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Security Guard ‘Sacrificed’ At Akamwesi Hostels Tycoon’s Kanyanya Construction Site…



One of Akamwesi's mega hostel's. Inset is Councillor Ramadhan

A security guard has been killed at the construction site of Akamwesi hostel tycoon Fred Kamwesi on Gayaza Road.

On Thursday, construction site workers in Kanyanya were shocked to find one of their friends, a security guard who works as a porter during day and a guard at night to secure the building materials, dead.

It is alleged that he fell from the top floors of the building where he was participating in the roofing process of the building. He fell flat on his back and the steel iron bars, which had been negligently left open, went through his heart and ripped it apart.

The community was left in shock since the deceased was one of the poor young boys from the community who had been working on the site to earn a living.

His strange death and falling caused fellow builders to spread rumors that he might have been a victim of ritual sacrifice. This information spread like bush fire on the village whatsapp groups and in a very short time many people gathered and tried to enter Akamwesi’s site office to lynch the manager.

Councilor Ramadhan Lukwago

There was a lot of chaos as the unemployed youths shouted cursing the Akamwesi tycoon for bringing this risky investment in their area. They even tried to block the road but Councilor Ramadhan Lukwago who represents Kawempe I West quickly arrived at the scene and saved the situation before police came.

Lukwago is an important PA to Kawempe North MP Latif Sebaggala and when the panicking Akamwesi tycoon heard he was around, he sent for him.

It’s alleged that the councilor entered the office and received Ugx10m to calm down the rioters and pay some of the family members of the dead security guard.

The councilor caused more problems for the tycoon because when he came out, he told the rioters that he had been given Ugx1m for the family to go and bury their son.

The rioters refused this saying it was too small. They continued rioting until police came and shot in the air to disperse them.

The residents vowed to fight Akamwesi until he leaves their area because Ugx1m is nothing compared to life that was lost over negligence.

The residents vowed that they won’t elect Ramadan Lukwago again because he is a traitor. Lukwago is a DP member and wants to unseat Kawempe Mayor Emmanuel Serunjogi in 2021.

He is the brother of Shifrah Lukwago the former speaker of KCC. Voters are also bitter with Latif Sebaggala because when his man Ramadhan betrayed them, he didn’t do anything about the life that was lost at the building site.


By Grapevine Reporter

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Lt. Col. Nakalema’s Operatives Arrest Husband Who Chopped IHK Midwife Into Pieces….



Security operatives attached to State House Anti-corruption Unit commanded by Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema has arrested the man accused of killing his wife by cutting her into pieces in front of their kids.

Simon Wanyakala Kimanya was arrested from Isingiro district in Western Uganda where he had run into hiding after murdering his wife Viola Kakai, a former midwife at International Hospital Kampala.

According to detectives, Kimanya was found hiding at his parent’s home as a fugitive after learning that he was wanted to answer to murder charges.

Two weeks back, IHK hospital issued a statement indicating that Kimanya murdered his wife after suspecting that she was cheating on him with other men.

The statement further read that Kimanya chopped his wife into pieces in front of their young children and after realizing that she was dead, he took off.

According to Afande Nakalema, Kimanya murdered his wife on 1st of August 2020.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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LDU Back In Action! To Strictly Operate In The Dark…



After completing a two -week refresher course at the Kakiri military barracks, the Local Defence Unit (LDU) personnel will officially resume their operations soon, according to an official statement from the UPDF.

However, the letter says that they shall only participate in enforcement of COVID 19 directives outlined by the Ministry of health and the head of state at night.

Brig.Flavia Byekwaso, the army spokesperson said criminality has risen especially at night, following the withdrawal of the LDU personnel a few weeks back.

The newly appointed army spokesperson revealed that it is the recent increase of criminality in various parts of Kampala that prompted several leaders to petition the army to return the LDU personnel into operations.

Byekwaso revealed that on many occasions, local leaders and the general public have petitioned security leaders to re-engage them in order to contain the situation. She further stresses that the decision was only reached upon after critical consultations with security stake holders.

Before their ultimate withdrawal, the LDU personnel had been involved in several ugly incidents of shooting, robbery, torture and unlawful arrest of members of the public prompting complaints.

LDU officers during training

The prevalence of the Coronavirus pandemic saw the LDU personnel brutalise several members of the public while enforcing the presidential guidelines on stopping the spread of the virus with the latest most notable incident being the brutalization of Mityana district LC 5 chairperson, Joseph Luzige as he tried to intervene in a case where a lady had been assaulted by the same LDU personnel in Mityana town.

The LDU personnel have however reportedly among other sessions been retrained in political education, civil policing, human rights, law and the role of media in military operations, conducted and overseen by professional UPDF and Uganda Police Force instructors.

LDU officers in action during the beginning of the lockdown

A total of 10 Local Defence Unit battalions were two weeks ago recalled from the field for a refresher course training at Kakiri military barracks after several incidents of human right abuses by the personnel

As a joint effort to help fight criminality, the army spokesperson also appealed for cooperation between members of the public and the LDU personnel.


By Baron Kironde


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Police Bosses Arrested Over Demolition Of City Church To Create Space For Shopping Mall…



The head of the State House Anti-corruption Unit Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema together with police have arrested three senior police officers and eleven others over the demolition of St. Peter’s Church of Uganda, Ndeeba.

Katwe division police commander, David Epedu, Ndeeba police post officer in charge Mugira Kato and a commander of the police field unit only identified as Isabirye were taken into custody on orders of Kampala Metropolitan Police commander Moses Kafeero who delivered them to Nakalema as investigations start.

Facts on who commissioned the demolition still remains a mystery, though reports indicate that a shopping mall is set to be built in the same place.

On visiting the scene, Erias Lukwago, the Kampala Lord Mayor condemned the act, and described it as scandalous and a brazen act of criminality which should invite the ire of any reasonable person with a human heart.

Lukwago said St. Peter’s Church is historical place of worship which has existed for decades since colonial days, noting that, “It’s a treasured piece of our heritage.”

A senior member of the demolished church confirmed that the worship place has been in existence for over 40 years.

Raided deep in the night, the Church was crushed in a spiteful manner by some court bailiffs, with the aid of some hoodlums who were heavily protected by different security agencies, eye witnesses said.

In the process, the Anglican community of St. Peter’s church on the outskirts of Uganda’s capital, Kampala lost their place of worship, a primary school and the priest’s house in a single night.

The church that was demolished

Lukwago called on among other relevant agencies the Ag. Chief Justice, His Lordship Alfonse Owiny Dollo and the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga to take immediate action to rescue the worrying situation surrounding this sacred place of worship.


By Baron Kironde


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