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    She Wants To Kill Us All To Get Rich – Sure Deal Runs To Court To Save Herself From Her Angry Sisters Who Want To “Finish Her” For “Using Witchcraft To Kill Their Parents”…



    Photo collage: Sure Deal (top left) is being accused by her sisters (all in shades) of plotting to use witchcraft to kill them all to enrich herself

    Relatives to controversial businesswoman, Prossy Marry Namwanjje, the proprietor of the famous Sure Deal Company dealing in cosmetics have accused her of plotting to kill them all. They allege that she is using her illuminati acquired spiritual power to kill their parents, sisters, and brothers to enrich herself.

    Early this year, Namwanjje alias Sure Deal ran to Kakiri Police Station and opened up a criminal case of threatening violence,  Contrary to Section 81)a) of the Penal Code Act against her sisters. In her police statement recorded on 30/12/2020, she claims that on the Boxing day of 26/12/2020 at their father’s home, the late Bakulu Mpagi of Kikajjo in Wakiso district, she was attacked by her biological sisters led by Samali Naluyiga, Milly Namirembe, Alice Namujju, Prossy Nalubowa all threatening to kill her.

    Sure Deal as she’s commonly known narrated that, “On arrival, they attacked me where I was seated. I didn’t even react tot their intimidation. What they did was abuse me as others were making threatening calls as if they were inviting more people to come and beat me.”

    “They were threatening my life with baseless accusations, they went an extra mile to assert that it was me who killed my parents,” she added, narrating that her attackers further acused her of killing her sister Milly Nakintu on 10th of April 2020aided by her illuminati spirits.

    According to Sure Deal, she was only rescued by Kakiri Police which came and put the situation in order and directed the suspects to report to police which they did and they were all released on a police file.

    Sure Deal accuses her relatives of damaging her properties including a laptop which was being used to mix music because she was attacked when she organised a christmas party. The file was sanctioned by the prosecutor and the matter is before Wakiso Chief Magistrate Noor Ssajabi.

    This is not the first time Sure Deal is being dragged in controversies, she was recently prosecuted by UNBS on charges of forging a quality standards stamp on her deadly substandard cosmetics, the matter was settled out of Court.


    By Alirabaki Sengooba



    How Many Of You Throwing Tantrums And Jealousy Came To Visit Me When I Was Down? – Chameleone Blasts Haters Attacking Him For Receiving Car From M7’s Brother…



    Musician Joseph Mayanja alias Chameleone

    Musician Joseph Mayanja alias Chameleone has blasted people castigating him for receiving a car gift from President Museveni’s brother Nuwagira Michael alias Toyota.

    Before receiving the car, Chameleon having declared that he is a true member of the NRM and has never belonged to any other party.

    Since the viral video of the musician receiving the car, many Ugandans took to social media to rebuke Chameleone.

    However, in a post today evening on his Facebook page, Chameleone has warned that he will not be intimidated.

    “I was born free like any of us, I see many building and customizing others by their expectations. That’s not a free way to live together in harmony. God manifests himself in people today. The devil too!!

    We can’t all live in your opinion, that is a prison,” he said.

    “How many of you throwing tantrums and jealousy came to visit me when I was down? Waste your data on relevancy. This is just a car. What if a plane?” he asked.

    “Mbu this, That – Don’t force or intimidate anyone. Just be the example of the freedom and free society promised for us one day,” he said.


    By Grapevine Reporter


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    Chameleon Will Be Judged By His Own Actions – Bobi Wine…



    NUP party boss Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (L) and Joseph Mayanja (R) alias Bobi Wine

    National Unity Platform (NUP) party boss Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has cautioned fellow artiste Joseph Maayanja alias Chameleone on leaving the cause for the oppressed.

    “Mr. Chameleon’s decision to abandon the oppressed and joined a dictator was his own and I cannot stop him,” Kyagulanyi said in a televised interview on Tuesday.

    “Chameleon like other oppression figures, will be judged by his own actions,” Kyagulanyi added.

    Chameleon having declared over the weekend that he is a true member of the NRM, also revealed that he has never belonged to Kyagulanyi’s NUP.

    After distancing himself from NUP party, Chameleon received a brand new Range Rover from President Museveni’s young brother Nuwagira Michael alias Toyota.

    “My friend Toyota, I am still your family. I have never left NRM, if you doubt that put up your cameras and record me,” Chameleon said.

    During 2021 election campaigns, Chameleon worked closely with NUP having hopes of receiving the party card for the position of Kampala Lord Mayor which he was later denied.

    “Chameleon’s jumping ship not only placed him in bad light as a person who loves riches but also spoke volumes about his self-worth,” Kyagulanyi said.

    “My brother Chameleon should know that when I talked to him and we introduced our beliefs to the people, we said these were not beliefs of Kyagulanyi but Ugandans,” he added.

    Kyagulanyi confirmed that Chameleon came out like others and professed that he was abandoning a dictator and joining the oppressed.

    “So if he wakes up one morning and decides to abandon the oppressed to re-join the dictator to get some money or a car, for me as a person I can’t decide for him, but we will be judged by our actions.”

    Kyagulanyi cautioned that he is not only looking at a person who is hungry for riches but also a person whose sense of self-worth and self dignity is questionable.


    By Hope Kalamira


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    A CHAMELONE INDEED: I’ve Never Left NRM – Chameleon Tell M7’s Brother…



    Jose Chameleone with NUP principal Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu

    Democratic party mobilizer, singer and once a member of the National Unity Platform Joseph Mayanja alias Chameleon has denied ever leaving NRM.

    While at an event organised by President Museveni’s brother Nuwagira Michael alias Toyota, Chameleon said he has never left the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM).

    “My greatest witness can be Mr.Toyota, my friend, I am still your family. I have never left NRM. If you doubt that, put up your cameras and record me. I am still NRM,” Chameleon said.

    Chameleon added that he had his issues that made him ponder leaving, but he is now a prodigal son.

    Chameleon’s speech got Toyota emotional and decided to get him off stage, held his hand led him to where his car, a Range Rover 2021 model was parked.

    Reaching his vehicle, Toyota handed over his keys to Chameleon and gifted him the car.

    Singer Chameleon overwhelmingly got to his knees and was kneeling infront of Toyota as a way of appreciation.

    Toyota and his people held him and got him up having not found it necessary for him to kneel down.


    By Hope Kalamira


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