill intentions what is it!” he wondered.

“Maybe Bujjingo would be hers if he belonged to the devil, remember the Lord we serve is a jealous God. Jesus said, In Mathew 12:30 and Luke 11:23 (Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters). She (has) worked so hard to scatter the believers and divide them. She is still doing so even outside the church. What kind of wife does that?My problem with her is her continued use of that media house that her handlers pay to endlessly drag Bujjingo into their matters. They always get a new angle to the story and make sure it gets space on their front pages,” he said.

Asked about Naluswa’s interview where Naluswa claims ownership of Bujjingo, the church elder said, “Some of us know Naluswa. She openly destroyed and scattered her husband’s church in the name of greed? Her problem is she wants to be in charge of everything including the husband. She wanted to be the man in Bujjingo’s house. What hasn’t she done to see Bujjingo’s downfall and death? She did everything to defame and destroy Bujjingo’s personality, what else does she want?

She took elders, she took followers and funnily, she is still using his name for her cheap popularity.  She is still not ashamed to say Bujjingo is hers. These are things that can be seen by a blind person.”

He added, “When you read the interview, she used the whole interview to attack and discredit Bujjingo, you can clearly see her goal and the intentions of her handlers, but God is good, and he will finally judge on this matter, already some of the things that Bujjingo complained about are coming true, the more she continues to climb, the more the world will see her nakedness.”

Bujjingo asked court to allow her divorce his wife over irreconcilable differences. However, Naluswa told court that she cannot allow the divorce. The matter is still before Kajjansi Chief Magistrate Mary Babirye.

By Prossy Mulungi


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