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    She Might Have Squatted Near Dogs And They Raped Her; Sheebah’s Rape Allegations Deepen, CID Boss Sets Tough Conditions For Her Music Shows, NBS Journalist In Trouble …



    Musician Sheebah Karungi (R), Andrew Mwenda (C), Dr. Tom Magambo (top L) and Tamale Mirundi (Below L)

    Maj. Dr. Tom Magambo, the Director Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Uganda Police has set tough conditions for all musical shows where controversial female musician Sheebah Karungi is expected to perform.

    Multiple credible sources revealed to the mighty Grapevine that on Friday afternoon, Dr. Magambo made a phone call to Sheebah summoning her to CID headquarters to help police detectives in investigating and bringing the culprit who sexually assaulted her to book.

    Sources revealed that before calling Sheebah, Dr. Magambo first talked to celebrated investigative journalist Andrew Mwenda who asked Police to force Sheebah to reveal the person who tried to rape her as she alleges because people’s names have been tarnished since she made the controversial video.

    Sources at CID said that Mwenda who was speaking on phone told the CID boss that people wanted to kill him and are accusing him of being a rapist.

    Sources revealed that Magamba made several phone calls to Sheebah but she was not picking until he sent her a text message asking her to pick his calls.

    Sources alleged that Magambo asked Sheebah to reveal to him the person who tried to rape her but she told him that she has to first ask her music management which forced him to summon her next week at the CID headquarters.


    Sources said that immediately after the phone conversation, detectives started strategising on how to corner Sheebah to reveal the person who assaulted her because her allegations have put not only Mwenda in bad light but also the entire UPDF fraternity particularly SFC.

    In her video clip posted on social media, Sheebah alleged that the person who tried to rape her had millitary bodyguards and people on social media claimed that they were SFC.

    Sources divulged that it was agreed to first ban all Sheebah’s music shows until she reports to CID headquarters.


    Sources at the CID headquarters also revealed that among the people detectives want to summon is Daniel Lutaaya the NBS TV investigative journalist.

    Detectives want Lutaaya to elaborate on his social media post on twitter that the person who tried to rape Sheebah was at former Vice President professor Gilbert Bukenya’s birthday party.

    Sources disclosed that Bukenya’s birthday party took place on the same day as Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the commander Land Forces.

    Detectives think that Lutaaya, being an investigative journalist, might have good information to help them arrest the alleged rapist.


    Mwenda revealed that when Sheebah posted her video claiming that a certain public figure was attempting to rape her and people started placing him at the scene of crime, he decided not to respond.

    He explained that a number of his close family friends sent him messages asking him to respond to the allegations. He told them that he cannot respond to rubbish.

    Mwenda said that on Friday morning, his friend Lt. Gen. Muhoozi called him on phone and asked him to explain the rape allegation put on him.

    Mwenda said that Lt. Gen. Muhoozi is the one who informed him that Sheebah performed at his Lugogo Cricket Oval birthday party but he was not aware because he was not the person responsible for organising that party.

    He explained that the Lugogo party was organized by Muhoozi’s uncle Micheal Nzeire Toyota and he is the one who invited the musicians who performed at Lugogo.

    “Let me tell you in all my life I have never tries to rape a woman and I told Muhoozi that I don’t know that person call Sheebah Kalungi, I never meet her and I don’t even listen to her songs,” Mwenda defended himself.

    His defence was confirmed by Muhoozi who posted on his twitter account that, “I have read all your comments about @Ksheebah1. I have seriously interrogated my brother Andrew Mwenda and he says he has never met the lady. So, this is definitely another fake story!!” he said.

    Mwenda added that after talking to Muhoozi, he looked for Sheebah’s number and when it was given to him, he called her several times but she refused to answer which forced him to send her a WhatsApp message.

    He said that he pleaded to Sheebah to name the person who tried to rape her because people are claiming that he is the one.

    Sheebah told Mwenda that her management is working on the issue and she has nothing to do for him.

    Mwenda explained that Kalungi’s response forced him to call Dr. Magambo for assistance and so far by Friday evening, the response was positive.


    Joseph Tamale Mirundi one of the top supporters of Muhoozi revealed that there are people who are behind Sheebah who want to damage Muhoozi’s project for presidency.

    Mirundi strongly defended his known enemy Mwenda that he cannot rape a woman.

    “She might have squatted near dogs and they raped her because she always dresses indecently. We have declared a war on that girl and she is going to feel us I am telling you,” Mirundi vowed.


    Timothy Kalyegira, a celebrated journalist revealed that Sheebah might have opened up on rape allegation to save her life because the rapist might have been threatening her life.

    Kalyegira opined that Sheebah wanted people to know what she was going through.

    He added that security should beef up her security because criminals might use the situation and kill her and dump her body in the forest or in the wetland.

    However, Mwenda revealed that Gen. Muhoozi promised to provide security to Sheebah if she thinks that the rapist is too powerful.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki



    PICTURES: Spice Diana ‘Forces’ Man To Sign Cheque At Kandahar Point…



    Namukwaya Hajara alias Spice Diana made a man sign a cheque at Kandahar point.

    Kayima Richard Mutahi was mesmorized by the ‘Kwata Wano’ hitmaker who wiggled her waist and swung her behind in his face.

    Mutahi pulled out his cheque book and signed Spice Diana a cheque of Shs.500,000, cheque number 164447 from Centenary Bank, Kireka Branch.

    After signing the cheque, a mesmerised Spice Diana hugged Kayima leaving him jaw dropping and speechless.

    Spice Diana was performing at White Party Mukibira, a red carpet experience, at New Victoria Club in Kireka Opposite Sports View Hotel.

    The event which excited revellers happened on Sunday, 12th, June and hosted several upcoming artists.

    The main artist was Spice Diana and Mirembe Rachael alias Recho Ray. Other upcoming artists included, Baza Baza, Dafin Music, Pawa Ug, Shon Lemon, Trick Daddy and Dellilman Antena.

    Attendees from ordinary paid Shs.10,000, VIPs paid Shs.20,000 and Shs.200,000 was paid for a table.

    The event was sponsored by Sipapa entertainment which is owned by Charles Olim alias Sipapa, Isma beauty Spot and Willz Boutique.

    By Kalamira Hope


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    IMPUNITY: Ugly Side That Bebe Cool Is Hiding In Late Night Bar Brawl Story; Did His ‘Kanyamas’ Beat Security Officer! Shocking Details On Man Who Allegedly Knocked His V8…



    Musician Bebe Cool

    New details have emerged on the scuffle involving musician Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool and an unknown security person who wanted to shoot him.

    The unknown person, who was at the bar during the incident, shared what he saw on social media detailing what happened.

    He disclosed that he has read various social media comments where Bebe is using the advantage of his popularity and huge social media following to twist the story and hide the truth.

    The unknown person narrated,” As I retired from the bar, time was about 2am, I found over 5 hugely built men surrounding a saloon car and one of the men was shouting at his loudest.

    “I realized it is one of my favourite singers, Bebe Cool who was shouting. I tried to ask some of the people who were also watching the fracas from a distance on what was going on.

    “I was informed that a drunkard had knocked Bebe Cool’s V8 as he attempted reverse in the parking. Of course, there is no way many of us would pick our cars to go home until the matter was settled. The crowds kept growing, and I had to move near to watch what was happening.”

    He recounted that as he got nearer, he saw one of the men (Kanyama) pushing his hand in the saloon car which he later realised was a Benz fighting to pull out the car key.

    He narrated that he later learnt he was acting on orders from Bebe Cool who insisted that the drunkard should be arrested as he called out his military guard and other security guards of the bar to take action.

    The unknown person revealed that, “The person who was inside the small car whom Bebe Cool called a drunkard had lowered the windscreen to talk to the kanyamas, that is how one of the Kanyama managed to pull out the car key, and in a blink of an eye, they pulled out the man as they beat him.

    “In the process of roughing him up on handcuffs, I realized he had a gun which had fallen and Bebe Cool and his Kanyama whom I learnt is called Cobra had got the gun. Bebe Cool started shouting as they slapped the man already on handcuffs that he was armed. It is from there that they all understood that the man was a security officer otherwise how could he be armed.

    “I also realized that he was not as drunk as Bebe Cool kept referring to him because he kept very calm and engaging Bebe Cool that this was not a matter that should be escalated.”

    He added that the man’s shirt had been torn and he was clearly embarrassed.

    He divulged, “Because had he been that drunk and armed, I don’t think he would allow to lower his windscreen to talk to ‘Kanyamas’ who dragged him out of the car.”

    He still disclosed that Bebe Cool had called police who came with a patrol truck and threw him on as he was handcuffed.

    He disclosed, “One of the men who I think works at the bar and was talking to Bebe Cool all the time, had been with the car key of the man and entered his car to give way for Bebe Cool and all followed the police truck.

    “So, I wondered why would you drive a car of a man who could have been a security officer. Even not being a security officer why would u drive someone’s car who he is not around and has not authorized you to?”

    To his surprise, however, he woke up in shock of what he was seeing on social media claiming it was full of Bebe Cool’s posts about the incident but he hid some facts as he (unknown person) stated them.

    He divulged that, “I have also watched TV and he still saying the same things. I have also seen on TV that indeed the man was a soldier.

    “I saw a police officer who speaks for police saying this man was admitted, I want to believe so, because the way the ‘kanyamas’ beat him anyone would be admitted. One Kanyama punched him on the jaw and he fell down.

    “At that time, if it were me and I had a gun I can surely spray bullets.

    “As I conclude I want to caution fellow Ugandans let’s be civil. Several times I have seen people involved in a fracas because of an accident.

    “Why would you beat someone that has knocked you? Is there any person who wakes up and goes on the road to knock the other? A car is not God. A car irrespective of the model, whether range rover or V8 or Benz, can be repaired.”


    Addressing press today, Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire said that they received complaints from musician Bebe Cool accusing a security personnel, a one Capt. Namara for allegedly knocking his car which caused a fight.

    “According to Bebe Cool, he alleged that one of our security personnel pulled out his gun and he called his security guards who removed it from him and up to now, we have it,” Owoyesigyire said.

    He however noted that even the security personnel is nursing wounds having been badly beaten by Bebe Cool’s bodyguards.

    “We are investigating two cases that involve an alleged accident by our security personnel and also pulling out a gun.”

    He also added that they will get statements from different witnesses so they can come up with a final statement.


    Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) presidential candidate, Semanda Mansur alias King Saha has said that Bebe Cool is known for being naughty.

    “He is ever making mistakes, he makes small and huge mistakes, however, I condemn the act of pulling out a gun. Otherwise, he (Bebe Cool) should reduce his stubbornness, everyone should know where he stops,” Saha said.

    He however promised that as an upcoming President for UMA, he is going to investigate the matter and find out the cause of the incident.


    By Kalamira Hope


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    Her Acts Of Adultery Embarrassed Me – Court Gives Tough Orders To Archbishop Ntagali’s Side Dish In Divorce With Husband…



    Ms. Judith Tukamuhabwe (L), Rev. Christopher Tugumehabwe (top R) and Archbishop Ntagali (bottom R)

    Kabale Chief Magistrate’s Court has given tough orders while allowing Ms. Judith Tukamuhabwe, a former side dish to retired Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Stanley Ntagali to divorce her husband, Rev. Christopher Tugumehabwe.

    On Friday, Racheal Tabaruka, the Grade One magistrate of Kabale Court dissolved the marriage between Rev. Tugumehabwe and his wife Ms. Judith Tukamuhabwe and directed each party to bear their own costs.

    “A decree nisi is granted, dissolving the marriage between the petitioner and the respondent,” Tebaruka ruled.

    She directed that from the date of her ruling, Ms. Tukamuhabwe should stop using Rev. Tugumehabwe’s name on all her documents because they are no longer married.

    However, the magistrate dismissed Rev. Tugumehabwe’s prayer to force his wife to pay him Shs.31m which he used to purchase a car for her.

    The magistrate instead directed Ms. Tukamuhabwe to produce the motor vehicle, a Toyota Rav4 registration number UBG 265T to Court for market valuation before it is auctioned.

    She directed that once the car in contention is sold, Ms. Tukamuhabwe should be given 58% of the proceeds and the remaining amount can be taken by Rev. Tugumehabwe.

    The magistrate also dismissed Ms. Tukamuhabwe’s prayer that they share all the properties they had in their marriage.

    In 2020, Ms. Tukamuhabwe, through her lawyers of New Mark Advocates petitioned Court seeking for divorce accusing her husband of deserting her without a reason. She further accused him of harassing and insulting her.

    However, before the hearing kicked off, Rev. Tugumehabwe also submitted a cross petition asking court to dissolve their marriage on grounds that Ms. Tukamuhebwa was sleeping with several men.

    He further told the Court that because of his wife’s adulterous acts, he has suffered public embarrassment especially when Ms. Tukamuhabwe cheated on him with high profile persons (Archbishop Ntagali).

    It should be remembered that Ntagali admitted that he slept with Ms. Tukamuhebwa, a married woman.

    Ntagali asked for forgiveness from the church leaders and Rev. Tugumuhabwe himself.

    Ms. Tukamuhebwa Married Rev. Tukamuhabwa on December 15, 2018, at Rugarama Cathedral of Church of Uganda in Kabale.

    She filed for divorce two years later in December 2020.

    During the two years of marriage, the couple had one child who surprisingly Ms. Tukamuhebwa said does not belong to Rev. Tugumuhabwe.

    Ms. Tukamuhebwa also had two kids from previous relations before marrying Rev. Tugumuhabwe.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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