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    Ruthless Kibuli Hospital Ambulance Driver Arrested For Knocking Woman And Abandoning Her In Sewage Trench…



    The Ambulance that Mayanja was driving when he knocked Buronde

    Police in Kampala have arrested an ambulance driver belonging to Kibuli Muslim Hospital for reckless driving after he knocked a woman and abandoned her in a sewage trench.

    Agnes Buronde, a resident of Wabigalo parish in Makindye was knocked by the said ambulance on Friday morning and was left to die by the ruthless driver who took off before Boda Bodas chased him to stop.

    Buronde was later pronounced dead at Mulago hospital where she had been rushed for further management.

    Buronde’s family later contacted traffic police to ascertain the exact cause of her death after they suspected that the truth about the accident had been concealed.

    Traffic police later kicked off investigations using police CCTV cameras to identify the exact cause of the said accident.

    Making use of the Automatic Number Plate Recognition camera located along Yusuf Lule Road and the one at Mulago causality ward, it was confirmed the deceased had been knocked by an ambulance at 9:20 am on Friday morning.

    The CCTV cameras later identified the driver of the ambulance as Mohammed Mayanja and he knocked Buronde along the Mukwano access road.

    According to the CCTV cameras, Buronde was knocked from behind by the ambulance that later threw her into a sewerage trench and took off leaving her helpless.

    She was later helped by Boda Boda riders and other pedestrians who chased the ambulance driver to stop and rush the victim to Kibuli for medical attention.

    From Kibuli Hospital, Buronde’s condition worsened and she was later referred to Mulago where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

    Further investigations had also revealed that after being forced to take the victim to the hospital, Mayanja later called her family to inform them that their relative had been knocked by an unknown vehicle and that the driver had fled the scene.

    However, the CCTV cameras and witnesses at the scene pinned Mayanja who was later arrested and detained at the Central Police Station in Kampala.

    The police have also impounded the ambulance as further investigations continue.

    The post-mortem report from Mulago indicated that the deceased suffered from multiple fractures causing internal bleeding.

    Kampala Metropolitan deputy police spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire confirmed the incident saying the CCTV cameras helped to track Mayanja.

    “The CCTV personnel tracked the movement of vehicles from the point of the accident and realized the ambulance knocked the lady. However, there was a cover-up on who could have caused the accident.

    “The driver will be arraigned in courts of law as soon as possible for reckless driving causing death. However, the resident state attorney will advise on any additional charges that may arise,” Owoyesigyire said.

    “The public should know the cameras are a very useful tool in investigations and they have helped in many circumstances to help identify suspects in different crimes committed,” he added.


    By Kobusiinge Monica



    Kabaka Mutebi, Tycoon Ham Kiggundu Kigo Land War Deepens As BLB Boss Faces Prosecution Over Conflict Of Interest …



    Tycoon Ham Kiggundu (L) and Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi (R). Inset is Bashir Juma

    Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi’s Kigo Land war with city tycoon Hamis Kiggundu, the proprietor of the Ham Enterprises Limited has deepened after Ham’s lawyers called for the prosecution of Buganda Land Board (BLB) boss Bashir Kizito Juma over conflict of interest.

    Kabaka through his lawyers led by Buganda Attorney Christopher Bwanika, lawyers from K&K Advocates and S&L Advocates petitioned the registrar Land Registration John Karuhanga seeking the cancellation of land titles Comprised on Kyadondo Block 273 plot 23974, 23976, 23975, 23977 and Kyadondo Block 273 plot 87,99, 110 situated at Kigo in Wakiso district.

    Kabaka asserted that he is the rightful owner of the land and accused Ham of fraudulently conniving with officers at Wakiso district land board to grab his land which he inherited from his father and grandfathers.

    He added that Ham admitted that he illegally obtained the land and accepted the cancellation which he strongly objected to in his defense before Karuhanga.

    In his defense, Ham, through his lawyers led by Fred Muwema contended that he is the owner of the land after he legally obtained it from Wakiso district land board.

    He claimed that the survey report which Kabaka Mutebi based on to argue his case is fake since it is not even dated and that’s the reason why he appointed a private surveyor William Matovu to conduct another survey report which contradicted with that of the Kabaka. He promised to present it to the registrar.

    He pleaded to the registrar not to base on the testimony of Bashir Kizito Juma, the legal Attorney to Kabaka because he has a conflict of interest in the matter.

    “Our contention is that there is an actual conflict of interest in the duties of Bashir Kizito Juma acting both as a public officer and a private officer of the complainant,” Ham’s lawyers said.

    They added, “This type of conduct by Bashir Kizito Juma is against the Code of Conduct and Ethics of Public Service issued under the Public Standing Orders 2010.”

    They divulged that conflict of interest is a punishable crime in Uganda especially where a public officer holds a position in a private body whose operations are in conflict with his official duties.

    He added that the irony of the matter is that the freehold titles were granted by the Wakiso District Land, which employs Bashir Kizito Juma which means that he is both a witness and the architect of the complaint.

    “This tribunal can therefore not entertain this conflict of public officers to pursue a conflicted complaint which derogates all best practice in public law. In our considered view, entertaining this complaint as presently filed is to perpetuate illegality and a constitutionally prohibited act,” they stated.

    Ham pleaded with Karuhanga’s tribunal to dismiss the complaint and declare him the rightful owner of the said land.

    Bashir Kizito Juma is the head Corporate affairs, operations and business development at Buganda Land Board (BLB), a corporate body that runs the kingdom’s land.

    Karuhanga is set to declare his team’s decision this week.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    If M7 Wants To Give Land To People Of Busukuma, Let Him Take Them To Kisozi Or Rwakitura – City Tycoon Kalungi Bill Gates Tells Off Minister Mayanja In Land Fight With Locals…



    Minister Mayanja (R) and tycoon Moses Kalungi alias Bill Gates (L)

    Nonsense State Minister for lands Dr. Sam Mayanja has vowed to put controversial city tycoon Moses Kalungi alias Bill Gates in his right place.

    The seasoned lawyer and the proprietor of the famous Kampala Associated Advocates (KAA) lost his temper after Moses Jjemba, the deputy Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Wakiso district played for him an audio recording where he was telling Kalungi to attend the minister’s meeting at Busukuma division Wakiso district to resolve a land dispute he is involved in with the over 200 bibanja holders.

    “The RDC gave me recordings of Bill Gates calling President Museveni a fake president who can do nothing to him. Bill Gates said that if the President wants to give land to the people of Busukuma, let him take them to his Kisozi or Rwakitura land. He even boasted that he was the one who bought fuel for me and I had no powers to summon him.

    We are going to prove to that fake Bill Gates that he is nothing, I was there on orders of the president who he called fake,” Mayanja said.

    Mayanja explained that it all started when two boys from Busukuma stormed his office last week crying for help after Kalungi secured a Court Order to evict them from their land.

    He told them to prove that the land was theirs by providing documents concerning their bibanja and documents from local authorities backing up their ownership which they did the next day.

    He revealed that before going to Busukuma last Friday, he first talked to the RDC and asked him for security like he has always done before visiting any area where there are land wrangles.

    However, when he reached on the ground, there were no police officers. He had to depend on the SFC Commandos assigned to him for his personal security.

    “The RDC assured me that he talked to the OC Station Busukuma and he guaranteed that police will provide security but when the time reached, he refused to pick our calls. The area residents later told me that the entire security in the area is on Kalungi’s payroll that is why he thinks even the President cannot stop him from evicting poor bibanja owners in Busukuma,” Mayanja divulged.

    He added that Kalungi uses a lot of impunity in his bid to evict bibanja holders on the 50 acres in Busukuma.

    His impunitive acts include demolishing houses and property.

    The minister insisted that Kalungi compromised the judiciary and secured a Court Order which was given to him by the Henry Kaweesa Isabirye, the High Court land division Judge.

    During the meeting with Bibanja owners, Mayanja told them not to allow Kalungi to evict them because the Court Order he is using is premature given that he has not followed all the procedures put in place by president Museveni before executing any Court Orders.

    He explained to local people of Busukuma the procedures of executing a court Order.

    He told them that once court issues an order, it should first be checked by the district security committee, then forwarded to the Minister of Lands who studies court’s recommendations before approving the eviction.

    He assured them that Kalungi never followed this process.

    He assured them that their occupancy as bibanja owners is legal and the constitution recognizes them as it recognizes the landlords that is why they should fight for their constitutional rights.

    Mayanja promised the residents that he is going to make sure that he takes on Kalungi so that he stops his arrogance.

    He promised to write to President Museveni, Rtd. Maj. Gen. Kahinda Otafire, the Minister of Internal Affairs, IGP Martin Okoth Ochola to put in line their officers at Busukuma police station who have been compromised by Kalungi’s money.

    Residents told Mayanja that Village Local Chairpersons and the area police are now working as land brokers and many widows and orphans have lost their land.

    They accuse Kasambya Village chairperson, Senta Village chairperson and Busukuma village chairperson.

    This is not the first time that Minister Mayanja is facing off with city tycoons under their umbrella the Kwagalana club which he said is a group of land grabbers.

    Kalungi is a brother to Godfrey Kirumira another city tycoon.

    We tried to reach Bill Gates for a comment but his known phone numbers were off.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    He Had Injuries On His Head & Hands – NUP Candidate For Soroti City Mayoral Race Violently Murdered, Body Dumped At Mulago…



    The late Ejoku Elias

    National Unity Platform (NUP) candidate in the 2021 mayoral race for Soroti City, Ejoku Elias  has been murdered in cold blood and his body dumped in Mulago hospital.

    According to reports, Ejoku went missing days after NUP party leaders organized a coordination meeting in the region.

    It is alleged that the deceased has been receiving threatening phone calls from unknown people who called themselves area security bosses. These people accused him for hosting the Kamwokya delegation that had come to rally for support in the region under the impending ‘Kunga’ drive.

    According to credible sources, when Ejoku went missing, his known phone contacts were switched off until his body was recovered dumped at Mulago mortuary this morning.


    Leader of Opposition Mathias Mpuuga however said that much touted security cameras will help them to track down his assailants.

    “My deep sympathies go out to the family of Comrade Elias Ejoku & the @NUP_Ug fraternity. We hope the much-touted security cameras will help us to track down his assailants,” he said.

    NUP Secretary General Lewis Lubongoya said the party has kicked off investigations into the cause of Ejoku’s violent death.

    “We are trying to establish how our comrade, Ejoku Elias met a very violent death. He was dropped at Mulago and by the time his family got wind of it, his body was in the mortuary, with visible injuries on his head & hands. We are waiting on the post-mortem report,” Lubongoya said.


    By Kalamira Hope


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