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    She Might Have Squatted Near Dogs And They Raped Her; Sheebah’s Rape Allegations Deepen, CID Boss Sets Tough Conditions For Her Music Shows, NBS Journalist In Trouble …



    Musician Sheebah Karungi (R), Andrew Mwenda (C), Dr. Tom Magambo (top L) and Tamale Mirundi (Below L)

    Maj. Dr. Tom Magambo, the Director Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Uganda Police has set tough conditions for all musical shows where controversial female musician Sheebah Karungi is expected to perform.

    Multiple credible sources revealed to the mighty Grapevine that on Friday afternoon, Dr. Magambo made a phone call to Sheebah summoning her to CID headquarters to help police detectives in investigating and bringing the culprit who sexually assaulted her to book.

    Sources revealed that before calling Sheebah, Dr. Magambo first talked to celebrated investigative journalist Andrew Mwenda who asked Police to force Sheebah to reveal the person who tried to rape her as she alleges because people’s names have been tarnished since she made the controversial video.

    Sources at CID said that Mwenda who was speaking on phone told the CID boss that people wanted to kill him and are accusing him of being a rapist.

    Sources revealed that Magamba made several phone calls to Sheebah but she was not picking until he sent her a text message asking her to pick his calls.

    Sources alleged that Magambo asked Sheebah to reveal to him the person who tried to rape her but she told him that she has to first ask her music management which forced him to summon her next week at the CID headquarters.


    Sources said that immediately after the phone conversation, detectives started strategising on how to corner Sheebah to reveal the person who assaulted her because her allegations have put not only Mwenda in bad light but also the entire UPDF fraternity particularly SFC.

    In her video clip posted on social media, Sheebah alleged that the person who tried to rape her had millitary bodyguards and people on social media claimed that they were SFC.

    Sources divulged that it was agreed to first ban all Sheebah’s music shows until she reports to CID headquarters.


    Sources at the CID headquarters also revealed that among the people detectives want to summon is Daniel Lutaaya the NBS TV investigative journalist.

    Detectives want Lutaaya to elaborate on his social media post on twitter that the person who tried to rape Sheebah was at former Vice President professor Gilbert Bukenya’s birthday party.

    Sources disclosed that Bukenya’s birthday party took place on the same day as Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the commander Land Forces.

    Detectives think that Lutaaya, being an investigative journalist, might have good information to help them arrest the alleged rapist.


    Mwenda revealed that when Sheebah posted her video claiming that a certain public figure was attempting to rape her and people started placing him at the scene of crime, he decided not to respond.

    He explained that a number of his close family friends sent him messages asking him to respond to the allegations. He told them that he cannot respond to rubbish.

    Mwenda said that on Friday morning, his friend Lt. Gen. Muhoozi called him on phone and asked him to explain the rape allegation put on him.

    Mwenda said that Lt. Gen. Muhoozi is the one who informed him that Sheebah performed at his Lugogo Cricket Oval birthday party but he was not aware because he was not the person responsible for organising that party.

    He explained that the Lugogo party was organized by Muhoozi’s uncle Micheal Nzeire Toyota and he is the one who invited the musicians who performed at Lugogo.

    “Let me tell you in all my life I have never tries to rape a woman and I told Muhoozi that I don’t know that person call Sheebah Kalungi, I never meet her and I don’t even listen to her songs,” Mwenda defended himself.

    His defence was confirmed by Muhoozi who posted on his twitter account that, “I have read all your comments about @Ksheebah1. I have seriously interrogated my brother Andrew Mwenda and he says he has never met the lady. So, this is definitely another fake story!!” he said.

    Mwenda added that after talking to Muhoozi, he looked for Sheebah’s number and when it was given to him, he called her several times but she refused to answer which forced him to send her a WhatsApp message.

    He said that he pleaded to Sheebah to name the person who tried to rape her because people are claiming that he is the one.

    Sheebah told Mwenda that her management is working on the issue and she has nothing to do for him.

    Mwenda explained that Kalungi’s response forced him to call Dr. Magambo for assistance and so far by Friday evening, the response was positive.


    Joseph Tamale Mirundi one of the top supporters of Muhoozi revealed that there are people who are behind Sheebah who want to damage Muhoozi’s project for presidency.

    Mirundi strongly defended his known enemy Mwenda that he cannot rape a woman.

    “She might have squatted near dogs and they raped her because she always dresses indecently. We have declared a war on that girl and she is going to feel us I am telling you,” Mirundi vowed.


    Timothy Kalyegira, a celebrated journalist revealed that Sheebah might have opened up on rape allegation to save her life because the rapist might have been threatening her life.

    Kalyegira opined that Sheebah wanted people to know what she was going through.

    He added that security should beef up her security because criminals might use the situation and kill her and dump her body in the forest or in the wetland.

    However, Mwenda revealed that Gen. Muhoozi promised to provide security to Sheebah if she thinks that the rapist is too powerful.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki



    Angel Was A Thief, Vanessa Was A Night Dancer – The Ugly Tales Of Tycoon Lwasa And His Women…



    Tycoon Lwasa with Angel (L) and his new catch Vanessa (R)

    Masaka tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel has exposed how ex-wife, Lwasa Angel used to steal his money.

    “The other woman (Angel) was beautiful  but a typical thief. I used to leave money in my drawer and everytime I would come back, I wouldn’t find the money,” he said.

    Lwasa further revealed that one day, he left Shs.32m and on coming back, Angel had taken the money claiming she had problems.

    He added, “I struggled with Angel and our marriage ended at the Police Station. She was a thief to the extent that by the time she left, we had no child together.”

    Lwasa further revealed that there is a day he sent her to take Shs.24m to Masaka with instructions to give Shs.23m to his (Lwasa) business partners and remain with Shs.1m for herself.

    “The people who were supposed to receive the money called me complaining that they are not seeing the money. On calling Angel, she told me she was in the bar and vowed not to go anywhere.”

    Lwasa also disclosed how he got a shock of his life when he took Angel’s bride price and saw her family members fighting for it.



    Last week, Lwasa decided to introduce another woman, Vanessa Vanny.

    Suprisingly, the masaka tycoon was dumped by Vanessa on their introduction day.

    Lwasa narrated that he prepared everything for the introduction and also gave money to Vanessa to prepare from her side.

    However, on the day of the introduction, they travelled to Vanessa’s home in Mpambire, Mpigi district, and on reaching there, Lwasa got a shock of his life after being told that she (Vanessa) was not ready to introduce him to her family.

    With rejection and sorrow written all over his face, Lwasa told theGrapevine that he has finally surrendered and it is okay for Vanessa to go because she was a ‘night dancer.’

    He disclosed that she would get out of the house in the middle of the night as they are sleeping and would come back at 5:00am.

    Lwasa further adduced that he had gotten someone who was willing to give her medicine to stop night dancing but she has misused the opportunity.

    Whereas our efforts to reach Vanessa were futile, it is alleged that the decision to change her mind at the last moment was not hers but her family after finding out that on the day before the introduction, Lwasa called her and started throwing tantrums alleging that she was cheating on him with his driver.

    Lwasa’s relatives shokingly told theGrapevine that he is set to travel for surgery in India following a report from the doctors that he has a blood clot in his brain.


    By Kalamira Hope


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    We Want Our Money, We Are Tired Of Sleeping Hungry; Ebonies Actors Cry Out For Help – Dr. Bbosa Speaks Out…



    Some of the senior actors in ebonies

    Ebonies actors and actresses have cried out for help claiming that they are sleeping hungry and being chased out of houses for failing to pay rent.

    One actor who preferred to remain anonymous revealed to theGrapevine that the Ebonies management has spent close to three months without paying some of them.

    “We are tired of sleeping hungry, they are chasing us from houses of Shs.30,000 because we don’t have money to pay yet we keep working and entertaining people,” he said.

    She further revealed that on complaining to their boss, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Ebonies, told them to be patient with him because, at the moment, the company doesn’t have money.

    “He called us to a meeting where he started telling us how the company doesn’t have money. He told us to give him time to borrow money to pay us.”

    When theGrapevine reached out to Mr. Sam Bagenda alias Dr. Bbosa, one of the senior members of Ebonies who has spent many years in the acting industry, he refuted the allegations noting that it is not true that actors and actresses are not paid.

    “I already put out my statement on those issues a longtime and like I said, it is false,” he said.

    Bbosa added that their business is moving on so well that people are even enjoying the different plays at National Theatre.

    “People are just trying to get likes and subscriptions so they create information from nowhere but you should know when you are excelling in a certain field, you always have the negative energy trying to pull you down,” he divulged.

    Bbosa furthermore told this website that if one is not strong enough, only that can disorganise the whole progress.

    He then insisted that their business is moving on well and no one is complaining.


    By Kalamira Hope and Joel Wansaale


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    PICTURES:  Pastor Bujjingo Fills Up Kololo Grounds During Independence Night Prayers; Pr. Kayiwa Asks His Brother Kato Lubwama To Get Saved…



    Thousands of believers flocked Kololo Independence grounds to Pray, Praise and worship the Almighty God.

    This was during the Independence Night prayers organised by House of Prayer Ministries International pastor, Aloysious Bujjingo.

    Believers from different parts of the country and abroad withstood the rain to worship and pray from Friday 6:00am to Saturday 6:00am.

    Independence night prayers are organized every year every year towards independence.

    Pr. Bujjingo revealed that just like Uganda was able to get independence in 1962 from the British, he decided to organise these prayers to pray for believers so that they are liberated from whatever is distressing their lives.

    The theme for this year’s prayers was ‘Pursue, Overtake and Recover All’, from 1 Samuel 30:8 where King David inquired from God concerning launching an attack on Israel’s enemy, the Amalekites, “Shall I pursue after this troop? shall I overtake them? And He answered him, Pursue: for thou shalt surely overtake them, and without fail recover all.”

    Pr. Bujjingo told believers that through constant prayer, trust and faith in the Almighty God, He will give them victory in anything that they need and pray for including fighting their enemies both seen and unseen just like He did for David.

    He further told believers to always depend and rely fully on God for a good life here on earth and also for the inheritance of eternal life.

    Believers were seen in deep prayer with some rolling on the floor as they were delivered from demons.

    During prayers, Pr. Bujjingo invited his spiritual father, Pr. Simeon Kayiwa, the Vice Chancellor for Kayiwa University who appreciated him so much for saving his brother former Member of Parliament, Kato Lubwama.

    Through a song, Pr. Simeon noted that Lubwama loves Pr. Bujjingo so much that he (Lubwama) tried to understand how to pray.

    “I know most of you people were not aware that Kato Lubwama is my biological brother and that we share the same mother,” he said.

    He added, “I know he is not saved but I believe one day he will because he loves you (Bujjingo) so much. Thank you for loving him too.”

    Bujjingo prayed through the rain which started at 2:00pm and stopped at 5;00pm leaving many socked in water but that did not stop them from worshiping and praying to God.

    During the night prayers at 11:00pm, Bujjingo introduced his wife, Suzan Makula and the couple excited believers when they danced the “kinyarwanda dance”.

    Over 2000 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ.


    By Kalamira Hope


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